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I’ve previously read and loved The Rumour by this author so was looking forward to this one, and I did really enjoy it. It follows Astrid who is a recovering alcoholic and as a result of her problems is back living with her mum. She joins a local AA meeting and there meets two women – Rosie and Helen. She hits it off with one but is quickly suspicious of the other. She also soon feels like she is being followed and watched. I do love an unreliable narrator so loved how I wasn’t always sure about whether Astrid was telling us the truth of what happened. I enjoyed seeing Astrid trying to make a new life for herself and felt for her when she agonised over how much of her past she should reveal, and when. I did see where this book was going from early on but it didn’t spoil my enjoyment as I was keen to know if Astrid was going to be okay in the end. Plus there was more than meets the eye when the denouement does come!
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I haven’t read anything by this author before but I really liked her writing style. I liked how it’s fluid and not forced, it flows unlike many other books I’ve read by other writers. I liked the characters and the storyline. The dialogue of the people conversing were just natural and felt real. This book had me hooked from the start.
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In this story we follow Astrid who has reluctantly returned home to live with her mother. All the while attempting to remain sober and try to keep her troubles at bay. However it really isn’t going to be that easy especially when the past simply refuses to let go. Someone knows all of her secrets and is determined to make her pay!

Well, it’s safe to say that I was taken on quite a twisty journey with Astrid. Even after finishing this book I still can’t quite make my mind up about her. Astrid is definitely weighed down by guilt and secrets from her past. There is a darkness that surrounds her and this adds an extra depth to the book. Especially as the reader gets to experience her life with addiction. Then add in the mystery over who could be behind everything and I found myself turning those pages determined to discover it all.

The pacing of Who Did You Tell? is pretty good and I definitely got a feel for Astrid’s deepening despair. Seeing the way her life is slowly but surely spiralling out of control. This in turn all brings a certain amount of tension because I really wasn’t quite sure what would happen next. There are a few characters I suspected and I kept chopping and changing my mind. So I definitely enjoyed the fact that I was kept on my toes.

Who Did You Tell? is a book that I could lose myself in. It is filled with secrets, a dark atmosphere and kept me guessing throughout!
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As a recovering alcoholic myself I could completely relate to the main characters struggle with alcohol. Her story is told sympathetically and reflects accurately many people's battle. The plot moves along nicely with a few unexpected twists, the best and most unexpected is left till last and totally unexpected. Well worth a read
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A dark and twisty thriller, this was right up my alley. I enjoyed Lesley Karas first novel and  Was really looking forward to reading this, and I wasn’t disappointed. A really tense and interesting read.
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I have some mixed feelings about this book. While I thought the author, Lesley Kara, did a wonderful job of describing what it must be like for a recovering alcoholic to stay strong in the face of their addiction especially when they are embarrassed by their past excesses and  actions and  don’t want to tell the new people they meet that bars are off limits for them as the temptation is too strong. On the other hand, some of the behaviors of people in this story are erratic and not always believable.

Overall, the story, with the exception of some of the characters, was well written with a twist I didn’t see coming. I thought I had it all figured out—until  I  didn’t

There’s a good bit of sex in the book; however, it’s not graphic.
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First time reading a book by Lesley Kara and I absolutely loved it. It did take me a while to get into but once I did I was hooked
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I read Lesley Kara’s first book, The Rumour, for my book club so I was looking forward to starting this one. 

Astrid is an alcoholic and trying to get sober after the death of her ex boyfriend. She’s moved back in with her mum and is attending AA meetings. Astrid feels that she’s being followed but puts this down to paranoia, until she receives sinister messages claiming to know about her past. 

Initially, I didn’t like Astrid as a character and struggled to sympathise with her. As the story progressed I found I did feel sorry for her as she seemed to want to change her ways. All the times she nearly caved and had a drink I found myself willing her not to and was glad when she managed to resist. 

I had my suspicions about a couple of the characters so found the story a bit predictable and it wasn’t as gripping as it could have been. 

Some parts were a bit cliche and I did roll my eyes at her meeting a handsome, perfect man on the beach, they go for coffee and fall head over heels for each other. 

The ending was OK but very conveniently a happy ending. 

The chapters are short and it’s easy to read. It holds your interest and would be a good holiday read.

