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The 40-Day Sugar Fast

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I have been doing Wendy's sugar fast for 3 years now. I always loved January coming around for a restart on my hunger for scripture. I am thrilled I don't have to wait until January anymore and I can pick up this amazing book to help me draw nearer to God whenever I feel the need.
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The addictive qualities of sugar are obvious.  We as a nation use sugar to soothe us, pacify us, comfort us, and scratch whatever our itch may be.  As a nation, the incidents of individuals being diagnosed as Pre-diabetic are rapidly increasing.  Hence, a "sugar fast."  But, wait-- is it all about better health, or is there a deeper meaning here?  

Wendy Speake, in her book The 40-Day Sugar Fast, delves deeper into this issue, with her subtitle, "Where Physical Detox Meets Spiritual Transformation."  While many may look to this book as a guide to shed pounds, the real crux of the book is giving up something you crave for something better. In her forward Speake poigantly asks, 

"...Why do you seek solace in a pint of ice cream rather than the Prince of Peace?  Why are you feasting on warm bread rolls instead of the Bread of Life?"

As indicated in the title, this is a 40-day reading, to be taken in small bites and to be lived out day by day.  Relying on scripture but also recounting her own struggles in this area, Speake gently leads the leader to the realization that we have a better and more effective option available to us when we are tempted to react to the stresses of life.  We can choose sugar or we can choose the God of the Universe to heal what is broken in us. 

Bottom line, if you;re looking for a diet, Join WW.  If you're looking for the encouragement to replace your habit of running to sugary foods with learning to find peace in the One who offers living water, look no further.
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This was much more difficult that I thought it would be!
It was sooo.. good for me to complete this 40-day sugar fast while thinking on scripture and how I can apply these principles :) 
I really enjoyed the way the book flowed and I loved Wendy Speake's insight and encouragement. I think everyone should read this book at least once. 
I give this book 5 out of 5 stars for the encouragement, the health reasons, and for the many truths found between these pages. 
*I volunteered to read this book in exchange for my honest feedback. The thoughts and opinions expressed within are my own.
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This book really took me through a physical detox and spiritual transformation that i even didn't know i needed.
 With beautiful testimonies, practical advices and healthy biblical   view, Wendy leads us in this amazing journey. 
This fasting has impacted my health, my spiritual and  family life in amazing ways. It helps me to focus in the most important and the only One who can satisfy us. 
Totally recommend it even if you think you don't need  it.
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Having participated in the online sugar fast for the past couple of years, I was excited to be a part of the book launch for this new devotional by Wendy Speake.  Wendy takes something that can be very hard for someone and helps approach it in a loving, Biblical way.  There is no judgment from Wendy, only encouragement to get in the Word of God and feast on his promises when we feel stressed, anxious, and want to eat our feelings.  She encourages women (and men) to stop putting things in place of God in our daily lives.  Very encouraging and each day's reading is easy to understand.  This book is not dated but can be used again and again if needed.
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This is an amazing resource to go alongside your fasting experience. You can use it for more than just a sugar fast as well. Wendy packs so much into 40 short chapters that you read along with your fast and bible reading each day. She encourages us to dig in deep to feast on Gods word no matter what season of your faith you are in.
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When I was given the chance to be in the 40 Day Sugar Fast launch group, I quickly took it! Wendy Speake is fantastic, and I feel as if she truly understands where many of us are coming from. In the book, we are not held to a certain level of fasting - we can completely give up anything that turns to sugar (white flour, etc) or just strictly sugar. If we stumble and fall during the fast, she does not condemn you, but rather lifts you up and tells you it’s ok to just pick up the pieces and go again. 
How deep and far you take the fast is up to you. Each day has a few pages of inspirational messages (and many times convicting. Ouch!). The author has gone through each day and given us carefully selected Bible passages to relate to the topic of the day as well. 
I was given a free digital copy from the author and publisher when I pre-ordered the book. All opinions expressed are my own, and no Review was required.
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The format is a day to day format devotional. The author walks with you and guides you through each day with encouragement, a Bible verse, and a prayer to finish off the day’s devotional. I like that there is a helpful focus Bible verse or story and even questions to help keep the days purposeful. 

