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3.5/5 Stars

Disclaimer: This review MAY contain spoilers. I received an Advance Reader Copy at no cost from the publisher/author. All opinions in my review are my own. 

This book is a quick and fun read. I haven't read the first book in this series but each book is a standalone. Once I started I couldn't stop reading. 

Both main characters are very relatable. Rome is a character that is dealing with some past issues. Deep down he is a great guy and I really fell for him. It would be impossible not to like him. Natalie is trying to get over the dissolution of her marriage so she has sworn off feelings. They both have some great character growth in this story. I felt that they had great backstories, but I wish that more would have come of them. There was a lot more potential. 

Natalie and Rome really made a great pair. They had excellent chemistry right off the bat and they were very supportive and appreciative of each other. The bedroom scenes are steamy and they generally balance each other out very well. 

I found the plot a little predictable, but it was still a fun read nonetheless. I was still very invested in the story and enjoyed it very much. 

Overall, this was a light and easy read that was cute and kept me entertained. This was my first time reading a book by this author and I am excited to try more!
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This was just so so for me. At the beginning of the story I honestly couldn't tell who was supposed to be the MC, and which were the friends. It was like they were all thrown together at once, and you had to figure out which one was which. I had to keep telling myself that Natalie was the MC. I felt like the friendship between the women was just there to add characters for another book. They didn't really have much to do with each other after the beginning. To be a short book, it took me a lot longer than it should have to get through it. It just didn't draw me in, or keep my attention. This was a first for me from this author, but I would be willing to give her another read.
I voluntarily reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book.
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This was an ok read. I liked Natalie and Rome together. They were trying to do the casual thing but they were basically coupled up from the first meeting. Both had things in their past that they didn't want to talk about. I didn't like their reasons for keeping it a secret but Natalie's reason made more sense. Someone feeling emotion for a person who has had bad things happen to them is not pity, it's compassion. I will say they were very hot together and those were some of the best parts of the book. I really didn't like the relationship with Natalie and her friends. I mean Natalie's house gets broken into and she doesn't even tell them for weeks. It was just weird for the focus on the friendship in part of the story when it seemed very superficial to me. They were more like acquaintances than friends and her one friend was just used as a tool to get her and the hero back together which I hate. I need to see more real friendships among women in books. Overall it was ok but just a few things I didn't like made it less than a winner for me. 2.5 stars
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I really liked this book and how the two main characters met. The party at the club is fun way to introduce these two. Their chemistry is off the charts from the first time their eyes meet. What follows is a great story about finding love where and when you least expect it. It was funny and sweet and all the things that I love in a book.
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Natalie Winters thought she’d married the man of her dreams…but her marriage ended way too soon in a nightmarish divorce. She even has to share custody of the dog! The stress is killing her, so she decides to take a night off and attend the Breakup Bash—a private party for women celebrating their breakups—with her friends. Former executive security specialist turned bartender Rome Collier is drawn to the woman easily trading sexy banter with him. And if she wants the “Do Me” condoms she accidentally throws across the counter at him, she’ll have to claim them…personally. Their flirtation turns into so much more, and every scintillating night they spend together is better than the last. Strong, protective...and hot, Rome is everything Natalie ever wanted in a man. All she has to do is convince him he’s more than a rebound.
This was  a quick and light read with some decent steam. I liked both characters and liked following Natalie through to her HEA. I recommend. 
**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
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Natalie Winters thought she was marrying the man of her dreams, the one she would be with forever. Turns out forever was a lot shorter than she hoped and now the puppy he gifted her she is now sharing custody of. When Natalie and her friends go out for a night to get over their heartache she runs into Rome and sparks fly instantly. What started out as a rebound ends with a relationship that neither expected.

I enjoyed Rules of a Rebound. It was a super cute read that had a cute and realistic relationship with cute dates and steamy sexy times.

I enjoyed Rome's character the most, but Natalie was fun as well. I liked how they were both insecure at the beginning but grew together apart and as a couple. Rome is dealing with a lot of PTSD and guilt from his last mission. Natalie is trying to find a balance between work and love. All very relatable and cute.

I think if I had one issue it was that some of the scenes seemed to cut to another scene within the same paragraph and I got a little confused.
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Nadine was just out with her friends to have a good time. After her disaster of a marriage, she is ready to at least to get out and enjoy herself. She did not count on meeting one the hottest men she's ever seen. But how could you miss him, really?

Rome was deflecting all the advances that he is used to getting while tending bar. He's not interested in hooking up with anyone, he's just here to do his job. But then Nadine walks up, and that resolve goes right out the window.

