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Ruthie – ☆☆☆☆
This is the third in the series, but the first that I have read. I may have to go back and catch up, as this band of outlaws have a history which makes them even more intriguing than the usual membership of an MC.

We are very quickly catapulted into the dangerous world which Ice inhabits, but also by the high standards which the MC observes when dealing with the downtrodden, especially women and children – as the book progresses we also get to learn why (so if this is your first book in the series, then like me you will soon be brought up to speed). A chance sighting of Soleil gives Ice a jolt and even hope. That by the end of the day they have met – and a whole lot more – is the ultimate in serendipity and the start of an amazing adventure for them both.

Soleil has never belonged, and only ever been used. Her solo life has led her to have a healthy disregard for risk, and yet she is currently in a very dangerous situation, as an overheard conversation confirms. This sets up perfectly the scenario where a young rich woman feels safer in a room full of bikers than in her five-star hotel. And the most entertaining "it was my fault" morning after that I have ever read! I refuse to say more, as you should enjoy it as it unfolds, but rest assured this is a good read.

I am now definitely looking forward to the next installment in this series.

Mary Jo – ☆☆☆☆
Christine Feehan's stories just keep getting better and better. Vendetta Road tells the story of two people who have had traumatic lives but who are not afraid to love. Ice's journey has seen him tortured in ways that no child (or adult) should ever experience and Soleil's lack of family is truly heartbreaking.

Soleil's life has been a series of tragedies. She lost her parents at a young age, the aunt she was sent to live with died, and her other aunt abused her because the aunt was not given free range of Soleil's trust fund. Growing up as a nomad, but no place to call home, she looked to her lawyer, Kevin, as her true north.

Meeting Winston and subsequently getting involved with him has been her biggest mistake. After Kevin dies in an accident, Winston begins his slow but steady quest to make Soleil reliant on him. When she once again refuses to marry him, Winston becomes violent and Soleil makes a run for it – straight into the arms of Ice.

Ice is part of the Torpedo Ink MC and one of the good guys, even if he doesn't believe it. He has done things that would make another person insane all in the name of protecting his siblings. Even though he was forced to do evil as a child through adulthood, he believes that he's to blame. The guilt is weighing on him and there are days when he believes the burden is too heavy to carry much longer.

When he meets Soleil, the weight of his past is lessened and he feels contentment for the first time in his life. He knows that Soleil is in trouble and there is nothing he won't do to keep her safe.

This is a gritty book filled with both angst and love. This book shows that just because you grew up in the dark doesn't mean you can't live in the light.

Triggers: abuse of children
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Issak “Ice” Koval is exactly as his name suggests. He’s ice cold; on the inside and out. While on a job with his brothers and sister in Las Vegas, something happens to Ice that has never happened in his life. He gets distracted. Not just distracted, but distracted by a woman. This is something that Ice wants to explore, but he can’t put his siblings in danger.

Soleil Brodeur is in trouble. Big trouble. After meeting a man in Europe, Soleil eventually finds herself in Las Vegas. She’s been told by the fiancé whose proposal that she never officially accepted that they are getting married. Soleil is an heiress. There are few things she is responsible for, one being protecting herself from her soon-to-be husband; no matter whom he may be.

When she tells Winston (her fiancé) that she wants a prenup, he explodes. While Winston attacks her, Soleil distantly thinks about everything he’s done and made her feel up to this point. Now all she has to do is get away. And get away she does.

Soleil finds herself at a biker bar of all places. It’s there she meets Ice. It’s there that their whirlwind courtship begins. In no time at all, Soleil finds herself married. Married! To a man she doesn’t know. Soleil wonders what she’s gotten into and tries to tell Ice that she forced him into marriage.

Ice doesn’t know what he’s done to have Soleil, but he knows that he’s not letting her go. That doesn’t mean he wants to open up to her about his past. He eventually realizes that. Now, he’ll stop at nothing to keep her. He will lie to her, he will cheat, he will…tell her the truth about his past. Whatever it takes to keep her.