I noticed that she shares a-lot of her struggles and thoughts To help have victory over the sugar monster. One will find a lot of the content is derived from her going through the forty day fast herself. She writes “in the moment” of her personally going through the fast so there’s that fresh insight of one struggling in the midst of a “battle”. 
Overall a good read

I received a review copy of this book in order to give my thoughts on the book.
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This is an encouraging book to let go of sugar and turn to Jesus instead. 
What this is not, a diet book or recipe book. It is a chance to get closer to Jesus by concentrating on him instead of food or more specifically sugar. There is a page a day for the fourty days to read and “chew” on so to speak. I’ve participated in a couple of the fasts and they have opened my eyes to God’s sweetness during the process and drawn me closer to him. I would encourage anyone to give it a try and see how you change during the process.
The author will be sponsoring another fast in January 2020. It’s not too late to sign up.
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Wendy has opened my mind and heart to see my life differently to live as the redeemed and loved Child of God that I am. The book in itself is not a cure-all, but the amazing ways she uses Scripture to feed the soul is very powerful.  During the fast, I felt that I was among friends and fellow warriors. I felt so loved and encouraged by Wendy and everyone in the group. I can’t wait to read the book and fast again and again. I have learned what true hunger is, and that hunger can only be satisfied by the Lord.
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This book has opened our wounds, hearts and rekindled our faith! 
I joined the fast because I was struggling with negative self- talk, and T R U S T I N G God with the outcome over a particularly painful situation.   As I participated in the fast, my husband watched from the sidelines with a desire for the Lord, one that I haven't seen in a long time. We had a LONG ALL DAY conversation about our faith and him recognizing he is not the leader in our family.  He realized he has let the noise of this world interfere with his personal relationship with God. And I realized that instead of turning to the Word for guidance, and comfort, I self-medicated with food and distractions. He shared his need to forgive his past hurts (this is so big folks, so big). And I shared my need to control things that I have no control over.  If you are looking for a raw, emotional and healing journey, then this book is for you.
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Every chapter spoke to me encouraging me to press forward in my faith and my fast. The following excerpt from this book resonates with me. "We have a hard time fixing our eyes on Jesus when we’re fixated on food, running to the pantry when we could be running after Him."
Isn't that the truth?!
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In the 40 day Sugar Fast is not a Diet book.  This book is filled with 4o days of "Scriptures and applications" to help you reset your mind against wanting Sugar.
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"""But if we can't give up something that holds us back from God, sin is still our master""

This is my second time fasting with Wendy (and ever actually). I didn't come from a family who fasted, apart from my father who fasted when he was unwell. It was a physical decision only for him. I have now come to discover that fasting is so much more than a physical decision or about health and weight loss. It is a surrendering through my brokenness and releasing strongholds in order to receive blessing and strength from the Lord. 

This book has walked me through the spiritual aspects with so much love and care and has helped me gain so much clarity in the areas I have been struggling in and praying over. I am convinced that I need to fast often throughout my life. Since participating in my first sugar fast, I no longer run to refined sugar. Sugar has lost its power over me.

 I'm so grateful for this incredible resource and I highly recommend it to all believers as a fasting companion."
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"During this time of year is I get bogged down in all the things that are good (and tasty) but what if I have been missing out on the REALLY good things during the season? Not ""what if,"" I know I have!

That doesn't mean that we aren't meant to enjoy the ""good"" things but I don't want to miss the ""best"" things: memories with my boys that don't include frustration and arguments coming from poor sleep and sugar crashes. I have a limited number of years left with the boys at home...that fact I am quickly coming to realize. I am also coming to the realization that when I let things like social media, sugar, and poor sleep habits take over my daily life, I don't respond to my boys in ways that speak life into them. I'm also not spending time praying over them, seeking out my own healing, or value and love myself the way the Lord loves and values me.

I am loving the 40-Day Sugar Fast. It's like she [Wendy Speake, the author] is sitting right here with me in my house, seeing my struggles and battles with distractions, my boys and my self. Reading the book it's like she then takes my hand and shows me where I can find refuge and restoration in God's presence and the Word. You know why she can do that so well? Because she's walked (and walking!) the same path we are! She is fighting the battles right along with us! Through it all, the Lord has whispered to her, guiding her back to Him and then led her to share it with all of us! I am so glad that she listened to him!