Thanks to NetGalley and Penguin Random House for an advance copy for review.
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The plot has you shouting out loud at the main character NO! An excellent, well written story line. The main character is endearing and I really rooted for her through her struggles.
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It’s been 192 days, seven hours and fifteen minutes since her last drink. Now Astrid is trying to turn her life around. Having reluctantly moved back in with her mother from the temptations and painful memories of her life before, Astrid is focusing on her recovery. She's going to meetings. Confessing her misdeeds. Making amends to those she's wronged. But someone knows exactly what Astrid is running from and they won't stop until she learns that some mistakes can't be corrected.”
Set out in three clever parts, I loved how the author wrote this book from the first person perspective of Astrid, so that we got to feel all her differing emotions first hand. With tantalising teaser pages between chapters from her stalker, which I personally love in a book, we get to see exactly what Astrid is going through, what she might be running from and how she tackles the desire to restart her drinking. It was an ingenious idea from the author to allow readers to see into the mind of an alcoholic and how those around them are left to deal with the situation. I felt very invested in Astrid’s character and because the author depicted her character so well I understood her addiction and felt I was with her every step of her journey. She was a very natural and realistic girl with real issues and demons but at her heart she was very remorseful towards the people she’d hurt and I could truly imagine her pain. The AA twelve step programme was very informative and I liked how Astrid’s mother used the Quaker religion to seek solace after her husbands death.
With twists and red herrings along the way, I really enjoyed this book and would highly recommend. Great characters, real life issues and a very believable storyline, I can’t wait for more by this author again in the future.
Has to be 5 stars!
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With thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for this ARC in exchange for an open and honest review.

Astrid had reluctantly returned  to her hometown of Flintstead after finishing rehab.  Astrid was still grieving after the suicide of her ex boyfriend Simon,   She was finding it hard living in a small town where everyone knew her business after living in London.

  Astrid was living with her  mother and felt guilty for disappointing her time and time again when she was drinking.    To make her mother happy she had reluctantly started going to AA meetings.

Astrid felt she had little in common with most of the group, however she felt a  instant bond with another  a woman called Helen.  Astrid was wary of fellow member Rosie who was an AA zealot and was keen to help.her.    Astrid was scared she was going insane when she started smelling Simon's aftershave and actually caught a glimpse of him.on the beach.

Things started to brighten for Astrid when she met surfer Josh on the beach.  She was attracted to Joel and was over the moon when she was commissioned to paint a picture window in his house.  However she became scared again when she started to receive threatening notes.  When someone started to follow Astrid she was not sure who to trust.   Who wanted to threaten Astrid and why?

Astrid`s daily battle with alcohol was compelling told.  It was sad how alcohol had affected Astrid `s relarionship with her mother.  

I liked Josh and his charismatic father Richard, it was a shame they were not a bigger part of the plot.  

The story was a slow burner with twists and turns a plenty.    The book had an air of menace and I was scared for Astrid.    When she discovered the note sender I was just as shocked as her.   

I thoroughly recommend this book.
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I went into this book expecting a lot, I’d loved Lesley Kara’s previous one and hoped this would live up to expectations, boy did it! In fact it exceeded them all!
I read this in one sitting, Kara has a away of writing a troubled, broken character and making you feel them, want better for them, want them to make good decisions, and even when they fall you’re rooting for them right til the last page.
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The synopsis reminded me of The Rumour by the same author and this installment was just as so-so as that one. I like to give an author I'm on the fence about another chance and now I have, I won't be reading anymore from Lesley Kara. Too slow, too predictable, sticking to the same disappointing and quite frankly boring formula in every book by the look of things.
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This was an intriguing read. Astrid is trying to turn her life around, recovering from alcoholism and trying to make amends for something that she's done in the past. As we find out more about her past and present, and follow her trying to build a new life, someone is trying to ensure she doesn't escape her past. As things escalate, there are plenty of twists and turns to keep you reading right to an ending I didn't see coming.
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Astrid is a 32 year-old recovering alcoholic who has recently moved back in with her Mum following a stint in rehab.  Now sober for six months, Astrid is beginning to settle into the sleepy seaside town of Flinstead where she attends regular AA meetings and is trying to get on with the rest of her life.  When she meets the lovely Josh one day at the beach romance begins to bloom and he even helps her back back into her art and painting.  Everything seems to be looking up for Astrid, except she can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong.  With painful memories and secrets from her drinking days eating her from the inside out, Astrid feels she doesn’t deserve a second chance, and she’s not alone.  Someone else in the town knows Astrid’s history, and is determined she pay for past deeds.

I was so excited to read Who Did You Tell after reading Lesley Kara’s first novel The Rumour.  I remember reading The Rumour last December just after Christmas and it was one of those books once I had started I could not put down.  I am pleased to report Who Did You Tell had the same addictive and compelling properties.  I found myself sneaking a few pages on the train or in between meetings as I was desperate to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Who Did You Tell is narrated from Astrid’s point of view with two timelines, past and present, and once I got into the swing of things the whole story seemed to flow effortlessly.  I’m normally quite good at sussing the plot out early on, but the random occurrence of unrelated events had me puzzled and compelled me to keep reading.  I was so frustrated I couldn’t work out what was going on and every time I thought I had it, there would be a twist, and I was back at square one again.

