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Who Did You Tell?

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This is the story of an alcoholics struggle with recovery whilst being the target of someone's revenge.

I felt like the story line itself was good and had some good twists and was full of potential.  However I found it so hard to care about the main character as she just seemed so whiny and pathetic. I know that it could be said that it makes her seem more like a recovering alcoholic but for me it just made it hard to read.  I also couldn't believe the love interest, they meet then that's it, they are a couple and he wants her to move back to London with him without even going on any proper dates! 

Thanks to Net Galley for the copy in exchange for review.
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I was delighted to receive an ARC of this book as I'd previously read The Rumour and enjoyed it. Astrid is a recovering alcoholic living with her mother in a small village and struggling to come to terms with the death of her boyfriend for which she blames herself. Although she goes to AA meetings she is finding it hard to stay on the wagon. I do know someone who is a recovering alcoholic and Astrid's situation mirrors what they are going through. I thought that the book started well, slowed down in the middle and then picked up towards the end.
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Another brilliant book by Lesley Kara, I enjoyed this dark, twisty book. Fantastic characters and writing. I've been thinking about Astrid ever since I've finished this book.
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5 stars! I loved Lesley Kara’s last book so was so excited to receive an ARC of Who Did You Tell? Whilst a slightly uncomfortable read about addiction/alcoholism, it was highly entertaining and gripping. The characters were well developed and interesting and the twists and turns kept me hooked. Highly recommend! 

Thanks kindly to Netgalley, author and publisher for the opportunity to read and review this book.
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Gritty and well described tale of living with addiction and how it can destroy.   The story unfolded with a number of twists and turns and was in no way predictable which was great.  Very much enjoyed and would read this author again.
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This is a really well written novel into the way addiction eats into lives. It was uncomfortable at times, which is credit to the author for how well written it is.
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Astrid is an alcoholic, she hasn't had a drink now for 192 days, seven hours and 15 mins but at times she is very tempted. If she has a drink she knows that she will be homeless because her mum will throw her out. Her mum already paid for her rehab and is continuing to support her but if this doesn't work this time she can do no more for her daughter. But, Astrid has much bigger reasons never to have a drink again.
Astrid is trying to put her past behind her and the death of her boyfriend but someone knows a secret they had and it could destroy her. When she meets Josh and his dad she feels that she has the chance of a new start. Thing is she isn't ready to come clean about her past and present life to them. This puts so many temptations in front of her, things that we take for granted as normal everyday life and you see just how hard it is. That proverbial carrot continually swinging everywhere.
Some of the story takes place in AA meetings where I didn't know who to trust or believe. It seems that Astrid is losing her mind when she begins to see things that shouldn't be there and catching glimpses of being followed. The one question she needs an answer to is 'Who did you tell? But her boyfriend is dead, he simply can't tell her now. 
I really wanted Astrid to succeed and stop drinking but as the story unfolded it also drops back to the worse time in her life and what she remembered had happened. I loved all the twists in the story, saw some but not others. It kept me on my toes throughout. A brilliant ending.
I wish to thank NetGalley and the publisher for an e-copy of this book, which I have reviewed honestly.
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As someone who has lived with an addict this was a frightening insight into how addiction wrecks lives and how, even in recovery, the past addiction preys on the mind constantly. Interesting to see how the slightest thing can bring back the cravings for an ex-addict - it helped me understand my relative’s behaviour a lot better. Tied up in this is an intriguing tale with enough twists and runs to keep me guessing.
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This is a story about alcoholism, relationships, fear and regrets.
It is very well written and surprisingly enjoyable for such a difficult subject.
Astrid is back home with her mum after rehab.
She is struggling almost minute by minute not to drink and is attending AA meetings where she meets Rosie and Helen.
She also meets Josh and becomes involved with him however someone is sending her messages, blaming her for things she did in the past when she and her ex Simon were drinking.
There are lots of twists and turns in the story and I particularly enjoyed the way different relationships were written..
I would thoroughly recommend this book
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Thanks #netgalley for allowing me to read this book. 
As someone who lost a close family member to alcohol abuse, this book really struck a chord with me. During my grief I have never understood their addiction, however this book has clarified many of my misconceptions. The author shows this in such a stark and moving way.
As for the plot, it was fantastic. Kept me gripped throughout and lots of twists. 
I would have liked more clarity on the layout though. Sometimes the protaganist would read out a letter but then put her own thoughts in the same paragraph. This made it challenging to work out whose viewpoint it was. All it needed was a change in font! 
Overall, a fantastic book that will resonate with me long after I finished.
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I was lucky enough to be chosen to receive a free copy to read in exchange for an honest review. 
This is a gripping thriller that grabbed me from the beginning and held me late into the night. The characters are all relatable and most are likeable. I won't give anything away but recommend this book as a must read. 
Thank you Netgalley
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There were still some surprises in this. I did work out some of it but there were enough little mysteries and red herrings to make it enjoyable.

