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DNF Review
I really wanted to like this one but was unable to get into the story. I will probably go back again someday and try again, but for now, I'm going to pass.
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This book is pretty good. The world building was really good. I loved the characters and the action. It was a very engaging paranormal read. I highly recommend this book.
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I loved this series. This last book was a fitting ending to the series as a whole. 

Well done to the author who created a beautiful world, filled with beautiful characters that you feel like you know personally. There is nothing better than when reading a book and you feel like if the characters were in the real world you would know them. That is what’s been done in this series.
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I total enjoyed this book.  It had many twists that were very skillfully written.  The story kept me guessing right up to the beautiful culmination, a masterful end to the series.
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I love K.A. Emmons as a writer. She's inspiring and motivating. I'm amazed that she wrote this whole beautiful trilogy and created this fascinating world. I will read everything she writes if I get the chance.

There were a lot of things that made me not like this one as much as the other books in the series. There were some internal factors with myself that were entirely my fault. I started this book when I was in a reading slump, so it took me forever to get really into it. I also didn't refresh my memory on the second book, so I was very lost with what was happening for a lot of the time. But there were also minor issues I had with the book itself.

There is a distinct tone difference in this book than the previous two books. While the others were more urban fantasy/sci-fi, this one reads like a dystopian. The tone change isn't a huge deal, but it made it hard for me to get back into the world. It did make me feel nostalgic for the golden age of dystopian fiction (The Hunger Games, Divergent, etc.), so I appreciate that this book scratched that itch I didn't even know I had.

I also had issues with the conflict. I honestly had trouble figuring out who the antagonist was. In the previous books, the second one especially, it was clear who we were fighting against. But it was more vague in this one. I didn't really understand what the RGM was or what they were doing. Again, that could be my fault for not paying attention or something.

There were also several things that happened way too conveniently. I won't get into spoilers, but many major plot points just happened without me realizing what was going on, and then it wasn't really explained.

My final critique is that while this is a multi-perspective novel, all 4 characters we read from have the exact same voice. I would forget who I was reading quite frequently.

But all-in-all I am glad I finished this series. K.A. Emmons can only improve as a writer and I can't wait to see her evolution. Her allegorical story telling blows me away, and I do recommend others to give The Blood Race Trilogy a try.
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K.a. emmons does not disappoint with this 3rd installment of the blood race.  It is fast paced from beginning to end hard to put down.  It's full of wisdom and adventure wrapped up in one.  What I took away from it was have faith keep your faith it will carry you through and make you stronger as a person.  You fell in love with certain characters in the first book and in this book you see them hurdle so many obstacles and watch them grow so much it's so good!
I highly recommend this series 

** I was given an advanced copy in exchange for my honest review my opinions are my own:)
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Excellent book. I have not read the previous books in this series so am pretty much at a loss as to basically everything but still found the characters to be solid and content superb.  I have several books ahead of this series but have made a note to myself to start from the beginning.
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5 STARS. Where do I begin?? This book, this series and ITS WHOLE UNIVERSE is very close to my heart. Kate does it again – crushing the souls of compellingly raw characters, painting a world with vibrant and haunting clarity, keeping us on the edge of our seats with suspense, and cleverly weaving everything together with deep truths that will shake you to your core and leave you thinking long after you turn the final page. 

Resurgence is the suspenseful conclusion to the glorious Blood Race series, which has followed “anomalies” Icarus and Hawk through perilous adventures in both the real world and other dimensions. Now, in the third and final book, they face the biggest challenge of all: healing a horribly messed-up earth, 200 years into the future. 

All the characters go on a transformative journey that constantly tortures them, tempts them, and forces them into the ring with their greatest fears – creating some incredible internal conflict. I particularly loved all the tension and angst between Hawk and Fin of course!!!! (no spoilers lol but you’ll enjoy it, mark my words.) But I also particularly fell in love with Icarus in this book. His character development really comes full circle, and feels SO SATISFYING. We’ve watched him struggle through this whole series, combating his demons and overcoming his trials…and in this third and final book, Icarus finally finds a truth about himself that changes his reality forever. 

On top of all the amazing themes and character development, there’s THE SUSPENSE. Guys, I was on the edge of my seat for most of this book. Like, “I can’t read fast enough” and wanting to see what happens next while constantly wanting to savor every word… agh!!! SO GOOD. 

I like to look at the final book in a series as the culmination of the whole thing. And this whole series, let me tell you… it is PURE GOLD. Gorgeous, haunting, spellbinding, mysterious, perilous, thrilling, enlightening, and everything you could possibly want in a book. Sci-fi isn’t my thing. Fantasy? Not really. But this series surpasses its genre and proves that good books are good books. Give this whole series a read; it will blow your mind, crush your heart, and rock your world.
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Resurgence is the third book in The Blood Race series. Following Icarus’s return and Sensei’s disappearance, the Dimension’s inhabitants return to Earth under the jurisdiction of the Reformed Global Militia. Icarus, Finn, and many other characters are fragmented from one another as they attempt to dismantle this newfound reign manipulating their populace with mind control devices.
K.A. Emmons delivers a breathtaking finale to this series featuring an eclectic character ensemble, strong motifs, and memorable allegories. Emmons manages to expand the Dimension’s inhabitants while also showing the division amongst them. The core group from the first two novels-- particularly Icarus and Fin-- are a delight to read, grieved by the loss of their beloved Hawk. The conflict between the core group and the other Sliders, led by Mitsue and Delta, made the rift tenser. It’s something I enjoyed seeing and would have loved to see into play the further one goes in the novel.

