A Mackenzie Clan Christmas

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This was an amazing holiday, historical romance read and it did not disappoint.

Interesting, well written and allowed me to catch up with this beloved cast of characters forever in my heart.
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How wonderful it was to read Ian’s story. It was filled with I wonderful family and it was a sexy passionate and wonderful abundance of love.
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It was so nice to visit these past characters! It put me in the mood to do a series reread. I’m happy when authors take the time to gift us with these types of little extras. It keeps the love for them strong.
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It was good. Not perfect. I liked the author idea of the story. Romance was good. I just wish there was more to be learned about Makenzies.
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These were cute and fun novellas from Jennifer Ashley. I liked seeing a little bit more about the Mackenzie's.
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I have loved the Mackenzies since reading Ian's story. This book has two stories that will show how the family can pull together to accomplish anything they need or want. Two wonderful Christmas stories from the ever popular family.

I received a copy of this book via Netgalley and am leaving a review.
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This is 2 stories that crossover into two of Jennifer Ashley's series.   The Mackenzies # 8.5 and The McBrides # 11.5.  Both can be read as stand alones.  I'm not a big historic romance reader but these were fun reads.  Set in 1898 in Scotland there is a ghost to hunt and a kidnapping to solve.  I received a copy of this ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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A Mackenzie Clan Christmas is two novellas in which one is new and the other is a reprint. The new one is called A Mackenzie Yuletide and the other is A Mackenzie Clan Gathering which was published in 2015, and previously reviewed. I’ll be reviewing the new story, A Mackenzie Yuletide.
The family is gathering for the Christmas holiday and Hogmanay and they are dealing with not one but two mysteries. First, Mac Mackenzie thinks he saw a ghost. Is this a prank or something haunting the house? Ian Mackenzie is looking for the perfect gift for his wife. What he wants he gets. Unfortunately, what he wants has been stolen and disappeared.
I’m a huge fan of the Mackenzie’s and when there is a chance to read another story I am all in. I love that this story featured the next generation having a big part in this story now that they are all a little older and getting a voice in the family gatherings. Hearing their POV is heartening to hear how their parents and their aunts and uncles, have such a huge influence on what they are becoming. What’s even better is when Ian is featured. Ian is on the spectrum and very interesting to read his thoughts. Together they figure out both mysteries and find more family along the way. A new reader might be a bit lost with so many characters introduced in this story, so I would recommend going to the beginning and reading Ian’s story, The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie. You’ll fall in love with this highlander and his brothers. For old fans like me, you’ll eat it up and cross your fingers that there will be more to come with the next generation of Mackenzie’s. Spending time with the Mackenzie’s at Christmas time is always a treat.
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Sandy M’s review of A Mackenzie Clan Christmas (A Highland Pleasures Novella Anthology) by Jennifer Ashley
Historical Romance published by Berkley 29 Oct 19

I’m trying to get back into historical romance, and thankfully Jennifer Ashley is leading the way. I’ve enjoyed this series so much over the years, so it’s nice to celebrate the Christmas holiday with them again, especially when the stories revolve mostly around Ian. He was the one to introduce us to the Mackenzie family, so it’s perfect when he’s front and center all these years later.

A Mackenzie Yuletide is the first story in this anthology. Ian is on the hunt for a spectacular necklace he’s discovered for Beth for a holiday gift. He just has to figure out where it is when it comes to light the item has been stolen. In the meantime, Mac has had a spooky encounter with a ghost in a certain part of the castle. Plenty don’t believe in specters and there are those who do of course. Even Elizabeth gets into the fun by setting up her camera to prove there is no such thing as ghosts.

It’s been a while since I’ve read this series, so it’s nice to see a lot of the Mackenzie children growing up. Ian’s love and pride for his kids is wonderful to see, as well as his ability to overcome his disability in a number of ways. His son and daughter get caught up in his investigation for the missing necklace, and his reasoning/deductive powers are thought out and decisive, and seeing Lord Ian in action is definitely a sight to see.

As for the ghost? You’ll need to read for yourself if it’s real or not. I enjoyed getting to see all the family together again, a loving and giving family no matter the situation. One of my favorites in all of romanceland.

Next up is A Mackenzie Clan Gathering and the family is once again together, this time for Hart’s birthday. Before everyone can arrive, though, the castle is robbed of some its most impressive and expensive art pieces, including a few of Cam’s. Again, it’s Ian who is front and center in this story. He’s the one who hears something amiss, who discovers the theft, and who will be the best at figuring it all out, with the help of Scotland Yard – his half-brother Lloyd Fellows – of course.

