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This a stunning book because of the art, which uses a combination of techniques to create a style that I'll call punk collage. Truly gorgeous; with an inclusive representation. But that same inclusivity gives me pause; not sure if I'm imagining it, but all of the monsters/giants were coded as brown or black. I had to knock off a star for that. While the various gods were also coded as diverse, I stopped seeing "white" faces/features when we got to the lesser monsters. It was pretty jarring. But since I read this on Adobe and the layout was very cumbersome as a digital ARC, with tiny font and a zine-esque layout, it's hard to scroll back and forth and cross-reference to see if I'm right. The layout and the writing also made me knock off a star. The layout might work beautifully in a physical coffee-table book, but I think the writing could use some work. It's serviceable, but doesn't imbue these stories with the mystery and magic that animates the artwork.
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Mythologica is a book of truly unique, bright, and beautiful artwork depicting the gods, people, and monsters of Greek mythology. Each page is an explosion of colour, and I have to say I absolutely loved the colour schemes used. 

The bios of each mythological character were summarised well. Some slightly bizarre juxtaposition between mature themes of incest and virginity and the phrasing 'totally awesome' in my opinion though. Also a weird bit where Pandora is described as being dangerous to men since she wore nice clothes. I understand that this is going from myths, but the way it was written just felt really weird to me, like it's still a thing, and not really the message I would want my daughter to take away (if I had one). I just think it could have been worded a little better. I also used think more could have been done to make sure the differences between persons and gods with the same name were clear. One of my other criticisms is perhaps the arrangement of text sections was a little bit weird; my eyes didn't easily know where to go next. But I did think the order that the mythological characters were introduced made a lot of sense. 

Overall, it was a little repetitive in places, but a good attempt at summarising the Greek myths. Especially of stories such as the Odyssey. I would definitely recommend this book as a coffee book, or for a child who's into mythology! I myself love mythology and was aware of a lot of these stories already, but still learnt a thing or two. I think this book is also a great introduction to Greek mythology to newbies too!

I received a free ARC of this book from the publisher on Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!
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I requested this book because my daughter is very into Greek mythology right now and I thought this book had the potential of being a good Christmas gift for her. 🎄 And it definitely is that. 🙌

This book is just utterly gorgeous. 💕 It would make a fantastic coffee table book. 🎨 It is also filled with interesting and easy-to-read information. 👍 I honestly can't think of a single negative thing to say about this book. 👀
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Thank you to NetGalley and Quarto Publishing Group – Wide Eyed Editions for an early copy of Portrait of Mythologica by Stephen P. Kershaw.  This was a great book to get an overall picture of Greek mythology.  The book is divided into three sections; Gods, Mortals, and Monsters, plus there is an occasional story/myth mixed in, for example about the Argonauts.  Each page talks about one being and has very colorful collage type pictures, a quick sentence about what they are known for, and then lots of other information and facts.  The pictures are very intriguing and great just on their own.  This book would be great for anyone looking for an overview of Greek mythology with very great visuals.
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This is a stunning book, the illustrations are amazing. It covers the main gods, goddesses, heroes and creatures from Greek mythology. It's written in short easy bites of information so it's perfect for children to start learning about Greek mythology. It also acknowledged that Hylas was Heracles' lover not just his friend (though they didn't do the same for Patroclus and Achilles) which any mythology books aimed at children that I have read has done. A great stepping stone for children into world mythology.
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What a beautiful book! The pictures have a vaguely Indian influence, crammed with colour and detail; even after a few minutes on each I'm sure I missed details. I'll really enjoy seeing this one in person to pick up on everything. The stories are nicely told, just the right level of detail. A wonderful package all around.
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This book is absolutely stunning. I have never seen Greek mythology portrayed in such a vibrant colourful way- a true masterpiece of a book!
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I received an electronic ARC from Quarto Publishing Group through NetGalley.
Vivid illustrations bring the Ancient Greek Gods, Goddesses and other beings to life. The 80's vibe pops and the author provides brief descriptions as to why each is drawn in this manner.
Short blurbs provide anecdotes and facts to bring the person/creature to life for readers. Kershaw provides succinct information about each. Interesting to see the Greek name written along with the more familiar ones.
This book is an easy to read first look at these gods, goddesses and creatures for middle grade and older readers.
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Disclaimer: I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

Mythology of any kind is a favorite subject of mine. The stories resonate across centuries for a reason and it is always fun to read new adaptations for new audiences. This collection provides the basics of Greek mythology in pithy interesting bites accompanied with amazing vivid collaged illustrations. Probably great for a classroom introduction to Greek myths or for getting someone interested in the subject. The illustrations are striking enough for it to be a coffee table book.
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My son and I just loved this book. The pictures are wonderfully different, bright and vibrant, they really captured his imagination. There is also a lot of information and detail included. I’ll be ordering this for the classroom as well as for at home. Excellent.
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Thanks to Quarto Publishing Group and NetGalley for the Advance Review Copy in exchange for an honest review.