The aspects I wish to commend to Emmons are the incorporation of her new characters and the worldbuilding. The new characters are full of life, bringing fresh eyes to the surrounding conflict by the Dimension’s inhabitants. Lara shines the best of all, a fighter attempting to survive in the world while also possessing secrets she’s not aware of holding. Also, the Earth the plot takes place in is incredibly harrowing to read about. It not only reflects where the world could potentially go at the state it is in, but the novel’s motifs of hope and faith bring some light into a society and its saviors plunged into darkness, both inside and out.

However, there are some downsides which caused me to knock down two stars. Balancing a large ensemble each necessitating needed character growth can be a challenge and underwhelming if everyone each doesn’t grow or garner a satisfying conclusion. The fates of some characters were satisfying, but the lack of growth especially from the core group felt dissatisfying. Lara, out of all of them, felt the most grown in this story, but I didn’t feel like any of the other characters grew as a result of the third novel’s events. Additionally, some plot points were resolved quicker than anticipated despite them being essential to the conclusion. Had more time been spent on the struggles would the ending feel earned.

One final complaint revolves around the triangle between three of the characters. The two in the prophecy are shown to have a romantic relationship. Yet some scenes between a third of the triangle confused me, especially as they were never addressed nor caused any disturbance for the final pair at the end of the novel. Perhaps it had to do with the final roles everyone took on, but it felt strange to not have it addressed.

Looking on the series though, I admire the messages Emmons portrays. The series, and the third book essentially, are decorated with allegories and they all tie together beautifully in the end. If you’re someone who appreciates them, it’s a treat.

The finale was somewhat of a letdown. However, I will continue to look out for Emmons’s books, advocating for courage, strength, and trusting the abilities each person possesses.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. Thank you to K.A. Emmons and the NetGalley team.
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Resurgence is a complex, explosive story that acts as a metaphor for the power of human thought. It tackles some complicated themes and plot lines, and certainly didn't fail to bring in some shocking twists and and cliffhangers (plus cliff-jumping) as it delivers the climax of the trilogy.

The story had a lot of strong points, much like the two previous books. Fin's character presented a balance between admirable virtue, yet a doubt and struggle that kept him human and likable. Icarus's battle continued, paired with Areos's conflict, which held a lot of relevance for the world today. A new character, Lara, provided a powerful example of hope that kept the darkness of the story at bay. 

I've always loved how Emmons takes themes that are more abstract and turns them into physical realities (done especially well in Worlds Beneath), and Resurgence is no exception. The story becomes a metaphorical example of how the theme can be put into action in our own lives. 

The main issue that knocked down several stars for me was that the story felt like too much. While all the complexity added a richer feel, the lack of cohesion stole away a lot of the power for me. The characters' struggles kept building, yet didn't weave together into a theme I felt I could takeaway from the book. There are a lot of wise passages I underlined, but the climax failed to highlight one of them as the message the story was meant to deliver. Don't get me wrong: it's one of the most visually stunning climaxes I've ever read. I just wasn't sure how it mirrored anything that was happening internally within the characters. Fin and Icarus and the other MC seemed to never really overcome their demons, just their external enemies. I think back at the story relishing the good parts, but still wishing there had been a little something more in it.

Similarly, the first quarter of the book developed an entirely new world for the series. While that is in line with what happened in Worlds Beneath, the complexity of it left me generally confused about what was going on and what the sliders were attempting to do. I could pinpoint the general goal of the plot, but the disconnect came when many of the scenes left me feeling like the story wasn't moving toward anything.

I'm still looking forward to any future books by Emmons. The little messages hidden among the scenes, the relevance of the themes, and the relatability of the characters' struggles keeps the series as one of my favorites, despite how the last book wasn't quite what I hoped it would be.

**I was given a free ARC in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.
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I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I was in no way forced to write a good or bad review. All opinions of this book are my own.

How do I begin this review? This is the final book in my favorite trilogy ever, and for that, I am hurting, but in the best ways possible. 

This book wrecked my heart, blew my mind, and so much more. Honestly, these books are like therapy to me. Is that weird to say? That a book can feel soothing to the soul?

K.A. Emmons has an amazing gift to captivate her readers and transform minds. These books have changed me in the best of ways. 

Okay, let me break it down for you. If you haven't read books one or two, then you might want to be cautious with my review because I would hate for you to be spoiled before reading the other two. 

Icarus-he's come as close as he possibly can to cinnamon roll level. He isn't a cinnamon roll, but he's so broken at this point that I just relate to him so much. I feel like he is underrated. I freaking love Icarus.

FIN- MY PRECIOUS CINNAMON ROLL WHO NEEDS PROTECTION AND #FinNeedsHugs. Ugh, I love Fin so much. He's the most selfless, amazing, caring person ever and CAN HE COME TO REAL LIFE SO I CAN AT LEAST HUG HIM?? Everyone knows I'm obsessed with Fin, so I won't go all fangirl mode on it. But know that I was squealing the whole time he was around. 

The Other Sliders- I was conflicted on my feeling because of things. Mitsue annoyed me and frustrated me and honestly, I never liked him. The others, they made me mad. Why? Because they were following something they shouldn't. Seriously, they were such followers and not leaders and maybe that is how it's supposed to me, for the Sunrise and Sunset to take the lead, but they used to be so strong before. 

So many new characters who I adore, especially Lara, for reasons I cannot say right now. But, man, this book is so epic.

Please, read this book when it comes out (September 1st, 2019). It is soothing, healing, and just plain amazing. 

Five freaking fantastic stars. Make that a billion.
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