Perfect Kill

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Perfect Kill is the latest book in the Turner & Callanach series by Helen Fields and it is another excellent crime novel that keeps you hooked from the first page.

The storyline is set in both Scotland and France with the author weaving the narrative without confusing the reader.

This is a very enjoyable series and one that I look forward to. Definitely recommended
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Another amazing book from Helen Fields. I love the characters of Ava and Luc and their relationship keeps me gripped. Highly recommended reading.
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I haven’t read any of Helen Fields books in this series but found that the author gives sufficient background detail of the main characters DI Luc Callanach, DCI Ava Turner and Jean Paul of Interpol that the book can be read as a stand alone book.  The three main characters interacted and engaged well with each other.  Callanach is of Scottish and French parentage and is seconded to Interpol   in France to work with his old friend and former colleague Jean Paul.  The book revolves round female sexual trafficking in Edinburgh and trafficking for human organs in France.  When a male body is discovered in France devoid of all internal organs Callanach along with Jean Paul are called in to investigate, it quickly becomes clear the body is that of a missing male from Edinburgh.  At the same time another male , Bart,Campbell  has also gone missing from Edinburgh.  Meanwhile a body found in Edinburgh leads Turner whilst investigating that murder to become aware of sex trafficking ring which is connected.  After DS Lively infiltrates the house where the sex workers are kept it becomes clear that the cases in Edinburgh and France are connected and it’s a race against time to save both Bart Campbell, a Scottish female also held with him and the sex workers from their gruesome fate.  The book moves along at a fast pace, it is a tense and thrilling read but some parts may not be for the feint hearted, I myself found the details about the  sex workers a little bit too graphic but that’s just my personal view, that apart I enjoyed the book enormously and shall now read the first five in the series.

Thanks to Net galley, and Avon books for this ARC.
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I always enjoy reading books in this series,I love the characters.The pace of the book was good, and I read it really quickly.Bring on the next one,please !
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This is the sixth book in a series featuring DI Luc Callanach and DCI Ava Turner. I read it as a standalone novel though, entirely satisfactorily.

Callanach, of French and Scottish parentage, is seconded from Edinburgh to Paris as an Interpol liaison officer, while Turner is in Edinburgh. Their paths cross when the body of a young man from Edinburgh is found in Paris, stripped of organs.. Another young Edinburgh man is missing. Meanwhile there's a sex trafficking ring operating in Edinburgh, a man is found shot and the remains of bodies are found on a pig farm....

A gritty police procedural with heft and depth. The subject matter is often grim. Despite the quality of the writing I found myself continually picking this book up and putting it down again.

I received a digital advance review copy from the publisher via NetGalley.
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This is the sixth in a series of crime novels written by Helen Fields featuring Detective Inspector Luc Callanach and Detective Chief Inspector Ava Turner. This follows on from the fifth book in the series "Perfect Crime". However, this latest entry can be read as a standalone thriller.

Luc Callanach had been seconded from Interpol in France to Police Scotland's Major Investigation Team in Edinburgh, but at the beginning of this book he is back in Paris acting as Scottish liaison officer with Interpol investigating the disappearance of a young man from Edinburgh. Meanwhile, Ava Turner and the rest of the Major Investigation Team become involved with a murder that appears to be related to gangland violence in Edinburgh.

Hence, the story takes place on both sides of the English Channel and there are several strands to it, involving organised crime, people trafficking and murder. I liked the way that the chapters alternated between these different strands. This resulted in the tension being maintained throughout the book, so that I found myself wanting to keep turning the pages to find out what happened next.

I have read the two preceding books in the series, and it was good to re-visit familiar characters. One of my favourite characters, a detective sergeant, gets to play a more significant role in this story and we see a different side to his character.

A criticism I have made of previous books in the series is that, for stories set in Edinburgh, the dialogue has featured very few Scottish colloquialisms and, indeed, there have appeared to be some Americanisms. I am pleased to report that, for this latest book, this has been addressed, and there are a few good Scottish expressions throughout.

