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This story is the quintessential rom-com with it's love triangle. Ben and his daughter are the perfect met cute in a series of unfortunate met cutes. I laughed every time she started the next beca8se you knew exactly what would go wrong and what everyone is thinking when they watch rom com. The only thing that really annoyed me was the fact she let NOB get into her head because the whole but she seemed like a level headed person. I wish she had been playing a game on him. Other than that I loved it.
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If you’re a rom-com fan, Would Like to Meet is going to be right up your alley! Upon discovering that the agency she works for is in serious trouble, Evie Summers has to convince their biggest client Ezra Chester to deliver the finished script for a Hollywood rom-com he committed to writing. Unfortunately, Ezra is suffering from writer’s block and Evie finds herself brokering a deal with him to prove that it is possible to fall in love in real life the way they do in the movies. I’m sure you can figure out where things go from there, as this set-up is straight out of your typical romantic comedy. But having all the familiar hallmarks in no way diminishes how fun this book was to read! It’s a sweet love story, for sure, including a few moments that had my heart fluttering in anticipation. But it’s also funny and heartwarming to see Evie’s personal journey from start to finish. This novel was so charming, and really sucked me in once I picked it up to read! Would Like to Meet was wonderful, and it gets a thumbs up from me.
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OMG this book! It was everything I wanted in a rom-com. It was adorable and cute and the writing was perfect. The characters were wonderful and the story was so much fun! It was hard to forget that Would Like to Meet wasn’t actually a movie. All I can do is squeal about this book. I highly highly recommend it. It’s a feel good story that will make you laugh so hard. If you enjoy it as much as I did, you won’t be able to turn the pages fast enough and you’ll finish it in one setting! Do yourself a favor and PICK UP THIS BOOK!
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This was super cute. There were lots of lovable - and a few irritating - characters. I love a good British holiday themed book so this hit the spot. It was super adorable. Predictable, yes, but I don't mind!
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Would Like to Meet is a very British romcom about writing a romcom script.  As a fan of romcom movies, I enjoyed all the movie references. I adored Ben and liked Evie’s circle of friends. Evie made poor decisions at times which I did not enjoy. Overall she was a solid romcom lead. Thanks Penguin Group Putnam and NetGalley for the ARC of this title.
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I typically prefer my romance with a bit more steam but this was so entertaining that I didn't mind.   Evie was such a fun heroine,  down to earth,  goofy,  and someone I could imagine being friends with.   I loved that the ending was not predictable.
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Would Like to Meet is very earnestly a rom-com about rom-coms: in an attempt to help a screenwriting wunderkind rediscover his mojo, the book's protagonist, Evie, acts out familiar rom-com tropes in order to prove that romance isn’t dead and that two strangers can fall in love from a meet-cute. Although I found the story a little slow at the beginning—and I wasn’t a huge fan of each chapter's use of script notations—the story very quickly grew on me, and I spent almost two hours curled up on the couch in order to finish.

While I expected (and received) a funny and endearing contemporary romance, I didn’t think Would Like to Meet would be much more than that. But it really was. Rachel Winters's care for Evie's core group of friends shines through, and we're shown how friendships change and grow and evolve over time... and how we have to remember to think of our friends as people, too. She gives a voice to grief and how it can continue to constrict our present behavior even as we try and move on. And there’s also a not-so-subtle wink toward professional ambition and both working toward our goals as well as advocating for our own talent.

To say that I thought I knew where this book was headed is a complete understatement. Winters very cleverly steers our expectations one way before pulling a bait and switch somewhere in the middle. But then the ending? OH MAN, THE ENDING. When I got to the climactic Kiss™️, I 100% screamed out loud because it was exactly what I wanted to happen in the exact way I wanted it to happen.

Like any proper rom-com, Would Like to Meet left me with a warm and fuzzy feeling, stupidly smiling from ear to ear from all the good vibes. And the only complaint I came away with was that I should have read it in one sitting, because what rom-com lover stops a movie partway through?
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Unfortunately I had to dnf this book.  I found myself growing tired of our heroine early on, and couldn’t put aside my dislike of her to get into the storyline.
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3.5 stars. I struggled to rate this one. There were pieces I really enjoyed and others that weren't a good fit for me.