This is an absolutely gorgeous who's who of the Gods of Olympus and legendary characters and creatures from Greek mythology and ancient literature. 

The infomation and descriptions are presented alphabetically and are accompanied by absolutely stunning artwork. The artwork is modern, vibrant and diverse and will appeal to this book's target audience of those in their tweens/early teens. The information is brief but enough to summarise the main highlights of each of the featured entries. I was sad to see that my girl Medusa has been done wrong again though. Can we just admit that Athena and Poseidon were the bad guys in that situation please?

This is an exciting book with a unique visual take on Greek mythology. I for one will be adding the hardback to my collection.
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I absolutely loved this beautifully and daintily illustrated Greek Mythology encyclopedia for kids. The illustrations are original and striking and the text perfect. A delight to read this book and to rediscover the stories and myths that are part of our culture (and which are revisited in so many works of art including literature, painting, drama, and so on). What I loved most about this new encyclopedia is that it is so lively and engaging.
I highly recommend it to children and teachers alike! 
I thank NetGalley and Quarto Publishing Group - Wide Eyed Editions for this lovely book ! #Mythologica #NetGalleyFrance
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I loved this book! 
It truly helped me understand mythology. 
I’m pretty embarrassed by the fact that I’m 25 and my knowledge of mythology is Percy Jackson lol. 
Anyways.. this book is great each page is dedicated to someone a god or goddess, so on.. the pages have  beautiful artwork and the basic need to know . Where..A short detailed section on them. I honestly learned so much and this is a book I definitely will reread time and time again! 
I could see it being perfect to read to your young so they don’t end up like me ( not knowing much) 
My husband and I are fascinated by mythology but he has so much more knowledge than I. I can now hold a conversation on the topic because of this book! It will get you interested and start your research for all information! Also it’s great because it’s very easy to understand some other books I looked at either are so boring I put it down right away or I can’t seem to understand what they are talking about. 

This is a great buy.
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This book was really neat. I LOVED the illustrations. 
I just wish the author would have included the Roman names along with the Green names.
It was a point touched on at the beginning, that the Gods had different names, it would have been very informative to have included this information. 

a great book for a lover of Greek mythology looking to introduce it to a younger reader.
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Dèi, semidei, mostri della mitologia greca, presentati in brevi, efficaci schede - e sopratutto ritratti in un trionfo di colori, con rappresentazioni di eccezionale efficacia e originalità.
Pensavo che dal punto di vista grafico niente potesse superare le Favole degli Dèi di Paolo Barbieri, ma mi sono dovuta ricredere: trovo questo volume ancora più bello, e i testi (punto debole dell'opera di Barbieri) nettamente superiori.
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I'd buy this as a coffee table book. The illustrations are bold, striking, and imaginative. These renderings of the Greek gods and goddesses encouraged me to question the stereotypical images of these figures that have formed in my head over time. 

On the other hand, the text and layout both need some tweaking. The text is broken into different unrelated blocks. The intended audience is children, and it would be much easier for them to read one continuous narrative.

Some pages are quite crowded with objects and text. The crowding limits the space available for text, so some of it is written in a thin, tiny font that is *really* difficult to read. I'd suggest removing some of the secondary objects and cutting the amount of text so that it can be laid out in a way that is much more readable. 

I'd also cut down on the number of fonts used--the numerous changes in typeface make my eye jump around the page, and I'd imagine that a child would have the same problem.

Amazon has Mythologica listed for 7-10 year olds, and to me, that range seems way off. The vocabulary is going to be over the heads of most younger readers. (For example, I'm not sure many parents/teachers are going to want to explain to 7 year olds what an "illegitimate child" is!) I'd say ages 10+ is probably closer to accurate.

3.5 stars rounded up--I'd buy Mythologica for the artwork, but I'd probably turn to another source to help a tween gather information about Greek mythology.

Thanks to NetGalley and Wide Eyed Editions for my DRC of this book, which will be available for purchase on September 3rd.
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If Steve is the cake in this book, then Victoria is definitely the Topping. The text is great, but the artwork will blow your socks off. In fact I still haven't found mine, and I'm seriously considering billing the artist for a new pair.

