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This book covers 52 weeks of scripture and daily growth as one learns more about spiritually and St Ignatius lessons. It covers simple ways to grow and be strong in Gods love . A lovely devotional and would make a great gift for anyone. . To find out more about St. Ignatius
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This book by Vinita Hampton Wright is perfect for daily thoughts and prayers, and to assist its readers with postive thoughts and to be grateful for what they have.  The daily entries are categorized by day of the week rather than by "date" so one can start reading it at any time of the year without feeling like he or she is behind.  The book contains short bible readings and reflections throughout.  I look forward to using it as a guide throughout the year!
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In keeping with the philosophy of St Ignatius’ spiritual exercises that practicing them regularly will help us grow, the author has set out practical ways in which we nurture spiritual habits. I loved how practical the book is and so devoid of high flown language. The short prayers are simple and meaningful. I’m definitely going to use this book for reflection and growth.
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Sometimes all you need to connect to God is ‘small simple ways’ – and this book is a great option for that. On the surface, it is filled with extremely short daily prompts that encourage you to live out your faith. It is super easy to incorporate into your daily life. If you want to focus on the details, Vinita Hampton Wright has divided the year into chapters directed towards spiritual growth, as identified by the Jesuits. Examples include: gratitude, the physical senses, reflection, and love. To take it one step further, there is a focus on Christian characters that are rotated through every two weeks. Examples include: discernment, courage, humility, and wisdom. There is no need for the reader to get bogged down in the nuance of these details; the flow of the spiritual and character focus just evolves on its own (as designed by the author). 

I was initially disappointed in the lack of biblical ties. However, that changed on the first day of Week 3. From that point on, bible verses appear pretty regularly in the daily text. 

I am an evangelical Christian who finds comfort in approaching God through liturgy commonly used by the Jesuits. One point of incorporating Small Simple Ways into your life is to “challenger you to take one action every day to live out your faith.” I often blog about faith, family, and my own little patch of happiness at

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** Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with the digital copy of this book in exchange for my honest review **
Este libro plantea, en forma de devociones, un recorrido que nos llevara a reconocer a Dios en todas las cosas, hasta las más pequeñas, funciona mas como un recordatorio de esto. Como para ayudarnos a no perder perspectiva. La lectura es sencilla y amena, y los pensamientos para cada día tienen una extension suficiente para transmitir el mensaje, sin que sea abrumador. Recomiendo tener una copia escrita, donde se pueda hacer anotaciones y resaltar cosas, o tener a mano siempre alguna libreta y lápiz.
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