The Missing Ones

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I love how the book to the missing ones Carries On from Little Comfort book 1.. Hester is looking for her missing sister in law. now she calls herself Annie. She's on the island living in a deserted house that has been boarded up squatters tend to be here.
The place smells really bad both of old tuna sitting on the table not a place you really want to be but Hester, is not giving up on her best friend and sister-in-law trying to find Kate's Mom.
She and Morgan that is Annie's Twin Brother.  But while she's on the island she has found another dead body.. thank you Nick gallery for letting me review this book...
She has come to the island with kate.. wanting to find Annie.. always looking for the missing ones.. she is a librarian back home.. but there's a lot to this story that I definitely don't want to tell you should pick up the book read it and read it for yourself I truly enjoyed these stories..Edwin Hill has done a fantastic job on both books looking forward to more stories thank you..
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The lead character in this book, Hester Thursby, suffered a traumatic event after using her mad librarian research skills to find missing people. As I didn't read the first book, Little Comfort, I am not entirely sure. And therein lies my quibble. Too many characters that I was a tad confused at first. Getting past that, the book developed into an interesting and unusual twisty thriller with  a sucker punch or two along the way. Complex characters highlight this enjoyable tead.
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A mystery that will keep the secrets hidden til the very end. Another mystery thriller that will leave Hester running for her life, while protecting others. So much was going on in this story. We get to see the background story on Daphne and the reason for leaving her daughter and family behind. Two children go missing in Finisterre Island, it will leave your mind boggling on who could possibly steal a child in a small island? You will find drugs are taking over the island and cops cannot be trusted. The plot was well thought out. The characters will leave you loving or hating them. Hester will continue to be superwoman in a world that will rage all it's hate and anger at her. Overall, people just don't change and they have a closet full of skeletons. Great mystery with plot twist throughout the whole novel. Don't forget to read book one Little Comfort.
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The Missing Ones
by Edwin Hill
Length: 368 pages
Book 2 of 2 in A Hester Thursby Mystery (2 Book Series)
Hester Thursby has given up using her research skills to trace people who don’t want to be found. A traumatic case a few months ago unearthed a string of violent crimes, and left Hester riddled with self-doubt and guilt. Caring for a four-year-old is responsibility enough in a world filled with terrors Hester never could have imagined before.
Finisterre Island, off the coast of Maine, is ruggedly beautiful and remote—the kind of place tourists love to visit, though rarely for long. But not everyone who comes to the island is welcome. A dilapidated Victorian house has become home to a group of squatters and junkies, and strangers have a habit of bringing trouble with them. A young boy disappeared during the summer, and though he was found safely, the incident stirred suspicion among locals. Now another child is missing. Summoned to the island by a cryptic text, Hester discovers a community cleaning up from a devastating storm—and uncovers a murder.Soon Hester begins to connect the crime and the missing children. And as she untangles the secrets at the center of the small community, she finds grudges and loyalties that run deep, poised to converge with a force that will once again shake her convictions about the very nature of right and wrong . . ............📒📫MY REVIEW📫 📒
Wow what a A dark complex, and suspenseful New England     psychological thriller that will keep you turning pages far into the night. Everyone is lying about something in this book. Who do u believe ?  The Missing Ones has more twists and turns than a roller coaster.  I think the book would be best read with the first one. I had not read the first book and was a little lost at times. Still a good book. Thank you to NetGalley and Kensington Books for an e-Galley of this novel
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This is the second book in the Hester Thursby Series. This is aloo a stand alone read. It answers the many questions left from Little Comfort the first book. I recommend both. This was a good read. I liked that Hester is also a librarian. Hester is trying to move forward from tragic events in the past. She sets out to find her sister in law ona island full of secrets and adead body. This novel, well both novels touch on some serious topics such had drug abuse and PTSD. This was a dark and twisty crime thriller. I enjoyed it.
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The second installment from the Hester Thursby Mystery series, The Missing Ones, to be a pretty good read. I give it four stars.
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This is the first Hester Thursby mystery that I have read, even though it's the second in the series. It starts off with a 4 year old boy who goes missing on Finisterre Island in Maine. The rumor mill goes berserk, claiming that a local policeman named Rory did it so that he could play hero to the boy's mother when he found him. Hester is a librarian who is suffering from PTSD after the events of book 1. While I got a bit of an idea what happened, I really need to read book 1! Hester is headed to Finisterre Island after receiving a text that says "I need you." She gets to the island to hear about another 4 year old boy who went missing and then turned up. This story was so intense and had so many twists and turns! Every time I thought I would have something figured out, the author would throw another twist in. I felt so badly for Hester, locked in this hell from PTSD; so severe that she is unable to let her 4 year old niece out of her sight. She hasn't let Kate go to daycare or herself to work in a month. No one, other than the kids (& dogs), on the island was particularly likeable. Barbara from the State Police really had her work cut out for her. Overall, the author did a tremendous job on creating a very intense mystery and I can't wait to read more by Mr. Hill. Thank you to Netgalley and Kensington for the copy. All opinions expressed are my own.
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The second installment of the Hester Thursby Mysteries is just as unsettling and twisty as the the first.

