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Becky Brandon nee Bloomwood has to be one of my favorite literary characters.  The Shopaholic series has given me more laugh out loud moments than any other book series I have read.  So of course it seems like a no-brainer that the latest installment should tackle the Christmas season with all its associated shopping and stressful holiday family story lines.  

Becky is looking forward to a stress-free Christmas at her mum and dad's house, when they casually inform her that they are renting the house out to Jess, Becky's half sister, and her husband Martin.  Becky's mum and dad are moving to an up and coming neighborhood to try out all the new things the younger generation is enjoying.  Not only will Becky be hosting Christmas for the first time at her home, but she's trying to balance the demands of her parents, her vegan non-consumerist sister Jess and husband Martin along with Martin's parents, and Becky's best friend Suz and her family.  Becky is determined to make it the best Christmas ever and that no one goes without his/her favorite requests, including a vegan turkey.  Becky's also determined to find just the right gift for her husband Luke and simply won't settle for the same tired aftershave.  This quest for the perfect gift has its own twists and turns that add to the plot.  

Becky's exploits never get old for me and I could laugh along every day of the year.  I received a copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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I did not enjoy this book, I found it boring.  I couldn't get past the first couple chapters.  I expected a typical romance, but she's already got the husband so where is the will they/won't they excitement?
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Christmas Shopaholic was exactly what I expected! Becky is affable, infuriating, hilarious and has such a big heart. All of this came shining through this continuation of the series as Becky unwittingly plans to host her first Christmas. It was predictable over the top and I laughed out load many times. Becky will always be a favorite.
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I must confess that I haven't read a "Shopaholic" book in years... I think I stopped at Shopaholic and Sister - they all felt too similar and it was difficult to stomach yet another excuse for Becky to buy unnecessary things and lie about it.

That said. I did really enjoy the first one. And so, for nostalgic reasons, I decided to return to Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic world with "Christmas Shopaholic".

Let's just say, you can skip all the other books and still enjoy this book. Becky is Becky - which means she still enjoys shopping (this time it is mostly online deals - which frankly, I can TOTALLY relate to), but the story is more about Becky trying to be everything to everyone in her family for Christmas... because this year, she is the one hosting, and she wants to get it right.

The result is (as per usual with Becky's stories) a bunch of funny situations, a few awkward ones, lots of misunderstandings and then a very happy ending. Honestly - because Becky is the same old character from years ago, it was nice to revisit her and see that although she's still mostly the same, her kindness and good heart are what stand out. Plus it's lovely to revisit her and Luke.

This was a 3.5 star read - more than just a "good" read. A nice little holiday read, that could be a standalone if you haven't ventured into the other books ... however I would recommend at least having read the first shopaholic book before reading this one. It will provide more of the necessary context.

Thank you Netgalley and Random House Publishing Group and The Dial Press for providing me with an advanced copy in return for an honest review. Apologies for the late review (although it was read well in advance of the publication date).
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Another funny story of the sweet but native Sophie. This one wasn’t my favorite but included her terrible shopping skills and her family and friends. Thank you Netgallery for giving me a chance to Sophie’s shopping trips.
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Becky Brandon (nee Bloomwood) is back for another hilarious, adorable adventure that got me right in all of the holiday feels. My sister and I both read this on the same day and we devoured it. We were laughing out loud at Becky's hilarious antics and could not put it down. This entire book had everything you would expect from Becky - from excessive shopping to hilarious schemes - but it was also filled with touches of Christmas magic and all of the nostalgic moments you didn't know you needed. 

I was a little nervous to start this book because the only other Shopaholic book I have read so far is the first one - Confessions of a Shopaholic. I had no reason to worry because these books are great as an entire series (which I plan to get to eventually) but they are also 1000% as enjoyable as stand alone novels. You are never left wondering if you have missed anything from another book in the series, but you do get enough glimpses into Becky's past adventures that leave you wanting to catch up on every hilarious moment of Becky's life,
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Sophie Kinsella "Christmas Shopaholic"

Sophie Kinsella does it again with another installment of this fun and amazing read that I needed to put me in my holiday mood. This was an absolutely funny and charming of a read that I really needed this holiday. Becky Bloomwood Brandon is back from the States and this time working with her friend Suze in the charming town of Letherby. In this eighth installment, our heroine is back and now Becky is focused on mindfulness and meditation. With the Christmas theme, and Becky hosting the traditions of Christmas, you already expect the joy she will bring to all. This shopaholic series never disappoints. Always full of humor and Christmas cheer, this book certainly did not disappoint. Kinsella is the queen of this series. Bravo!
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Christmas Shopaholic revisits main character Becky at Christmas time. During this holiday season she is tasked with hosting Christmas at her house for the first time. Throughout the book we follow Becky through her daily tasks along with the added tasks for hosting Christmas. 