If you have never fasted before and are looking for a change in the way you cope with stress and challenges in life and know there is MORE good things intended for you then I would encourage you to pick up this book and experience your own  revitalized personal relationship with Jesus."
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The 40 Day Sugar Fast Continues to change my life..  Wende Speakes' heartfelt sharing of her journey encourages me still to turn from dependencies on sugar and other "fillers" to a deeper relationship with God.  All my adult life I have battled with food and my eating habits, using food to reward and punish myself, celebrate and mourn life, and fill whatever positive or negative emotional hole I might feel at any given time.  Walking alongside Wende and others through 40 days of fasting from sugar and also feasting on God's Word has helped me believe that God has a better plan for my life.  A plan that includes a healthier relationship with food as a nourishing gift from my loving Father.  While participating online in Wendy's 40 Day Sugar Fast has provided the impetus and online community for my change, her book provides a daily resource I use to keep myself on track.  My journey to healthier eating and living isn't over, but now I have strong foundational tools to build on.  Thank you Wende!
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Speaking from experience, you will be tempted to devour The 40-Day Sugar Fast by Wendy Speake.  Thankfully, the book is sensibly organized into thought-provoking, snack-sized portions--whetting your appetite for more (!) while giving sufficient time to digest the wisdom and Truth of each (fasting) day's reading.

Guidelines for fasting are outlined.  The basic commitment:  saying "no" to refined sugars for forty days.  Beyond that, the reader is encouraged to consult God for the specifics of his/her individual fast.  As we experience the very real demands and side effects of physical detox, we are further challenged to "fast" anything else we are tempted to run to instead of God (i.e. alcohol, hobbies, retail therapy, and social media, just to name a few--who knew there could be so many sugar "substitutes?").  Practical ideas for "Life Beyond the Fast" and additional resources are also included.

Wendy speaks from a place of personal experience, enabling her to empathize with and encourage those of us who accompany her on this journey towards spiritual transformation.  Implementing her concept of FEASTING (on God's Word) WHILE FASTING was eye-opening to me, a fasting novice.  I actually thrived despite increasing my physical hunger that I might experience greater spiritual hunger.

There is so much wisdom within the pages of this book that I had difficulty choosing a favorite quote to share with you.  I narrowed it down to this:

"Don't be afraid to get hungry; be afraid of a life that never hungers for God."
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When God called Wendy to fast from sugar, she not only took the call, but humbly invited women to sojourn with her.  This book is the fruit of his pruning her heart, and the hearts of hundreds of women, working miracles of body, mind and spirit.  Because she has journeyed through this fast, Wendy anticipates the arguments within and without, which arise and threaten to keep us in bondage to this god who does not love us back. Her daily invitation to feast on Christ’s affection and abundance, instead, holds the potential not only reshape your body, but the power to reshape the topography of your heart.  

This sugar fast devotional and community of women has been a mirror to me; I’m no longer looking in the glass, hoping to remove a flaw skin-deep, but I’m going knee-deep, asking God to reveal the make-up of my spirit.  You may begin by praying God gives you strength to give up sugar, feeling it is hard to give up, but you will end by wanting to release so much more, as you feast on the sweetness of God, and allow him to satiate your soul.
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This book has and is changing my life. I started reading it to break my sugar addiction. Now I'm learning how to truly fast. Wendy Speake teaches us how to slowly change from self-focus needs to others-focus needs. Learning to depend on God for our needs and wants not on sugar or any type of food or external distractions for our comfort. If you are wanting to make changes to what you reach for when you are stressed, bored or depressed this book is for you.
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This is an outstanding book! It not just a sugar fast, it's a fast from anything that you put before God. I was amazed at how many things I was putting before God. It was an eye-opener for me. Reading this book is like having a conversation with a close friend. This is a book I will read and refer back to often. Thank you Baker Books via NetGalley for the ARC copy of this book. All opinions expressed are my own.
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