The Last Affair

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I have loved Margot Hunt's previous books and could not wait to read The Last Affair. Sadly, this one was not a favorite of mine. It is the story of a love triangle - plus one. The plus one is the couple's daughter who is home from university with some secrets of her own. I will not deny that this was a fast paced, thrill to the end read, but after reading it, I sat there thinking: what did I get out of this? Not a lot. Now, not every book has to be stellar and not every one has to be thought provoking. If you follow my blog or reviews then you know that I love a good cozy mystery and even some silly hilarious books. The Last Affair simply brought nothing to the table in originality, character development, or even a decent ending. 

Because I have thoroughly enjoyed Hunt's previous novels, I am going to assume that this was a one off and we'll be back on the same page with her next read. Fingers Crossed.
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This book is a thriller/suspense, but not one that is so chilling that you just have to keep reading all night.  The fast pace and the scandals kept me entertained and the fact that the author started with the murder of one of the main characters did grab my interest right away.  Nora is married to an alcoholic and attracted to Josh, a teacher who is married to Gwen, the narcissist who ends up dead.  The story started to lose my interest about halfway through, but I was involved enough in the characters that I wanted to read to the end.  So, in that sense, the book was entertaining but I would not say that is was fascinating.  The characters were not likable and were shallow representations of realistic people.  The ending was not at all what I expected, especially the epilogue.  I would have preferred no epilogue to the one that was added.  Fans of thriller and suspense will enjoy this book, but the author has written much better ones in the past.
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Tense chilling another excellent Margaret Hunt thriller.I was drawn in from first page the characters. The writing kept me turning the pages late into the night.
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My first domestic thriller by this author and I enjoyed the twists and turns about unhappy people  in unhappy relationships and their selfish whims and needs. It opens with a ‘bang’ and  all the scandalous details start to leak out.  Didn’t see the final twist coming so it has be be a good one!
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This book started off with a bang! It caught my attention right away and I couldn’t stop reading.

For me personally, I didn’t know who that was in the beginning chapter (I’m trying to not give out spoilers lol it’s so hard), but for me everything was a mystery until the very end! Maybe I missed some clues but that actually made the whole book for me! There were so many characters that were intertwined that I had no clue what was going to happen.

Some characters I really loved and rooted for, others I disliked, but I truly enjoyed the character development throughout the story and how we were able to read through the difference characters POVs.

I loved the drama aspect of this book, along with the mystery it really kept me turning pages.

However, it went down to a 4-star read for me because of the ending….no spoilers but I just did not like it. I was kind of mad.
If you want an easy to read, entertaining, dramatic, domestic thriller, this might be what you are looking for!
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This was a well-crafted thriller that took a step beyond the usual “cheating spouse” trope. The characters were real and the action was completely natural; I could imagine everything occurring in real life. I thought the author did an exceptional job of crafting the story so that not all of the pertinent information came to light at the same time. I also liked how the plot started with an event and most of the rest of the story detailed the events leading up to that event. I definitely recommend this book. For more details, please visit my blog at Fireflies and Free Kicks Fiction Reviews. This review was written based on a digital ARC of the book.
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The Last Affair starts off with a gruesome death. As we rewind and start from the beginning with the decisions made, and being in the right place at the right time, we begin to unravel the murder. With a great host of unlikeable characters, each with their own afflictions, and enough mystery to keep the story exciting but not predictable this book will keep you guessing right to the end! Everyone had their own motive, but who would actually go through with it?
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A great whodunit with an interesting cast of unlikable, though well-thought-out characters. That said, the one character who didn't ring true to me was Abby. Some of her twists and turns were just too contradictory to allow me to have that necessary willing suspension of disbelief. That's a minor quibble though, as I stayed up to the wee hours to finish this one.
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This is a pot boiler .. people get incredibly over heated about affairs among suburban classes and children dream of revenge .. all a bit OTT .. including relations about children .. not for me! Not really convincing despite some good character writing ..
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Kicking off the new year on a book that I struggled to finish. Margot Hunt's The Last Affair was too easily guessed. I had the killer figured out from the beginning.

Gwen Landon is dead. The local orthodontist's wife is found dead in their yard. Who killed her and why?

The town hides secrets. Josh Landon spotted his patients' mom at a conference. Nora is a popular food blogger stuck in an unhappy marriage. Josh gets that. His wife is unpleasant. Nora is everything he wants. Soon, the two are in the midst of an affair they can't give up. What Josh doesn't know is that his daughter, who's home after dropping out of college, spied him and Nora together.

Abby left college after finding out her boyfriend and roommate were hooking up. The last thing she will allow is for her father to do the same thing. She makes it her goal to put an end to Josh and Nora's affair.