All I will tell you is an age-old grudge is at work, because what I love most about this novella is the love and fear Ian manifests when it comes to his son, as well as the same from Hart when it comes to Ian. When Ian disappears and isn’t found until the next day, Hart’s reaction to seeing his brother is okay is profoundly emotional, especially because Ian isn’t sure why everyone is so up in arms. Of course, he has the same reaction when it comes to his son when trouble comes his way and Ian must save the day. I so love this Mackenzie family.

Of course, as always happens in romance books, all’s well that ends well and the family has happy celebrations all around. Thus making me want to go back and pick up those few books I’ve yet to read in the series. Sounds like a mighty fine idea.

Grade: A
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A MACKENZIE CLAN CHRISTMAS includes the newest holiday novella “A Mackenzie Yuletide” and the previously published novella “A Mackenzie Clan Gathering”. Both stories are a delightful mix of mystery, humor, and romance in a cozy setting with a great assortment of characters familiar to fans of Ashley’s “Mackenzie” series. I think this book will appeal to fans of historical romance and holiday-themed romances, even if they haven’t been following this series for years like I have. However, for more context, reading THE MADNESS OF LORD IAN MACKENZIE first will give readers a better understanding of one of the main characters.

Having already read “A Mackenzie Clan Gathering” when it originally came out, I was particularly eager to read the newest installment in the series. In “A Mackenzie Yuletide”, the story is told from alternating perspectives of a host of different characters, and the action revolves around a potential ghost haunting the halls of Kilmorgan Castle in Scotland and the theft of an antique necklace. Ian Mackenzie is a force to be reckoned with when he makes his mind up about something, and he wants the necklace as a gift for his wife. Unfortunately, the necklace has been stolen and Ian and his family members follow the necklace’s trail and interrogate more than one shady character in an attempt to retrieve it. I love these characters, and they are in their element in this story as they work as a team to achieve their goals and make the holidays special for each other. Jennifer Ashley balances the time allotted to each character, and each couple, well and the story feels very cohesive as well as entertaining.

A MACKENZIE CLAN CHRISTMAS is showcases great storytelling, strength in family, and Christmas romance. I would love to read stories about the younger generation of Mackenzies when they become adults and have their own adventures in romance. As always, I look forward to Jennifer Ashley’s next romance novel.
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It’s always a pleasure to join the Mackenzie clan any time of the year but at Christmas it seems that much more perfect. A Mackenzie clan Christmas features two novellas. One new story and one previously released. Jennifer Ashley has a knack for writing about families and I’ll have to say the Mackenzies are quite fascinating. Both stories feature Ian Mackenzie, who happens to be my favorite Mackenzie man. Don’t miss this chance to catch up with the clan, see how the next generation is coming along and maybe catch a ghost or a robber or both. 😉

What I liked:

I always enjoy a novella. It’s a quick visit to a world and characters that you are either already familiar with from longer books or it’s an introduction to the writing and style of a new author. I’ve been a fan of this series for long time so this is like a visit with friends. Like getting to catch up on all the gossip and what’s happening with the family. I loved how Ashley was able to just draw the reader back in to Kilmorgan Castle and into the clan.  

The first novella in this one is called, “A Mackenzie Yuletide.” It’s a new tale about the clan featuring my favorite leading man Ian and this time we get to see how the next generation compares. There’s a bit of a mystery and a ghost. Readers will love seeing how Ian’s love for Beth and his children has evolved. I really enjoyed this one. It showed how inquisitive and engaging the children of the brothers were and definitely makes the reader hope one day they will get their own books. Especially Ian’s son Jamie. And Mac painting in his studio in just his kilt... Oh my! Lol 😂 

The second novella is a repeat release. “ A Mackenzie Clan Gathering,” was released a few years ago but was still a nice refresher from the past. It is set before the events in, “A Mackenzie Yuletide.”There has been a robbery at Kilmorgan Castle and some of Hart’s priceless art collection has been taken. Again this story primarily focuses on Ian, which I certainly won’t complain about. He is a wonderful hero. He is eccentric to just the right degree and always up for a challenge. I love reading about him.

As with all the books in this series, there is always an air of mystery to them. It’s something that really adds to the stories and gives the reader a secondary focus besides just the romance. The story arc of Ian’s “madness” also gives the reader a different angle. Ashley has done a wonderful job of adding the right ingredients to produce a world that is both endearing and very engaging.

