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All She Wants as just okay for me. But this book was lacking in chemistry and it dabbled along. Not much else to say!
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I couldn't get into this book and really struggled with reading it and ended up skimming a good portion of it. The characters were hard to like and relate to.
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Sadly this one just didn't work out for me at all. The entire thing felt very empty and tossed together.  I felt like the characters were just there to have sex and that those senses weren't even that good.  I have read better erotica from debut authors as well as indie authors.  This one for me needs a lot of work to be anything that I would ever try again.
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This isn't really my style of reading. Smut isn't my thing. I just felt like this was a long, drawn out porn book that didn't have a lot of substance to it. I wish there was more to it, or that I felt like I knew the characters more but, nope. Those that like smut, you might enjoy this.
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I have only read one other book by Ms. Rose (Kiss the Rain), so wasn't to sure what to expect going in.  I can't say it was a bad read, but it wasn't a great read either-I had a hard time getting to like the main character Tessa, and was just not getting into the connection with her and Marci.  I have read reviews of other books from Ms. Rose so I thought this would be a very hot, steamy book, but I have to be honest, didn't really find the sex scenes really hot, they were good don't get me wrong, but hot/steamy, not really to me.

It was a quick read, and somewhat pleasurable, so it won't deter me from reading future books from Ms. Rose, but hopefully her future ones will be more to her reputation of a hot, steamy erotica author.

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This story meanders and doesn't seem to have focus. The characters are ok but not very memorable.  The book cover as well does not provide any context to the story and is an obvious ploy to capture attention.
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This is an OK read, but it didn't really catch my attention. For me, All She Wants is not really up to Larkin Rose's normal standards. The story idea is OK but not developed very realistically. The characters are good though although the supposedly steamy moments were not really that steamy. I finished the book, and it was moderately enjoyable, but it should and could have been better.
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I’ve really enjoyed some of this author’s previous works but unfortunately this one didn’t do it for me. There was hardly any plot or character development - I could have forgiven that in a good erotica but the sex scenes were all one-sided and vague, and failed to grab my interest. The two leads seemed to hate one another and the romance just didn’t feel believable. Tessa was a particularly annoying character and seemed to be in a constant state of anger. Marci was a nice enough character but I didn’t see how the two leads developed feelings or ended up together.
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I’m usually a fan of Rose’s novels but this one had quite a few things in it that jarred for me. Marci left Colorado, her home and place she loves, because her wife hated the cold. An 11 year marriage ended with Marci being cheated on and now, about six months later, she is back in Colorado working at a prestigious resort with her best friend Wendy. Wendy has set up a competition to find the best event planner to become a part of her resort. Tessa Dalton wants to win and be the event planner and at the same time, get out from under the shadow of her sister. Marci and Tessa have an instant physical attraction but miscommunicate just as quickly.

I think what bothered me most is that Marci and Tessa’s chemistry is phenomenal but it isn’t followed up with a well-developed emotional connection. They’re both really prickly characters whose edges don’t really soften as the story unfolds. Tessa’s sister could also have done with a little more depth.

The sex scenes are hot and filled with desire but it’s not enough to hold the story together for me. That said, it’s a quick read and I would have enjoyed it more if I’d liked the characters more.

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 2 stars 

I have to say I'm a bit disappointed. I expected a lot from the book after I read the excerpt, but it just didn't do it for me. I tried to like this book a bit more, but I couldn't. I struggled with finishing it and there were places in the book I skimmed. The book was all drama and sex. It lacked character development and the characters seemed too immature for me at times. I just couldn't connect to the story nor to the characters. 

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This book is a three and half star.
The plot had a lot of potential but something was missing.
The characters were interesting enough most of the time.
Its an all right read to unwind with.
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I've read and enjoyed a couple of Rose's previous books - they were angsty and steamy fun - and was looking forward to this one. Unfortunately, this is a miss for me.