Overall, I found the book to be a thrilling, although at times very graphic, account of law enforcement agencies' investigations into major crimes. So, are these investigations on both sides of the Channel resolved? You will have to read the book to find out.
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A sound, solid police procedural with engaging characters, fact-paced and set in atmospheric  surrounds. Unfortunately I hadn't realised there were prior books with these characters but I now know what I'll be reading next. I've become emotionally invested in the handsome hunk of a policeman Luc and his senior-in-rank would-be love interest Ava Turner. The book ended on a very upbeat note, despite one of the tangential characters being diagnosed with cancer. I won't say more for fear of letting drop spoilers but I now have a reason (as if one were needed) to await the next ''installment''. A fantastic read and one I'd and highly recommend to my fellow bookworms - you won't be disappointed. My thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.
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Oh I do love this series. Have I said that before? I know I have but I only say it because it is true. With brilliant characters and storylines which always keep you on your toes and guessing, it makes for a brilliant read.

This book is slightly different from the others as readers know from very early on the who in this particular chase, but perhaps not the full extent of the whys and wherefores. This is an investigation which is taking place on both sides of the English Channel, with Luc Callanch back in Paris as liaison to Interpol, helping to investigate the abduction and subsequent murder of a young man from Edinburgh which will see the Detective finding unexpected links back to an investigation that his DCI, Ava Turner, hs charge of back home.

This book is full of tension and really elevates that feeling of unease within the reader. There are two very distinct and yet linked threads to this story, neither of which is particularly palatable and yet both of which are sadly believable. This is a story of human trafficking by the most depraved of individuals, but with a very unique twist that adds something to the reading experience. As expected from a Luc Callanch novel, there are moments that will make you wince - the story takes several very dark turns and whilst most of the violence is kept off page, the intention and the result is still very clear and provokes a visceral reaction as a reader.

I love the relationship between Callanach and Ava and anyone who has read the previous book in the series will know that their friendship is balanced very precariously on a knife edge right now. This carries over into this new book, and the tension between them is intriguing to watch, played perfectly by the author. Beyond our two lead characters, we get to see a very different side to Lively in this book, a far more sensitive side, still mixed with his bullish passion though, and I kind of liked it. He is entangled in a very complex and heart-wrenching case which had me enraged as a reader because I know that a good portion of what happens is likely happening everyday somewhere in the world. 

This is another brilliant, fast paced, high stakes, completely engrossing read from Helen Fields in a series I absolutely love. I can't wait to read more from Callanach and Ava and they sure have plenty left to offer. Brilliant stuff.
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All alone in a steel container, with only a few snacks to survive.  What's happening?  When you are removed from the container it is sprayed out and a small group of women are then sealed inside.
Are these two cases connected by anything other then the use of the contain.  Find out the different possible outcome for each inhabitant.
Great story. Thanks netgalley.
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Thanks to Net Galley and Avon books for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This was my first Helen FIelds book and wont be my last.

It was well paced, characters developed well and flowed nicely.  The story itself had me hooked.

I am now purchasing the series from the start so thank you Net Galley and Avon Books, you have converted me!
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First and foremost, a large thank you to NetGalley, Helen Fields and Avon Books UK for providing me with a copy of this publication, which allows me to provide you with an unbiased review.