What I didn’t:

I can’t find too much wrong with any of Jennifer Ashley’s work. With a novella there’s always a double edged sword. It’s a quick trip. And I am always left wanting more when I read them. But also, it’s a quick trip which is easy to read when you don’t have time for a whole novel. I love these characters so much I would probably enjoy even a paragraph about them.

Bottom Line:

What’s not to like about four Scottish brothers who live in a castle? Not much! “A Mackenzie Clan Christmas,” hit the spot for me in my holiday reading. Family, mystery, ghosts, robbers, a little bit of madness. Now that’s interesting!
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Ian Mackenzie stole my heart years ago and is still to date one of my top favorite HR heroes. In this little anthology spanning two novellas we are reunited with the whole family. The first story - A MACKENZIE YULETIDE is - is completely new and has the family chasing a ghost in their ancestral home and Ian looking to surprise his Beth.

It's amazing how far Ian has come and it's no surprise that he always steels the show with his intensity. I loved seeing his and Beth's kids and Cam, Mac, Daniel and Hart with all their loved ones. You almost feel like you are included in their merriment and hospitality and you're invited to sit at their table and share a meal.

The second story A MACKENZIE CLAN GATHERING was released last year and is a bonus, so that you can enjoy twice the Mackenzie goodness if you haven't been able to read this novella yet. It's just as good and heart warming as the first story. For those who have read A MACKENZIE CLAN GATHERING, you can buy A MACKENZIE YULETIDE separately.

I always love catching up with this family, they really hold a special place in my heart. I wouldn't recommend this to someone who has never read the first books in this series, too many names are mentioned and the family dynamic only makes sense if you know how it came about. But this is the perfect time to catch up with these books - even after all these years they haven't lost their poignancy. There is also an introduction of a new character who I believe will be getting a story.

I loved this compilation and I hope I can soon read all the books in this series I haven't been able to yet. For longtime fans this is the perfect, sweet read for a cozy evening.
My lad and lass, Ian thought. There was another lass waiting at home, along with Beth, his light, his love.
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Well this was a delight! Reader be warned, this is two novellas set in the Mackenzie series world, and only the first story is new. The second novella was published previously. That didn’t take away from my enjoyment in the least. Somehow, between books, I forget how much I love the crazy Mackenzie clan. They’re loud, Scottish, scandalous, brash, and I adore each and every one of them.

The first novella is a holiday reunion and, hopefully, an introduction to the new era of Mackenzie children. There are lots of them, but I can already see the lead in of a new generation, and I can’t wait. There are lots of Mackenzie cousins just about ready for their own books. I loved the real-life innovations Ms. Ashley is allowing her characters to explore, it adds real depth to the overall story.

The second novella was equally as delightful. It’s mostly all about Ian with a little bit of mystery on the side, but he’s one of my favorite heroes of all-time, so I liked the focus. I also think that Ms. Ashley does a seamless job of imparting a little bit of history. Overall, if you’re looking for two quick little pick me ups, this is the perfect collection for you!

**I received an ARC of this book in order to provide an honest review**
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A Mackenzie Clan Christmas is a wonderful book that immerses back into the world of the Mackenzie's. I really enjoyed this taste as to how the characters are currently doing years down the road from their original novels.

There are two novellas within this collection: A Mackenzie Yuletide which is all about the family gathering for Christmas, and A Mackenzie Glan Gathering that focused more on Ian's family. 
I loved this book a big thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for providing me with an arc for an honest review.
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A Mackenzie Clan Christmas is a beautiful book with novellas of the Mackenzie family through different periods of their lives.

I love how Jennifer Ashley packs in the family, love, and drama into this book. This is my first time reading about the Mackenzie family and I already fell in love with them.

A Mackenzie Yuletide is all about the family gathering for Christmas. in Kilmorgan. It is set in 1896, and the family is facing a debate about ghosts. We see Ian Mackenzie who is on his journey to finding Beth, his wife, the perfect Hogmanay gift. The author ties these two mysteries together to make a suspenseful Christmasy read.

There is a novella in the book called A Mackenzie Glan Gathering that gave me all the feels. It focuses on the growth of characters Beth and Ian. Ian is looking to be 'cured' of his madness. It was beautiful to see how much Ian is willing to go through always putting his love for Beth and their family at the forefront.