Nadine isn't looking for anything serious. A little fling will do just fine. She has a demanding job and has all intentions of focusing on that. Rome used to have a job he was all about - but that went south. So, for now, bartending is what it is for him. Though he also wasn't looking for anything serious, he hadn't counted on meeting Nadine!

This is a great story. The Break Up Bash series and is fun read!
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This was an enjoyable first read by Nina Crespo that I've had the pleasure of reading. This was a fun read that I flew through the pages quickly and enjoyed the ride. There are parts that could've been talked about more but such is life and we can't have it all but I still really enjoyed this story.

Natalie and Roman have a strong chemistry that is undeniable but he wants to be more than a rebound and doubts have been put into his head. While Natalie wasn't looking for a relationship sometimes these things take you when you least expect it and boy did fate whack her good.

I can't wait to get more in this series and from this author!!!
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Ms. Crespo’s Breakup Bash series focuses on three friends–Natalie, Alexa, and Cori–who have all gone through recent breakups. Even though none of them really feel quite ready to jump into relationships yet, they all agree that a “Breakup Bash” at a local hotspot sounds like a great way to let off some steam and maybe start to get their groove back. This book is Natalie’s story, when a quick hookup with a bartender that night turns into something more…or is he just her rebound relationship?

I really liked Natalie and Rome’s story. Neither one of them was really looking to get involved–they both had some personal hangups that got in their way and kept them from always being the best at honest communication (though this does factor into their relationship, they didn’t truly suffer from the dreaded big misunderstanding here, thank goodness!) They’re grownups, though, and aren’t afraid to take responsibility for their own lives, both inside and outside of their relationship. Their chemistry is fantastic, and the sex scenes are H-O-T. When their black moment does come, they both share responsibility for it and they both work toward making things work once again.

And did I mention the great chemistry and smoking bedroom scenes? (Spoiler: they don’t all take place in the bedroom.)

Rules of a Rebound is the second in Ms. Crespo’s Breakup Bash series, a series in which all three friends’ stories happen concurrently and therefore don’t necessarily have to be read in order. Normally I’d add here that you could read this as a standalone–which you totally could!–but instead I’m going to warn you right now that if you haven’t read book one yet ( The First Rule of Hook-Ups ) you’re going to get enough plot teasers here to want to pick it up ASAP. And you’ll undoubtedly be as bummed as I am that Cori’s story isn’t even out yet…but hey, future goals, amirite? 😉

Rating: 4 stars / A

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
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Natalie Winters divorced the man she thought would be her happily-ever-after hero when she found out he was cheating, and to add insult to injury, she had to buy him off to win even shared custody of Betsy, the beagle he gave her. So she attends the Breakup Bash party at a nightclub, where Rome Collier is tending bar and fending off advances - until he sees Natalie. What begins as a one-night stand goes overtime when a burglary at Natalie’s house gives former security man Rome an excuse to stay longer.

If you like books which put dogs front and center, go for this one, because Betsy is adorable and Rome’s rapport with her is one of the key ways we know he’s right for Natalie. I loved the scene in which Natalie was racing home to see Betsy before the dog had to go on a custody swap to her jerky ex, and Rome was doing everything he could to delay the pet taxi service to buy time for Natalie.

But this scene also represents my struggle with the book, which is that the sweetness of the best scenes are a mismatch for a book in which Rome and Natalie meet as a pickup over jokes about “Do Me” condoms and have a quickie in a bar storage closet. They flip back and forth between hot lust hookups and a level of comfort and familiarity that makes them seem practically married. Rome takes Natalie home and helps check the house for the burglars and finds her dog. Then suddenly they’re having sex on the foldout couch. But the next few times they get together, they’re chatting comfortably, Rome throwing the ball for Betsy while Natalie grills steaks. Couples in lust can have tender moments, but the lustful moments and tender moments have to feel like they exist on the same timeline – and that’s not really the case here.

This book is just 174 pages, so the $3.99 price point feels high. Bottom line: if Nina Crespo writes or has written a romance with a heat level of ‘subtle’ or 'warm', I’d buy it in a heartbeat, because characters that feel as natural with each other as cozy-mode Natalie and Rome are hard to find. But I am not so confident I’d pick up another hot-rated one by her.

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Rules of a Rebound by Nina Crespo was a hard one for me. I tried reading this one on multiple different occasions and I just couldn't get into it. I don't think it was anything on the authors doing I just couldn't connect with the story.
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I light and quick read. It was well-written and I liked the lack of back/forth Rome and Natalie. Rome didn't feel alpha to me, but he wasn't a beta hero either. I'm in love with Betsy the beagle. This has been a good series overall with Cori's story next. This book can easily be read as a standalone as the other 2 friends were barely in it.

