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I love the way Inara Scott writes, and her Bad Angels series is fantastic. This second installment sees Conor and Zoe realize there might be more to their relationship than platonic friendship. They don’t have a meet cute in this book, since their friendship is already established, but they do have a funny incident that is the catalyst to their romance, plus it gives the reader a chance to see strong, independent career woman Zoe being all too human — and hilarious. Both Zoe and Conner resist getting involved, Zoe because her career in the tech world could take a hit if she’s found to be involved with a client, and Conner because while he has been carrying a torch for Zoe for years doesn’t think he can give her what she needs in a relationship. I really enjoyed following these two as they navigated their way to a happy ever after. It was also fun to catch up with the other characters who appeared in the first book in the series. I definitely recommend this one.
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I love enemies to lover book and this is such a cute book . I now wanted to read other books of inara . Thanks netgalley for this book.
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This was such a fun and quirky read about 2 people who work together and never realized how appealing they were too each other. At least they never told anyone about it. So throw in a scooter accident and let the fun begin. Oh and wait until you find out the reason for said scooter accident....
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LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this story! Inara was a completely new author to me and I couldn't believe I had never read anything of hers before.

I love books that have the element of enemies to lovers, it makes the story so much more interesting and has so much sexual tension. This book did not dissapoint in that area.

I will be reading the rest of the books in this series.
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I was given an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

I am SO far behind in reviewing books it isn't even funny. This particular book was published in August of this year, and honestly I would suggest that anyone who is a fan of cute romance novels check it out. It was right up my alley, and exactly what I needed to get my mind off of all of the stress I am going through at the moment. I generally am not a fan of the "will they won't they" sort of romance, but it was obvious from the beginning that Zoe and Connor were going to get their HEA, which is a plus for me! 

I also liked the focus on women in STEM and the lack of women in tech jobs, and how Zoe was trying to work to change that. Zoe herself was a smart, beautiful, clumsy girl who was definitely worthy of her man's love--even if she didn't know it in the beginning. Connor was a nerdy whiskey aficionado who likes to cook... Is there even a more perfect man on Earth? #bookboyfriend. The two had been friends forever and didn't want their "relationship" to ruin what they currently had. Both had serious hang ups about relationships that they were able to work through in order to make their relationship a real thing. 

This wasn't a hard read. It isn't groundbreaking or anything. But it was funny, cute, and gave me an escape. I would definitely read more by Scott, including the first book in the Bad Angels series, and any more she chooses to add.
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I just really enjoyed this book. It was just really easy to get lost in this book. I just couldn’t get enough of it and didn’t want it to end. I will definitely be reading more by this author.
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Temptation is the story of half friends half coworkers who fall for each other. Zoe is a paten lawyer with brains and drive and a spine of steel while Connor is an engineer, crisis solver, business owner and tech guru. She works for them along with her two partners and over the years they have all become friends. The problem? She has noticed Connor and he’s noticed her. When an incident ends with Connor taking care or Zoe things turn. They strike a deal and start to spend time together. When they both create plans, who knew their feelings would end up leading them astray. 

It was a good read and I enjoyed all the characters.
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I am having so much fun getting to know the group of friends in Inara Scott's Bad Angels series. I want to hang out at their favorite bar, sip whiskey with Connor and Zoe, pet sit their pups, and get to know all of them better. I don't know how many books Scott has planned for this series but I hope it doesn't end anytime soon! 

I really enjoyed Connor and Zoe. They are confident and accomplished, but also realistically flawed. Both have complicated family backgrounds that have shaped their lives and influenced their actions, both hold their personal histories close to the chest, and neither of them is looking to start a relationship...but fate, and an ill-advised scooter ride, have other ideas. I really liked these two together and was cheering for a happy ending throughout their journey.

Scott slowly reveals each of them to readers as they reveal their true selves to one another, along with a few self-revelations, pulling in other characters along the way but keeping the focus on the leads. Even the scenes with Connor's mother and her (retired scientists), cut-throat, card-playing friends (I adore these women!) help to dig deeper into the characters of both Zoe and Connor while continuing to move the story forward. And, speaking of Connor's mother, I really enjoyed her character arc and the poignant evolution of her relationship with her son. 

The chemistry between Connor and Zoe sizzles, the banter is fast-paced and witty, and their deepening emotional connection had me sighing with satisfaction. The "bro dialogue" among Connor and his business partners is spot-on for guys who've been friends since college and I enjoyed their interactions immensely. I can't wait to see what Scott has in store for these Bad Angels next!

