The Seal

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Unfortunately, I will not be leaving a review for this book, because it didn't touch me enough to finish it. I read half of the 142 pages story until I realized that I couldn't care for any of the characters. They all sound the same, they all think the same. They have no distinct personalities. Heck, but mid-story, I still couldn't get most of their names straight because none of them stood out. Well, maybe the protagonist, but only because she is the typical Mary Sue Chosen one. 

Sorry, I'll pass on this book.
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Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this book!
I loved the idea about a book with djinn magic. 
At the beginning the book grabbed my attention and I really enjoyed the start with all the mystery around Roshan and her brother but somewhere in the middle I felt stuck and the story was not moving and felt very boring. 
I managed to finish the book but I feel like something is missing and the story is not developed enough for me to continue with the series.
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The Seal invited us into the most intriguing of worlds, the world of magic and entities, unknown and unseen, yet omnipresent and ever-so-powerful. The book, being quite short in length, introduced a myriad of characters, all different from each other yet united in their fight and struggle to attain and live by the principles they believe in. What a great book it was to read, even though, it was not without its faults.

First, the magic and the representation of religion in this book was off the walls. It is clear that the author had created such a vast and rich place for this book and its characters. It was interesting to see the progression from the world we were first introduced to into something much darker and crueler. The readers get to see the length some would go to force their beliefs onto others and how much faith can carry a person when all else seems to fail. I know this is a bit abstract, but I’m trying not to give anything away. Sorry, not sorry!

Which leads us to the limitations of this book. It’s crowded. When I started reading it, I felt like I was standing in the middle of the mob and trying to listen in and comprehend multiple people’s conversations. I didn’t know their names, their purpose, why I was even so intent on listening to them. I just knew that I was confused and I wanted to focus on one thing. In addition to that, this book was very diverse and that is a GOOD thing, don’t get me wrong. Many books lack diversity and are set in worlds that, at this point, feel mundane and ordinary. This book was different, unique; diversity wasn’t only present in this book, it was, quite frankly, drowning it. I’m foreign myself, of Asian origin, so diversity is a darling I welcome in every book. But, here, the location of the story, the names, the magics, the beings, everything was so hard to remember and keep track of; an issue that dissipated the further you read and got into the story. Regardless, it was a definite challenge in the beginning and, for a bit, made it hard to continue. The story is wonderful but no one is going to read it if they can’t get past the first few chapters.  

Overall, I would definitely recommend it to people. It broadens one’s horizon, their knowledge of religion and fiction, and is quite an enjoyable read. But before they pick it up, I would have to tell them to remain focused and take notes at the beginning of the book, just to make sense of some things and characters. Disclaimer: I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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I really enjoyed the world that was built in this book, it was really well done. The characters were interesting and the story was very well written.
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YA fantasy about Djinn, magic and religion. A short book featuring many characters with interweaving storylines.

Considering how short this book is, there were a lot of characters and interweaving storylines. Somehow it all worked. The author clearly has a strong knowledge of this world, or possibly just had access to a good reference book as the descriptions weren’t very in-depth. As I read this on Kindle, I was able to make use of the inbuilt dictionary feature to look up some of the terms I wasn’t familiar with. 

At first when each chapter introduced a new set of characters, I thought this would get confusing but I soon got to grips with who they were and their relation to each other.

I thought this book has a strong plot and set of characters. It did lack some of the rich descriptions that other fantasy books have but this world and characters could potentially be developed more in sequels.
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This is a well written book, but it’s definitely most suited for a particular ethno-religious group. I had to do a fair amount of googling to understand what was going on. It’s a good book, but it’s not going to appeal to the mainstream population- and that’s totally ok!
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A good start for a new series. I appreciated the cast of characters, the world building and the engrossing plot.
I look forward to reading other books in this series.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.
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JF Mehentee begins this proposed trilogy on strong footing.  Mehentee has created a strong central character and begins establishing a fantasy universe in this book.  I enjoyed the author’s voice and found much to love in this fantasy adventure.  Looking forward to what is next in the series.
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