A Question of Us

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This is one of the best books I have read for sometime. Charming, a quintessentially British setting and thoroughly enjoyable. It very much reminds me of the TV series Teachers from some years ago. Witty and fun throughout with warm, loveable characters. I adored this book from start to finish and miss the characters dearly already. 

Thank you Netgalley
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This wasn't a particularly memorable or quirky romance as promised. The characters are fun  and lovable BUT the story itself just drags on and on.
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Pros: the pub quiz league, friendships, and pub culture in general.
Cons: the romance...which was why I picked this up in the first place. 
The pace of this book was really slow and I struggled at parts to get through.
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*swoons in romance* 

My 2019 has been a year full of adult romance. And you would think these types of books would get harder and harder to make me love them. But no I just keep falling more and more in love with them. 

A Question of Us had my emotions going uuuuuuppp then down then upside down. It was a whirlwind in a good way. I cannot wait to see what else the author has in store.
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This is a book of friendship, fear and quizzes! You just have to know the correct answers if you want to win the bet…
In the beginning of the story I was a little bit lost, because there’s no “official presentation” of the characters, you simply start being part of a friend’s meeting that are enjoying a quiz night. And don’t get me wrong, I loved the beginning, because it made you feel involved on the story and wanting to know more about them!
There’s a lot of chemistry between the two main characters of the story, Clarrie and Si, they have been friends since forever and they’ve always been joking about dating, but never done it. Now Si thinks it’s time, so he makes a bet, if they win the Quizz Championship she will have to go on a date with him… but are they ready to make this big step and change their relation forever? You’ll have to read the book to discover the answer. 😉
I’ll start saying that this is not an easy read with only happy moments; there are some serious threads talked in the story that make it more than a light read, something to make you think. But let me be honest, talking about abortion, infidelity and illness makes the book real and something you can relate to, perfection doesn’t exist and there’s never a relation without faults or some trouble, we are humans in the end, aren’t we?
I had some troubles with Clarissa’s situation, she is so afraid that she is ready to never be happy before risking the relation with her best friend, I can understand that she doesn’t have a family to trust or to confide, but sometimes her fears were too much!
I really liked this story, there are jokes, chemistry and love; a read to enjoy in every way with a good background and some relatable characters. I would recommend to anyone to try it, I am sure they will love it!
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ARC received from NetGalley. All opinions are my own.

My feelings are kind of everywhere. I loved and enjoyed so many aspects of this book - the group of friends, how ridiculously British everything was, the friends-to-lovers romance. But, there also was so much missing and quite a few things that got on my nerves! The story/plot line was pretty disjointed as a whole throughout, and certain subplots within the group of friends were glazed over as no big deal (when, in fact, the topic matter was pretty serious). Clarrie’s ongoing internal dilemma and quarter-life crisis also got old pretty fast. I understood that it needed to be discussed as it’s a key character-trait throughout the book, but I also didn’t need to be reminded of it on every. single. page. I blame this as the reason that it took me twice as long to get through this as it normally would.
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Was a cute book, loved the premise and how quirky and funny the characters were.

It was what I would call a molasses book, meaning that it was slower paced and took me a while to read it, which isnt a bad thing.

And I can absolutely relate to how Clarrie still hasn't figured out how to properly adult. Same, girl. Same.

Very charming, very British, glad I got the chance to read it.

Thank you to Net Galley and the Publisher for allowing me to read an ARC of this books
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This book is VERY dialog driven and by that I mean it is mostly dialogue. I don't mean that in a bad way as it was very witty and fun. This book was an easy read as the plot moved along quite quickly. There is the expected mixture of personalities and the usual disaster which affects everything, mixed with humour and feeling, and although you can see the plot twists coming a mile away, it’s an enjoyable read.

I so enjoyed the story and read it in one sitting. If you're after something where you are surprised at who ends up together, this isn't the book for you, but I always enjoy seeing how things work out and it takes some skill to make you want all the subplots work out exactly how you want. A lovely, easy, happy read with likable characters and a village you'll want to move to.

BOTTOM LINE: The writing is laden with cliches, but Mary Jayne Baker has a good ear for amusing dialogue and if you are looking for a warm, engaging read that’s not particularly demanding, this would fit the bill.
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Clarrie doesn't feel like she's mastered the whole "adult" thing - always hurting for some extra cash, no luck on the dating front and unsure of her future. Meanwhile, her best friend Simon keeps asking her out every chance he gets. Finally, they decide to make a bet: if their pub trivia team wins the league, Clarrie has to go on a date with Simon.