Evie is something of a doormat in the early stages of this, which is always a frustrating characterization for me to read, no matter who writes it. While I don't know if she felt stuck or trapped, I felt that FOR her. The script situation was fairly predictable. I strongly disliked the screenwriter. Some of the humor (with the meet cutes and other scenarios) walks the fine line between funny and painful. I think different readers will see the same scenario in those different ways. For me, several were more painful than funny. I *adored* Ben and Anette. I would have loved more of them in this book. Evie's friends were a mixed bag - I never got the feel for why they were friends with the bride-to-be who comes across shrill, controlling and self-centered. I would have liked more warm moments with her to balance that out.

LOTS of sexual references in this. For me, there were too many, and some crossed my personal line of good taste. Again, other readers will find those same moments hilarious. I think enjoyment of this will depend on the reader's personal style of humor. (Language, sexual references)
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If you are a fan of rom-com films, this is the book for you. I mean, our heroine attempts to re-make all of my favorite meet-cutes? What could go wrong? (Answer - everything, basically.)

I'm not going to lie - I figured out the real romantic interest early on AND I knew what was going to happen with Ezra, her uncooperative screenwriter - I am a rom-com junkie, after all - and I didn't care. Evie's meet-cutes were so hilariously disastrous, Anette was so delightful, Ben made the perfect straight-man, grounding element in the book.    

Evie has her flaws - she's so focused on the task at hand that she makes it all about her, to the detriment of her friendships. I could overlook it because she is not some superstar agent who has trampled people to get to the top - she's an underdog through it all.

This was a light, fast, entertaining read - just what I needed when I picked it up.
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A cute contemporary romance that brings agency rep Evie with screenplay writer Ezra Chester in their own rom com while Evie is trying to get Ezra to write the rom com that will hit the marks for her agency.  Fun characters, well crafted story, will be in everyone's tbr pile.
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Seriously adorable. Like a comforting mug of hot chocolate. Based on the book’s description, I was expecting something more like The Hating Game (which I also loved), more hard-nosed and dramatic. So I was pleasantly surprised by the delightful and fresh-voiced Evie. This is a very British romantic comedy, with all the warmth and charm of a Richard Curtis film. I don’t want to give away the romance, because the book successfully kept me guessing. But I will say that the conclusion is very satisfying.
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When I read the synopsis of Would Like to Meet, I was super interested right away. It sounded like something I've never read before and I am an absolute sucker for contemporary romance stories. When I started, I thought it was pretty good. I kept reading and reading and at this point, I was just begging for something to happen. Ultimately, there were good parts of this story, but I feel like most of it fell flat for me.

I will say that Rachel Winters had a particular style of writing. I don't think it was bad necessarily, but I could absolutely see this being more of a play/screenplay type of story instead of a book. The characters, the premise, everything had so much promise, but as a book, I'm not sure that was the right path.

I am someone who is painfully particular about the characters in a book. I really tried, but I had a really hard time with the main characters, Evie and Ezra. I feel as though Ezra was so unlikable after 60% or so, but I will give props that Rachel Winters was able to make me feel those feelings for him. Evie was kind of self-centered and as I was reading, I kept thinking, "she does not deserve her at all". Anette and Ben were the only reasons why I got through. There were some moments that I laughed-out-loud, because of Anette specifically. 

Would Like to Meet had a ton of potential, but I feel as though the story was just cliche for me. The characters were unlikable and just not able to be related to. I really liked the idea and I think that if there were more likable moments in this novel that it would easily be a good book.
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This was a case of me being the wrong reader for this book. DNF at 10%. I’m all for an awkward heroine and some humbling situations - but this just started off with too much feeling too forced and to go straight from one (manufactured and over the top) situation to another put me off enough that I’m deciding to stop and declare this one isn’t for me. 

Thank you very much to the publisher and Netgalley for the opportunity to read a free copy.
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Once a month every assistant working in T V and film talent agencies meet at a different terrible bar in Central London to network [ ex gossip]. There was never any food available at these events, though there was always an abundance of a very particular type of white wine which was the cheapest. Evie gets a call from Monty - her boss had needed her and she was to convince Ezra or NOB to finish writing his screenplay by proving to him that she can find the man of her dreams like in romantic comedy. 
I liked this book It’s a light fun romantic comedy read. II even laughed out loud at times which is rare for me. I think Annette added a lot to this book. But she does act a little old for only being seven. I liked seeing Evie’s growth in this book. I liked that the author brought to real life issues like: dating, and being a single parent. This did drag for me at times . I really liked the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend it.
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This book had everything I thought I would love. Rom-coms? Script writers? London? I had super high hopes going in, but this book ended up being just an average read that I didn't feel the need to devour and keep on reading. 