*ARC received from publisher via NetGalley. All opinions expressed are unbiased and my own.
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I was so pleased to have read Temptation.  It's the first in Inara Scott's Bad Angels series that I have read, and it stands alone well. I was entertained enough by the series premise and secondary characters that I will seek out the series.  Temptation is sort of a friends to lovers/Pygmalion trope, which worked really well.  The characters are quite complete and engaging. Their journey to happily ever after was well written and balanced.  3.5
I received my copy through NetGalley under no obligation.
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Zoe Riva has worked hard to be taken seriously as a patent attorney in a mans world but when she literally falls at the feet of long time client Connor Ashton things start to change. They both know nothing can happen between lawyer and client but doesn’t stop their irresistible attraction. Funny and quirky story and characters. Very enjoyable. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Temptation is the second stand alone in the Bad Angels series by Inara Scott. As close friends and coworkers, attorney Zoe Riva and tech genius Connor Ashton know they can never get involved. Never. Ever. Until a scooter accident lands Zoe in Connor's arms—and his overnight custody—and she starts to see a man she's never seen before. With her career and her heart on the line, Zoe can't afford to take any chances. But when combustible chemistry takes over, even the smartest people in the room can make the biggest of mistakes.

Temptation is a friends to lovers romance that had me hooked from the start. I was in a bit of a reading slump- where nothing was really making me eager to get back to reading after having to put the book down for a moment, and this book broke that streak. Zoe is a strong, successful, and professional woman just trying to get ahead in a field that is still dominated by deals made in bars and over sports. Connor is a smart guy that is more than a little shy and socially awkward. A chance encounter has them each pondering crossing the border of friendship into something more- but they each have emotional scars and professional qualms about taking the next step- until they cross the line anyway. I loved the sass and straightforwardness of Zoe, and Connor's sweet nature. The secondary characters, particularly Connor's mother and her friends, were great fun while the couple's mutual friends added some honest talk and advice to even things out. I honestly found myself routing for our couple from the very beginning- even when their efforts to seem nonchalaunt had me face palming. The read hit all the sweet spots, heart, heat, and humor and left me grinning one the last page. I just might be going back to read the first book in the series, but I will definitely be putting Scott's name of my list of authors to watch for. 

Temptation is a contemporary romance with strong characters and a nearly perfect balance of heat, heart, and humor.
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It's always amazing to see a strong, determined, smart female heroine, particularly one who works as a lawyer, so it's safe to say I enjoyed this novel. Add in a swoonworthy male lead, some spunky geriatric physicists and tons of chemistry between the two leads, you've got a great read. 
Zoe Riva. What a fantastic lead. I seriously have to rave about her. I loved how Scott has written her character. She's strong, with a. bit more of a troubled past, she's smart and knows how to handle when the men around her are being dumb and stupid. And though this book may not ultimately be about sexism in the workplace or making your way up as a woman in the workforce, this book certainly deals with a lot of the issues that I know women are facing today - definitely more so in some industries than others. And as strange as it is to say, there are some valuable lessons in that - like, stick to your guns or be authentic. 
Connor - I really enjoyed reading about Connor and Zoe. They somehow manage to balance each other out well - I guess it's partly that whole opposites attract thing. And it works well. He's the strong and silent type but blames himself for some deeper trauma in his past, which was interesting on a psychological level, to see and examine in the context of the story.
Storyline and Plotting:
Lovely. It moved at a great rate, not too fast, not too slow, etc. But I would have loved to see some more adventure that Connor and Zoe undertook/undertake throughout the novel. A few more of those kind of moments where they are in another situation rather than just either a few ahem (raunchier) scenes or them chatting (which I did love as well).
A great, solid, romcom kind of read. There are some ever so slightly darker tones in some areas, but not that dark at all. Fluffy, the kind of read you indulge with after a long day.
Note: I was generously provided an ARC by the author and the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.
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I was hesitant to start this book because I loved the first one so much. But within the first few chapters. I had regretted ever waiting. I loved it. I think connors mom may have been my favorite character. Just kidding. But only kind of. Everything about this book was well done. It was funny when it needed to be. Tender and kind and gentle, but deep and passionate. It showed pain, it showed fight, and drive. It was everything a romance should be.
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Friends, coworkers, lovers...  Awesome chemistry, another well written sexy read!  
Interesting from the start, you keep turning the pages to see the chemistry, the sexinest...  
Good pace, full of emotions.

I want to meet him!

And beautiful cover too!

Thank you to NetGalley and Entangled Publishing for the ARC of this book.  This is my honest review.  All opinions are my own.
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Friends to lovers is my favourite trope ever so that's why I wanted to read this book. 

At first I was hocked because Conor's been in love with Zoe for a lot of time and she was the one that started to see him  in a romantic way. And it was well done because Zoe starts to see him in another "light" but Gradually. "Slow burn" it's one of my favourite tropes so that was good.

