Stars Beyond

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 21 Feb 2020

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As I read this just kept getting better and better. Josune, Roystan, and Nika as well as the other characters kept the action going and the plot thickening. I loved the first book and Stars Beyond lived up to my expectations. S.K. Dunstall is on a roll with first the Linesman books and now the Stars Uncharted. This could be the last book in this series but I am hoping for one more. I love the crew and would love to see how they carry on after all the danger and tension in this book.
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Stars Beyond by S.K. Dunstall. The crew is still on the run barely keeping ahead of those searching for them, but traps and entanglements are becoming more common and they won't stay ahead forever.
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Stars Beyond is the sequel to Stars Uncharted, a so-called space opera, which means a story about people takes place on spaceships.  Stars Beyond is at its best when it delves into action sequences be they space battles or stealth sneak attacks.

  One of the central parts to the Stars universe are "body modders," a term not fully explained, but includes all types of body modification from healing to facechanging.  A great body modder can alter a subject so that the subject appears to be a different person much like the face dancers in Frank Herbert's Dune world.  Given how central modders are to the story, it would've been nice to learn more about how society is effected by modders and ever changing identities.
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