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Would Like to Meet is an original, quirky, and hilariously entertaining brit chick lit romance that vividly explores a young assistant agent’s journey to rediscovering her passion for writing and fulfilling her dreams while tackling ups and downs in her career, friendships/personal relationships, love life, self-identity, and self-acceptance. With vibrant description, language, and a well-developed quirky cast of characters, Winters centers the story’s progression and the growth of the characters around examining our obsession with rom-coms and meet-cutes and how it influences our views of our lives and love.  

After working seven thankless years as an assistant at a small TV/Film agency, Evie Sommers is finally on the verge of getting a promotion, but in the direst of circumstances. Her agency is about to go out of business unless they can get their biggest client to write his contracted romantic comedy follow-up to his successful debut. Arrogant, aggravating, and too gorgeous for her well-being, Ezra Chester is the bane of her existence, and the one thing standing between her finally making her dreams come true. Or close enough anyway. Evie did not get into the business to work as an agent, but things didn’t turn out quite like she expected so she’s making the best of it. Full of himself, Ezra believes he is above writing a Hollywood romance and refuses to do so, even if he is under contract. Evie convinces him to write the script in exchange for her providing him inspiration by proving that real love does exist and can be found just like in rom-coms by living out meet cutes from the romantic comedies we all know and love. Up until this point, Ezra and Evie know each other only superficially. But over the course of Evie’s meet cutes and the reports that Ezra demands she write up for him, they get to know each other a lot better.

Evie is long suffering, reliable, and endlessly selfless as Monty’s assistant running errands, dealing with clients, and getting him out of one bad situation after another. For all intents and purposes, she practically runs the agency, working all the time, so much so that she barely has a life of her own. In all areas of Evie’s life outside of her work, she comes across as self-involved, forgetting to keep her promises, being careless with people’s feeling and needs. Consequently, she misses out on spending time with her friends, frequently dropping the ball when it comes to her responsibilities in her own life, to herself and to her friends. While she has been working her life away, her friends have been growing up and getting lives of their own that she knows little about. She makes faulty assumptions about her friends’ lives and how perfect they appear to be to her. She’s become a missing person in her own life. As she undertakes the meet-cutes, her life plays out like a comedy of errors. But she does make new friends along the way, befriending a widower and his deaf/hearing impaired daughter, who get swept up into Evie’s crazy life and meet-cutes. She also gets more time to herself away from the office, reconnecting with her friends and her own life for the first time in far too long. 

It turns out that having to plan the meet-cutes, see them through, and then write them up is just the shakeup Evie needs in her life. After being rejected creatively early in her career and facing other disappointments and obstacles, Evie gave up on creating, writing, and pursuing her dreams. But having to write up reports of the meet-cutes and with increasing pressure from Ezra to make them more personal, Evie finds herself writing again and rediscovering the joy and love she had for it. Being away from work and spending time with friends—both new and old—and the new adventures and experiences from the meet-cutes also help her to make some decisions about her life and future.

While the novel does focus on romance, with a love triangle that doesn’t exactly read as a one, it focuses more on Evie’s career, friendships, growing up, not being afraid of adventure and the unknown or taking risks, learning from mistakes and life experiences, and taking advantage of second, or even third, chances. Also, while readers might have their own ideas or hopes of who Evie chooses, you really aren’t sure whether or who she might choose as a love interest. Ben and Ezra couldn’t be more different and each help Evie in her journey in their own way, but one does so with unselfish motives and the other may only be a good match on paper.  