The two main characters were rather unlikable and also rather inconsistent in their actions and reactions. Lots of hot and sweaty sex, but ... meh, I couldn't care less about the characters and found myself skimming a lot of the book. Things were laid out a little too obviously and kind of clumsily and the plot just didn't make a lot of sense to me. Lots of judgement, lots of bitterness, lots of flying off the handle and stomping off. I'm really disappointed.  But never fear - I'll read her next one because I have had a few good hits with Larkin Rose's books.
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A very interesting and lovely story. All the sparks and heat. I love the way how Larkin wrote. What a great writer.
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All she wants was an amazing read! I loved the chemistry between the main characters. I honestly don’t know how i feel about Monty. I want to hate her cause she’s a typical player. But i don't hate her. 
Tessa’s take charge is so fascinating and low-key a turn on. There’s just something about the way are actions are described that makes me smile.
Marci was a bit exasperating at first but eventually i was hooked. 
I would definitely re-read this. Especially the sex scenes ☺️
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All She Wants by Larkin Rose
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Marci and Tessa are the leads in this romance with the theme of wedding planning. There's some drama and sex thrown in but the character Marci never really clicked for me. With only a few "steamy" bits, I laboured somewhat to get to the end. A trifle disappointed that I can only rate this one from Ms. Rose at 2 stars.
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I found this book to be average when I wanted it to be so much more. I liked the characters, Tessa and Marci, in the way they showed strong women accomplishing things. But, it also showed these women as irrational and unable to communicate with each other to resolve an issue. I get that when you have had your heart broken, that you want to hide yourself off from the world and you become bitter and angry. But Marci's character is an extreme of this. The trust issues that existed between Tessa and Marci threw up red flags for me for that relationship. Even if the sex was earth-shattering (which I wish had been described in more erotic detail), the trust issues signaled doom to that relationship throughout. 

From a couple that was so sex hungry, it seemed like their sex was pretty repetitive and not that outside of the box. I would have expected more adventurous sex between them with toys and other accessories. Instead, the sex was pretty much isolated to tongues, fingers, and a glossing over of what happened during their times together. I wanted much more in this category.

Overall, the story is ok, but it could have been so much more.
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I didn't write a review on Goodreads for this book, mainly because my momma said if you dont have anything nice to say...  
As a hetro woman, I enjoy a steamy lesbian tromp in my erotica at times. However - are there any men on this planet?  Is everyone married to a woman? It was just so one-sided gender wise,  preachy about commitment, condoning no-strings-attached hook-ups while blathering on about being faithful. I dont get it - pick a belief, create an actual storyline, and realize that there has got to be more than three men in the background of a book that is overflowing with women! Agh!!!
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I really wanted to like this book so much. The beautiful mountain backdrop was a lush landscape to write this romance, and Tessa and Marci were interesting women to get to know. What became unbearable was the unending ridiculous drama where neither could talk through an issue without storming off in a tantrum and assuming the worst. I barely made it half way before I couldn’t take another minute of their ridiculous drama.
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'All She Wants' is put out there as erotica.

Tessa and Marci get together more than a number of times but it lacks the steamy scenes, I personally don't think it hits the mark and the author missed a good opportunity as she actually has a good story here.

Would I recommend, yes if you want a pleasant story
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What did I expect when I selected this book? A book with a detailed account of a contest to be crowned the best wedding planner - and a lot of sex. A win-win for me.

What I got. Not as much sex as I expected, not by a long shot, and a sermon on who is in the wrong when a married woman cheats. The latter was not expected and verged on being preachy. From the get-go, we are told it's always the married person's fault, never the other person. The heroine's father cheated, but hey, it wasn't the other woman's fault, so she and her mother embraced the woman.

Her sister is a skank, shags anything with a pulse, married or not, with no regard for who might get hurt. This is a huge part of the plot and so transparent, the storyline is flimsy at best.

I didn't buy into the ending, sure the sex between the leads was steamy, but I didn't feel any emotional connection and I guess that is where the story fell down for me.

Also, while we're on the righteous cheat - not cheat - bandwagon, as this story hashes it to death. (Did I already say that?) If a woman knows another woman is married, and willingly sleeps with her, in her house, in her marital bed, then she is just as horrid as the married woman or, at the very least, guilty by association. 

Honestly, this felt like the author had a point to make and it wasn't one I wanted to hear. The wedding event, which I thought would be prevalent, is background noise until just before the curtain falls. 

The epilogue is all tell, and if the lead (forgot her name already) can really not only forgive the person who wronged her but also have her as a part of her life...all power to her.

I'm giving this 3 stars for being well-written, besides a few jarring head-hops.
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