I received a copy of this book through NetGalley for an honest review.
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Ahhhhh this was just such a great read. I just didn't want this book to end and I was sad to turn the last page. I'm so excited to see what's next from this author.
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This was a first time author, but I do plan into looking for more of her work. I really enjoyed the story.  It was a cute, fun and relatable romance.  There were several things I read that I didn't expect to happen.  I enjoyed the character development in the story and how the main characters matured throughout the story.  Although I'm not a dog person, I did enjoy reading the scenes with the dog and felt the dog helped to bring the two main characters  together.  A very good and enjoyable read.
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I enjoyed this fun and flirty romance. Cute and adorable and hot!

Many thanks to Netgalley, the author, and the publisher. All opinions are my own.
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Rome is HOT and Natalie has her work cut out for her when it comes to him. But it was so much fun reading how these 2 bantered back and forth and how they finally just gave in. Enjoyable story!!
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Nina Crespo did a good job with this. The story was great. The baby steps and missteps in the relationship were enjoyable to read. Natalie and Rome were an interesting couple. Both were dealing with career issues. She had some life baggage on top of that. 

Solid 4 star read.
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Any book-lover will tell you that one of the best feelings around is opening a book, reading the first chapter and knowing immediately that you’re going to get lost in it! So cancel all your plans and stay-home and read this fantastic book. You won’t be disappointed at all, I promise you.  This book is just another reason why I will never miss an Nina Cresop book!! Happy reading!!
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I chose the book because I liked the blurb and the book had some of my favorite tropes. I dived into reading with a high expectations. However, I could not connect with the characters and had the feeling that something was missing. 
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Thanks to the author and NetGalley for a kindly provided review copy!
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I received this book from the publisher/blog tour host in exchange of an honest review.

Meet Natalie, meet Rome. Two wonderful characters who had their share of saltiness. Natalie married the man of her dreams... only to be divorced and getting into a very nightmarish divorce just a couple of years after the wedding. Rome was a security specialist but due to a horrific event happening on his watch he is now being a bartender. And that is how these two cuties meet. When Natalie orders a drink with the word Orgasm in it. We see chaos happen when she throws (accidental *wink wink*) the condoms she hoarded (due to her friends insistence) all over the bar. I loved the instant connection these two had, the spark was there, lighting up everything. Normally I am not a too big of a fan of instant love, but *shrugs* it was written very well here so I didn't mind. 

There are plenty and plenty of hot sexy sex scenes that will have you fanning yourself to get some coolness. 

The only thing that I didn't like? And the one thing that caused this book to go from a wonderful 5 stars down to a good 4 stars? The drama near the ending, the one with the pictures. I was just rolling my eyes at how convenient it was that there was drama about that. I have read my share of romance and my share of Harlequin Manga and all of them have the same pattern. It is going well for the couple, they are getting closer, the end is nearing, the happy ending is in sight, and then BAMMMMMM dramaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and them falling apart. Of course, like all books (at least so far) the happy ending is coming so I just can't take the drama serious and it just felt a bit eh. I don't get why so many drama (and all the Harlequin manga) follow the same pattern. Can't we break free of that? Just have people TALK. Come on you are all grown-ups and adults. TALK. TALK.

But other than that thing I loved this book oh so much. I loved seeing both Natalie and Rome grow, I loved seeing them connect even further and get to know each other closer (and with that I mean emotional, not physical *wink*). Rome finds out more about the accident that happened while he was protecting someone (I already had a very early suspicion it was going that way, but still I was eagerly waiting for Rome to find out) and tries to get over it by doing a bit more security here and there. Natalie grabs her work by the balls and shows them that YES SHE FREAKING CAN and that she is epic at what she does. I just adored seeing how she wasn't about to let people walk over her. Yes! 

I loved reading about Rome and Natalie together, how they were together for a lot of time (either at her place or his place), how they had tons of fun sex and barely got out of bed, but also loved seeing them both care about the dog. It made me happy that Rome was so happy with the dog and took care of her when Natalie couldn't at times. 

The divorce/the ex? Oh man, I just wanted to hit him in the nuts. Not just for being a cheating bastard, but also for what he did to Natalie and the dog. While their last conversation near to the end of the book made me happy, I was also rolling my eyes a bit. Dude, really? You made all that fuss and now you do that? Wow. Classy....

But all in all, a fabulous book and oh my oh my I flew through it. Though people around me (my hubby and my father in law) had a laugh when we got to the drama part (and the happy ending) and I started ranting and raging. :P 
I would definitely recommend this book to everyone looking for a sexy and fun read with terrific characters!
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