Despite Astrid’s obvious flaws, I connected well with her and found her really relatable.  Astrid is almost girl-next-door, but she makes mistakes like every human and is far from perfect, which makes her so believable as a character.  The characters are vividly drawn, all “pop” in their own way, each one memorable, not all likeable, and for me one or two that I changed my mind on throughout.  The plot is exceptionally well crafted, I thought I saw where it was headed, on the whole I did, but it gave me so much more than what I was expecting, throwing up a few curve balls towards the end.

The pace is a brisk one, one where the tension never lets up, and there are plenty of mini-dramas to keep the reader entertained so this book doesn’t suffer with the mid-book slump which sadly seems to afflict psychological thrillers.  What starts as a novel about a new start turns into something that is dark, chilling and quite intoxicating.  It is simply spine-tingling to read with a cleverly woven plot that tells of lies, secrets and will leave the reader gasping at the final reveal.

Who Did You Tell is an immersive psychological thriller bursting with suspense and intrigue.  It’s so indulgent I would recommend reading it in the one sitting with your phone off, door locked and curtains shut as you will not want to be disturbed!
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Although well written with great characters, I really struggled with this.
The story line was just too slow and predictable.
Rather than being left wanting to read more, it was more a feeling of relief to have finished.
There are a lot of far better books out there.
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Astrid woke up in hospital five months ago. And completed rehab two weeks ago. Now she is back living with her Mum, but is haunted by the ghost of her ex Simon. She smells him when she walks. She feels as though she is being watched. 

Attending AA meetings, she feels that Rosie is particularly invasive with her questioning. Helen, a new member, becomes an instant friend. And Astrid meets Josh, who makes her feel 'safe and cherished'. A little light returns to her life. But then an envelope is put through her door - a photo of Simon and on the back a picture of a woman's hand dripping with blood. Her past is back to reveal her dark secret. Simon had got clean, but after bumping into Jessica one day after they had split, he spent the night binge drinking with her. Two weeks later he killed himself. And now someone is back to make her pay. She begins to suspect everyone around her, but her stalker turns out to be the last person she expected. And a terrifying ordeal will finally reveal the whole truth, which will finally set Jessica free.
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When the chance to be part of this tour came around I was quite literary begging to take part! 

Last year The authors debut novel "The Rumour" was part of my Christmas haul and I inhaled the whole book in one sitting!

It was my utter enjoyment of this book and wanting to talk to others about it and the twisty books that I like, that led me to set up and Instagram page last December and "The Rumor" was one of my first ever posts! 

This lead to me realising that some people authors and publishers as well as my you lovely readers who enjoy my mad post might care what I think about the books I read and this blog was born!

So reading and reviewing this book this a year down the line really feels like coming full circle and I am very grateful for all my supporters and they lovely people i work with In this amazing field!

I am thrilled to say I was not disappointed, this read was completely outstanding! and I feel absolutely cements The Author as the queen of suspense.

in this read we meet Astrid and join her in her daily life outside rehab and her struggle to stay sober. The intense struggles in been an alcoholic are so well written with so much realism not just in Astrid journey but the way alcoholism has affected her whole life including those close to her.

But Astrid has secrets, now living back with her mother, attending AA meetings, a new romance, it all seems to be going well, but the lies are catching up with her, and who is watching her? leaving her letters?, they know what she did and they want revenge.

The authors writing style is just dripping in suspense each chapter slowly divulges a little bit more to just until you are speed reading to find out what happens next! and you just think you have the whole situation worked out and then boom! your knocked sideways by another twist, finally your left breathless on the last page closing the book thinking what a hell of a read!

For me Lesley Kara has done It again! Last year I loved the debut, this book has cemented me as a huge fan! I cannot wait to watch "The Rumour" on the small screen and I feel "Who did you tell?" will be heading the same way! and I for one cannot wait for what I know already will be a brilliant next book from this author!
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Loved the rumour and loved this one. Astrid is a fantastically written character. Similar vein as The Rumour, Lesley writes such good plot lines. Great read.
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I initially requested this because I really enjoyed The Rumour

It tells the story of Astrid, a recovering alcoholic desperate to get her life back on track, it’s not an easy read. 

Filled with plenty of twists and turns, some of which I didn’t see coming, yet quite a lot I did manage to predict. 

I found the main character Astrid hard to get along with, I really didn’t like her character and found her hard to find likeable and more pathetic than anything else. 

Perfect for fans of whodunnit style thrillers. 

Thank you NetGalley, 

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