While trying to figure out what is happening with Winston and why he wants Soleil so badly, Torpedo Ink finds that he’s smack in the middle of the sex trafficking ring that they are investigating. So there is that going on too.

I really enjoyed this book in the end, though I put it down about halfway through because it wasn’t interesting enough for me. Still, it was good and exactly what I expect of Feehan.

Rating: 4 out of 5.
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Story of a male who needs to dominate & feel in control of any relationship or situation.  The tale is a study of sex and dominance - this driven by the history of the male involved. The female heroine’s history leaves her with desperately wanting a family, to be a part of a community to not be alone.  The two form an unlikely alliance & fulfills each other’s needs.
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Brought to you by OBS reviewer Caro

Torpedo Ink is back to save the day! The story picks up where the previous book left off. The club finds themselves celebrating Breezy and Steele’s wedding in Las Vegas. The trip to Las Vegas is also an undercover mission to retrieve information on missing children and human traffic. While following a couple of suspects, Ice sees Soleil for the first time and immediately feels different. At that moment, Soleil is having an argument with her boyfriend and runs away from him. Back at her hotel, Soleil meets Lana whom after seeing her distressed and concerned in the restroom, advises Soleil to leave her boyfriend and gives her her number just in case she needs any help.  

Soleil decides to end her relationship with her pushy boyfriend and finds out that he plans to force her to marry him while in Las Vegas and then kill her in an accident. Soleil escapes just in time and tries to get Lana’s help. While on the run, Soleil comes across Torpedo Ink and uses her connection with Lana to ask for sanctuary. Ice, thinking that he would never see Soleil again, helps her and takes her away from her dangerous boyfriend.

I have been keeping a close eye on the Torpedo Ink series because of its connection to The Drake Sisters and Sea Haven series and so far I still want to keep reading more! Every book hints on new stories for characters that keep feeding my curiosity on the past of the club members. Not to mention that Jackson Deveau is still on some hit list out there.

I really liked that Soleil was very independent and clear about what she wanted. She knew something was not right with her boyfriend, the way he started to treat her and make her change her lifestyle. It would definitely be intimidating to find myself in a situation like hers knowing that he has the power to make people think she was mentally unstable. 

Feehan’s books center around romance stories, but oh boy, when she writes fight and action scenes, she writes them to keep you at the edge of your seat! The Torpedo Ink series is somewhat different than her other series in the sense that the club went through some disturbing events as children and now their pasts haunt them. These events make their presence more ruthless, making them have no remorse over their actions when it comes to punishing the bad guys. This said, I do warn that this might not be a series for everyone.

There are several characters that I’m interested in reading their stories. Especially Alena and Pierce, the Romeo and Juliet of motorcycle clubs! Every time these two are mentioned, chemistry can be felt immediately between them. Their clubs might fight to death or join forces against the others, but these two better survive.

If you have been a fan of Christine Feehan and read her different series, you know the kind of romance that is waiting for you. If you are new to the series, you can start the series with Vendetta Road and then catch up to the rest of the series, but do it fast.

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*
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VENDETTA ROAD is well-written with characters that come to life before the readers' eyes. In this offering, we get to watch Ice and Soleil meet and learn to love one another. It is interesting that she thinks she is manipulating him into marriage when it is Ice's idea almost from the start.

Another well-written, fast-paced look into Ms. Feehan's biker world wth the action and intrigue that always makes for a good read.