That's in the past. When Gwen is found in their yard with her head bashed in. Police must look at the town, its residents, and the lies being told.

There is more to the story that you'll come across. Josh is good at his job and has a lot of connections to the community through his work. Gwen is never truly happy in her role and wonders what a life without kids and marriage would have been like. Nora is really starting to love Josh, but she can't keep up the lies. The story starts in the present, winds back six months to the conference, and moves forward from there.

It's detailed writing, but I didn't like any of the characters. I had the killer pegged from the start. I also found myself disinterested in why Gwen was killed. She wasn't a nice person. Her daughter was in serious need of growing up. Nora and Josh could have made everything so easy by admitting they were unhappy in their marriages and ending them first before diving into an affair that brought them both some feelings of shame.

In the end, I didn't find this was a strong example of a psychological thriller. It was too easy to guess. It was a suspense novel with a touch of romance.
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The Last Affair by Margot Hunt is a domestic drama that details an affair between two flawed, lonely people who are no longer in love with their respective partners.  This was a bit of a slow burn for me but, as it often is, patience is duly rewarded.  The tension is palpable throughout the novel, in large part due to Ms Hunt's deft ability to fully flesh out and develop each of the key players in the narrative.  Told from the alternating perspectives of the lovers, Nora and Josh, their partners, Carter and Gwen, and Josh and Gwen's teenage daughter, Abby, I felt myself being completely drawn into the familial dysfunction, and found that I remained fully invested in the dissolution of each marriage.  If you are after a character-driven plot that gets under your skin, look no further.  Recommended.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Harlequin-Mira (U.S. and Canada) for this ARC.
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Whew. Margot Hunt wrote an amazing read in The Last Affair. Josh and Nora are both in unhappy marriages when their affair begins. But engaging in an affair has the potential to hurt two families and could have an even broader impact than we realize. I finished this in a couple days. Gwen, Abby and Carter were artfully developed and the ending especially intrigued me. I look forward to more reads by this author.
Thank you #Netgalley
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I think this a book that every housewife or under appreciated woman can connect with. An affair, murder, lousy husbands, lousy wives, kids falling off track with college. It’s a little bit for everyone to enjoy. The book seemed like a normal affair gone wrong story at first, but it turned out to be so much more. Margot Hunt is a phenomenal author, and this book is one of her best! This one is a huge 5/5 stars for me!

Thank you NetGalley, Harlequin Mira, and Margot Hunt for an early review copy of The Last Affair!
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My Highly Caffeinated Thought: A dark and twisty thriller with revenge, deceit, and one surprise ending.

THE LAST AFFAIR is the third book that I have read by Margot Hunt and let me say that they keep getting better. Between the multiple perspectives, the layers of conflict between the various characters, and the grittiness of exploring obsession, this novel was downright addictive.

Hunt’s writing and her ability to weave together a story are wonderful. She manages to bring together all the moving parts in an effortless way by playing around with the characters. It is through the people depicted in this book that the reader is gifted with a truly honest set of personalities. As a reader, I love the fact that I get the good, the bad, and sometimes the ugly. 

As far as domestic thrillers go, this one will have you questioning everyone. Though there isn’t a lot of thrills and chills within these pages, this book has a level of mind games and psychological twist that will keep you greedily wanting more.
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I really loved “For Better or Worse” by Margot Hunt so I was super excited to read The Last Affair and it did not disappoint.

The first line “Other than the woman’s blood-covered body splayed facedown in the grass, it could have been any typical upscale Floridian backyard.” grabbed me and didn’t let me go until I was done flipping pages through this fantastic psychological thriller.

The story alternates from different character perspectives, which is one of my favorite literary styles.

The characters, though some were unlikeable were very well developed and fleshed out.
The twists kept coming and did not stop. The ending BLEW me away.

If your looking for a fantastic page turner, you found it! Highly recommend !
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Linda's Book Obsession Reviews "The Last Affair" by Margot Hunt, Mira, Nov. 26, 2019

Margot Hunt, Author of "The Last Affair:  has written an intriguing and captivating novel. The Genres for this novel are Thriller, Domestic Fiction, Psychological Thriller, and Suspense. The timeline for this story is set in the "author"s" present and goes to the past when it pertains to the characters or events. The author describes the characters in the story as complex and complicated. Some are unlikeable, flawed, dysfunctional and narcissistic.  I usually enjoy a story with different types of characters, as it gives the story more spice or flavor. If every character were  "good" or "nice", the story would be boring. So I do have to say that the characters, although a mixed combination does help make this story.

I would also say this is not a "chilling thriller", that would keep me up at night, or biting my nails.  There are conflicts, obsessions, jealousy, betrayals, and murder in this story, but it is not intense enough to keep me on the edge.

