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Under Lying kept me up all night. What a mind-bender of a book, unputdownable and chilling!! I'm glad Susan is confined to the realms of fiction. It's 5 stars from me.
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Another brilliant read from this author. This is a book that you will want to keep reading, because you’re not quite sure what is going to happen on page. Total page turner, I found myself sneaking off for a few moments to carry on reading!
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Absolutely brilliant as always. As much as I wanted to be sympathetic to the main characters I just couldnt and found myself shouting for the underdogs. Janelle Harris always manages to write a book that keeps me hooked. Finished this corker in a day and ready nagging for her next book. A fantastic, gripping page turner that will have you hooked from the beginning
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I have read lots of psychological thrillers and this was up there with the best. It is multi-faceted with lots of intrigue and suspense but nothing could prepare me for the actions of the main character Susan and the motive behind what she does. The ending is absolutely mind-blowing and I certainly didn't see what was coming. It was a 2 am finish for me last night and quite fitting that it ended with fireworks going off in the valley opposite my bedroom.
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You move to a new area, reach out to make new friends and the worse moment of your life occurs.Your child goes missing.
You read the abstract and know that this is not going to be an ordinary read as the parents have a past and you are not exactly sure what will transpire. Well climb aboard and experience the twists and turns of what is a real page turner which shocks and makes you question the rights and wrongs,whose camp are you in and ultimately who deserves the treatment they receive.
It is really difficult to write the review of this book without a spoiler.
Can people redeem themselves or are they who you think they are.The revelations keep coming to the very last page and will shock and surprise you.
How far would revenge take you and are you prepared to lose everything you love to achieve it.

Believeable and well written characters that you feel you have a handle on and have mastered and then they do something that stuns you and you have no clue who they really are. I can't even say its just the main characters that do this it is throughout. You will experience an array of emotions but if you have read Janelle Harris before you know you have to hold on and experience the ride.

Some will not pick up the book thinking a missing child etc is not for them. Well,face your fears and you will be surprised and pleased you did not pass this by.

The ultimate psychological thriller with so much more. 

5 easy stars
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Did you ever pick up a book to read and you know right from the first page that it’s going to be a cracker of a read ?  Well this book did that for me . This is one of the best Psychological Suspense Thrillers that I have read in quite a while.   It hooked me right in from the start and kept me gripped up to the last page.   I have to be honest and say as I was getting nearer the end I didn’t want it to finish as I was enjoying it so much .  This book has a super storyline and fantastic characters who will stay with me  a long time .   What a read and one I have no hesitation in recommending it you’re a fan of psychological thrillers that have you on the edge of your seat .   A huge 5 star read for me .

Finally I would like to thank the author Janelle Harris and the publisher for giving me the opportunity to review this book before publication day.  My review is entirely my own honest opinion .
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