Annetta Sweetko, reviewer for Fresh Fiction

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This us book 3 in this series and after book 1 my new favorite. 
Ice  and his club is on a trip to Vegas for a wedding and yes some club business was he sees a women being hurt by a man . He knows she's innocent and his salvation from the dark eating him. Soleil is that mystery women -raised in hotels and boarding schools always looking for a home she meets Lana and then the club and Ice claims her. But life is going to get rocky has the both find themselves in marriage and Ice keeping her safe from men trying to kill her. Ice is a great character just as damaged as the rest of his brothers but something you just have to like . Soleil is the perfect women for him and keeps him sane and understands his needs. They make a winning couple. 
If you are a fan of this series Check out the newest book -I think you will enjoy it.
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Book Review- Vendetta Road by Christine Feehan

I love this series and this author.  She is one of my all time favorites.  The Torpedo Ink MC is full of gritty characters.  Their antics and pasts are shocking, and they are all broken in one way or another.  They are heartbreaking to read about.
They feel they don’t deserve that happiness and life others have.  It is virtually impossible for them to have it.  With each book you learn more of the atrocities they endured as children and the demons they now fight as adults. This is Ice’s story.  I love how Ice sees Soleil on the street.  It is cool how he is so stunned he stops in the middle of a job.  It is instant.
Soleil comes off pretty clueless for the beginning.  I hate how helpless she appears to be.  She is obvious a match for Ice and can handle his needs and his demons.  I like how she is a target and the MC takes on her safety.  They take things into their own hands as Ice is determined to take care of her threat.
I also like the MC is also after the Pedophile ring to save the children.  They are trying to save as many as they can.  They walk a fine line of crime and hero. There is a lot going on in this book.  It was a fast read as I couldn’t put it down.  I love how dangerous they are but take care of their own and those weaker.  I can’t wait to read the next book. I want these guys to have happy endings.  I’m totally invested in the characters.  I give it a 4 out of 5.
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Torpedo Ink is a series that you can’t really say you enjoy reading because the history that the Torpedo Ink members share is beyond ugly and we get up close and personal with it. Maybe too up close and personal, so consider yourself warned. 

Based on the past books, I went in expecting to be confronted with Ice’s past and I figured there would be a lot of edge of your seat, gritty action as he and his brothers took down the worst of the worst in all kinds of violent ways. I also knew I’d be treated to a fair amount of sexy times too. But this installment of the series blew the doors off the charts with the sheer amount of kink. I’m not talking hard core BDSM, but this couple likes to get their freak on with witnesses, and they did it every chance they got. 

The good news is that the sex scenes were smoking and led me to backtrack and highlight passages. But, there were so many, no matter how good they were I ended up skimming pages to move the story along. Yes, hard to believe but there is such thing as too much of a good thing.

What saved this were the suspense plots. As much as these boys resented what we turned them into, they had no problem taking care of business. Here, there were two things going on— chasing down pedophile rings and taking care of Soliel’s crazy ex.

I do have to say, the more information we got about just what Soleil’s ex was involved in and how much he and his group of his cronies had gotten away with, the more far-fetched the whole thing was. Thankfully for me, it was like watching a big blockbuster action film. No matter how ridiculous the bad guys were, you couldn’t help but want to stand up and cheer as they go down. 

As for Ice and Soleil, obviously they have a ton of chemistry. Ice’s history was heartbreaking, and I wish I could say that Soleil had helped him heal, but I can’t. There just wasn’t enough substance there for me to get a good feeling that they’ll make it in the long run. I have hopes though. 

I struggled how to rate this one. I can say I stayed up ‘til the wee hours turning the pages. That alone makes it an above average read. But, it had issues, and that’s why I can’t give it a top rating.

Rating: 3.5 Too Much Of A Good Thing Stars.
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This book was a pretty great read! I enjoyed Ice and Soleil's story, he's a biker and because of his past, needs to be an exhibitionist, or at least, is comfortable having sex in front of his gang, his family. Soleil wants that as well, and yeah, they're a pretty good match!  

The first 100 or so pages, we're introduced to these characters, and it's pretty intense, we have a lot happen over the course of an afternoon and evening, and yeah, I just couldn't put this book down! I mean, it all flowed together so well, I just couldn't put it down!

There were two main threats in this book. A group that targeted Soleil for her money, and then human trafficking ring that Torpedo Ink has been taking down member by member since Czar's book, I believe, though it's been a long time. Since I think it's been an ongoing plot in this series.