The sub-plot about Connor and his mother and his mother's friends (a group of older women's who are scientists) was really interesting  and fun to read. 

The problem was that Connor and Zoe get in a "no strings attached" kind of relationship and they don't think they would work as a couple and for me it was really silly of them and it didn't make much sense. There wasn't any REAL obstacle (well, maybe the fact that they work together but they don't work in the same department so it was that much of a big deal) for them not to be together.
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How can you not love a guy, six foot four, plays basketball, genius smart, who can cook like nobody's business, and loves his momma?!?! That is Connor.  He was amazing from start to finish despite his social hang ups or realizing what was in front of him the whole time. Zoe is a fantastic woman, strong and independent, fierce and goes for what she wants, a little lonely, wanting a family but not feeling like she deserves one.  I adored their friendship and the camaraderie of their group.  But when it is Connor and Zoe alone, sparks fly.  That sizzle is explosive.  The best part is learning their histories and seeing how they support one another and become closer.  I just loved their heart to hearts, and those shared with their friends to get full understandings of the other's true meanings. 

I received this book in exchange for an  honest review from the publisher through Netgalley.
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4.5 stars - I loved Temptation! I always enjoy a good friends to lovers romance, throw in a nerdy, introvert millionaire and it’s impossible for me to resist. Bonus, we can read the writing on the wall for Nate and Cece, a juicy enemies to lovers I don’t plan to miss. 

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Zoe is a high-profile patent attorney in San Francisco. She has a group of co-workers and friends that have made up her social circle for years. One of her friends, Conner, begins to become “more” than a friend after an accident that has her spending quite a bit of time with him. This novel is both sweet and steamy but just perfect for a long summer night! Excellent addition to the contemporary romance genre.
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When I began reading the book, I had my apprehensions because this was the second book in a series, and I had not read the first one. However, this book was so beautifully crafted to be a stand-alone book, and not having read the first didn't really set me back at all. The story revolves around Zoe and Connor, thrown together by a scooter accident. They're both fighting their inner demons that load them with fears, hesitation, paranoia, and anxiety, all of which don't make things easy for them to fall in love. But the chemistry is striking. I loved the characterization, and the way Scott has treated Zoe's character. 

Zoe is not a swoon-any-time kind of a girl, but is a headstrong engineer turned lawyer, and that makes her all the more alluring. Reading about the Geriatric Physicist Grannies (GPGs) was an absolute delight. :)  The group, consisting of Connor's mother and her comrades had me in splits all the time. 
I loved Scott's writing and narration. The book cruises through pleasantly and there are no nasty bumps. The pace is perfect, neither too fast and jerky, nor too dragging. I loved this book. I'd strongly recommend this to all sweet romance genre lovers. 

Thanks to Rockstar Book Tours and Entangled publishing for gifting me with a copy of this book for an honest review.
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Temptation was perfection! I seriously have no quibbles with this one. There's no miscommunication, no lying, and nothing annoying about their relationship. Zoe and Conner are two adults with clear expectations, and it was so refreshing to read about characters that didn't frustrate me. Their lives weren't perfect, and the two of them had their issues to work through, but their problems were relatable and understandable. 

First of all, I want to say how happy it makes me that Zoe is a confident and driven character. She knows what she wants professionally and personally, and she's not afraid to voice her opinion. I really liked how much Conner respected Zoe, and that the two of them were able to do more than have good sex. He appreciates her for her mind as well as her body, and it really showed when the two of them were together. 

I haven't read the first book in this series, although each book can stand on its own, and there were a few spoilers in this one about Tess and Mason. I'm sure I would have appreciated their cameos more had I read their story first! Tess sounds like someone I would really like. Regardless, I still plan on reading the first book, and I'm definitely buying this series for my shelves. 

I adored the GPGs and their badass Bridge playing! They're incredibly smart women that have had to fight for their place in the world, and I love how they teased each other and Conner. They welcomed Zoe into their group with affection and understanding, and I really hope they make an appearance again in the future. 

Conner was adorable and I loved his quirky behaviors. He doesn't like crowds or parties, and his childhood has left him a little broken. Zoe can see this, and she also recognizes that her past has damaged parts of herself as well, particularly how the two of them value themselves and their roles in a relationship. They don't believe they deserve love and happiness after past mistakes and choices, and it was nice seeing them work out the reasons behind their behaviors. 

Temptation is a remarkably well-written story that's fun and left me grinning like a fool! It's sweet and sexy, authentic and relatable, and I cannot wait for more from this author (particularly the other two books in this series). If you need a new romance in your life, I highly recommend this one!

Side note: I'm not a fan of whisky, but now I feel like I should give it another chance after Zoe's experience.

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