The Night Is Short, Walk on Girl

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This was great; readable, and a real page turner.  I really found myself intrigued from the first.  A great read, and one which I would recommend.
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I first heard of this after watching the movie of the same name, and the manga features more of Morimi's unique style and way of looking at the world. I'd definitely recommend this for anime fans of all types, but I wonder if I would have read this before seeing the movie if I would have felt differently.
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I chose to pick up this book because I first saw the animated film, though I wasn’t able to finish it because it had a lot of trippy and fantastical scenes that was a bit confusing for me. I thought that I would better understand the content if I read the novel. 

Same as with the film, there is a lot of silliness contained in this novel. I think that a reader’s enjoyment of this book would really depend on his/her tolerance for all things silly. I, for one can’t recommend this to just anyone. It’s not something easily enjoyed, and the sense of humor is a bit hard to grasp. 

I liked the quirky characters a lot, including the supporting characters. They are definitely personalities that I have never seen before. However, most of the magical realism elements were a miss for me. My eyes would just glaze over a lot of the pages. 

Still, I can say that this had a very powerful opening. I loved the “friendly fist” lesson, the exploration of nocturnal Japan filled with lit up bars, unique cocktails and “Funteresting” drinks. There are only four chapters, and each are quite episodic, with a different story arc but same characters involved. In a nutshell, it’s a long-winding love story full of foolishness of youth. It’s also about endurance, finding courage and knowing to what distance one would go for love. 

Big thanks to NetGalley and Yen Press for providing a copy of this wonderful book in exchange for an honest review.
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Unfortunately, the narrative of this text was not able to sustain my attention long enough for me to finish this. I hope the author can edit this a bit and work on the overarching themes.
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If you like reading translations from the Japanese in the style of Haruki Murakami, but with a more lighthearted touch, you'll enjoy The Night Is Short, Walk On Girl. Mystical, magical occurrences are interwoven with slice-of-life moments in this story of the titular "girl" and the enamored young man who pursues her romantically. If you have visited or are familiar with some of the real-life locations in Kyoto mentioned in the book, it will help make to make your reading of the story even more vivid. Will girl notice boy, or will she keep walking? You'll have to read to find out!
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I requested this thinking it was a graphic novel (I found it in the comics section), and was disappointed when I realized it was a novel. It's a shame because the artwork on the is brilliant.
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"Do all you can and then wait for providence."

The book has 4 chapters that shows the adventure of the main characters through their own perspective, with the girl towards many possibilities, and with the guy who's chasing for her (since he's nursing a crush on her), A lot of missed encounters and plot's convenience of fate / God's plot convenience were made for the two.

Although it took me months to finish this, it was an entertaining read. The story was a bit slow and confusing at first due to the introduction of the supporting characters, the colorful scenarios, etc. It was somewhat annoying at first  for me coz of the fantasy elements in the story. It clashes on my mind - the realistic part and the fantasy part. BUT I love it. I fully love it later on. All the scenes, supporting cast, everything comes together. It all leads to one thing - fate.

This was my first time to read a Japanese-themed book and author, It was different from reading a manga. I can see myself looking for books like this.

A big thanks for the free e-copy provided by Yen Press and the author via NetGalley.
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Unfortunately, this wasn't a graphic novel as we thought. We did read a bit of it before we realized it. The prose and narrative wasn't for us, but it could be interesting for other readers. This was listed under a graphic novel, which might have been a great way to read the prose at the same time. The characters, however, did shine bright.
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This was pretty awful (the groping part), confusing and the writing was all over the show. I still don't know what the book wanted to portray exactly. 

The only thing this could be good for is a drinking game. Every time you read the word "drink" or "drinking" you drink. You won't stand a chance.