My one thing with this book, is that Soleil was all, I have a vendetta against the bad guys on her side of things. And then nothing happens, she isn't involved, I don't even know if she knows that her husband and the rest of Torpedo Ink were involved. So that was a lower point. There also was a point where it's brought up that Soleil has an ability or two, and it isn't reacted to, and just never mentioned again. Bah.

Really enjoyed this book, and I can't wait for Absinthe's book and that is just a couple months away! Yeah that we get 2 of this series this year!
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Vendetta Road by Christine Feehan is book Three in the Torpedo Ink Series.  This is the story of Soleil Brodeur and Isaak “Ice” Koval.  I have not yet read the previous books, so for me this was a standalone book.  Soleil is very much alone after her family has pasted on and her family lawyer has died too that looked out for her.  Soleil is engaged but doubts about that are strong and when she goes to tell him of her change in plans to marry him he becomes aggressive and abusive.  So after one episode of this she sneaks out to get away from him.  Soleil happens to meet a women who offered to help her and when she went to find her she found Ice instead.  One look and Ice was hooked on her and he wasn't letting her go.  But of course nothing is easy for them.  
Totally loved this book and now I so want to read the other series.  Loved this author's writing with the strong alpha male and the easy to love heroine.
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Vendetta Road is Ice’s book. Ice had a horrible time in the school in the past. He had a twin and younger sister to protect. It feels like he is at the end of his rope when the sun, literally shines down on him. Ice doesn’t fight it. His past does creep up in a couple of instances. But most of this book is the relationship between Ice and Soleil. Both need their confidence built, but it was a true insta-love story. There is not as much action against the groups Torpedo Ink normally go against. Don’t get me wrong, they do go on some intense missions. I love to see their powers in action. They are fighting a very big fight with these sick minds. Torpedo Ink is doing all they can to prevent children from living the lives they did.

Ice is surprised by his reaction to Soleil and takes things into his own hands by marrying her right away. Not that that action was only planned by him. He was not going to let her get away. Vendetta Road shows the change unconditional love, even that from a practical stranger, can change someone. The growth in the relationship isn’t all on Ice’s side either. The club provides so much that Soleil has always wanted.

I didn’t find Ice and Soleil’s story as intense as the previous books, but I still enjoyed it a lot. Ice and Soleil together create fireworks, but there were times when I was looking for a little more outside interaction. There was also not a whole lot of conflict between our two protagonists that gave them something to solve.

This is definitely a series I will continue to read, as there are still a LOT of Torpedo Ink members that need to find their salvation and other halves. They all have such horrible problems due to their upbringing and it has affected them all separately. I think this means the women they find are going to be a great variety of personalities.

After reading Vendetta Road, I was in love with Ice and Soleil. Even though our previous couples only have small parts, I still love to see them and how welcoming they are and how the men have changed. I really enjoyed this installment of the Torpedo Ink series.
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I have loved every book so far in this new series by this author and book three is another fine example as to why. 
We get non stop action and total alpha males. Ice is a hard man, he hasn't gotten close to many but when his eyes land on Soleil everything changes in that instance. 
Soleil, however, comes from money that much is obvious so what would she want with someone like Ice? 
This book is a true never judge a person by their looks story. 
The chemistry between this couple is off the charts, sassy, and sizzling hot. 
Soleil is tougher than she looks and Ice has vowed to protect her with his life. 
Can she accept the bad boy he truly is? Well grab your copy and find out.
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I just couldn’t with this one. I mean, I love Christine Feehan’s voice and style, but some of this stuff so was so far fetched, that even I, a hardcore romance reader who likes the instalove trope, couldn’t get on board. The hero and heroine meet, have sexy times on a pool table in a packed biker bar, and get married all within a few hours. Oh! And the heroine manages to get the most amazing $20,000 wedding dress that fits her perfectly, and a gorgeous wedding cake. All in a handful of hours. HOURS, folks.

I actually really like the premise of this book, and the series as a whole. All
the heroes have a battered soul. They’ve all suffered horrendously as children. I love the tortured hero trope. It makes for a great grumpy jerk who usually ends up screwing up and then groveling. 