This was a cute premise and I very much enjoyed the banter among the group of friends; it was very realistic to a group that has been friends forever. That said, it felt like the book was almost entirely dialogue and I would have enjoyed some more writing that showed us the setting or allowed us to get to know Clarrie more. At first her hesitation with growing up and admitting her feelings for Simon had the makings of a cute rom-com, but by the end I found myself more annoyed with her than anything (although I was still rooting for them to get together). A sweet story, but lacking that little something special in my opinion.

3/5 stars
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Cheeky, hilarious, and authentically British!

A Question of Us is an engaging, humorous, friends-to-more romance that features the determined, fun-loving Simon who finally wants something more than friendship with his best mate, and the hesitant, stubborn Clarrie who may finally have to take the risk and acknowledge her true feelings for her best friend.

The writing is amusing and witty. The characters, including all the supporting characters, are gregarious, lovable, and well developed. And the plot is a delightful blend of heart, humour, spirited dialogue, pub trivia, competitive rivalry, romantic gestures, and the complex dynamics between friends.

Overall, A Question of Us is a quirky, sweet, entertaining tale by Baker that’s full of laughs, creative characters, and touching moments.
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I love a good friend to lovers story and this book delivered! The mutal pining and angst was done so well, I loved the characters chemistry and dynamic. My only gripe is that Clairre had such little confidence in herself, that it could get a little annoying. But overall, a good book.
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I was expecting this book to be funnier.  It wasn't bad...just underwhelming!  I hate writing reviews that aren't glowing but...

**OMG!  I cannot believe that these reviews haven't been done!  I am so sorry they are so late!!!**
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A sensational read that will have you hooked from the get go. Mary Jayne Baker does a fantastic job of creating well rounded and refreshing characters that it is a pleasure getting to know. I absolutely adored the persistence of Simon (who reminded me so much of my husband, he too continually asked me out for 3 years before I eventually said yes!) A Question of Us is funny, witty and just downright charming. I absolutely adored this little story, a perfect read for a cosy night in!
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I was give a free ARC copy of this book from @netgalley in exchange for my honest review.
I loved this book! I'm not sure how @maryjaynebaker did it, but even though this group of friends was different in many ways than my own, I felt like I was a part of the group! I kept wanting to read more because it felt like hanging out with friends! This one caught my interest because the main character is a bookstore owner and the plot is set around a trivia tournament, two of my interests! But don't worry if you don't enjoy trivia, that's not the main plot. If you don't enjoy books... not sure why you are even here reading this! 🤔😂 A fun, flirty, romance novel that's more than just bedroom scenes (in fact there's only really one)! I'd definitely recommend this one, and it was just published, so you can grab it now too!
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Hilarious, uproarious and absolutely joyful, you won’t be able to stop smiling whilst you are reading Mary Jayne Baker’s fabulous romantic comedy A Question of Us.

Clarrie Midwinter might be twenty-six years of age, but she still does not feel like a grown-up. Everybody else her age might have their life sorted out, but Clarrie is still waiting for that elusive moment to feel like a proper grown-up. Forget mortgages and saving accounts, Clarre is perpetually broke, has not been on a date for well over a year and is still struggling to stop smoking. With her life slowly spiralling out of control, the only thing keeping her remotely sane is her pub quiz team, The Might Morphin Flower Arrangers.

Clarrie has a ladykiller best friend Simon who – much to her chagrin – keeps asking her out. Clarrie wouldn’t dream of going out with her best friend, however, that hasn’t stopped Simon from continuing to push his luck and try to get her to see him as more than just a good friend. However when Simon bets her a date that their team will win the quiz league, she finds herself wondering what she truly wants out of life.

Has the time come for Clarrie to grow up? Has happiness and fulfilment been right under her nose all along? Or does she need to travel further afield to find the answers to the questions she has been searching for?

A Question of Us is an absolute delight from beginning to end! Sparkling with sensational characters, witty repartee, side-splitting humour and tender romance, A Question of Us is a smartly-written and brilliantly told romantic comedy that is absolutely impossible to resist.