I really enjoyed this book. I love books by Sophie Kinsella as it is, but this book knocked it out of the park.The characters were very well written, as well as the storyline. I highly recommend this book!
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I absolutely love Christmas-time and nothing is better than Miss Becky Bloomwood Brandon and Christmas!!! 

Becky has grown so much over the years but she is still SO funny! This is a festive, laugh out loud story that put me in the holiday spirit. Can Becky find everyone the perfect gift and what will she do to get her hands on it?!?!
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I enjoyed this one, but it was my least favorite of the Shopaholic series.  Sophie Kinsella is one of my favorite authors, and I especially love this series- but for some reason, this book felt just a little bit lackluster compared to the previous books in this series. It didn’t have as many laugh out loud, hilarious moments and I felt like the middle just dragged on a bit.  Having said that, I still found it funny, charming, and heartwarming and would recommend. Long live Becky Bloomwood!
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Wasn’t able to finish reading before it was archived but looking forward to getting the book through my local library to finish reading!
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Becky Brandon (née Bloomwood) adores Christmas. It's always the same – Mum and Dad hosting, carols playing, and the neighbors coming for sherry. But this year looks to be different. Becky will be hostingChristmas this year. What could possibly go wrong? With family demands and Becky's overzealous expectations, will chaos ensue or will the holiday go off without a hitch? review: I think I'll always have a bit of a soft spot for Becky Brandon née Bloomwood, as I loved the Shopaholic series when I was a teen. I was excited to hear that there was another book in the series, but for me, it fell really flat. Becky's character is still as quirky and over-the-top as ever, but I think I may have outgrown her antics since the last Shopaholic book! I no longer found Becky's antics to be endearing and couldn't relate to her at all! If you're a fan of the series, definitely give it a read though. rating: 3 out of 5 ⭐️
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I hated this book. I can’t believe this is a popular series. The self centered main character that babbles on for pages about what gift to buy her husband is more than I can bear.
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Becky Bloomwood is a character that can live on through the ages. Although her spending and justifications of her spending are quite elaborate and exaggerated, a small part of her can be found in all of us.  And for this reason, she is very endearing.  Which also means that this series can continue to live on and have a huge following.

In Christmas Shopaholic we are not only treated to the exorbitant spending habits during the season of giving by the lovable Becky, but we also get a lot of real life situations thrown in too.  As in, what happens when an old flame comes back into the picture? Will a marriage survive?  I guess if it can survive all the spending and overdrafts, it can very likely handle anything, right?

At Christmas times, sometimes what surrounds you after all of the presents are opened and the food is eaten, is the real gift.
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God how I missed Becky!!

She just might be one of my favorite romcom slash women's fiction character ever! And having her host Christmas?! Omigosh pure brilliance! The comedy in this one is so over-the-top Becky and I found myself snickering out loud so many times at her lovable antics.

After we've come to know and love her though so many life events and everyday shenanigans, and she finally seems to be getting a hold on her spending, this one just knocks the laughs out of the park. The way Becky justifies the things she needs for this spectacular Christmas celebration she's hosting for friends and family is the perfect setup to continue our lovefest for this endearing yet flawed character we've all grown to adore.

Is Becky still frustrating as all get out?! Of course she is! You want to reach into the book and grab and yell "Becky think! DO you REALLY need 24 pillows just because they are on sale?!" and "Was the clearance designer dress 2 sizes too small really worth the extra cost of a personal trainer - just to fit into it?" Hysterical. And I wouldn't want it any other way.

My most favorite part about this one though, was the back and forth banter with Becky and her sister Jess. The struggle between over the top, shopper-extraordinaire Becky vs. anti-consumerism, no-waste vegan Jess is the stuff dreams are made of! So much hilarity as Jess nitpicks every single idea Becky has for Christmas - No gifts! No tree! No turkey! - and Becky tries to understand and adapt to her sister's choices as if it's a completely foreign language.