There’s some pretty sensitive, or trigger worthy, subject matters in this series. Human trafficking and child rape are some of the things you’ll read about. It’s tough at times to get through. It made my heart break for the characters. I do like that the MC are vigilantes who take out the sick fucks who prey on children. 

The plot was interesting and kept me interested...when the sex scenes didn’t take over. I like my romance crazy steamy, but this book pushed my limits. I was getting bored with the gratuitous bumping uglies. And that is something that rarely happens to me The hero and heroine would get it on out of the blue. Those scenes felt forced. It didn’t always make sense. 

I’m really looking forward to the next book in the series. The first two books were amaze balls. This one just didn’t hold up as well. I’m giving it 3 stars because the plot is great, but some of the craziness of the beginning with the characters meeting, and marrying, was too unbelievable. Even for a romance novel. 

Rating: 3 Stars (B)
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3.75 stars--VENDETTA ROAD is the third instalment in Christine Feehan’s contemporary, adult TORPEDO INK erotic, slightly paranormal, MC romance series focusing on the men and women of the Torpedo Ink MC. This is club member Isaak  ‘Ice’ Koval, and heiress Soleil Brodeur’s story line. VENDETTA ROAD can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous instalments is revealed where necessary. The TORPEDO INK series is a spin-off from the author’s SEA HAVEN SERIES but you do not have to have read the original series to follow Torpedo Ink.

NOTE: Most of the characters including Torpedo Ink club president Victor ‘Czar’ Prakenski, and his wife Blythe Daniels were introduced in the final instalment of the author’s Sea Haven Series BOUND TOGETHER.

WARNING: VENDETTA ROAD contains scenes, and makes reference to voyeurism,  graphic violence, rape, murder, torture, child prostitution, and abuse against children, women and men, and therefore, may not be suitable for all readers. The eighteen original Torpedo Ink members are the sole survivors of a Russian pedophile ring, and as such work towards rescuing children in similar situations.

Told from several third person perspectives including Ice and Soleil VENDETTA ROAD follows the insta-lust/love relationship between Torpedo Ink club member Isaak  ‘Ice’ Koval, and heiress Soleil Brodeur. About to be forced into a Las Vegas marriage with a man she does not love, a man who has become abusive and bad, Soleil Brodeur finds herself at a local biker bar where she will come face to face with Isaak ‘Ice’ Koval.  Ice, suspecting something is wrong, pulls together his brothers in arms, in an effort to protect the woman he knows to be his soul-mate and love.  What ensues is the quick building romance and relationship between Soleil and Ice; the search for a pedophile and human trafficking ring in Las Vegas; and the potential fall-out as Soleil’s past is demanding her return in an effort to claim what is not rightfully his.

Soleil Brodeur was orphaned at an early age, and the resulting investment from her inheritance has left our heroine a wealthy young woman but Soleil has been pulled into a high stakes scheme wherein she will become the next victim of a group of men hunting women with sizable bank accounts. Ice Koval  doesn’t do relationships but something about Soleil finds our hero claiming ownership when first they meet, an ownership initially based in $ex and need.

The highly sexual relationship between Soleil and Ice is one of immediate attraction whereby both are successful in their attempt to seduce one another. Soleil, on the run from her abusive fiancé, finds instant comfort and security with a man who demands everything and more- a demand, of which, I struggled in the face of the abuse and assault perpetrated not minutes before.  The $ex scenes are numerous, erotic, and intense.

There is a large ensemble cast of colorful and energetic secondary and supporting characters including most of the Torpedo Ink family who have survived and endured years of torture, rape, abuse and an education in the world of the deviant and sick.  

Once again, VENDETTA ROAD, like the previous instalments continues to focus on the years of abuse suffered at the hands of a group of Russian pedophiles. Groomed to kill and seduce, the members of Torpedo Ink use their skills to exact revenge against the people who continue to abuse and destroy.