I asked myself, when beginning to read this, what it can bring to the table that couldn't be served equally well by a quick reference to Wikipedia. The answer quickly became obvious. This book has pizazz, which no one could ever accuse Wikipedia of! It's not dry and technical, but lively, exciting, and has roots you can follow all the way back to Tartarus. Unlike those annoying Rick Riordan books which brutally-wrenched the mythology from its native Greece and inexplicably transplanted it to the USA with nary a με την άδειά σας (which is Greek for 'by-your-leave'), like only the USA matters and alas who cares about Hellas anyway, this book keeps everything where it originated and tells the complete story in pithy paragraphs that skip none of the weird details which is what makes these tales so engrossing.

The book runs to some fifty pages of text and illustration, and covers Zeus, Hera, Athena, Apollo, Artemis, Poseidon, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Hermes, Dionysius, Hades, Demeter, Persephone, Ares, Gaia, Prometheus, Pan, Eros, Penelope, Narcissus, Oedipus, Pandora, Icarus, Midas, Cassandra, Orpheus, Helen, Achilles, Hector, Jason, Medea, Cyclops, Argos, Typhon, Chimaera, Medusa, Cerberus, Talos, Pegasus, the Muses, the Fates, the Amazons, the Argonauts, the Hydra, the Centaurs, The Griffin, the Giants, the Hundred Handers, The Minotaur, the Sirens, the Harpies, the Phoenix. In short, it has everything in one convenient place.

The text alone would have made this a worthy read, but add to that the artwork (and especially its diversity) and it takes it to a whole other place. I was repeatedly struck by how much of the Bible's mythology was taken directly from the earlier Greek stories. This is a wonderful book with much to entice, and I commend it as a worthy and educational read.
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This book is the ideal companion for mythology enthusiasts (like me). The text is organized and easy to follow.
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When it is hot as heck outside and there is nothing cool to do but reading as everything else makes you end up a sweaty mess, it is the perfect day for a speed reader.
I received a temporary digital Advance Reader Copy of this book from #NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  			

From the publisher, as I do not repeat the contents or story of books in reviews, I let them do it as they do it better than I do 😸.			
An illustrated encyclopedia of Greek mythology like no other, Mythologica features startlingly beautiful and exquisitely otherworldly portraits of mythological characters in eye-popping colour from artist Victoria Topping and authoritative text from Classics scholar and Greek mythology expert Dr Stephen Kershaw.

Uncover the colourful lives of 50 powerful gods and goddesses, earth-dwelling mortals, and terrifying monsters as you journey back in time to ancient Greece. From the fearless Athena and her meddlesome ways to the brave and bold Odysseus and his remarkable journey home, discover why these incredible stories are still a part of our culture today.

Listed alphabetically, each boldly designed spread presents a figure from the myths, including their name in Greek, their defining attributes, and a summary of their story, along with multiple sidelights that provide additional facts. Interspersed with the profiles are summaries of famous mythological tales and historical events, like the Odyssey, the Trojan War, and the story of the Argonauts.

An electrifying visual portrayal of each figure transports you directly into their wild world. Victoria Topping’s artwork is a fusion of technological and traditional techniques that combines photography, painting, and cut-paper collage to perfectly express the blending of human and fantastic traits from which mythical beings are made.

The thrilling images and digestible text provide the perfect introduction to the lively world of Greek mythology. Prepare to be amazed as you uncover the epic, heroic, and sometimes terrible lives of mortals, monsters, and gods.

I always remember being fascinated by Greek mythology while growing up and this book brought back all those curious memories. The book is wonderfully written and illustrated and it brought back memories of the clean things taught to us at church camp … seriously! (of course, those were Gods with a lower-case g and we discussed how they were not the capital G God!) This is a great book for kids of all ages- it is easily broken down into sections so it can be read chapter by chapter. What a great book!!!
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This is an amazingly illustrated book, which head shots of the major Greek gods, with all their symbolism in the illustration. 

At first, I was going into this book thinking, ho-hum, another book about Greek gods. But from the first page I was captivated. 

Each description gives the Greek spelling of the name of the god, as well as background to explain why each was drawn the way they were.

This book gives a good, brief introduction to Greek Mythology, which is important to know about, when reading Western literature, which borrows heavily from the mythology.

I would love to see this treatment done to other mythologies from around the world.

Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review.
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