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PLEASE RETURN TO: Norbert M. Finkelstein

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Fun book. Aged for middle grade and pre teens. I did enjoy. It was a quick read. This was the first book I have read by Frank Morelli and his writing makes me want to read more of his books and ones geared towards middle grade.
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This is cute. It wasn't for me, just not my taste, but I am very sure others will love it. It simply did not suit me.
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Lovely read.
I would like to thank the publisher and netgalley for giving me a chance to read this book in exchange for an honest review
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Frank Morelli has written a hilarious and touching middle grade novel that made me wonder whether if any of my former teachers led secret double-lives. If they did, theirs were likely not as awesome as Norbert’s clandestine wrestling career. Lots of us can relate to Norbert-- a truly nice guy, whose amiability is constantly taken advantage of by unscrupulous co-workers. Norbert, however, has found a unique outlet for these indignities in the ring…but what if somebody (like troublemaking student Jimmy Baker) discovers his secret?

 Please Return…combines memorable characters such a rabid “sensei” who employs unorthodox (to say the least) training methods, a librarian who’s a wrestling aficionado, and a shy new student who helps Norbert through some personal difficulties with a compelling story line.

Written in a fast-paced “diary” style that tracks each day’s events, Please Return…is a fun-filled page-turner that delivers plenty of poignant life lessons along with copious laughs.
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As expected, funny and a fast trip down memory lane back to middle school. The underdog Mr. Finkelstein is a character designed to make you shake your head and roll your eyes while you root for him.
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They were the worst of years. None of that best of years worst of years stuff. Just the worst. 

Years later, when I drove a school bus full of kids enduring their worst of years, I realized the kind of years those Middle School kids must have been giving their teachers. 

You can experience it for yourself in Frank Morelli’s, “PLEASE RETURN TO: Norbert M. Finkelstein.” Though, admittedly, not many Middle School teachers that I know of were moonlighting as professional wrestlers. In fact, at the time I had no idea they even had a life outside of school. I supposed they must just be there all the time, only activated when the morning bell rang and deactivated after the last screaming kid left for the day.

Also, at the time, I had no idea what they were doing for me. I could not grasp that some of them were actually trying to help me become something. For example, my seventh-grade English teacher would be shocked that I still practice reading. She’s the one who gave me an A over E on a paper, A for the idea, E for how badly I expressed it. 

Mr. Finklestein experienced the same sort of frustrations with his unruly, though promising, students. It took just that little push, the one he often found himself giving whether he wanted to or not, to get them to the ruly stage. 

I’m sure he made a difference. That’s partly because he, too, was having some of the same kind of struggles they were having. And, reluctantly, he let them share in his neediness as he shared in theirs. 

I don’t know if his students learned much history. (What do YOU remember from Middle School?) But I think they learned important lessons about caring. You might, too, when you read “PLEASE RETURN….”
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PLEASE RETURN TO: Norbert M. Finkelstein - By Frank Morelli

I don’t normally read middle-grade fiction, but that’s going to change—especially with books of this quality available. Frank Morelli weaves a captivating tale that’s impossible to put down, and if you can make it through just the first chapter, without rolling on the floor, and shooting Coca-Cola out of your nostrils, well, you need to work on your sense of humor. 
Morelli’s wit and use of comedy isn’t the only high point, though. His characters are well thought out, and he makes you care about what happens to them: from the three-hundred-pound English teacher, moonlighting as a professional wrestler, to the snot-nosed-brat nemesis Jimmy, and on to the semi-psychotic wrestling trainer, who’s a cross between a pit-bull, and an ex-ninja assassin.
This is one of those books you will remember, and want to tell people about. I can’t praise it enough. Frank Morelli has one more fan: me.
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Norbert is a real softy, and I mean it in the sweetest way possible - he's a lovely and kind English teacher with a lot of pets, incredible shyness and a few extra pounds of weight. But he's not all soft - he's got a secret tough side, which is that he's actually a pro wrestler at night. He works as one trying to get a dream trip to Greece for his mother, in the true softy fashion (he is ADORABLE.) We follow Norbert through his journey of finding himself and his strength - also friends and respect from his students and workmates. It's a really really adorable story which made me feel all warm inside. It's also got these cute drawings! I read it in an evening and it was definitely worth my time - it made my blue mood go away for sure ❤️

I thank the publisher for giving me a free copy of the ebook through NetGalley. It has not affected my opinion.
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I received an arc of this book from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

This was just kind of a regular same old book for me. Sure, the teacher had a slightly questionable wrestling coach, but there just wasn't enough ''interesting'' things to keep me completely hooked. Kids who like the concept might enjoy this one, though.
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