So. Much. Fun. I will never tire of Becky Bloomwood and I hope she never, ever stops shopping!
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After being disappointed with the last few Shopaholics I am happy to say Becky is back in this one! It was a charming Christmas story with all the classic antics of Becky Brandon nee Bloomwood that we have all come to love.I really hope there is another book after the baby cliff hanger at the end!!
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I hadn’t read any books by Sophie Kinsella prior to reading Christmas Shopaholic so I was a little nervous as to whether or not I would be able to follow along with the characters/ storyline. I was so delighted to discover that, for the most part, it was very easy to follow along with. This was a cute, festive story with believable characters. It was so lighthearted, and I found myself literally laughing out loud while reading along. Perfect read for the holiday season! 

* I received a digital copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.*
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I was so excited when I saw Sophie kinsella had a new book,  I love her writing style and own most of her books,  so it was definitely a no brainer to me that I was going to read  Christmas Shopaholic.

True to Kinsella this one did not dissappoint! It was such a cute, fun festive read. Much like the others in the Shopaholic series it follows Becky as she takes on the task of hosting Christmas for the very first time.  Christmas Shopaholic was fun and entertaining as the shenanigans and mishaps occur. Can't wait to find out what Becky gets up to next.
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Both charming and irritating aspects

I would like to thank Sophie Kinsella, Random House, and NetGalley for allowing me to read a free ARC in exchange for an honest review.


I’m late to the party on this one, it’s been out for over two months now (as of writing this review). But I’m rather glad I waited till this week—Christmas week—to read it, finishing on Christmas Eve. *checks time* Well, Christmas, actually. This book can be read at any time, of course, but reading it during the actual holiday in question added to the atmosphere, I felt.

There were both charming and irritating elements. Becky’s generous and open-minded nature really warmed my heart and went a long way in endearing me to a character I found annoying in general. I know the whole series is—ostensibly—about Becky and her insane spending habits, and I knew to expect it, yet watching her heedlessly buy and buy and buy and buy and hearing about all the useless junk she’s got crammed into hidey-holes in her house so no one will know what a nut job she is made me feel physically ill. It’s supposed to be funny, I guess, but it’s not. And the reasons why she buys most of those things, the justifications…just ridiculous. Utterly ridiculous. Add in her keen interest in fashion and style trends, and I know she is not someone I would be friends with. Luckily the story focused quite a bit on her family drama, so that was able to distract me from the parts of Becky’s personality that irritated me.

I don’t really have much more to say. Starting the novel with Becky doing some online shopping probably wasn’t a great way to hook readers—I’d have stopped then and there if I didn’t need to review it. And I wish Luke didn’t have such a bland personality, but maybe he needs to be bland to counterbalance Becky’s exuberance. Also, if you’re not familiar with the series, you may get a little overwhelmed by the volume of characters to keep track of. I was long past halfway before I started getting who was who straight in my head.

Oh, and I wasn’t at all surprised when Becky told Luke she’s pregnant at the very end. It’s not much of a spoiler, you can see it coming from sixty miles away. I was wrong in predicting how it would be announced, though. When she had so much trouble finding Luke the “perfect” Christmas present…and mentioned that they wanted another child but hadn’t been able to conceive yet…well, naturally I thought her pregnancy would end up being the perfect present for him. But that’s not how it went down, and I can’t decide if that would have been better than what actually happened or not.

If watching someone willfully hemorrhage money doesn’t bother you, and if you don’t mind a narrative that’s all over the place—poking fun at hipster and vegan culture; trying to legitimize a meaningless, made-up word to avoid being sued; joining and revolutionizing a billiards club just to enter the damn raffle; getting locked in a pet store on Christmas Eve and trying to escape via the friggin chimney; getting stalked and harassed by an ex-boyfriend’s psycho girlfriend—then you might like this book.

Overall—I knew this book wouldn’t be a good fit for me, but I wanted to try it anyway…and I shouldn’t have. It wasn’t a bad book, some readers may really love it, but it did not suit my personal taste.
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I haven't read this series in a while and I missed it so much! I knew she would get herself into some shenanigans but this one surpassed even my expectations of what she would muddle herself in. 

I laughed out loud so many times reading this book, I could have a six pack.

The perfect book to read around the holidays!
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