Mary Jayne Baker is a writer destined to become a star in her field and A Question of Us is a warm, witty and wonderful read which I highly recommend.
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3.5 stars
I was hooked from page one of this book! I loved the characters and their dynamic. I struggled at times with Clarrie because I feel like her issues weren't always represented well. She has anxiety but I feel like the reasons for it weren't always valid. I know that sounds heartless, what I'm trying to say is that I found her panic attacks to be somewhat unrealistic. It was hard for me to care about her struggles. I liked Simon a lot, I feel like the most realistic part of this whole book was when he walked away from Clarrie. I think it should have happened sooner than it did. 
The reason this book isnt getting more stars from me is mostly due to the pacing of the book. I'm all for a slow burn novel but it was like 65% of the way through the book before anything happened. In my opinion there was just a lot of unnecessary filler.
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Thank you to NetGalley for an advanced copy. All opinions expressed are my own. 

A Question Of Us 
By: Mary Jayne Baker 

*REVIEW*  🌟🌟🌟
A Question Of Us is a British contemporary romance. I say British because it's a bigger part of the story than I'm used to, and I got annoyed at some point. Clairre and Simon are friends, late twenties, pub quiz team, secretly in love with each other. Simon asks Clairee out repeatedly,and she always says no. Clairre is extremely self conscious and, honestly, a bit insufferable. It's like get over yourself! Eventually, a bet is made for a date. Then, so many pub quizzes and too many characters at once. This story is fun and interesting, but it's also tedious at times. Certain personalities just don't translate well in any story, and Clairee is one of those. The group of friends are fun to read. Simon seems desperate and ridiculous  at times. In the end, if none of these things bother you, it's a solid modern day romance that you will likely enjoy. I found it slightly below average.
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Clarrie Midwinter may not have the most posh life but it's a good one. She's got her mates, she's got her trivia nights, and she's got her best friend, Simon. Except that one of their teammates has been pushed off the team since she cheated on another one of their teammates. 
Simon's very serious about getting together with Clarrie but every time he brings it up, she acts like he's joking. Finally, Fate and a bet step in to force Clarrie to move past her anxiety and finally accept that Si might be her lobster.
This was a VERY British book and I'm not usually affected by that but this time... it was a lot. If I had known it going in, it might have been easier to get through. I liked that this was a group book, just as much about the friendships as the romance.

Three Stars
This book came out September 5th
ARC kindly provided by Aria and NetGalley
Opinions are my own
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This is a refreshing read; warm, realistic and so very absorbing - I almost feel as if I'm part of this one!

Clarrie Midwinter is not comfortable in her own skin. At the age of twenty-six she still feels that she hasn't grown up, despite running her own small bookstore and living in the flat above. The highlight of her week is competing with a group of friends in the local pub quiz league; the bane of her life is long term friend Simon continually asking her for a date, despite have a legion of girls dropping at his feet any time he as much as looks in their direction. In order to get him to stop, she agrees to a bet where she will go out with him if they win the league - highly improbable given their team's history.

This is strong story about a group of friends in their mid-twenties who have grown up together and know each other inside out. They are a fantastic bunch of characters, each completely realistic and wonderfully created and described. The in-jokes could only come from a bunch of mates who know each other inside out and the humour runs throughout the book and had me smiling and laughing all the way. However, there is a serious side to this one, and it unfolds slowly, tantalisingly and is quite beautifully told. I really lost myself in this one; it's very much a feel-good read and the author displays a terrific story-telling talent which, for me, has propelled her onto my 'must not miss' list. No less than five stars will do for this .. and it has earned each and every one!

My thanks to publisher Aria for my copy via NetGalley, and to Vicky Joss for my spot in this blog tour. All given opinions are completely honest and entirely my own.
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I really, really loved this book but there were a few things that drove me absolutely insane. 

What I Liked:
* The friendships. I love reading about super close friendship groups but this group definitely took the cake. They're so incredibly close to where it's a little questionable on where their friendship crosses the line haha. They're so much fun!! I wish I was in their friend group!
* The pub quiz aspect. It was a great addition to the story. I wish I still played in quiz leagues!
* The chemistry between Simon and Clarrie was HOT. Another favorite trope of mine is best friends to lovers and this story hit the nail on the head with that trope. 

What I Didn't Like
* Clarrie was nearly insufferable. I totally understand certain things triggering her and questioning relationships but it seems like she refused to be happy.  I can't count how many times Simon approached her telling her his true feelings and she kept shooting him down. 
* I didn't NOT like this but there was SO much dialogue that it got kind of overwhelming in some scenes. I kept getting people confused. 

I highly recommend this book to a lot of my friends. I've been comparing this to The Bookish Life of Nina Hill but British!
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