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Christmas at Maplemont Manor

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I love reading Christmas stories, especially when the world is in an uproar like now. This was a quick and easy read that made me want Christmas time!
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Christmas magic--but fun to read anytime of year!  This is the story of Noelle, the owner of Sugarhouse Bakery, and Grant, Maplemont's newest resident, who all of the women are swooning over because he's become the area's most eligible bachelor.  Of course, Noelle isn't enamored with him and states that he's the last man on earth she would date.  As you can imagine, sparks fly when Noelle and Grant are thrown together in a variety of the town's holiday festivities, including a gingerbread house contest, ice skating, card making and more.  

Sparks fly, but will a fire be ignited between them?  You'll have to read it to find out! 

This is the kind of book that puts you in the mood for Christmas--and Christmas romance!  The author does a wonderful job describing a small eastern town during the holiday season.  I wished I could visit it and enjoy the warmth and congeniality of its residents.  I hope the author writes another book set in this town; would love to see a celebration during Easter, or July 4th!
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This was a great Christmas book. It kept me wanting to keep reading to find out what happened next.  Loved it!
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What a wonder book for the Christmas holidays. Plenty of season joy and merriment. A nice fireside read.
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This is a very predictable feel good Christmas love story set in the small town of Maplemont.  Grant has returned to his family's estate and is hosting a party catered by Noelle Kringle.  She runs the local bakery and has a catering service.  When Noelle mistakes Grant for a hired waiter they have a good start to a friendship until his mother enters the kitchen.  This is a wonderful story that has all the points needed for a holiday romance.  I received a copy of this ARC in exchange for a fair and honet review.
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This is a very festive read, full of delicious food including gingerbread houses and maple sugar products! There’s a very Christmassy feel to the book. 
It’s a prince and pauper type story, but handled in an original way. Our heroine Noelle is very likeable, kind, caring but a little unsure of herself. Our hero is the wealthy Grant, whom Noelle doesn’t recognise at first. She thinks he’s the hired help! There’s lots of clever touches like this that make the story lively. 
This is sweet, feelgood, uplifting romance set in the holiday season and which will brighten up your Christmas. 
Lovely cover!
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Christmas at Maplemont Manor by Julie Manthey was your typical Christmas man returns to his "castle" in small town America and meets a small town woman who can't trust him because of his family's past misdeeds and stories about his misadventures.  Life works out, they come together and live happily ever after.  The story was sweet, but so contrived and instead of coming across as a strong businesswoman who can make her own decisions, as she was at the start of the novel, Noelle becomes a simpering, whining caricature who can't stir her way out of a mixing bowl, let alone come up with her own recipe for maple fudge..he has to accidentally knock some things into it to create the perfect recipe!  If you want a Hallmark Christmas movie, this is the book for you!

Thank you to the author, IBPA and NetGalley for and ARC of this novel in exchange for my honest review.
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This was a sweet romance set at Christmas in a small town in NY.  The characters were very interesting and I loved the banter between the two main characters.  The plot was fairly cookie cutter (pardon the pun!) but still enjoyable.  There was a lot that made it seem like we missed an earlier book but we didn't.  Maybe the author is setting it up to write a series going backwards? Overall a very pleasant read.
I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley and the publisher and voluntarily chose to review it.
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Christmas At Maplemont Manor is a book that fits the holiday bill when it comes to holiday cheer. This book has a charming antagonistic romance that takes its time to build. Prepare for lots of Christmas activities and holiday treats. I loved the cozy, feel good vibe and the romance. If you want a delightful holiday read, this is one to pick.
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Christmas at Maplemont Manor is a sweet small town romance. If you live Hallmark movies, you will love this story.   I recommend it for a feel good reading experience.
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Don't get me wrong, this is a very sweet, romantic, holiday read.  I am very thankful to have the opportunity to read an advanced copy for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.  So here goes honest....The story is at best a cookie cutter holiday romance, which I expected and normally would have enjoyed. What turned me off was the constant highlight on irrational emotions of female characters. The constantly doubting herself and others without care to ask simple questions or blown up over-reactions.  Plus it was SO wordy.  I understand describing emotions & internal dialogue, but this this over described everything.
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Four stars: A cheerful, magical holiday romance that is packed full of warmth and Christmas cheer. 