 As per my previous reviews, I have remarked on the author’s increasing violent story lines and abuse against men, women and children but in the case of the Torpedo Ink series, the violence is part of their history and lives-ingrained and imbedded –into their very existence.  But saying that, Vendetta Road reveals a need for vengeance, by the Torpedo Ink family, that manifests as equally abusive and sadistic against the people who have perpetrated the crimes, in this, there are some questionable actions and ‘vendettas’.

VENDETTA ROAD is a story of power and abuse; of pain and survival; of betrayal, vengeance and retribution. The language, descriptions of violence, and text are graphic and gritty; the premise is edgy and raw.





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✦Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway: VENDETTA ROAD by Christine Feehan
Publication Date: January 28, 2020
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Reviewed by: Reading in Pajamas/ Donna 
Rated 3.5 Stars 

This erotic and suspenseful book showed the dark and gritty side of this unique motorcycle club. For those following Torpedo Ink, you already know that it is one of Christine Feehan’s more erotic series. And there is a lot of sex. I had not read anything from this series, and I was able to easily understand the players and their lives, however I would suggest reading the previous books to make it easier. I realize that we all like different reading, but this was not for me. It was mainly explicit sex and in the very beginning – it made no sense for Soleil, nor Ice’s feelings as to what kind of woman she is. The storyline would have been so gripping if it had been given more page-time and not treated as a means to get to the next sex scene. I scored it a 3.5 because I couldn’t wait to see how they took care of those pedophiles…that was satisfying.

*Review copy provided by Penguin in exchange for an honest review.


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Vendetta Road- Vendetta Road is the next book in the Torpedo Ink Series by Christine Feehan. It focuses on Isaak “Ice” Koval, the Secretary of Torpedo Ink Motorcycle Club, and Soleil Brodeur, a tech heiress who is in a dangerous situation. The Torpedo Ink gang is in Vegas for Steele’s and Breezy’s wedding, the main characters from Vengeance Road the previous installment in the series. In reality this is a cover to rescue a trafficked child who is being sold at an auction. During this time, Soleil is being harassed and abused by her fiance in order to marry her, so they can have access to her fortune and dispose of her. Ice and Soleil’s paths cross, they see potential in each other, and decide to get married. Torpedo ink takes on her situation and helps her overcome it. I liked this book in the series and I can see the set up for the next books. The book does focus on fleshing out the atrocities the gang survived in their special school in Russia, so be aware there is a great deal of description of child, sexual, and physical abuse. The heroine was very sex positive and not hung up on her looks or lack of sexual experience in comparison to her partner, Ice. I am looking forward to the next addition in the series. Vendetta Road is a sexy dark romance that will delight Christine Feehan fans. This book was provided by the publisher from Netgalley in January 2019 for an honest review.
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I have really enjoyed the Torpedo Ink series so far! This book, however, started a little slow for me for some reason. I don’t know if it was my mood or just the pace of the story but it took me a bit to get into it. I say that because, if it’s slow for you, stick with it! About 40-50% through things get crazy and the pace picks up a lot. There is a lot of back to story to flesh out so that everything else later makes sense so that takes some time. 

My favorite parts about the book were the action scenes; when revenge and vengeance was being taken. Those Torpedo Ink guys really know how to dish out some justice and I love reading about that. During those scenes I really liked how she writes from several POVs so you get to be inside the heads of both the Torpedo Ink crew and those of the bad guys.  

Ice and Soleil would appear to be very mismatched from outside appearances but they mesh so well and Christine does a good job of making you love their love story. 

There is definitely a lot of steam in this book; more, it feels like than the other books in the series (or I just don’t remember it sticking out so much). 

I really like how Christine shares so much information about the side characters too. You learn a lot about them so by the time you read their book, you are already really invested in them. In this book, she delves more into the extra abilities of the guys which I really liked reading. 

I’m excited for the next book in the series which I believe is Absinthe’s story. He’s is going to be super interesting and I can’t wait to read it!
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Vendetta Road definitely brings the explosive sexual chemistry Christine Feehan is known for. The Torpedo Ink club heads to Vegas for a wedding only to find another member blindsided by a woman in a sundress. When Ice sees Soliel something changes, he feels.