The Missing Ones finds our protagonist suffering from PTSD and trying to overcome her self-doubt and guilt of the events from the previous book. The story sends us to a island where a child goes missing and at every turn there is suspicious activity. Hester struggles to solve the mystery and keep her loved ones safe at the same time.

With plenty of twists and turns the author continues to build a world that pulls us in and keeps us routing for the good side.
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This story is dark, twisted and disturbing.....but completely mesmerizing. Hester has been caring for her best friend's child, 4-year old Kate, ever since her friend left unexpectedly. Daphne left a note saying she would be right back....but it's been a year, and she hasn't returned. Daphne is the twin sister of Hester's boyfriend, Morgan. Then out of the blue Hester receives a text from Daphne saying she's on an island off the coast of Maine and Hester needs to come get her. When Hester gets there she finds the situation is bleak -- the house is full of squatters and drug addicts. Not only that, but Hester discovers a dead body as well. There is a lot going on at Finisterre Island....and Hester wants to get to the bottom of it.

Wow....this was such an intense story. It was a bit hard for me to follow in spots. The Missing Ones is actually the second book in the Hester Thursby series, and I haven't read the first book, Little Comfort. I think I would have understood the situation and the characters a little better had I read the first book. But the plot in this story was strong enough to keep my interest, despite the fact I didn't quite understand the Daphne/Hester/Morgan issues. I'm going to backtrack and read the first book.....then re-read this one.

This book deals with some pretty intense adult situations -- drug addiction, kidnapping, violence, dirty cops. The story is not for the faint of heart. The suspense is wicked....and the story is twisted. Great read! I'm definitely looking forward to more by this author!

**I voluntarily read a review copy of this book from Kensington via NetGalley. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.**
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Hester Thursby returns in this second book of a series by Edwin Hill.  Hester has severe anxiety which keeps her from allowing "life" to get too close to her family.  She has closed off herself to most things she enjoyed before her trauma in the first book.  She needs a shock to be able to return to herself.  The shock comes as a call for help from her SIL and best friend.  Hester finds herself on the way to a remore island, accompanied by her 4yr old niece.
This series is very well written.  Edwin Hill has developed his characters and set them into a story line where they are surrounded by choices.  But which choice is the right one and what are the consequences if they choose wrong.  The story flows,  never me anyway.  Some twists I could predict but there were many I could not.  A good read that definitely places Edwin Hill and Hester Thursby on my TBR list.
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Good story overall, and well written. I would have benefited from having read the first in the series. It wasn't always clear why the main character had such intense anxiety, although it did become fairly clear by the end.
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Finisterre Island, a small isolated place off the coast of Maine, is normally a lovely and peaceful place. But a house with strangers annoys the locals as well as the summer guests since it seriously disturbs the idyllic atmosphere. When on 4th July a boy goes missing, suspicion rises. Just a couple of weeks afterwards, another boy vanishes. Is there a connection between these incidents and the newly arrived woman of the suspicious house? Annie seems nice enough, but she obviously has some secrets, not only her affair with a local policeman, but also her mysterious and sudden appearance in town. 

