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I enjoyed this a lot more than I did the first one. The characters were much more memorable and the mystery kept me interested.
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This was a break in my usual reading material.  I saw this in NetGalley and wondered what the heck with the title.  Interesting quick read, fun!!  If you want to switch up your to be read list, this might do it.  Thank you for letting me preview in exchange for posting my own review.
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Another great book in this series.

I really enjoyed book one in this series, For Fox Sake, but Death by C*ck was even better.  This series follows Tate and Clay, from Susan Mac Nicol's The Men of London series, as they run their investigations business.  You can read this series on its own but I really recommend reading book four, Feat of Clay, in The Men of London series first so you get the whole picture of Tate and Clay's relationship.

This series is a bit lighthearted but there is also plenty of mystery.  Fetish Alley is an unusual place with an interesting cast of characters.  The various businesses in Fetish Alley show up in each book but the central mystery/crime takes place in a different location in each book.  

Clay and Tate's reputation for solving unusual crimes has the police going to them for help on the latest murder in the alley.  The investigation leads them to questioning many interesting characters.  I really enjoyed the tone of this story.  

Tate's former lover, Aurelio owns a fetish club in Fetish Alley and so far, he has had a great secondary role in books one and two.  He is also the person who tries to keep things under control in the alley. In Death by C*ck we are kept guessing about his relationship with his lover, Thomas.  I hope that they get a book soon that focuses on them as a couple.

I am thoroughly enjoying this series and look forward to reading the next book.

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This book is a male/male romance with a police story mixed in. I went into this knowing nothing. Honestly, the titled grabbed my attention. That is the only thing that grabbed it. I got bored with this story....I don't know why, maybe the British slang threw me off or the writing was not the greatest. I give this two stars for an attention grabbing title.
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This return to Fetish Alley is just as much fun as the first book in the series. A friendship with alley club owner, Relio, and a solved fetish murder have lead M&W Investigations to be considered friends. When there’s another suspicious death in London’s Fetish Alley the two men are called in again. They are trusted and respected and that goes a long way in the Fetish community.

I love the quirky banter in the books and particularly, the relationship between Clay and Tate. Things haven’t always been smooth sailing for the couple, but they’ve found their way to a loving, supportive, hot partnership in business and life.

The details MacNicol puts into her characters is what makes them so interesting. Tate’s past still haunts him and I love that it’s still a presence in his life. I really enjoy the way that MacNicol discusses the emotions that catch the men off guard at times. And… little details like playing rock, paper, scissors to see who gets to drive the motorcycle make me love them even more.

The case isn’t too complex, it’s more a case of hunting down the evidence. But, as the clues unfold, it becomes clear that Clay and Tate’s relationship has been evolving. I still feel as though there is a lot I don’t know about Tate and Clay… I would definitely enjoy a flashback to their past.

These books are very enjoyable. The characterizations are wonderful, the plot advances at a great pace and the sex scenes are hot and don’t take over the plot! Loved it!
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Very interesting and lovely story. I love the storyline and the light-hearted way the love is. What a great writer.
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Private Investigators, Clay and Tate are called into the murky world of Fetish Alley to try to solve a murder, which took place in a taxidermy shop. The owners and patrons of the businesses in the Alley avoid the police whenever possible so this seems like the only way of gaining more information. Like the first book, I find the journey to the ending is the most enjoyable part of the book peeking into Clay and Tate’s life and meeting up with their friends. This sequel to the first Fetish Alley book can be read as a standalone but it’s a pleasure to pick up clues about other characters we’ve met before. I really need to start at book one in the Men of London series, as I do love this world. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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To be honest I request this ARC because I was curious and found an entertaining and engrossing read.
It's full of humour, well written characters and an interesting plot.
It's completely out of my comfort zone but I liked it.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.
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