Soliel is a trust fund baby that was orphaned at an early age. No one really wanted her more than what her money offered. Forced to Vegas by a strong arming financee, Soliel quickly realizes something is very wrong with the man who wants her to marry him. She is given advice by a beautiful biker babe in the casinos bathroom. Running for her life she finds herself in a bar surrounded by the same biker club the beautiful woman belong too.

Ice was shocked when Soliel strolled into the bar. He knew he wasn't going to let her get away again, she was his, now he just had to convince her. And boy did he convince her.

Warning: This story is a dark read that hits on almost every hot button. The entire club of Torpedo Ink was formed by abused children who where trained as assassins and sexual slaves. Now they fight for the woman and children being preyed upon. It is strongly described and not just implied.

I received this ARC copy of Vendetta Road from Berkley Publishing Group. This is my honest and voluntary review. Vendetta Road is set for publication Jan. 28, 2020.

My Rating: 4 stars
Written by: Christine Feehan
Series: Torpedo Ink (Book 3)
Mass Market Paperback: 464 pages
Publisher: Berkley (January 28, 2020)
ISBN-10: 1984803565
ISBN-13: 978-1984803566
Genre: Paranormal Romance | Contemporary Romance

Barnes & Noble:
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No one could ever call Soleil Brodeur helpless.  Ever since the death of her parents, she’s taken care of herself and her sizable inheritance.  A beautiful girl is always going to attract a certain amount of attention, but one with money has a target on her back.  

A moment of dark despair leads her into the protection of Torpedo Ink and one member in particular instantly knows that he would tear down the world to keep her by his side.

“He had to be careful not to fall under her spell. She was sweet. He’d never had sweet in his life. “Tell me the one thing you really want out of life.” 
“A family.” She regarded him over the rim of her glass. “I’ve never had a family.” 
“You had parents.” 
“They died when I was very young, and I spent most of my life in boarding schools or hotels for holidays.” She smiled, but there was sadness in her eyes. Reality. Truth. “I think I’m really that proverbial poor little rich girl.” 
So, she had money. He suspected as much, or she wouldn’t have been insisting on a prenup with that suit bastard who was going to die. He deliberately took a sip of his whiskey and she followed the action, but she didn’t really take that much of a drink. 
“My club is my family,” Ice said softly and leaned in closer when Maestro stepped back and bumped him. His face was almost in her shoulder, his lips sliding along her skin as he spoke. She had the softest skin and she smelled liked heaven.
He kept his voice deliberately pitched low, intimate. “My brother and sister are my family. Never had parents that I really remember. Czar, our president, was my parent when he was ten. Looking for a woman who wants to make a life with me. Have my children. Make us a home. I’d die for my club, but I want my own woman, one worthy of living for.”

Isaak “Ice” Koval always had absolute control over both his body and his mind.  It’s one of the qualities that made him so good at hunting human monsters.  He could wipe out a child predator with all of the cool calm that his name implied and yet somehow there was something about Soleil that made him burn.

After just one night and an impromptu wedding, those that threaten Soleil still seek to harm her.  But they never planned on the savage force of her new husband and Torpedo Ink.  It’s a mistake that they wouldn’t live long enough to ever make again. 

“She turned to him and framed his face with her hands. “I’m terrified of falling in love with you.” She didn’t know why she’d told him the truth, but she had and now it was right there and he could push her off him and say there was no such thing. Their relationship was about sex, that bright, hot chemistry that sizzled and scorched, demanding they stay with each other until the attraction fizzled out. 
“I’m terrified you won’t,” he answered.

Vendetta Road is Christine Feehan’s hottest book yet!  She once again takes her readers on the ultimate thrill ride, but this time it’s seductively darker than ever before. 

Ice and Soleil have a chemistry that literally takes on a life of its own. At times it’s completely out of control and then seconds later, it’s almost sweetly endearing. They are the perfect dichotomy – light and dark – grace and violence.