Returning to this stellar police procedural series, I was eager to discover how Helen Fields would tackle some of the major cliffhangers she left for readers. She’s surely spun things around and developed a multi-pronged storyline that will keep series fans talking and the reader enjoying this one until the final page. With DI Luc Callanach on the outs with his boss at MIT Police Scotland, he has agreed to make his way to France and help out an old INTERPOL colleague. When they discover the remains of a body—its internal organs removed—Callanach is baffled about who or what might be lurking in the shadows. Some preliminary DNA traces it back to a missing Scottish boy, forcing Callanach to get on the phone with DCI Ava Turner, this aforementioned boss and past love interest. Turner takes the call and agrees to make the notification, but is working some cases of her own. Someone has discovered the body of a man, shot in the head. Found in a seedy part of Edinburgh, there are some obvious signs of trying to clean up the scene. Add to that, a young man has gone missing out of thin air and no one can make sense of it. While both cases progress, Callanach learns of an underground organ transplant ring and tries to infiltrate it, but must be extremely delicate, while DCI Turner’s leads send her on a few wild chases, including to a pig farm. Both Turner and Callanach must also tackle feelings from their recent amorous tiff and news of a friend that leaves them broken. With two additional underlying plots related to people in captivity, this book leaves little time to breathe or process. Fields has done it again, with a stellar piece of writing. Recommended to those who love this series and need another reason, as well as the reader who loves a police procedural that leaves it all out on the field (pun intended).

I discovered this series  a while back and cannot get enough of it. The mix of Scottish and French beliefs adds depth to the story and a layer of humour I have not found elsewhere. Luc Callanach remains a wonderful protagonist, still smarting from some of his choices, but eager to help back in France. His police work is balanced nicely with an air of compassion, both for Ava, as well as those around him on the case. We do not get much more back story, or even processing what happened, but Callanach does well keeping things professional as best he can. Contrasting nicely with this is DCI Ava Turner, whose supervisory role has been violated again, but she is still trying to shake off the feelings she has for Callanach. Compartmentalising these is difficult, but she as a few major cases on her plate, let alone the news of a friend’s illness. Juggling all this, as well as professional interactions with Callanach begin the wear her down to the nub. Others make recurring or new appearances and keep the story fresh, from all angles. Fields has done well to develop some characters who pull the reader in, while others are surely repulsive enough that no one wants near them. The plot was strong and worked well for me, balancing a Scotland and France angle, tying things together effectively without muddying the waters too much. There is that ongoing Callanach-Turner strain that has kept the series on edge for a while, which does not dissipate here. As series fans scream for some resolution, they also bask in the awkwardness that continues throughout. I am eager to see where things are headed, as this series never disappoints.

