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Flight to Redemption (A Samantha Starr Thriller, Book 1)

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I really enjoyed this book. Sam as her friends call her is an airline pilot who managed to land her plane safely after an explosion on board. She takes a month's vacation to Scotland. She has barely arrived when she saves a twelve year old Charlie who has been kidnapped. There are eight other boys who were kidnapped but she has no idea about that at the time. Sam and Charlie find themselves on the run. to escape some dirty cops. Then Russian assassins show up. Can Sam keep Charlie safe until her brothers arrive to help the SAS find them and bring them safely home? You won't want to put the book down.
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The beginning was very promising, and soon followed with a nefarious ransom plan.  Unfortunately I started being aware of too many flaws, each of which jolted me out of the story enough so that I couldn't really enjoy it.  They ranged from Americanisms being spoken by Brits, Scottish "cops" (policemen) armed with handguns, and too many stereotypes.  Here's a hint: even *one* instance of "he looked like a Highlander hero on a romance novel" is too much.  I won't go into detail about the other bad guys, but suffice it to say they apparently checked every box too. 

By the time I was halfway through, the prospect of driving at 140mph down little Scottish backroads seemed perfectly plausible in comparison to everything else, and all that was left to annoy me was the incessant use of "lass" (which we've never heard from someone under the age of 50).

I was left with one question though: How on earth was Samantha not already in some sort of special forces?  Her abilities seem to suggest otherwise, especially when facing off against dire threats.  Besides, everyone *else* seems to be... it's a shame to leave her out.

Suffice it to say that I forced myself to finish just in case the ending was decent, and then promptly deleted book 2  unread from my Kindle.
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I received this book through the Net Galley Read Now program.

I selected this book because of the description that was presented. It completely blew my mind once I got part way through the book. The 1st chapter introduced Samantha (Sam) Starr, a pilot for Luxury International Airlines. She was at the controls on a return flight from Paris when a bomb exploded in the aft section of the plane. Upon feeling the explosion, she immediately started to bring the flight down to a lower elevation since there was no oxygen at the current level and all of the masks had been lowered to the passengers. While making her approach and trying to convince Traffic Control that she needed to land on the Shuttle Runway a second bomb exploded which blew out one of her engines. She was able to safely land the plane and while taking a final walk through the plane, she managed to rescue a young girl her had been separated from her mother. All passengers and staff remaining were evacuated safely. One party was sucked out of the plane when the 1st blast happened. She was interviewed over a period of one week.

Once she was cleared, she began her vacation to Scotland. Unbeknownst to her, Lord Sweetwater and a high ranking police official were discussing Operation Blue Blood which was the kidnapping of children from high ranking members of the UK and Scotland. Sam got caught in the scheme when one of the children , Charlie, was kidnapped. She was able to free him from his kidnappers, but since the Police official was involved, she was identified as the prime suspect and orders were to kill her and Charlie. The SAS became involved and along with information from Sam were able to rescue all of the boys and kill the individual identified as Janus.

The action was immense and all of the characters were well written. In order to get the real scoop on this story, then you need to get this book that I highly recommend. I had a had time putting the book down and began reading at 3AM this morning finishing at 6:30.

I have already gotten the 2nd story and discovered a new author that I enjoyed.
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This was a great start to a series, it had everything I wanted in a mystery novel. The characters were great and I enjoyed reading the first book in the series.
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Flight to redemption is a fast paced thriller. The action starts out on the first page and does not let go.
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Exciting from the first page to the last. Leaves the reader satisfied and takes them to new heights. 5/5 stars for a job well done.
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The paperback version has been out for a while so there are lots of good reviews out there already. So I'll just say that is a solid thriller! Recommended. 4.5 stars.

I really appreciate the advanced copy for review!!
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