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Portrait of an Artist: Frida Kahlo

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The artwork is beautiful! This is such a wonderful way to get kids interested in art and artists. This series is a wonderful addition to my kids' shelves.
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Great story and beautiful artwork. Loved the premise as a children’s book and it’s a great way to enrich the lives of children.
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This is an amazingly beautiful mini bio of Frida Kahlo for children. The illustrations are stunning, and the bio includes the right amount of information to capture the essence of the artist that children should know about. Children learn not only the life of Frida and some of her famous paintings but also her perseverance and determination and independence. A positive and stunning book to add to anyone's collection.
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A great way to introduce little kids to art and artists - but I wanted the illustrations to be more like Frida's art and I also wanted more about Frida. It felt short and rushed.
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I no longer have this picture book as I have been moving my files and didn't realize by replace it has been deleting some books.
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This book is completely stunning. As a big fan of Frida Kahlo's I'm very pleased with how her story is presented for children in this book. I can't wait to pick it up and flip through a hard copy. This digital copy was provided for by NetGalley.
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Simply beautiful! Highly recommend to all. It was informative, presented a unique voice, and was absolutely stunning. Well done !
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This book for children is a great introduction to the artist Frida Kahlo. It tells her biography in short paragraphs and shows Kahlo’s artwork during the different stages of her life which helps to see the connection between Kahlo’s experience and her paintings. The book also offers some interpretation of the paintings.

Frida Kahlo is undoubtedly an amazing and fascinating artist. However, a lot of her artwork is disturbing (e.g. The Two Fridas, The Wounded Deer, and even Roots). All in all, a really great book that I personally really enjoyed. BUT: I would not recommend showing it to very young children. (Amazon recommends 1) the age group of 7-10 years as well as 2) the grade level Kindergarden-2, the latter being too young, in my opinion).

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This is a great introduction to Frida Kahlo! 

This is a short biography that is written for children but even as an adult reader I loved it - the images are wonderful, it is easy to read and it made me learn things about this fabulous lady along the way when I was reading it to my daughter.  

It is 5 stars from me for this one, it is an excellent book and I thought it was an excellent introduction to Frida Kahlo too - very highly recommended - I love books like this!!
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Portrait of an Artist: Frida Kahlo is a short biography of the Mexican artist that intends to introduce children into the world of art or even to encourage their most creative side.

Frida was an inspiring and unique woman, due to her way of thinking and living and she expressed it very well through painting. This book is the perfect introduction to her life and work as it gathers in summary form the most important aspects of both.

When he contracted polio and her multiple surgeries because of a bus accident, to the exhibition of his works in the United States and Paris.

In addition, it tells us about her technique, which item she used in the composition of her works, what inspired her and why her work was and still is so important at present.

Portrait of an Artist: Frida Kahlo is a spectacular book that will appeal not just to children, but also to adults. It’s so attractive that grabs you and you can’t help but look at every little detail on every page.

The drawings accompanying the text are full page, with bright and cheerful colors that transmit us a lot of energy and are in perfect tune with Frida Kahlo style. Together they are so striking like the artist’s paintings that appear here.

A unique and special book that has surprised me a lot.
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Portrait of an Artist: Frida Kahlo by Lucy Brownridge is an excellent children’s book (however I am a huge fan of Kahlo, so as an adult I truly enjoyed this as well) which is a quick read and run down of the artist, her life and story, as well as some of her most popular paintings at the end with little facts about each one.


5/5 stars

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This book is excellent, beautiful, informative and interesting. I shall be ordering copies for the classroom and library. Perfect for children at ks1 or ks2.
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I cannot say enough nice things about the Portrait of an Artist series, and this book about Frida Kahlo does not disappoint. This book follows Kahlo’s life from a young girl into adulthood and highlights her painting achievements. Also, brownie points for telling of Kahlo’s place in fighting for equal rights for all people, and for mentioning that she did go back to Mexico while Diego was still in the USA because that was what she needed at the time. This was the perfect amount of girl power without being too much!