The main character is a familiar one, an unreliable narrator. It does feel a little bit like it's s been done before (think girl on a train). The sense of place is good, setting it in a small town was perfect as the same group of people bumping into each other and becoming involved in each others lives seemed natural.

The story is a mystery and psychological thriller but also about realtionships.
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My thanks to NetGalley and publisher Random House UK, Transworld Publishers, for the ARC.

This is a somewhat tense,  psychological, thriller.  If I were watching this in film quite honestly I would find it rather boring to begin with, but it all comes together at the end.  
Astrid is a recovering alcoholic - moved back to her mum's house in sleepy Flinstead having been financed by her mother to conquer her addiction.  No more chances are going to come her way and she starts attending her AA meetings where she, in particular, meets Rosie - whom she regards as rather weird and over-zealous for the AA Plan, and Helen, who befriends her.
However, Astrid is haunted by a secret from her past when she drank heavily with her boyfriend Simon.  Those words said within AA are meant to stay within, but Astrid fears that before Simon died - he'd Told Someone.  WHO?
Astrid is a talented artist, although this had fallen by the wayside over her drunken years.  She strikes-up a relationship with Josh whose father Richard owns a remarkable house nearby and is commissioned to paint a room for him.
In between fighting her ever-present desire to drink, not letting her mother have cause to doubt her sobriety, and her growing closeness to Josh, Astrid is convinced she is being watched - that Simon is still around - she smells his aftershave, sees his silhouette; then she starts to receive threatening notes.
Who Did You Tell?

Well, you don't find out until the very end - so read it!
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Astrid, a recovering alcoholic moves in with her Mum but life 5here is not as smooth as she hoped. This is an excellent story about the stress on the entire family when alcoholism is involved!  The characterisations were so strong and the struggles so real that I had difficulty putting it down and, in fact, the people were still in my mind long after I had finished the book. 
A compulsive read
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Astrid has had to move back to the quiet seaside town of Flinstead to live with her mother. It’s not that she wants at this time in her life but there’s really no alternative. She is a recovering alcoholic 190+ days since her last drink and she has been given one last chance to sort herself out for good.
Astrid joins the local AA group and is determined to keep of the booze. She meets Josh and embarks on a new relationship, she starts working as an artist and feels that things are looking up for her even though she can’t bring herself to tell Josh about her alcohol problem.
Things begin to spiral out of control, it’s clear Astrid has things in her past that she wishes to keep hidden but she becomes convinced she is being followed. She is making new friends but is uncertain about who she can trust.
This is a solid thriller with believable characters and storyline plus the odd surprise. I enjoyed reading it and recommend giving it a go.
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Requested this book as I had enjoyed The Rumour by Lesley Kara. And I enjoyed this one too. Something a bit more complex than a thriller but there was a definite whodunnit feel to this book. 

Also liked the reference back to The Rumour - nice touch!
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Thoroughly enjoyed.  Personally knowing a person with an alcohol addiction I felt the writing of this quite personally. Well measured and shows the turmoil that affects no just the addict but, the entire family and the wider community.
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Astrid, a recovering alcoholic, moves back in with her mum after a stint in rehab and finds her past coming back to haunt her. I loved this book, fast paced and kept me guessing until the end.
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Having an insomniac moment, I started and then found myself a third of the way through Who Did You Tell? at 3am. I became absorbed in Astrid’s alcoholic struggles with her desires to drink and her challenges in saying no. Finding herself at age 32 without a job, living with her Mum in the sleepy seaside town of Flinstead, I was so happy that things were suddenly looking up for her when she met handsome Josh and his Dad Richard. As a trained scenic designer, Richard asked Astrid to paint a trompe l’oeil for him, so she was earning a little money. 

Astrid is sure that Simon, her dead ex-boyfriend/drinking partner is somewhere close by. She can smell his distinctive aftershave and knows that she’s being watched and followed. Added to that, she has started receiving threatening letters. 

Astrid attends a regular AA group where she meets odd Rosie who she doesn’t like and Helen who she befriends. 

What nobody realises is that Astrid is carrying around a terrible guilt. She killed Simon. He had been living without drink until he bumped into Astrid again. They had a binge session and he was terribly ill. 

This book is fast paced and kept me guessing right to the end. I rate it 4 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Thank you to the author Lesley Kara and Publishers Random House UK for an advance copy of this ebook in exchange for an independent review.
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After the success of The Rumour, I was expecting great things, and Who Did You Tell is sufficiently gripping, exciting, and dark. Another brilliantly thrilling book.
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