For Noelle, Christmas is a busy time in her little bakery. She has loads of Christmas cookies and gingerbread to bake, and more than anything, she wants to submit her own award winning fudge recipe in the local fudge competition. Noelle keeps trying to tweak her fudge recipe, but she can’t get it quite right. It doesn’t help that she has loads of obligations, from volunteering at the hospital, to cooking and serving holiday dinners. At one dinner, Noelle finds herself cooking at the Maplemont Manor, the town’s mansion. When someone enters the back door of the kitchen, Noelle assumes it is the person hired to help her serve the feast. Little does she know that the man she is ordering around the kitchen is none other than Grant, the owner of the manor. Noelle and Grant can’t deny sparks of attraction in their brief meeting, but each of them says some harsh things, and they part ways knowing they likely won’t be friends, or will they?
What I Liked:
*Christmas At Maplemont Manor is a delightful holiday romance packed full of sugary goodness and a charming antagonistic romance. This is a wonderful pick me up read. 
*I loved the way Noelle and Grant meet. Their initial meeting starts out under false pretenses when Noelle mistakes Grant for the serving help. A frazzled Noelle who is trying to get a gourmet dinner prepped starts ordering a befuddled Grant around the kitchen, and for whatever reason, Grant goes along with it. Sparks fly, and then disaster strikes when both say some sharp words. This is how the fledgling romance is born. It starts out fiercely antagonistic. Both vowing to no have anything to do with the other, and yet... Grant feels it necessary to prove to Noelle he is not the person she presumes he is, while Noelle tries to deny her attraction. What follows is a cute and often times funny courtship. I liked this romance, it takes plenty of time to build, and when it finally gets to that moment, it is perfect. Nothing like a good holiday romance. 
*I thought Grant was the perfect lead. He comes from wealth, but there is so much more to him than meets the eye. He is not the snobby, uptight, dashing rich bachelor everyone thinks he is. Instead he is quiet and rather unassuming. He donates plenty of money to charities often times anonymously, and he does so much behind the scenes without asking for recognition. I loved seeing his depth and his kindness. Time and time again, he proves to be a stand up guy. 
*Noelle is a little harder to get to know. She has a tough exterior, and she has hardened her heart after a couple of heartbreaks. Even though she isn’t open to romance, she is hardworking, gentle and kind. She spends much of her spare time volunteering and doing good for the community while helping to raise her orphaned niece. 
*This book is what I want when reading a holiday book. It has a light, cozy feel and it is packed full of holiday warmth and cheer. There is gingerbread house making, cookie baking, kisses under the mistletoe, ice skating, holiday parties and more. It was bursting with all things holiday. 
*I liked that there was a lot of altruistic activity in this book, from helping at the hospital to raising money for the local cancer center. It is nice to read about others giving during the holiday season. 
The book ends with a big, climatic scene and then a lovely holiday moment. Just right. 
*I was surprised and pleased to find this was an independently published novel. A gem if you are looking for a holiday treat. 
And The Not So Much:
*I struggled with Grant’s mother and her smothering actions. I didn’t like how kept thrusting a shallow, self centered woman at her son because she thought she was a good match. I really detested the way she looked down on Noelle because she didn’t come from money. Furthermore, her actions at the end were deplorable. The mother’s character felt prefabricated and little cartoon villainy for my taste. 
*I didn’t like that the romance would take a step forward and then two steps back because of Noelle’s insecurities. I hated that she retreated every time instead of talking things through. 
*I felt like there was a lot of back story missing. I honestly thought I was perhaps reading a second novel in a series as there seemed to be an entire story line surrounding Noelle’s older sister, her bakery and her daughter. I was surprised to find that this is the first and only book?? I felt like there was detail missing regarding Carol, it felt like important pieces were missing. 

