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Excellent book. Problems we found in this world like child molested by parents, social pretenses, bigamy and bastard childrens. 
Rayle and Seth found each other when they needed more. Both have childhood struggles but they are strong and fight for what they want. Together they complement each other and help the other heal the scars of life. 
I received a ARC from Netgalley for a honest review.  I enjoy reading this book and recommend it.
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A charming romance book with relatable characters. Seth and Riley are easy yo fall in love with. The third book in this series. I didn't read the first two books, but I was able yo follow along with the characters.
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Thank you netgalley for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
This was a decent romance. Riley is an environmental lawyer attempting to protect exotic birds currently residing at the heroes property. Seth is intrigued by Riley's intelligence and beauty. He proposes that she pose as his fake girlfriend in exchange for the property. She agrees and their attraction grows. I wasn't crazy about either character. Riley comes off as insecure and too vulnerable when she's around Seth although she's supposed to be this kick ass lawyer and Seth comes on to her too fast and hard. 
I would have liked to see more a slow burn romance that gradually grows from respect to all consuming love.
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The 3rd book of the Accidental Billionaires series, “Enamored”, just like the other two and many of J S Scott books you will be engrossed from start to finish with a drama full read.  This book is full of so much from sexy & passionate, emotional & sad, funny & serious, frustrating & instance.  I loved the interaction between the two main characters it was outstanding in so many different ways had me glued to the words to the very end.

Seth Sinclair is a swoon-worthy alpha male that you will connect with straight away, he has not come from money but made his own way money and power.  But he finds something that just maybe more important than his money and family... LOVE

Riley Montgomery is determined to get the beachfront property for a wildlife sanctuary but there is one man in her road Seth Sinclair.  Her passion is helping the animals but by doing this will she let someone else help her to overcome the secrets she keeps from everyone around her?

As always J S Scott has given us a journey in her wonderful world that will stay with us long after the book has been finished and have us eagerly waiting for the next in this great series.
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What another great book from J. S. Scott! I’ve read previous books from this author and really enjoyed them. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this was just as good as those. I enjoyed the story and the characters were very well written.
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Loved this. Melt-your-kindle hot! Loved it!
Many thanks to NetGalley, the publisher, and the author for my ARC. All opinions are my own.
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So good!  JS Scott is such an amazing author and this book did not disappoint. I had such a hard time putting this book down and was finished way too early.
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When Riley decides to save Seth from getting picked up b y girls in a coffee shop, she doesn't realize what she started. They are archenemies fighting over land, however the tension between them is also hot. 
This was a great read, the story sucked me in and I did not want to put it down.

** I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a honest reviews**
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A love story full of hope but also filled with anguish and misery, “Enamored” is a Pandora’s box. Readers will love it yet hate some of its parts at the same time. A word of warning though, the book talks about child sexual abuse. So, if it is a trigger, please be aware.

The third book of the Accidental Billionaires series, “Enamored” follows Seth Sinclair, a former construction worked turned real estate mogul and developer and Riley Montgomery, Harvard law graduate and an environmental lawyer.

It was a chance meeting in a coffee shop. Seth, whose good looks would turn heads no matter what just became the target of social climbers who just wants his money. Usually, Seth just ignores them so he was surprised when a beautiful woman who could only be described as a bombshell helped him out by laying claim on him thus shooing all the other women away.

That incident could have been the best segue to ask her for a date, i.e., until they became aware of their identities that established themselves as mortal enemies.

After that incident, they continued to communicate with each other with more legalese than pick up lines. Yet, somehow, both Seth and Riley were able to exchange personal tidbits. 

Then, the inevitable happened. Seth was willing to give up the piece of land that Riley wanted to turn into a bird sanctuary with one condition – Riley will be Seth’s date in formal function for one month. 

That led to Seth and Riley spending more time together. Somewhere along the way, they started sharing personal histories and what they found out about each other surprised them both. 

They knew they were falling in love. But, it is only a matter of time that the baggage they carry from their past blow up in their faces. So, the question becomes – will they trust each other enough with their hearts.

A beautiful read that is as much as optimistic as it is heartbreaking, “Enamored” will capture your attention from the first page to the last. You will fall in love with Seth and Riley. Their story is not a tearjerker, but it will definitely tug at your heartstrings.

I received an ARC of this book, but I was not able to read it before it was released because of my tight schedule. So, when it popped up at Audible on release day, I immediately downloaded it. 

This is my first listen for Elizabeth Powers and she is very good. I like her. But, “Enamored” should have been a dual narration. It written with that in mind because the chapters for Riley and Seth were well defined. 

Nothing against Powers; like what I said, she did very well as a narrator. But, I don’t understand why the producers decided to use just one narrator instead of two. It would have been a more enjoyable listen with male and female narrators.

Enamored is Rated M for Mature due to sexual content and child abuse discussions. Parental guidance I strongly advised.
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I have to say, I listen to/ read a lot of JS Scott books and I can see a lot of repetition in books of all kinds with the same tropes and stories crossing into similarities. With this one, though, I feel like we got something a little different. I feel like these characters really compliment each other and Seth is Hella Hot in his sweet and adoring way.

It was a story that I could get lost in not only because the story line felt original but also because the characters were engaging.

Hot not alpha male billionaire? CHECK
Sweet girl who he falls for hard? CHECK
Drama where you are literally screaming to move on with? NEGATIVE

Also, Elizabeth Powers has the voice that is, literally, one I could listen to all day. I’m sure I probably have at some point.


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J. S. Scott has always been one of go-to writers when I crave comfort reading. Every one of her series is an amazing art of writing and her characters sure get under your skin. 

Accidental Billionaire Seth Sinclair had is life mapped out.....as a blue collar worker to a billionaire becoming an icon in construction. Pitting against Riley Montgomery was not mapped into his life. Yet Riley gets under his skin, and love for her takes his heart by storm. 