Kudos, Madam Fields, for another stellar instalment in the series. I hope you have many more ideas for your crew!
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Many thanks to the author, publishers and Netgalley for a free ARC of this book in exchange for an unbiased review. This is a really good read. It's part of a series, but can be read as a stand alone. It's easy to pick up the story, as I did not having read the predecessors. I enjoyed the character developments, and although some of the scenes described were unnerving, and potentially upsetting to some, it was worth perservering with. I'm notsure if I'd read any other books by this author, as this wasn't really my preferred genre, however that's just my preference, it was a very well done. I'd score it a solid 4 stars.
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This is the sixth in the series starring DCI Ava Turner and DI Luc Callanach and my first but certainly not my last.  A young man is kidnapped in Edinburgh and reported as a missing person.   .  Ava Is working in Edinburgh so starts looking into the case,  and Luc is now based in France working his cases but their individual cases are somehow linked.  
I was able to read this without having read the previous novels but did not feel I had missed out although reading the previous would probably add to the characters back stories. A great novel which unfolded in an unexpected way.
 Thanks to Avon books and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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The book begins with two murders, and the investigations into the crimes.  The action takes place in Scotland and France, and involves cases of organ harvesting, and human trafficking.  Although this book is part 6 of a series, this is the first book that I’ve read in the series and I did not feel like I was missing anything. I will definitely look for other books by this writer.
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In Perfect Kill, Helen Fields has returned to the form of her earlier books.  I had been disappointed in the previous book (Perfect Crime) and almost did not request this book as a result.  I am glad that I took a chance on it.   The series continues to entertain with strongly developed characters (both male and female), well constructed multiple plot lines and very readable text.  There were some weak points - notably the ending which seemed out of character with the rest of the story,  Also, one of the crimes had a particularly bizarre aspect (can't say more without revealing too much of the plot), which I found unsettling and uncomfortable.  Others might not feel the same and I certainly wouldn't advise anyone against reading it because of what might be my own squeamishness.
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I adore this series, and this book, the sixth in the DI Callanach series, is way up there with the rest. Totally horrifying and dark in parts, the story packs loads of suspense as the bodies continue to pile up. Luc Callanach and his boss, DCI Ava Turner, get drawn into the sordid underworld of prostitution and human trafficking. The story also involves some horrific gratuitous violence – so it’s really not for the faint-hearted. I found the descriptions of “the world’s nastiest spectator sport” almost too difficult to read. 
I really enjoy the relationship between the gorgeous Luc and Ava. While it took me a while to warm to him, she is totally delightful, but also needs a jolly good shaking. What was she thinking with her major indiscretion with one of her team members?  
Ava is investigating a murder in an unsavoury part of Edinburgh. If she and Luc were only communicating, they might have realised earlier that it’s linked to his investigation with his ex-partner into the death of a Scottish lad in Paris. I love Ava’s honesty. What you see is what you get, and when she’s made a mistake, she’s forthright about it. She also has lashings of the empathy that so many fictional detectives lack, and is fiercely loyal to her friends and squad. I just wish she wasn’t so silly with her relationships! She’s also not scared to get down and dirty, and leads from the front. 
As usual, there’s wonderful low-key humour throughout the book and even the  fairly minor characters are beautifully drawn, such as the chillingly ghastly, but charismatic, Giorgia Moretti-Russo. I really enjoyed the friendship between Ava, Natasha and Luc– such humanity in stark contrast to the inhumanity of the crimes they investigate. A great read that I thoroughly recommend and I cannot wait for the next one.
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I have read all the previous books in this series, which just keeps improving. Set partly in Scotland and partly in France,this story-line is very topical and the action is fast paced. The serious issues covered in this book are dealt with in a sensitive manner, especially the organ harvesting. Characterisation is excellent and I loved the humour of DS Lively. I loved the ending and the promise of more from Callanach and Turner. Overall, I have no hesitation of giving this book 5* and I would highly recommend starting with book one in the series. Thanks to Net Galley for my ARC.
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This was a very chilling and suspenseful storyline!  An excellent crime thriller!  I would definitely read more from this Author!
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Helen Fields has done it again, great to see DCI Ava Turner and DI Luc Callanach back in action for book six in this great series. This time Callanach has gone back to his native France as Scottish liaison officer to Interpol working with his ex partner Jean-Paul.

At first what looks like two cases after a body or shell of a body is found in Flanders all the organs have been removed. Whilst in Scotland Ava is dealing with missing person cases, which then end up as murders, but when a photograph of one of her missing people turns up on French soil, they realise the cases are linked.

People trafficking, mainly young girls being sex trafficked, to organ harvesting, this is a gripping read, not for the faint hearted. Such a brilliantly written book. With characters you can’t help but like. Great to see a different side to DI Lively in this one, he hasn’t been the most likeable in the previous books, but this time we see the other side of him.

Despite this being a book with some strong themes in it, it’s no always doom and gloom, there is always some humour added, with banter between the team, which lightens the difficult subjects handled.

This can be read as a stand alone novel but if you like a good police procedural with  great plots, great characters, I would recommend you start at the beginning. Get to see how these great characters grow. Each of them having the others back at all times. This series just gets better. Looking forward to book 7

I would like to thank #netgalley and #Avon for an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest, fair and unbiased review.
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#PerfectKill #NetGalley Another fabulous book in the DI Luc Callanach/DCI Ava Gardner series.  Set in Edinburgh and Paris, it covers two cases that become inextricably linked.  As always the writing is fast paced and edge of the seat riveting with a dark and gruesome storyline.  I love this series and the relationship between Luc and Ava and also with Natasha.  I did want to give Ava a shake and tell her to buck her ideas up!  For a fierce, strong DCI character she is rubbish on the relationship front.  She needs to give her head a wobble in regards to Luc for the next book but I can't wait to read it!!
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