Christmas At Maplemont Manor is a book that fits the holiday bill when it comes to holiday cheer. This book has a charming antagonistic romance that takes its time to build. Prepare for lots of Christmas activities and holiday treats. I loved the cozy, feel good vibe and the romance. If you want a delightful holiday read, this is one to pick. 

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own, and I was not compensated for this review. 
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This was an decent Christmas novel. It seemed longer than most though. I don't know if it is because there was so much description of maple fudge and Maplemont Manor or if most Christmas novels are shorter in general.

It definitely hammered the prince and the pauper trope too hard. Noelle is pretty much not going to trust the lord of the manor guy until the entire town tells her it's ok. She's just so insecure. It's a little cringe-y. 

For a tiny town they sure have a lot of people, resources, and restaurants. 
Somehow they are able to raise millions of dollars to rebuild the cancer center in 2 weeks? Off gala tickets that the regular townsfolk attend and "online contributions". Maybe $2.5 million would be more realistic. 

I also had some quibbles with the mentions of Martha's Vineyard. There are no vineyards on Martha's Vineyard. It's also not interchangeable with Nantucket. 

There were quite a few spelling and grammatical errors that stood out too. At the end of the book, it was disclosed this was self-published. I'm happy to pass along the things I caught if the author wants to update future editions. 

I would read another book by the author. 

*I received an advance copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher and I am required to disclose that in my review in compliance with federal law.*
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This book has wonderful christmassy/winter vibes. It didn’t evoke strong feelings in me for a couple reasons. One was the repetition - there were multiple times when the same adjective or adverb was used within a paragraph. That sounds silly (I’m a reader, not a writer), but when you read it in a book, it sounds like the author was limiting their creativity. Another reason was a lot of “telling” the action instead of showing it. Paragraphs listing out a character’s thoughts instead of revealing motives and emotions organically through dialogue and action, if that makes sense. Describing more of the smells and flavors of the food would also help. :) Overall, while I may not have gotten “all the feelz”, I enjoyed the characters and plot, and I’d read more from the author.
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Noelle Kringle runs the Sugarhouse Bakery in Maplemont, having taken over when her sister and her husband tragically passed away. The bakery is the heart of Maplemont. Her sister Holly runs the families farm, Maplemont farm, the home of the best Maple Syrup. And then there's Maple Mont Manor, home of Grant, who has had his head turned by one of the Kringle sisters
This is a cute easy read that is totally Christmas. From Maple Fudge to Gingerbread Houses, to Christmas decorating to Christmas Galas. 
A super easy read, perfect for the festive season.
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Cute story set around Christmas time. Hard working baker meets rich guy who's inherited his grandfather's estate. While the plot is somewhat cookie cutter romance story, it is still a fun read.
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This is the perfect feel good, small town holiday romance. If you are a lover of Hallmark movies and books that play out like the movies I highly suggest it. 
It was a quick read with great characters and a loving story. It’s full of Christmasy things and holiday cheer. The author gives you exactly what you are looking for in this holiday romance. I perfect 5 star from me! 
Thank you to Netgalley, the author and publisher for this book in exchange for my honest opinion.
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The festive cover and lovely blurb seemed perfect for the Christmas season. It is a feel-good romance with a sort of Downton Abbey vibe. For some reason, I didn’t get into the story, but it's just my personal opinion in this very moment. I'll try reading it later on, I might be more into it.

Regardless, I’m supportive of independent self-published authors, so give it a try, you might really like it!
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An endearing and festive story for the holidays! I love when a romance comes together for two very deserving people, after a few mishaps of course. I lookforward to reading more books by this author.
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I really enjoyed this book.

The characterisation was great and loved how the Lord of the Manor melted and became a normal person. The names of the Kringles were perfect and made this book even warmer.

I felt that the mother and Imogen were poisonous and very incredibly well-written.

This was a cuddly book to read with hot chocolate, just need some of the fudge and Christmas cookies.
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