Some of the characters know each other from years ago. In the present, Nora Holiday is a "predictable" wife who stays at home with her children.  Her marriage doesn't have any " sparks", and somehow she knows she wants something more out of life.  Josh Landon, is a teacher, who is engaged to Nora's sister. When there is a tragic accident, deep betrayals and dark secrets emerge, which shatters everyone's lives as they know it.

 Josh's wife Gwen is extremely narcissistic and often wishes that she never had children and could be free to pursue whatever her dreams are. Gwen doesn't have many positive feelings towards Josh and becomes more than ambivalent when she suspects that her husband is having an affair.

There are certainly enough problems in this novel, including a possible affair. There are some twists and turns in this story, and the ending of the story was perfect, until the author continued with the epilogue, and my reaction was "Are You Kidding?" I would recommend that you read this and determine if you feel the same way. Happy Reading!
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The plot for this book really intrigued me but it just didn't wow me. Told in multiple perspectives, we follow two people are having an affair, the wife of the man having the affair (who winds up dead), and the daughter of the man having the affair. I can't pinpoint why this book didn't wow me. It was just OK for me. There was a little twist at the end about who the killer was but I wasn't really all that surprised to be honest.
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Margot Hunt has done it again! A book full of twisted unlikable characters behaving badly? Yes please! I was completely invested, intrigued, and entertain from first page to last. The book starts with a bang, the murder of Gwen a housewife living in an upscale Florida neighborhood. The story is then told from the perspectives of Gwen, her daughter Abby, and the woman her husband is having an affair with Nora. None of these women were tremendously likable, but I glimpsed a piece of myself in each of them. Such a wild and addictive ride, I was all in trying to figure out who killed Gwen, and why?

   As I mentioned none of these characters were tremendously likable, but Gwen? Wow! What a piece of work! Seriously by the end of this book I could’ve killed her myself, and I certainly didn’t blame anyone for doing it! Nora was probably the character I related to the most, I do understand what it’s like to have an alcoholic husband, but that doesn’t give you permission to cheat. Just could not understand why she just had not left him, because clearly she was not happy in her marriage. Then there was daughter Abby. Abby was heartbroken, her boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend, and she has now returned home and dropped out of college because of it. I think I would have lost it completely if my daughter came home having dropped out of college because of a boy! Abby definitely embraced her new role as the woman scorned, she was out for revenge in whatever form that might take. There were so many other possible suspects including Gwen’s husband Josh, can anyone possibly be that good? The ending was surprising and I’m still not sure if I liked it or not? Another absorbing domestic thriller from one of my favorite authors!

🎧🎧🎧 The audiobook is narrated by Vivienne Lehany. She did an amazing job of giving each of the narrators in this book their own unique voice. I was never lost and I always knew who is narrating the story.

This book in emojis. 💣 🎢 🏖 🏩 😰 😯

*** Big thanks to Harlequin/Mira for my copy of this book ***
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Hunt adequately portrays the slow deterioration of a marriage, and how secrets can destroy a family.
As the main character carries on an affair with a father from her child's school, she fails to see the collateral damage the relationship creates. To say that the characters are, in the best of times, acting against their best interest in an understatement.
The LAst Affair certainly doesn't do anything wildly different with the topic of an infidelity and its aftermath, but the finale's twist makes it an interesting read.
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Nora and Josh are both trapped in unhappy marriages when they run into each other at a conference without their spouses.  Thus kicks off an obsessive affair that has them meeting up at a local hotel, at the beach, and anywhere else they can steal away from their families to see each other.  Every time, they say they need to end it before someone finds out and reveals their secret.  Before that can happen, Josh's wife, Gwen, is bludgeoned to death in her yard.  What will the police investigation find - was it the unhappy and unfaithful husband, or maybe his mistress, or possibly their depressed daughter unexpectedly home from college after a breakup with her unfaithful boyfriend...

This book starts with the aftermath of Gwen's murder when the police are called in and then rewinds back in time to the night Josh and Nora begin their affair, slowly revealing all the events that lead up to the murder from the alternating points of view of Josh, Nora, Gwen, and Abby, the college-age daughter of Josh and Gwen.  It was a fairly quick read  with a nice twist at the end (even though I had a pretty good idea of the ending early on).  I think the book wrapped up a little too quickly and conveniently, considering the buildup but it was still a good mystery.  I also think this was a different take on marital affairs, with the scorned spouses being completely unlikeable, so much that you're kind of rooting for the cheaters.

Coincidentally, my husband is currently reading another book by Margot Hunt and has been raving about it, so I'm pretty sure I'll be reading her again in the future.  Looking forward to it!
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