Born Under a Good Sign

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3.5-ish stars.

I'm going to preface this by saying that I"m a woman of science -- in a year I'll have my PhD in health sciences, and I like evidence before making any decision or pretty much forming an opinion about anything. And yet, I find this kind of stuff fascinating (though do I believe it? Not really. Maybe. I dunno.). I've never really bought into it because I really dislike my sign (Pisces) and feel like it's the exact opposite of most of my personality/attitudes/dispositions. I recently learned about moon and ascending signs, and those seem more in line with me (Taurus for both). 

So, I was intrigued by the title of this book, and the author's open acknowledgement/referring to things as "woo-woo." I don't really believe in clairvoyants or mediums and whatnot, despite the author stating that she is a medium, but that's not what this book is about. I found this really interesting, as she goes into a really holistic view of each sign, and talks about aspects I didn't know (like that each sign is broken into 10 degree segments that allegedly have different characteristics). She didn't go into moon or ascending signs, which I wish she would have. It wouldn't have been too much more to put a paragraph or two about each of those for each sign, and given that from what I know of astrology (which is basically the Co--Star app), those are super important, as in just as important as the sun sign. So, minus a star and a half-ish for that. 

Do I believe in astrology? No. But like she wrote in the book, just because you don't believe in something doesn't necessarily mean it's not true. For what it's worth, this is the first time I've read anything about Pisces that I actually agree with...and I agreed with quite a bit of what she described, so that's something.
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Kristy Robinett has written a relatable and easy to understand book about sun signs. Astrology may be about more than sun signs but Robinett has included things like decans and how the month your sign is in affects you. A wonderful addition to an astrology library.
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I really enjoyed this astrology book by Kristy Robinett. I think the way she laid out the book and signs was unique and was not something I have seen in any other astrology books. She thoroughly covers each sign and covers relationships, communications, family relationships and working alongside the sign. If you're into astrology, I think that this is a good book for you because it goes into incredible detail. A definite winner in my book!

“I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”
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Love this book! I love that each sign is it’s own chapter and how in-depth it goes. I especially loved the parenting advice in regards to the signs. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for info on the signs. Their strengths and weaknesses. I very much enjoyed this book. Great read for beginners and those well versed.
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A good book interesting for anyone who's starting to study astrology or those who want to refresh their knowledge.
I loved the style of writing and how the book is organised.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.
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As someone who actively pursuing astrological subject, I was disappointed with the book. 
It wasn't for me at all.

However, I would recommend it to anyone who are new to the subject and need a comprehensive know-yourself starter kit. 
This book contains 12 signs and their traits (positive-negative) as well as short explanations should one pursue the subject further.
It makes for an interesting read and I can see it becomes a must-have foundation in astrological topic.

To me, it lacks depth and I could spend the same amount of time reading them from a magazine.
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Thank you NetGalley and Llewellyn Publications for an advanced reader's copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

I have always found astrology fascinating, and particularly enjoy reading about the characteristics, challenges, and strengths of my star sign. Born Under a Good Sign was an easy and interesting read on this subject, and I quickly breezed through the material, completely engrossed. Besides thoroughly covering each sign, the author presents information on communication, relationships, and working alongside this sign. Family relationships are covered as well, and each chapter provides a section on the sign as a parent and as a child.

I would highly recommend this book if you are interested in learning more about your astrological sign and improving your relationships with those you are close with.
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I received a free copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own.

What I found different about this zodiac book is how each sign was divided up into three deacons each with their own traits and personalities. Also how each sign was also divided up by the two months in which they took place. I never came across another astrology book with these aspects mentioned and I thought it was quite interesting. 

There is quite a lot of information about each sign. Mentioned is positive and negative energy traits, traits as a parent and a child, strengths, weaknesses and so much more. I think this book would serve best as a reference book for when you want to look up a particular sign rather than read as a cover to cover book. Unless, of course, you're super into astrology and just enjoy losing yourself in this type of book.
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This book was so much fun!

I have been reading my horoscope since I was child and have always been fascinated by my star sign and feel that I identify as it very much (I'm a Pisces). I learned so much more about myself, but it was also super interesting reading about the other signs, such as my husbands and other family members.

A great resource to have on your bookshelf.
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I enjoyed this book. I found it a little hard to read on kindle, as it's one I would flip through to find what I need, so a paperback version would more suit that purpose for use as a reference book. I found the author's writing style to be easy to understand and very approachable. I received a free kindle copy on NetGalley but will consider purchasing a paperback version for my own library.
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3/5 stars

Set yourself up for better relationships and a bright future with Born Under a Good Sign, the uncomplicated guide to astrological sun signs. This book strips away the woo-woo and technical charts, leaving only the most useful and clear information on how to deal with each sun sign's traits and tendencies.

With sensible and tongue-in-cheek explanations, Kristy Robinett provides everything you need to understand the larger impacts of the signs. She delves into the masculine and feminine energy of each one and reveals how to handle difficult situations that arise with partners, parents, children, and others. Providing essential information that isn't limited to any particular year, Born Under a Good Sign is perfect for improving your life and relationships.

