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I have a big cheesy smile on my face after finishing this lovely and addicting story. JS Scott thank you so much for bringing Seth to us, he is simply the most perfect book boyfriend I've ever met and he's someone that every girl could only dream of 😍 And girl can dream, right?

This is my first ever book read by JS Scott, and as always I was reluctant trying new to me author, but I'm not a bit disappointed. Her writing style is beautiful and luring and I fell in love with main characters and the story plot got my attention from the very first pages of the book.

This is the third book in Accidental billionaires series, and while it could be read as a stand-alone or is recommended to read in the order for a better back story. This story makes me feel that the other books in series are equally awesome and I'm definitely going to keep my eye on the next one, which I believe will give us Noah's HEA.

Enamoured is the enemies to lovers story - Seth is a hot as hell businessman with big development plans on the land that Riley, the environmental lawyer, is fighting to conserve for the endangered species. The chemistry between them sparks from the first time they met and while Seth is willing to do anything to win Riley's attention, Riley is reluctant to keep it all professional and at the arm's length. Not because she doesn't like Seth, actually she likes him tad bit too much to her liking, but because Riley has past demons to fight and deal with before she could have some room for love in her life.

The agreement they make and the effort and commitment it will cost them to keep both sides happy is the topic of this addicted and delightful story. This book is packed with camaraderie and banter between both of them, the chemistry and lust they feel to each other and the struggles they face in order to find their HEA.

It's a touching, angsty and containing some sensitive topic story that will keep you captivated and intrigued until the very last page.
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This is a Netgalley ARC review. All opinions expressed are solely my own.

Yes!! J.S. Scott created another Sinclair duo to fall in love with. Seth and Riley bring all the angsty banter. I wish there were more snappy emails. Riley is realistically tortured. Seth is alpha with a heart that didn’t know it needed to be loved. I enjoy the crossover characters from the previous books.
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I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, this is Another great story about the Sinclairs. I was excited to read Seth and Riley’s story. Their instalove story is exactly as sweet and swoony as I thought it was going to be. I'm looking forward to meeting more of the Sinclairs.
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This is the first book I have read by this author and I really enjoyed it. I loved Seth and if his brothers (especially) are anything like him I am going to love their books! Sexy businessman are a weakness!!
It was a fun quick read and I look forward to reading more in the series.
One thing I was a bit tired of at the end of the book was all the accentuated writing in italics...just me though and it didn't affect the story in any way.
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I really loved the first book of this series. I didn’t love the second. But I was hopeful still for the third. And though Seth might be my favorite male character so far and I really loved how carefully and thoughtfully a difficult topic was talked about. The conversations in this book felt forced, rushed, and unauthentic. I found myself skipping the conversations, where as I usually drive forward to see the interactions in all books. The character build was okay, the drama was good, the personalities and traits were great but I just saw more potential from it then what I got. 2.5 stars sadly.
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I received an ARC from the publisher and I am voluntarily giving this review.

I was not a big fan of Seth after what happened with Aiden but in following his and Riley's story he won my heart. Riley went through so much as a youth and I definitely wanted to slap her mother a few times throughout this book. Seth was there waiting to catch Riley when she fell and was more than happy to be her confidant. I love the way this ends and how I got to revisit the East coast Sinclair's. A great read and well worth the wait.
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Whether it’s the east coast or west coast Sinclairs you can always expect romance and overcoming tragedy and Enamored follows that path.

Seth is the oldest west coast Sinclair of the famously wealthy Sinclairs.  The west coast Sinclairs have only recently found out that their absentee alcoholic father was actually widely rich.  Their oldest brother from the east coast Sinclairs shared with him and his siblings the Sinclair wealth and now he and his siblings are billionaires.  It’s been publicized and everyone knows especially the women who now look at Seth as more of a shiny wealthy fish instead of the hardworking man he has always been.  Until he meets Riley, a stubborn redheaded hellcat attorney who doesn’t care about his wealth and only wants to stop him from building his beachside resort.

They spare back and forth via email and he loves it.  She finds herself enjoying the back and forth despite herself and vow to remain professional with Seth.  She saved Seth from a trophy wife wanna-be at the local coffeehouse they frequent and ever since he wants nothing more than Riley Montgomery.

Riley has a past riddled with other people controlling her and using her.  There are triggers in her past with her own family that make her more determined than ever to live her life on her own terms and alone.  Seth has no intention of allowing that to happen.  Like all Sinclairs, once they’ve met their forever love they don’t give up.  There are periods of self-doubt and not fitting in on both their parts but Riley is a tough woman and has survived unspeakable crimes against her and Seth knows he belongs by her side so the outcome is inevitable.

You’ll fall in love with Seth and Riley and root for them to win.  J.S. always gives her readers a HEA and this was well worth the read.  I can’t wait to read what woman will capture Noah Sinclair’s heart.