Their journey is raw. It’s fueled by desire, acceptance, and that special kind of revenge that can only come from Torpedo Ink.  So prepare to be left breathless in the very best of ways…
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Christine Feehan heats it up in her third installment in her Torpedo Ink series. I thought Christine heated it up the last couple of books in the series, but she proved me wrong with Vendetta Road. She went from steamy to scorching with Ice’s story. Although, forewarning ahead of time that this book includes a lot of dark triggers/elements in it. If you read the previous books, then you know the Torpedo Ink members grew up in Russia being trained as assassins, but in the worst way possible. No child should ever go through what they went through, and that is why they now hunt pedophiles. Christine Feehan will bring up the past of each Torpedo Ink character in her books, and this time its Ice’s book. He went through hell growing up, primarily to protect his twin brother and little sister.

Isaak ‘Ice’ Koval has never had a connection with a woman until he comes across a woman in a sundress, while he’s on a mission in Nevada. He almost blows his mission because of the woman. The beautiful woman Soleil Brodeur is in Las Vegas with her so-called fiancé, Winston, who’s trying to force her marry him. She’s an heiress to a fortune, and she doesn’t want to marry Winston. The minute she tries to break it off with him, Winston becomes violent. She ends up running into one of the female Torpedo Ink members, Lana, who gives her Soleil’s information if she ever needs help. Soleil ends up needing her help and runs into a bar where the Torpedo Ink members are, and Ice immediately recognizes her from earlier. Ice and the rest of the Torpedo Ink club members are determined to help Soleil, especially after finding out the truth about what Winston is up to with Soleil.

Ice and Soleil’s connection is instant that they can’t keep their hands to themselves. Let’s say these two end up together several times that include on the pool table, in a clothing store, and at a camp in front of many others watching them. Their connection is not steamy, but off the charts, HOT! I felt that this book had a lot more sex in it from the other books due to the couple. Ice and Soleil are not prudish at all when it comes to being with each other.

So why only 3.5 stars? Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of instant-love connections. I wanted more of Soleil and Ice getting to know each other before jumping at each other. Although, I did enjoy how Ice protects Soleil and tries everything to reassure her that he can handle going after her fiancé. One of the most significant issues I had in the book was how Soleil doubted Ice and the Torpedo Ink members too much on protecting her. She didn’t know them very well, which was another thing that made me mad. She should’ve been told who they were from the beginning. There was also the quick plot to the story of what Soleil was running from and how Ice and the other Torpedo Ink members are protecting her from in the story.

Things I enjoyed though was getting more of what the Torpedo Ink members are trying to stop due to what they went through in their pasts. I love how they are not the typical Motorcycle Club too. They each have their powers, and they use those powers to take down some dark and twisted people. Christine Feehan manages to go into each character’s background a little bit more in each one of the books. I need to know more about each of the secondary characters.

Even though this book didn’t get a high rating from me, I’m happy that Ice got his HEA with Soleil. He deserved it, especially after everything he went through in his past and continued to go through in his present. I will say this that Soleil is perfect for Ice. She gets him on why he is the way he is after he finally reveals the truth. I wish I could like the instant-attraction, but sometimes it can be over the top for me.

Now his twin brother, Storm, and his sister, Alena, need an HEA too. They all deserve a HEA. Christine Feehan has managed to suck me into this twisted world, and I’m hoping that Torpedo Ink takes out all the sick and dark people of this fictional world.

I’m anxiously waiting for the next book since it’s Absinthe’s book and he’s fascinated me since book one.

Story Rating: 3.5 stars
Steaminess Rating: 5 stars
Standalone or part of series: Part of series, but each book follows a new couple.
Do I recommend this book? Yes.
Will I read other books from the author? Yes.
Tropes/Elements: Motorcycle Club; Insta-Love; Damsel in Distress; Dark Triggers: Human (Kids) Trafficking; Rape, Child Molestation, Violence, Murder
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