The plot sounded intriguing to me, children going missing, a small island where everybody knows everybody, characters with secrets, but unfortunately, the novel didn’t really reach me. I found the beginning of the novel quite slow and it took me a lot of time to sort out the two lines of the plot. The toughest for me was the fact that I didn’t sympathise with any of the characters which makes it hard to really care for them and their fate. Additionally, what I really detested was how they all treated children. Just like some object that you thoughtlessly can move from one person to the next.  

As I figured out much too late, this is the second instalment of a series. Maybe I just didn’t understand the crucial point of the novel since I hadn’t read the first book, there were actually some perplexing aspects that did not make too much sense to me. I also missed some kind of explanation for the characters’ really strange behaviour which unfortunately never came. All in all, a novel that I couldn’t really relate to.
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The Missing Ones is an outstanding sequel to Little Comfort. in which librarian Hester Thursby makes a return appearance. Although I hadn't read Little Comfort, I was more than happy to pick up this mystery/thriller. It worked for me as a stand-alone, but I think it would be even more beneficial to have read the books in chronological order.

This was an intriguing, captivating, and superbly suspenseful novel. The timeline was set in the present and went back in time as events in the story required it. Edwin Hill's character creation was first-class though some were flawed and not particularly personable. The plot was gritty, dark and troubling. The ending left me unsettled but hopeful for Hester. 

A truly remarkable read touching on themes of obsession, arson, murder, crime and kidnapping. I'll be reading the first book as I'm impatiently waiting for a third instalment!

I received a complimentary digital copy of this novel, at my own request, from Kensington Books via NetGalley. This review is my own unbiased opinion.
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I couldn't put this one down! 
Even though I hadn't picked up the first book in the series, I wasn't left wondering about details that could have been shared before. It's easily a stand-alone novel if you choose. 
Dark, mysterious and captivating you develop a kinship with Hester while she battles her own doubts all the while uncovering unsettling and murderous secrets just waiting for her to find.
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Librarian Hester Thursby returns in this outstanding sequel to Little Comfort. On a small island off the coast of Maine 2 children have disappeared and questions arise. Hester Thursby, accompanied by her ward, Kate, travels to the island when she receives a cryptic plea for help from her good friend and Kate’s mother, Daphne. As Hester unsuccessfully tries to find Daphne, she uncovers a dead body, along with an island full of unsavory, dangerous characters and many hidden secrets.

If you are a fan of Paul Doiron, Nevada Barr, Julia Keller and C. J. Box, you need to add Edwin Hill to your list. The characters are multidimensional, relatable and appealing. Hill’s writing has a heart-pounding flow to it and I couldn’t put this do n once I started. The descriptions of the stormy island setting capture the mood flawlessly and are reminiscent of Nevada Barr’s Boar Island, which I also loved. I am so excited about this series and can’t wait to see what’s on Hester Thursby’s agenda next!

Many thanks to Netgalley, Kensington and Edwin Hill for my complimentary e-copy ARC in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.
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It took me a while to get around to reading this, and even longer to come up with my review. 

I truly enjoyed The Missing Ones. It was fast-paced, full of intriguing characters and a mystery that keeps you hooked from beginning to end. While I enjoyed this read, I found myself wishing that I had read the first novel in the series first. The characters were rich and well-developed, but because I missed out on the action of the first book, I couldn't fully comprehend the characters in the way that I'd hoped. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this book, but the lack of context, partially due to my inability to read the first book, was disorienting enough to lower my rating of this novel.
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Hester Thursby has been through a very traumatic event in the first book by Edwin Hill, called Little Comfort. The Missing Ones picks up the story and ties up some loose threads. 