I didn't really find this particular book charming. It felt too borig and uninteresting.
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Good general overview of the Sun signs, and I found the decan separations interesting and new. It is not the most comprehensive astrology book I have ever read, but it makes no claims to be. This is a well organized starting point for those new to astrology, and touches on several areas (relationships, finances, parenting) for each sign.
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Give me a book about Astrology and I will likely lose my mind. That is how much I love it. It fascinates me. That was surely the case here because this was one of the best Astrology books out there. I have so many of them but often time there are parts that I don't like or that do not ring true. That is not the case with this book.

It is definitely not a book that I found myself reading as a typical book but more one that I went to the signs that meant something. In my case, Virgo and also for my son. While I am an August Virgo (28th) he is a Septemeber Virgo (11th). I really appreciated that this author showed that while we are alike in many ways there is a distinct difference in how our sign applies to us. As I mentioned, this book goes way more in-depth than other books, websites, and newspaper horoscopes. For the astrology addict like myself, this book is a necessity. 

This is a book I will be buying a paperback to add to my ever-expanding collection. I highly recommend it.
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This was such a fun book to read about astrological signs and ways to improve my own perspective of my sign but also ways to work it into my everyday life.  This book was also a great tool for me because it helped me think about how my sign plays out in my personality and the things that I do and enjoy and helped me to understand myself even more.
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I've always been quite interested in learning more about the zodiac signs and I felt like this book was an insightful read for a beginner. The book was well written and I found myself agreeing with most of what was described under my sign and other peoples. 

However I found myself only interested in the ones I could relate to family members or myself and didn't even give the others time of day. I just found myself uninterested in certain signs and skimming most of the information.
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Really nice and sort of informal introduction to each sign. Each sign gets there own chapter. Each having a similar set up to give reader information. Good for those who want this kind of introduction.
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Quick read explaining the sun signs. Very basic and often completely wrong descriptions of the zodiac signs. As every astrology student knows, who you are depends at the very least on your sun, moon and rising sign. Nothing about that gets mentioned in this little book. The pretence that all you need is your zodiac sign and that's who you are is an insult to the amazing wealth  of knowledge astrology has to offer. The list of explanatory words at the end of the book will be abracadabra for anyone new to astrology.
Very disappointing read.

Thank you Netgalley and Llewellyn for the ARC.
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Separates the signs by months and decans!
Ever read the horoscope section for you and said, "That's not me at all?" Or peak for your mom, friends, etc and think it's all half truths? Are all Leo's really the center of attention? I have known some very quiet introverted ones.

"Born Under a Good Sign"  is beyond your glossed over generalized star sign synopsis. Each sign takes place in two months, and it's true, the August Virgo IS different from the September one- ever read that before? To go further, there are are 3 breakdowns of units (the decans) for each sign- dont worry, that is as deep in the Astrology lingo as Kristy will lead you- this book will not teach you astrology, but help you understand more of what may have been off putting about all the other books on the topic you had been reading.

After sharing about what brought Ms Robinett to the field of astrology,  the book is broken down by each sign- a general overview (what you think you know) and then she unfolds just how unique even a 10 day window of time within the same sign can change that sign's outlook- it is neat to see how differently you view yourself and others without all those broad stroke generalities. She also breaks down each sign further by adding whether the person is more masculine (yang energy)  or feminine (yin energy)  There is so much to take in , and I consider this a beginner book at best!  Only caveat - there is no section on which sign is BEST for another 
(there are so many variables, and she does mention this) If you are happy with someone, this book can only help you understand them (and maybe you) a little more

This is the perfect book for anyone who wants to know more than the monthly magazine 'scopes, and would be perfect for the generation who only knew "What's your sign?" thinking that all any sign would be the same..
Thank you to #NetGalley and the publishers at #LLewellynPublishing for an ARC of this book. All opinions stated are purely my own.
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As someone with minimal understanding of the zodiac, this book was a fun and insightful read! I gained a good basis of information that I felt very connected to, and it was quite well written.

While a bit convoluted at times with the amount of information, it was still a worthwhile read for someone wanting to learn more about astrology, both their own and others!
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Wow educational, sunny, astrological, entertaining four stars!
 I was graduated from astrology school, it lasted 4 your of astronomy and learned more about chart drawing, chart reading, Arabic parts, astronomy history. But I'm so open to learn more and ready to dive into new written projects because most people may see the astrology consisted of signs but it is more profound, complicated, detailed science and every day there are new searches and essays about new discoveries. So when I get a new book about astrology, I feel like I celebrate Christmas in July.
  This book was brief, well-written, educational about our sun signs. Personally I am a Aries but I didn't know there are so many differences between born in March and born in April Aries people. ( Thankfully Born in April ones have better attributes, yay! It's good to be born at April Fools')
  It was a fast, fun, easy,,entertaining reading and I recommend all the astrology lovers or the people who want to learn more about their sun signs.
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