This ARC copy was provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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I am having such a hard time connecting and getting into this book. I have tried several times and I can’t get through more than a chapter at a time. Usually I can read through this authors books in a day or two but I have been trying to get through this one for weeks now. I put it down and have a hard time wanting to pick it up again. This main male character is so hard to like, he has let money take over his moral compass and is pushing away family and fighting with an attorney over a land contract. I’m just having a hard time wanting to root for either of these two and having an even harder time finishing this book, a first for me.
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First the positive: The characters are sweet and it's amazing to see how those two overcame their f***ed up childhood and turned into these lovely people. I really appreciate the sensitivity with which the author approaches the very difficult subjects. The book is well written and features the characters from the previous books. I love how Riley stands up for herself and others and especially when she SPOILER kicked Nolan in the nuts HARD and multiple times. He deserved it! And at the end when she had a little chat with her "MOTHER" SPOILER END
She doesn't need a guy saving her and she faces her fears. And Seth is just heartwarming and the perfect BBF. 
Though I would have liked a warning or even a sentence in the description, since ppl who do not want to read about child abuse for whatever reason would have spent their money on a book they wouldn't read once they realized that such topics were in this book, bc there was nothing pointing it out. But I did appreciate the note on that at the END of the book. So be warned that there are triggering subjects in this book. The only reason I am able to overlook the missing hint is bc of the empathic way the author portraits the survivor and that missing warnings are usually not the author's fault. Otherwise I would not have given a review bc I think that this subject should definitely have been disclosed in the description and such a big oversight should not be happening in this day and age.
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Enamored (Accidental Billionaires Book #3) 

I absolutely loved Enamored (Accidental Billionaires Book #3) by J.S. Scott. This is a fast paced, insanely sexy read, with well developed characters and just the right amount of angst. I loved chemistry and witty banter between Seth and Riley. Once you start reading Enamored you won't want to put it down. This is a definite 5 star book.
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This is the third book in the Accidental Billionaire series and can be read as a standalone. J.S. Scott intertwines other series characters so that readers whom are already familiar with these books can enjoy the crossover.  The characters and writing are developed, maybe a bit overly so. However, this is the style in which Scott writes and it has earned her a veteran fan base. The plot is character driven, held up by an angsty, hate-to-love romance between two people who both have internal conflicts to resolve. Overall, the book delivers what is promised from the genre. 

Thank you to #NetGalley for this ARC of #Enamored. I have read and reviewed independently, all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Another great book from JS Scott. I can't wait to read about the next Sinclair in this series. Hopefully there will be a spinoff as well for the Montgomery's.
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Enamored is a great story with lots of heat. J.S. Scott has written another winning story. Enjoyed it
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Another solid billionaire romance from J.S. Scott!  Pretty much think I'm caught up with all of her books.  I always enjoy them.

Seth -- I absolutely LOVE him!  I really haven't met a Sinclair I didn't just adore.  Seth's determination with Riley was so endearing.  He let her dictate the pace while being supportive the whole way!  Their banter is fun and playful.

Riley -- Meh. I didn't love her, but didn't hate her either.  What I did not like -- her putting Seth thru random hoops to see if he would stick.  Of course her childhood and former relationship contributed to her lack of trust, but I think you reach a point to where it's almost mean.

Overall, a good finish!  Can't wait to see what happens to Noah on his big vacation!
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Another great story about the Sinclairs. I was excited to read Seth and Riley’s story. Their instalove story is exactly as sweet and swoony as I thought it was going to be. I’m looking forward to meeting more of the Sinclairs.
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I must say I always enjoy reading anything by J.S. Scott, and this book was no different. Seth’s book has by far been the least dramatic and angst filled one. That’s not to say Seth and Riley didn’t have their issues because they did...loads of them but most of their issues came from insecurities. 

I also love how well this author intertwines her series with one another. Whether it’s her Billionaire Obsession series, The Sinclair’s, or this series...they are all connected and I absolutely love reading the books and seeing characters pulled in from other series.
For all intended purposes this IS a stand alone book BUT honestly I would recommend starting with The Billionaire’s Obsession series and go through from the beginning and go through the entire interconnected series involved. There is an order to read them in and if I think about it I will post it, or maybe the author has a timeline order posted on her website.

Anywho...I am SUPER excited to read Noah’s book!!!! I’ve been waiting for his for awhile now and can not wait to delve into that one.
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This ARC was courtesy of netgalley - all thoughts and opinions are mine and unbiased

Loved this - a fantastic holiday read - Part of a series - this is the only one I've read so far - hot and steamy

I now have to go back and search out the others in the series !!
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Enamored is the third book in the Accidental Billionaires series. It can be read as a stand-alone book, though the characters were introduced in Ensnared, book 2.

Seth is one of the Sinclair family members who suddenly became rich when their step siblings found out about their Dad's "other family".  He is growing a real estate business. His recent purchase is oceanside California prime real estate he wants to build on. Riley is an environmental attorney who has been putting a stop to all of Seth's building plans because the land is a nesting site for some nearly extinct birds.

At the start of this book, Seth's little sister, Jade, who is also an environmentalist, is giving him hell over his building plans.  Seth and his brothers have always had a hard time saying no to their little sisters, so he thinks he might loose this battle after all.  He makes a deal with Riley to be his fake girlfriend for some social events in exchange for not building on the land. As they spend time together, and eventually date, they find out that they enjoy each other's company more then they thought they would when they were fighting in court.

Riley has a rough history, though she grew up wealthy. There are two child abusers in this story, with limited details for triggers, but it shines a spotlight on this subject with the long term effects it can have. This makes Riley skittish in developing relationships.  So a lot of their time winds up being two steps forward and one step back.
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Enameled is Another great book by J S Scott
I Love the Sinclair’s series. I cannot wait to read more about Noah!
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Another winner in the Sinclair series. Once I started this I couldn’t put it down until the last page and even then I didn’t want to.  It pulls you in from the first page and leaves you wanting more.  The chemistry between Seth and Riley is HOT!
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