What's happened to Daphne? She has left behind her little girl, Kate, with Hester and Morgan. Hester has become an over protective, helicopter mom/aunt to Kate after Daphne has disappeared by choice. Going through the horrific events, with Kate along, Hester has resorted to all kinds of self reasoning to lie to Morgan about where she and Kate are to protect her. "She hadn't realized how much danger lurked in secrets, or that some things-some people-were better left lost." Then one day Hester gets a mysterious message and life takes another turn that she must see it through. 

Mr. Hill took me along with Hester to the tourist island of Finisterre, Maine. This island is beautiful and an ideal place to go and spend some time to relax and enjoy the summer. Except this island holds so many secrets and mysteries. Missing children, murders, drug dealing, corrupt cops, and most of all an old abandoned Victorian house that's the center of all the drama. "Here, on the island, in this house, your truth was what you wanted it to be." I was pulled into this underground world with Hester by the very descriptive and detailed writing of Mr. Hill. It was a read that was filled with "hold on tight" suspense and action. It was twists, turns, and drama that I felt I was in the center of. I even had such a vivid experience with walking into the old Victorian and the dilapidated conditions inside with the rottenness, filth and human uncleanliness. 

The characters in this book are a wide range of personalities. Each one built up with characteristics that describe them completely. There are some that I connected to and liked. The main character, Hester, is unique and one I want to keep learning about and be with as she lives and learns what it takes to survive the situations and even the personal challenges she faces. Kate is a cute little girl and her personality just drew me in. There are characters I love and then the others who are the creeps and bad guys I can't stand. All this put together makes a novel that needs each one to bring this suspense thriller to a page turning "who done what" ending with twists that are a total surprise. 

I am very grateful to Mr. Hill and Netgalley for the opportunity to read this book. It's one that had me guessing and being surprised through out the pages. Thank you!
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The Missing Ones are young children missing from a touristy island in Maine. Damaged heroine Hester Thursby is unwilling dragged into the case by a cryptic text by long-missing best friend Daphne.

In the excellent Little Comfort, the first book in this series, three-year-old Kate is left behind by Hester’s best friend, Daphne. Hester is still seriously disturbed by the events in the first book. She clearly has PTSD and won’t let Kate leave her side even to go to preschool. However, when she receives a text from Daphne asking for her help, Hester sets off to help her. Hester decides not to tell her boyfriend Morgan, who is Daphne’s twin, and takes now four-year-old Kate with her to the Maine island where four-year-old children are turning up missing. Again, Hester is having anxiety issues. She is obviously not thinking like the shrewd Harvard librarian or missing person investigator she was in the first book.

While I miss the smart Hester from Little Comfort, it is realistic that she would have PTSD from the horrific events she has gone through. It is also rare and refreshing to see an adverse reaction from a mystery character. I believe this is the first time I have seen it relate so directly to a previous plot. 

The mystery itself incorporates many modern themes like homelessness, the opioid crisis, and a small town’s reaction to both. The atmosphere of gloom and fear relating to the looming hurricane and the missing children feels almost like a character within the book. My only complaint is that the pacing is more like literary fiction than a mystery or thriller. It takes a while to get to the meat of the plot. This may be in part because Little Comfort aftermath is such a big part of this book that the author has to describe it fully. I’m not sure. But as a standalone, I would rate it four stars. I think it would be much better for your reading enjoyment to read Little Comfort first. I previously rated that book as 5 out 5 stars so you are in for a treat.

Thanks to Kensington Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.
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I love this book.  This is the second book in the series and I thought it was even better than the first one.  I hope the author is working on the third book.  I can't wait to read more by Edwin Hill.
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Set on a small island off the coast of Maine where all of the locals know each other, it's easy to be drawn into the small town vibe, from kidnapping, murder, drugs, and mayhem along the Atlantic ocean. There were also a lot of who done its, that made for a very interesting read. I found the story fast paced so it really held my interest. 
However, I feel that I should have read the first book in the series, Little Comfort, to get to know more about a couple of the main characters before reading this.
Many thanks to the author, Kensington Publishing and NetGalley for allowing me to read this arc. This review and opinions are strictly my own. I gave this book 4 stars.
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