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What are you doing to help the Planet? Will the message to respect the earth get passed on or will the culture of greed and power prevail. H124 is born into a world of environmental devastation. The earth is under threat from an asteroid. H124 with her friends must find the A14 spacecraft to use to deflect the asteroid.
This is the third book in a trilogy and it would be well worth checking out the previous two books to get more background on the main characters and to follow H124’s journey.
I was given an ARC of this book by Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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I received this title courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

Requesting this title was all part of an experiment you see (in my Bugs Bunny voice). I wanted to see if I could take a science fiction story without the crutch or hint of romance and still find myself enjoying the story. Well, I can honestly say that the experiment was successful and yet it wasn’t. Let me explain …

Building up to reading Shattered Skies, after I requested it and was approved, I found out a couple of things:

- Shattered Skies is the third book in the Skyfire Saga. (This revelation sort of bummed me out because I loath reading any series that’s not romance out of order. In doing so I feel as if I’ll miss intricate world building and character development).
- While the cover and synopsis pulled me in initially I must’ve not read the synopsis all that clearly because I for some reason thought there was a historical element because it looked like pyramids in the cover lol.

Outside of the two things that I grappled with before I clicked to the first page of Shattered Skies I was slightly ready to jump into its story. I say slightly because at the time I was scheduling to read this title my moody reader syndrome reared it’s ugly head and I found myself pushing this story back quite a few times. It wasn’t until I needed to create a TBR for some readathons for October that I was able to finally carve out the time to read Shattered Skies.

Usually I can tell if a story and me will get along from the first page, sometimes it takes the entire first chapter. When I began reading the beginning of Shattered Skies the vibe was just right. The voice of the narrator was so matter of fact and solid that I felt I was watching a movie in my head. I felt my emotions crescendo with the action scene that happens immediately when the story begins. I was really invested in this story and the characters that H124 was surrounded by. The magnetism of Shattered Skies reminds me of the first Alien movie with how Ripley was the focus of the story but the supporting characters did a great job of carrying the load as well.
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This book has some grim depictions of what may be our near future. The author has extraplated from our current state of technology with the harm that can come from mismanagement of tech. Be warned there is plenty of action and not all is rosy. If you can take fast paced adventure that sometimes has unhappy endings, you'll love this book.
H124 is the central character and how she got the name is an interesting tale in itself. Just understand that families don't work the way we're used to in this future. H124's friends and allies have a difficult task and even more difficult decisions to make in order to save Earth. It's a big job with big enemies working against them..This is a thoughtful adventure that will make you look at our current planet with new eyes. I received a free copy from #NetGalley and #ShatteredSkies is a worthwhile read.
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Thank you to Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this book. DNF. I had trouble connecting with the characters and situations they found themselves in. The story takes place in a dystopian future that is not fully explained. The references to current weather concerns is not enough to give the reader an understanding of this future.
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What a book!  The future it depicts is all too possible.  The imminent impact of a massive meteorite has people scrambling.  Shocking Eden under the dome with extinct creatures.  So many exciting elements to this book with a goosebumps inducing ending..  I enjoyed it tremendously!
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This is a well written book about a dark future, we seem to be hurtling towards.   I enjoyed the characters and their development in the novel.  The book gives one pause as to our future and the earth.
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The author, in my humble opinion, seems a bit preachy when she explains how our current environmental woes have lead to this tragic dystopian future (but such is the nature of dystopian literature). That having been said, this is a pulse-pounding, non-stop thriller that rarely lets up on the gas pedal. My only regret is that I never read the first books in the series.
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Shattered Skies follows H124 and her friends as they try to stop an asteroid that will crash onto Earth and kill all life on the planet. This mission takes them across the planet where they must go against numerous baddies. 

The plot was great with lots of action and suspense. I loved reading about the numerous baddies they must go against as they were all varied with different codes, beliefs and weapons. I thought the scared guys was Olivia and her goons due to their tyrannical belief that they are doing the right thing. Olivia made a perfect villain as she was so power hungry and willing to destroy anyone or anything that got in her way. 

The characters were great but I was still shocked by H124 choice in a partner. I always thought she should have been with Rowan not Byron. 

The ending was a bit shocking as I never thought the novel would follow through. The reasons made sense and ultimately, I agree with the choice but it was still shocking. And I’m glad Henderson included a major character’s death, with all the major battles the characters have participated in there should be some deaths. 

In summary this was a great dystopian novel set in a bleak future with a planet on the brink of complete destruction. I would recommend this series to all dystopian fans. 

Thank you to Kensington Books and Netgalley for this ARC.
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