I'm a big Haruki Murakami fan and like the Nakano Thrift shop, but this is nothing like the Japanese writing that I like.
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I was interested to read this book as I am fascinated by Japanese culture. However, I wonder if some of the essence of this book was lost in translation. The story begins with the girl going out with the intention of becoming very drunk and she talks to a older man who gropes her breasts. She did not seem bothered by this and looked upon him with compassion due to his sad story. I found that scene alarming.The book was confusing in places and I did not feel for either the boy who was trying to meet the girl who he thought he had fallen in love with or the girl as I did not find her a credible character. A disappointing read.
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This was a fun read based on such a simple premise.  The author's writing was so vivid that it was easy to imagine the walk that this girl was on.  The literary references were a nice touch, as well.
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DNF at 10%
Reading this I was so painfully aware it was written by a man.
Maybe something beautiful was lost in translation but something about this felt uncomfortably sleezy. I could feel my skin crawl while reading it and was getting angry not by what happened but by how it was written. 
First off all I requested this thinking it was a graphic novel but it wasn't! And maybe it wasn't the fault of the book but my own preconceptions but this is nothing like I expected. 
This was gross and upsetting. 
For example: one of the main characters (the girl the title of the book refers to) is being groped by this strange man she befriended and instead of being horrified and grossed out she seems only a bit annoyed by it as if it were a fly buzzing in her ear. Then when the gross man is chased off she feels pity and guilt that he was chased away even though he was assaulting her??
And in the beginning a man was straight up stalking her, drunkenly thinking it will lead to a romantic interaction. It wasn't just what happened but how things were framed which was the issue. Because it was never presented as creepy and wrong to stalk a girl who you barely know but have a crush on. Groping a stranger was shown as pitiful and annoying but mostly harmless instead of scary and dangerous!
I wanted to give it more time but I hated this. The writing was fine but a bit confusing.
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Meh. I read a lot of Japanese novels, especially those written by women, and for some reason I thought this one is as well. The premise seemed unbelievable, though: a young woman decides to hit some bars at night by herself with no regards to her safety. Then, some pages in, she allows some sad old man to fondle her breasts? At this point it was so implicitly misogynistic I decided to check out the author; naturally, it's a male. I tried to give it another go, but it's just so unbelievable and creepy it borders on silly. I couldn't waste any more of my time. 

The translation is also quite shaky, like, you can tell it's a work in translation and it just sounds awkward. Thank you for the galley, but I cannot in good conscience recommend it.
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I wont be reviewing this. I actually thought this was a graphic novel/comic but it isnt. It should be listed in the correct genre.
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** Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with the digital copy of this book in exchange for my honest review **
Mi interés por la cultura japonesa fue lo que me llevo a este libro, sin saber que hay adaptaciones varias de la historia. El estilo en el que esta escrito este libro es fácil y fresco. Tiene un estilo muy japonés, similar al que vemos en el anime o en el manga, por lo que es fácil visualizar la historia, sobre todo si eres consumidor de manga o anime. Hay varias referencias a literatura famosa, que pueden reconocerse. A mi no me gusto particularmente la historia en sí, aunque reconozco que posiblemente tenga que ver con el gusto personal.
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An enjoyable story with well-written characters and dialogue.  Not quite what I expected when I started, but still worth the read.
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Thank you to NetGalley for a Kindle ARC of The Night is Short, Walk on Girl.

I was thrilled when my request was approved; I love all things Japan, the culture, the food, the history, and I'm always interested in reading Japanese authors whose works have been translated for an American audience.

I wasn't sure what to expect from The Night is Short, Walk on Girl, since I've never read this author before but the premise sounded romance-y.

But, the story wasn't as straightforward as I expected.

A beautiful young woman draws the eyes of many men as she travels the streets of Kyoto, especially one young man in particular. We meet her in many settings, the bar, a book fair; and encounter the quirky locals she crosses paths with in the process.

The story shifts from the young woman's POV to the young man's and there are many characters to keep track of, many of them superfluous to the story, though they add a certain local flavor.

The prose is well-written with a good sense of place; the cobblestoned streets of Kyoto, the narrow corridors, the blinking lights of the bars and shops, readers get a real feel and sense of this historical Japanese city, just one of many.

But the writing is passive when it comes to characterizing and describing the young woman. Early in the story, she allows an old, drunk man to fondle her breasts.

Why? Because he's an old, sad drunk? 

That's no excuse, and this scene of an old perv really marred the rest of my reading experience.

Later, I wasn't surprised to discover the author is a man. Disappointing, to say the least.

This wasn't for me, but some people may enjoy reading it especially if they want to learn a bit more about Japan.
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