As a whole, the stories were great and full of Christmas magic vibes. I would highly recommend this book to fans of the series and readers who enjoy character development!
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A Mackenzie Yuletide
The Mackenzies are once again gathering for Christmas. The younger generation is growing up (and starting to be prepped for their own stories) but the original generation of Ashley's books are still there. Mac, in particular, is featured as he is the first to see the Mackenzie ghost. This mystery overlaps with the one of Ian's gift for his Beth. He is set on a particular necklace that used to be in a museum but it was stolen and he is trying to get ahold of it. His children are offering to help as well, especially his oldest son who is now 17 and wanting to prove himself to his father. 

Four stars

A Mackenzie Clan Gathering
Ian Mackenzie wakes up one night when an errant sound causes him to realize there's an intruder in his brother's house. By the time he gets downstairs, his brother's art collection has been looted. From there, we get to revisit almost all of the Mackenzies and see them deal with an old enemy.
I had read this a couple of years ago and still feel the same. A nice story but doesn't really explore more characters or add anything except a brief update to the Mackenzie family.

Three stars

This book comes out October 29th
ARC kindly provided by Berkley Publishing Group and NetGalley
Opinions are my own
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5, warm
The entire extended Mackenzie family is gathering at Kilmorgan to celebrate the Christmas holiday together.  The four brothers – Hart, Cam, Mac, and Ian, are now well into their middle years, but are still passionately in love with their wives.  Their children are all growing up, and it won’t be long before they are finding their own loves.

This year, Ian has seen pictures of an antique necklace which he wants to purchase for his wife, Beth.  He’s frustrated because the necklace has been stolen, and even with all the resources at his disposal, he’s been unable to track it down.  Ian’s son Jamie, now fifteen, has learned of his father’s quest, and wants to find the necklace himself, then present it as a gift to his parents.  Jamie wants to prove to his father that he’s capable and intelligent.  The hunt for the necklace leads to some adventures for several members of the family.

For those unfamiliar with the Mackenzie family, Ian has Asperger’s Syndrome, which has caused many people to consider him mad.  In reality, he’s brilliant, focused, determined, and has a photographic memory.  Social interaction is another cup of tea, however, as Ian is uncomfortable around people he doesn’t know, and has trouble actually meeting anyone’s eyes.  Over the years Ian has come to be much more comfortable with his family, and in particular, gazes at his wife and children directly, and with a fierce love shining from his eyes.

A MACKENZIE YULETIDE is full of warmth and family love.  I’ve followed all of the Mackenzie stories, and I feel as if I know them, and this visit with my favorite characters felt like reconnecting with my own family.  I have always loved and had a soft spot for Ian, in particular, as he endured such trauma as a child, and I encourage everyone to read his story in THE MADNESS OF LORD IAN MACKENZIE.  As the years have passed, the brothers’ marriages and love have just grown stronger.  It’s poignant to see the babies now becoming young adults.  This latest installment of the Mackenzie family saga is a lovely and heartwarming read which left me with a satisfying feeling of contentment for this fictional family that feels like part of my own.

4.5, warm
This short story has been previously published, and takes place about six years before A MACKENZIE YULETIDE.  The extended family is gathering together, this time to celebrate Hart’s birthday.  There is a mystery involved, as well as an unscrupulous stranger, who insists he can cure Ian’s “madness.”  I originally reviewed this story for Fresh Fiction, and the review belongs to their site.  It can be viewed here:   http://freshfiction.com/review.php?id=57554
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YES! Revisiting the MacKenzie Clan is so much fun. This is a book of Novellas and it took me back to the wonderful highlander world Jennifer Ashley created. I read the first few books in this series years ago and absolutely loved them, so this was so much fun. I just really love how she writes highlander romance. The kinship, friends, and family just warm the heart--which is perfect for a Christmas read! I'd definitely recommend this whole series!
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Seasonal Mackenzies! Joy!

Two Christmas season stories with my favorite MacKenzie man taking a lead role, Ian with his wife Beth and their three children.

A Mackenzie Yuletide
At two in the morning Mac is painting in his room at the top of Kilmorgan Castle when he's disturbed by what appears to be the ghost of a woman. He pursues the trailing  apparition without success. Later, the younger Mackenzies decide to help, after a humorous start.
Ian wants to purchase a special present for his Beth for Hogmanay. A heavy gold "antique necklace with intricately worked loops of gold and hung with emeralds and lapis lazuli." Unfortunately its disappeared. Ian brings his unwavering focus to bear on solving the problem, not realizing that his son Jamie is going toe to toe with him trying to find the piece.