They don’t know it but both Ben and Evie share the sad occurrence that a tragic event in their life has affected their ability to creatively express themselves and pursue their craft. For Evie it was writing. For Ben it was photography. I love how Evie is so resistant to writing the meet-cutes and how it slowly comes back to her, the comfort, the love of it, creativity, and fulfillment. Each chapter opens with a brief intro written in film format, which creatively sets the scene and is a nice touch thematically. Would like to Meet is a character driven, humorous, witty, emotional, and wacky, adventurous exploration of how life takes us down paths we don’t expect, and the journey is just as important as the destination.
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Let me start off by saying I love Romantic Comedies in movie and or book form. This book was such a fun and fantastic read! With adorable characters and the perfect "meet cutes" this book will have you laughing and swooning at the same time. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a sweet and loveable story!
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This was okay, but it definitely dragged on longer than needed. Overall, it was a good premise and I am excited to see what comes next from this author.
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Long-time assistant, Evie Summers, is determined to convince her boss that she is ready to be an agent. Her agency's star screenwriter, Ezra Chester, has missed several deadlines for the newest script he's been asked to write and the producers are starting to get angry. Evie's boss sends her to convince Ezra to deliver his work within three months or his deal (and their company) will be over. Narcissistic Ezra, however, believes rom-coms are beneath him and unrealistic. In order to save her job Evie devises a plan. If she can prove to Ezra those romantic meet-cutes that happen in the movies can occur in real life then he has to finish the movie. Ezra agrees to her terms only if she will provide him with weekly written updates about her adventures. Evie begins to recreate iconic movie moments, hoping to meet her Harry on a road trip with a stranger or leaving her number in a book (a la Serendipity). As in every rom-com, nothing goes as planned and humiliation abounds as Evie stops at nothing to keep her deal with Ezra now if she can only get him to keep his end of the bargain then they could all live happily ever after. This debut novel by Rachel Winters is a refreshing, heart-warming read that fans of rom-com movies will love! You could completely see "Would Like to Meet" up on the big screen. If you are in need of a light, upbeat book to escape into, be sure to add this to your TBR list. Thank you to NetGalley and Penguin Publishing for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.
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The romance between Evie and Ben, with the addition of Anette, was the most enjoyable part of this book by far. While children added to the mix can be hit or miss for me, I did enjoy Anette and felt she added to the story. I would have liked more fleshing out of Ben, and more time spent on their story, but I still enjoyed what was there.

The more dramatic elements of the story--pretty much Ezra's entire storyline--left me cold, and I felt that time could have been spent with Evie and Ben.

I didn't think I would like the meet cutes, but some of them, like the book club, were both kind of sweet and entertaining. 

Evie's lack of agency in the book took a toll on me over time. I wanted her to stand up for herself, and the book didn't sell me on why should couldn't. It made her come off as more naive than I think they were going for. Also, it felt like Ben's aversion to the meet cutes wasn't explained enough, and it came off as drama for the sake of drama.

Ultimately the book had a little too much going on. It would't have been better if it had focused more on the primary romance and less on the Ezra side plot and the meet cutes scaled back.
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This book was refreshing, though cliche but that was kind of the point. Once I started reading, it was hard to put the book down. Rachel Winters' writing style was expressive and easy to fall into. She created characters that were easy to become invested in and honestly root for. I called the ending about half way through the book and every interaction after that had me silent screaming at the book and wanting a resolution already. When that resolution finally happened, I was relieved and so happy, not to mention swooning over the way it happened. 

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a light hearted read.
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It starts off slow and kind of dense, but once the action begins, it's hard to resist the story as it drives forward. It reads as a true epic, one that makes you feel the world really has been reshaped as you read it. Would recommend.
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This book wasn't really my cup of tea. I liked the premise of it, but I had a hard time finishing it. I am hoping to come back to it someday and get it finished, because Rachel Winters deserves another chance and I'm usually into contemporary/chic-lit.
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This book has been so popular at my store! It's impossible to read it and not love it, honestly, and the premise is so much fun. It's the perfect light read we need at times like this.
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First, the summary of this book is kind of misleading. Second, the story itself is very straightforward and fun, if also unbelievable. A whole book full of orchestrated meet cutes, it’s kind a romcom movie in book form, and it has lots of nods to some great movies. Still, the main character is a bit self-centered and annoying, her friends are cliches, and the whole thing goes on a little long. Not a bad debut, though!
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I waited too long before writing anything for this review. I know I liked the whole storyline as a whole, it kind of had a Definitely, Maybe feel to it and I liked feeling like I was watching a romantic comedy during it.

This was one of the first romantic comedy books I read in awhile and it was a cute read. I loved how one of the characters was deaf, or she at least knew sign language and it was nice to have that represented in the book. (It’s been awhile since I read it so I don’t remember that part for sure but I think it was the daughter of one guy Evie met.)

I really liked Evie’s character. She just was so pleasant and upbeat and I liked how she followed through with the meet cute stuff.

Would like to meet is a good book to add to the collection of 2019 rom-com books.

Thank you publishers and Netgalley for giving me the chance to read this. This had no impact on my thoughts, my thoughts are my own.
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Really couldn't get into this one. Evie was annoying and unrelatable and there didn't seem to be much that was redeeming about Ezra. And the text messages that were interspersed in the text tended to throw me off.
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Evie had dreams once - she wanted to be a screenwriter and to have an exciting career in London and to find love.  But instead she's been working as an assistant at a writing agency for years, doing thankless work and she hasn't written for years and her last  boyfriend dumped her telling her that she wasn't worth his time.  So, when her boss promises her a promotion if she can inspire a difficult client who has writer's block to write a script for a romantic comedy, she goes for it.  The only catch is that she needs to literally live every meet cute she's ever seen in a movie and report back to the difficult client on her experiments. Enter lots of disastrous dates and maybe one cute, single dad photographer, Ben, who doesn't know what to make of Evie's crazy escapades.