I want to start off by saying that this book was in no way bad. It was actually cute and I did enjoy the romance, but I never found myself dying to read this or to find out what happened next. When I finished, it was just an okay read that I know I'll forget about in a month or two. I think that Evie was a very relatable character with how she was stuck in a rut with both her job and her love life, and she just wanted to prove she could be an actual agent instead of just an assistant. When she decided to do these meet cutes to help out the screenwriter who was her boss's client, I loved the idea. As she did the meet cutes, though, she never actually had any guys who came close to being an option of her actually dating. I would have liked it better if some of them actually did lead to dates instead of every single one of them being a disaster. 

By the end, the story did become pretty predictable and I called the "twist" pretty early on in the book. The real love interest was obvious from the start and, while that romance was cute, it took way too long to actually develop in my opinion. This one held so much potential, but instead it was just an okay romance that was fun to pass the time, but didn't really leave any real lasting impression on me.
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A charming Rom-Com style story that keeps you engaged and interested. It did have a bit of a slow start but once the story really got going I found myself anticipating every twist and turn. 

After years as an assistant Evie may finally get the promotion she deserves. But the thing that stands in her way is rude and childish Ezra, an up and coming talent who will be writing the newest script for the film agency Evie works for. The only issue is he hasn't delivered the script in a timely fashion, and unless he does Evie will loose her job. She assumes he has writers block and comes up with a plan to help him. She will have her own meet cute's to inspire him to write the Rom-Com the agency is looking for. What she didn't expect was how this simple task would change her life.
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Such a cute love story. And I adored how Evie finally stood up for herself in the end, when it mattered most
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Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for this digital arc.
There's a fair amount that I liked about this book and there were also things that frustrated me. Evie is a long-time assistant at a film agency trying to get their number 1 client, Ezra Chester (aka NOB), to finish a romcom script. She makes a deal with him to try out classic meet-cutes and try and fall in love within 3 months in order for him to get over his writer's block. How many successful meet-cutes can she possibly go through?
I am very in the middle about this book because it sounded like a lot of fun. The meet-cutes are interesting, Evie's friends are definite funny characters, and Ben is my favorite. Ezra is my absolute least favorite person in the book. I'm sure the author intended it to be that way but his behavior is frustrating and what he did to Evie seemed fairly obvious to me from the beginning. Even when he tries to redeem himself, it doesn't work for me. Besides that, it was fun and light. There are humorous moments that I could easily being played out on the big screen and the author clearly is a fan of the genre. It may seem predictable but their are some original characters that I kept wanting to read about. 
It's not my favorite book of the year but it's a fun read to get through quickly.
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From my blog: Always With a Book:

I really don't know why I don't read more rom-coms...I love watching romantic comedy movies and every time I pick up a rom-com to read, I end up loving them! And that is exactly what happened with this one!

This meet-cute rom-com couldn't have been more delightful and even though I had my suspicions as to where it was headed almost from the beginning, I still enjoyed the journey. After all - I think after seeing tons of romantic comedy movies and reading enough romance books in the past, we can all probably figure out who is going to end up with who, right? But for me, it's not really about the ending as much as it is the journey...I love seeing how a couple falls in love and what happens along the way.

This book is filled with some delightful, charming, and quirky characters and some that will get on your nerves and that makes it all the more endearing. It's a book that is full of rom-com references, so if you are like me and have seen many of the popular movies, you are sure to chuckle when they are named - and if you haven't seen them, consider this the list you didn't know you needed!

What sets this one apart from other rom-com books is that this one is all about writing a rom-com movie. It's low on the steam factor - it really only involves a few kisses here and there - and is more about the meet cutes than anything else. But that's not to say that the main characters aren't well-developed, because they are. I felt like I really got to know them and understand what was driving them. 

I really enjoyed this story and will definitely be making a point of reading more rom-coms in the future...especially books like this that are not heavily reliant on the steam factor. Rachel Winters clearly shows that it isn't always needed!
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