Another great romance from J.S Scott and how can you not love the Sinclairs and the meddling family!
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J.S. Scott has done it again! The story kept me on my toes the entire time! I loved getting to see Riley and Seth's story play out after being introduced to them in the second book of the Accidental Billionaires series Entangled. I love how Scott's characters are always so upstanding and how they are always treating the female with such respect.

In this book you see the two main characters butting heads over a piece of land that Seth wants to build on and Riley wants protected for endangered birds. But as the story unfolds you see that a lot of the tension from the beginning was due to attraction on both sides. Their relationship changes when Seth offers Riley a deal for how to get the land from him. The book then has some twists and turns that I don't want to spoil for everyone.

I love how you get to see into these characters pasts and see how much they have overcome. I love how many of Scott's characters have this in common.

I would highly recommend this book for anyone that loves a good romance story with a happy ending!
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The third book in this series and it has Seth Sinclair wanting to make a deal with the female attorney that has been fighting him on the property that he wants to build a hotel on. Riley Montgomery enjoys fighting with Seth and chasing woman away who are trying to be with him at the coffee house they go to. When he comes up with solution for her to have a win for the property that they are fighting over, she does not know if it is worth it. He needs an escort to a gala and he wants her to go with him. The problem is he thinks she is just an average attorney fighting environmental cases. She really comes from a very wealthy family and was fine walking away from all of that B.S. especially her mother and ex fiancé. He of course does not find this out until they are at the function and is accosted by her brothers and then realizes what is going on. After having to deal with her mother he begins to see he was glad not to have come from that and still have his blue-collar vibes. Riley though has some issues from the past she must deal with and she does not know if Seth will still want her when she tells him. What she is not expecting is what Seth does and she has to get her emotions under control, for she has never felt like that before. A very good story and very much worth the read.
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This is the third book in the Accidental Billionaires series by J.S. Scott and this one does not disappoint. I enjoy this series and this book. This book follows Seth Sinclair who has chose to invest in construction. He’s trying to build on beach front property but runs into an obstacle of endangered birds. These birds are protected by the best lawyer in environmental law Riley Montgomery and she’s one fiesty woman. The problem lies when Seth can’t seem to get enough of her and comes up with a plan to keep her closer. This is a great story and not at all what I thought when I started reading this book. I definitely recommend this book and this series.
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What a read, been a good one. It's one of them books you can loss your self in. J s scott does it again. I love how they interplay with each other. I'm just hoping that you get to see the other Sinclair's and these Sinclair's together more. To make peace with each other.
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4.5 stars 
Another new to me author and what a great story to start with. 
I read it in one sitting as it’s very well done, fast paced story with great characters and witty banter. The characters were all a perfect mixture and well matched. It’s has suspense and romance and hot moments and just a perfect read. 
Looking forward to read more by the author.
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Highly entertaining, sexy, fun and engaging romantic journey filled with thrilling charters, witty banter and undeniable passion..... a great read from beginning to end. Really enjoyed this emotionally thrilling adventure and look forward to the next one in this series.
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5 When the Arrangement Leads to So Much More Stars!!!

In this third book of The Accidental Billionaire series we’re getting Seth Sinclair’s story and I absolutely loved Seth and Riley together. They’re both headstrong in their beliefs and what they’re willing to do to get what they want. Little did they know that this same fight would lead them to a love that would be as strong as the fight they’re butting heads on!

I loved how Seth started the flirting with Riley not really understanding what that would mean down the line. Riley is a woman that is beautiful and strong and will do anything she can for what she believes in even if it means a fake relationship with her enemy…Seth Riley!!!

Ms. Scott has delivered another great Sinclair story and seeing how this family continues to grow both in size and as people. I’m not sure I’ll ever have enough of this entire clan!
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*4.5 stars*

Sweet, sexy and brimming with emotion…

I loved this steamy romance! The playful, steamy and simply fun emails between Riley and Seth hinted at the warmth and personality behind the senders. There was no malice even though they were on opposite sides of a property tug of war. Seth’s love of family won out quickly (I loved how he caved simply for his love and respect for his sister) and in doing so, gained points with Riley at the same time. A fake relationship may have been how it started, but their frenemy-ship was going to be tested…

This story had hidden depth, secret pain and a devoted pair that had my heart squeezed more than once. Riley was a survivor and led her life with courage and honesty. How Seth backed her up, loved her, was just what she needed. And deserved…

Another great read by a favourite author.

*I happily reviewed this story
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Ok, the most important questions are: Where have I been?! Am I not involved so deep in the bookish community? Have I been blind not to see this series around?! Because this third book is absolutely fantastic! I cannot imagine the previous two, but I can definitely add them to my TBR.

Seth and Riley seem to have different motives behind their actions. They have a conflict and they need to solve it somehow. His next construction project is affecting an endangered species of birds. Funny thing is they reach an agreement in which she is his fake girlfriend. Now, who has more to gain, remains to be seen, since Riley has her own demons to fight and bad memories to keep at bay.

The two of them are amazing. They are clearly an adult couple, no childish attitude and with a mind set on the objective to accomplish. Seth’s however changes. With his sight set on the beautiful lawyer, he is hell bent on winning her trust and heart. His strength will give her the confidence she needs. The attraction they have, the connection, it’s so well described.

The author has managed to transpose the feelings into words and I was able to empathize with our characters. This, combined with a great plot, a hero and a heroine worth every page, it’s a recipe for success. So I feel compelled to give 5 stars. I MUST make sure I get my hands on the series and I do advise you to do the same. “Enamored” can be read as a standalone, but I am convinced the other books are at least as amazing as this one. Enjoy and happy reading!
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