There was a lot that was adorable and fun about this book. The meet cutes were hilarious and so many characters were so likeable. I definitely enjoyed this book but I found myself getting frustrated with the pace of the love story - it took forever for the relationship to develop and then the HEA felt kind of rushed at the end. I was left feeling like a declaration of love was a little soon since they had only ever been alone a couple times.  I would categorize this book as chick-lit with a secondary romance. A sweet and funny read.
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I recieved a free copy from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.  Would like to meet was a cute story.  Evie has been an assistant for he last 7 years but really wants to be an agent.  When Ezra doesn't get his latest script turned on in time, Monty her boss makes her responsible for Ezra.  With her career on the line, Evie makes a deal, Ezra will write the script and Evie will set up meet-cute like to movies to prove rom-coms are realistic.  I like Evie's character and as a girl who grew up on rom-coms the concept was sweet.  Like a rom-com the plot was predictable and on of them did bug me but the happily ever after was great.  Ben and Annette were a perfect match and made the story better.  Definitely would check out this author again.
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It was thoroughly adorable. It was just the thing I needed to get me out of my slump. Such an easy and fun read!
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Wonderful romantic comedy!  The main female lead has received a challenge from someone who doesn't believe that what happens in romantic comedy movies could actually happen in real life.
So she accepts the challenge as she starts to set up scenarios of how she could meet someone based upon how people meet each other in a romantic comedy movie.
And of course, because of this, this book would make a great movie in and of itself!
It also has one of my favorite character types:  A great “young girl on the rise!”  A wonderful little girl that is definitely “going places!”

And bonus… If you're a young mom out there and looking for a costume for your little girl, this book has got a great idea for that as well…. 

Would Like To Meet by Rachel Winters
New Release:  November 26, 2019


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4.25 Stars / 1 Steam Fans 

Would Like to Meet is a story all about the movies that made the meet-cute romantic comedy famous. Evie is an assistant that wants to be an agent. She has been in the industry for seven years and when she finally gets a chance to shine by babysitting a client named Ezra, who has writer's block. An idea surfaces about writing a screenplay based on famous rom-com meet-cute movies. At times the format of the story was off-putting; however, it kept me intrigued and engaged enough that I didn't DNF the book. In the end, I needed to know who Evie ended up with and had fun experiencing her antics of discovering her talent. 

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3.5 out of 5. I enjoyed Would Like to Meet though it wasn’t what I expected, but that’s my fault. I was expecting romance and it was more chick lit.If you enjoy Sophie Kinsella/Madeleine Wickham, this should work for you too. I loved the dry British humor as well as the character development we see in Evie. Rachel Winters did an excellent job of setting up a villain and I was anxious about how one major issue was going to be resolved (I saw it coming early), but she also handled that in a very satisfactory (and surprising way). There's also a bit of misdirect when it comes to the actual love interest in the book and I thoroughly enjoyed that as well. I like that a strong friend group is incorporated in the book as well. All of the characters were well fleshed out IMO and the more I think about the book the more I realize I really liked it, so now that I know what to expect as far as heat level, I will definitely be checking out her future endeavors!
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Very easy to predict the ending and the characters make some questionable choices that do not make them
relateable or likable but a good beach read as it has some really funny moments.
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Do you love romcoms? Meet cutes? Swoony slow burns? Quirky friend groups? A main character who is willing to do almost anything to meet their goals? YOU TOO?! No way! Well, then let me recommend this wonderful book to you!

Would Like to Meet combines all of the wonderful and hilarious meet cutes of all our favorite romcoms and turns them into a scheme so quirky that you can’t help but enjoy the train wreck that has become our main characters life.

Evie moved to London seven years ago to become a screen writer, but instead has been the assistant to an agent who is a complete WANKER. Their agency is going under and Evie is tasked with assisting their number one screenwriter, Ezra, so he can produce the romcom that will save their agency. EXCEPT Ezra doesn’t believe in romcoms, so he hatched a deal with Evie...she show him those ridiculous meet cutes can result in true love and he will write the script.

What follows is a funny, often ridiculous, and sometimes OMG I CANT BELIEVE THAT HAPPENED series of forced meet cutes that also help lead to Evie’s growth and shows her to follow her original dreams. Add in a hot windowed and his incredibly fun daughter and then Evie’s laugh out loud group of friends, you end up with a heartwarming story of love and growth and all the feel goods.

It also reminded me of Bridget Jones a bit and you can’t go wrong there! Thank you to @penguinrandomhouse and @netgalley for the eARC in exchange for my honest review.
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