Brownridge’s words are so kind, informative, and hit right at the suggested age range. Dieckmann did a wonderful job with the art and color palette, and it blended beautifully with Kahlo’s style. The book was beautiful and informative and would be a perfect addition to any child or school’s library.

Loved: That Brownridge informs young readers that Kahlo wasn’t always happy, she had bad days like all of us, but that didn’t stop her from pursuing her dreams of painting.

Disliked: There wasn’t anything that I disliked about this book.

I would totally gift/recommend this book for any child (curious about art or not), school or class libraries, and even adults who love art and picture books.

I would like to thank NetGalley, the publisher, and the author for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest opinion.
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In a world with so much emphasis on STEM topics, I think this series featuring artists is a valuable component to children's education. The book introduces young readers to artists, providing not only biographical information but offering selections of their work. I love how the illustrators for this series have sought to tell the story through pictures that are in a similar style as the artist themselves--almost as if, the author is illustrating their own story.

One bit of caution, in this particular story, there are some paintings with unclothed models. There are only a few and a parent could add some artfully arranged post-its over those paintings. Just wanted to give the heads up. I like reading aloud these stories to my children so I can explain (and occasionally skim over) areas that children may find difficult to understand.

The vibrancy of the illustrations really bring this artist's story alive. There is so much to see and explore on each and every page. It will be a book that will beg to be read again to make new discoveries after each reading. Grab your copy of this beautiful book and bring the arts alive for a new generation!

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The book describes Frida's life in a short and concise way with all the pages filled with art of the artist with some of Frida's masterpieces incorporated in the background.

The art in each page was beautiful and colorful. I liked that the artist drew close to how Frida paints with similar colors too and that it filled the whole page. 

Overall, it was a cute and nice read and I enjoyed reading each page.

Thank you Netgalley for providing me with the digital copy for an honest review.
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Frida Kahlo lived a short, but quite adventurous life. I like how the author managed to summarize it for children. And the pictures displayed in the book are also very suggestive of this. The illustrations are similar to Frida Kahlo's style, making it easier for the child to identify the artist.
"Discover the Artist Behind the Masterpieces" is a collection of books worth having on our children's bookshelves!
Thank you to Net Galley and Quarto Publishing Group - Wide Eyed Editions for providing me with an e-book copy in exchange for my honest review!
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This book is about the life of the wonderful artist from Mexico, Frida Kahlo.  The illustrations are beautiful and detailed.  She is definitely an inspiration, as she overcame so much in her life.  This is a terrific book for children and recommended.
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Thanks Net Galley for the preview!

I immensely enjoyed learning about Frida Kahlo! These illustrations were gorgeous and the flow of the story was informative but still exciting.  I may be purchasing this hard copy to share with arts teachers when it is released.
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I loved the storytelling in this book as it showcase Frida's life in an easy way for kids. I also really loved the beatiful and colourful illustrations, especially as it fitted to Frida's artwork.
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Vibrant, quirky and a little fantastical, Brownridge and Dieckmann’s retelling of Frida’s life and legacy in this pretty little book is easily accessible and draws the reader into the world of this Mexican icon naturally and simply. Kahlo’s multi-faceted personality, her struggles and triumphs, all are wonderfully presented in a child-friendly manner while staying interesting and inviting to the adult reader, and both my child and I enjoyed reading through and admiring the bright illustrations. Having heard her name and seen her work often, while being unfamiliar with her story, this was a wonderful way to get acquainted with this strong and passionate artist.

It was fantastic to see her real artwork being featured in the pictures, and the small annotated gallery at the end of the book are a great way to get talking about Kahlo’s paintings and the themes she drew inspiration from. This volume would be a great addition to the art non-fiction section of any library with a young borrower base, and I hope to see many more additions to the series.
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