A Mackenzie Clan Gathering 
I had read this previously and a second reading in no way diminished my enjoyment. Thieves break into Kilmorgan Castle and steal Hart's art collection. Ian wakes sensing something amiss. His first thoughts are for Beth and his children. The artworks are discovered abandoned. This is only the first attack. It will be Ian who finally works out the mystery. Only after plenty of happenings though. The turning up of Beth's first husband's brother, John Ackerley adds another dimension.

All the family make appearances, after all they are gathering at Kilmorgan Castle for the season.
The redeemed illegitimate half brother to the Mackenzies, Lloyd Fellows, now a chief superintendent at Scotland Yard, is involved in both stories. Wouldn't have it any other way!

A Berkley Group ARC via NetGalley
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“A Mackenzie Yuletide” (Mackenzies & McBrides, Book 11.5)
A ghostly visitor, a missing artefact, and multiple generations of Mackenzies getting in on both hunts? Sign me up! “A Mackenzie Yuletide” is a delightful Christmastime romp featuring one of my favorite families.

It’s December 1898 and Mac Mackenzie is at Kilmorgan painting when he spies a ghost. His siblings and their various offspring are determined to settle their supernatural debate over the existence of ghosts by catching the specter. Meanwhile, Ian Mackenzie is equally determined to get the perfect Hogmanay gift for his wife, Beth. But the priceless antique necklace has been stolen and he’s not the only person – or even the only Mackenzie – searching for it. Both mysteries are delightful, mostly because various Mackenzies team up to solve the cases.

Ian has always been a scene-stealer for me, so I was delighted to catch up with both him and his beloved Beth. Their love for one another and their children is as strong as ever and spending time with them was pure joy. And speaking of their children, author Jennifer Ashley gives an exciting peek into the minds of some of the Mackenzie children. The only downside to this? I desperately hope the younger Mackenzies get books of their own one day because they are as fascinating as their parents. Cam’s daughter, Gavina, intrigued me most of all and her determination never to wed means she’s practically begging for a book of her own.

The Mackenzie clan is bright, boisterous, and unique. The romantic and familial bonds are on full display in “A Mackenzie Yuletide” and made me smile more than once. I’m so glad I got to go on another adventure with the Mackenzies and I desperately hope Ms. Ashley has more stories in store for them.

“A Mackenzie Clan Gathering” (Mackenzies & McBrides, Book 8.5)
“A Mackenzie Clan Gathering” is a beautiful story brimming with emotion. Fans of the Mackenzies & McBrides series won’t want to miss this novella, for it’s sure to make you fall in love with the Mackenzies all over again.

Ian, Beth, and their children are the only Mackenzies in residence at Kilmorgan when thieves break in, stealing a good portion of the duke’s art collection. Ian is determined to track the culprits before the rest of his family shows up, but he’s sidetracked by the arrival of Beth’s late husband’s brother, a man who claims he can cure Ian of his “madness.” Ian and Beth are two of my all-time favorite characters, and in “A Mackenzie Clan Gathering” we get to see how they’ve grown over the years they’ve been married. Their bond is stronger than ever, but when Ian is tempted with the possibility of being “cured,” it just about broke my heart, especially because he wants to do so for Beth’s sake. Of course, we know two things: (1) Beth loves him just the way he is and (2) Ian isn’t mad, nor does he need to be “cured” – he has Asperger’s, decades before anyone knows what that is. What follows I’ll leave readers to discover, but I will say that we get to see more interesting things about the Mackenzie family. Most importantly, Ms. Ashley touched my emotions showing the deep bonds of love – romantic and familial – among the Mackenzie clan.

The investigation into who is behind the art theft takes some interesting turns, tying into the series in an unexpected way. And though “A Mackenzie Clan Gathering” is primarily Ian and Beth’s story, other family members do get their moments to shine. I’ll never get tired of seeing Hart with Ian; the duke’s love for his youngest brother never fails to grab me and revisiting this novella made me want to re-read their books all over again. If you’re new to the series, don’t worry – you’ll still be able to follow along. But truly, this story is probably best enjoyed if you’re already invested in the Mackenzie & McBrides series. I absolutely loved revisiting Ian and Beth and I hope Ms. Ashley continues to gift readers with more glimpses into what happens after happily ever after for the entire Mackenzie clan.

A Mackenzie Clan Christmas is perfect for any fan of Ms. Ashley’s Mackenzie family. It’s lovely to catch up with such beloved characters after their happily ever after, to see the bonds of love and family strengthen as their number grows. Both novellas warmed my heart and made me smile; they’re the perfect holiday reads that you can enjoy all year long.
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