Murder for Good

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Ellie Quicke and her husband Thomas live in present-day London in a very large old Victorian left to Ellie by her late first husband. Both are nearing retirement age but continue to stay busy; Ellie, with the trust she oversees, left to her by her late husband, and Thomas with the magazine he publishes for the church. He is a semi-retired minister.

Thomas begins receiving letters in the mail with checks left to him by people who have recently passed away and remembered him in their will. The first couple checks are from people he has ministered to through his profession, but then letters and checks come in from people he has never met. Some checks are for just a few hundred pounds, but some are for a few thousand. Thomas does not feel right about keeping the money. After he and Ellie discuss the matter, Ellie sets out to investigate the people leaving the money to Thomas and the circumstances of their deaths. Her investigations lead her to some unusual places and some very unusual people. Just as she begins to uncover some of the dealings, the police are given an anonymous tip that Thomas is killing people off for their money. Can Ellie get to the bottom of this windfall before the police accuse Thomas of murder?

Veronica Heley brings us another delightful murder mystery in MURDER FOR GOOD, her twentieth book in her Ellie Quick Series. Ellie and Thomas are very strong, realistic characters who are compassionate and caring individuals. They are surrounded by an assortment of quirky supporting characters who each have their own agenda. Thomas’ reputation is at stake here, and Ellie has other issues on her plate as well. The story line is a rather unique and imaginative one, with several current themes: affordable housing, public opinion, public corruption, and enabling adult children, to name a few. The plot takes several surprising twists and turns, arriving at a most unexpected conclusion. There’s a lot of tea drinking in this British novel, so grab yourself a ‘cuppa’ and curl up with this charming cozy mystery!
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Murder for Good is the new Ellie Quicke mystery. I’ve never read one of these before and I did find it to be enjoyable but fairly slow paced. Having said that you could easily lose yourself in the book for an hour or so. Nicely written but I would have liked slightly more momentum.

Thank you to NetGalley, Severn House and the author for the chance to review.
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This is the first of the series that I've read - but it won't be the last.  Although it is part of a series the book is also a good read on its own.  The story is well crafted and the people are believable.  Not a gritty murder mystery but very enjoyable.

Read it in one sitting.

I read a free advance copy.  This review is voluntary, honest and my own opinion.
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It has been awhile since I couldn’t put a book down, but this was one of them. I started reading this in the evening, thinking I’d get in a few chapters before going to bed. I ended up staying up until way, way, WAY past my bedtime in order to finish it. The plot was so engaging and the characters were so well written that I couldn’t go to sleep without knowing all the answers.

Ellie is a fascinating protagonist. She’s old-fashioned in many ways (her previous husband and her daughter both treat her as someone who was only good for being a housewife) but she’s strong and smart and totally capable.

Both Ellie and her second husband, Thomas, have generous hearts and gracious spirits. That is part of their problem – they are almost generous to a fault. It often leads to bad situations – such as not being able to get rid of their lodger, Hetty – but for the most part, it also means that they are able to do a lot of good in their community.

There isn’t a main murder in the normal sense that a mystery usually has a central death. Instead, there are a bunch of deaths that are “off-screen” (so to speak). They come into the story because the people who die leave Thomas various sums of money, ranging from 100 to 20,000 pounds. It’s these bequests that form the heart of the mystery – why are people (who Thomas barely knows, if he knows them at all) leaving him money in their wills? Thomas starts getting worried that the police will think he has something to do with their deaths.

I found myself reacting VERY strongly to the characters. Many of them were great characters, including Ellie, Thomas and their ex-housekeeper, Susan and her new fiance, Rafael. They were so sweet and caring of each other. And then there was Hetty and Ellie’s daughter, Diana. Oh my, how I hated these two. I mean, LOATHED. At one point I actually said out loud “I HATE THIS WOMAN!”. Heley’s writing made these two so terrible – but with such realism that I could totally believe that someone like this could exist in real life.

As I mentioned earlier, I hadn’t realised that this was part of a long-running series when I started reading it (the Goodreads book page doesn’t make it clear that this book is part of the series). In fact, I only found out about the series by accident when I started reading more about the author online. By then I was almost halfway through the book.

I think it’s a great compliment to the writer that I didn’t realise I had dived into a series. Often, I can tell that the book is part of a series because I feel a bit lost when I start reading – as if there are inside jokes that I’m just not getting or the story alludes to something in the character’s background that’s never explained. But I never felt this way at all. I can’t wait to discover some of the previous books as I’m sure there’s some really great background to Ellie and Thomas’ stories.

* Thank you to the publisher, Severn House Publishers, for providing me with a e-copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review.
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This novel is more 'Hetty Wainthrop' or 'Midsomer Murders' than 'Line of Duty' etc.
It's certainly an easy read with likable characters and a steady, gentle plot.
To be honest, it wasn't gritty enough for me but I can totally see why the writer has a large fan base.
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Ellie Quicke’s husband Thomas is a Minister and receiving bequests in wills from people he does not know. Ellie wants to investigate first before the police are involved. She has the added problem of getting rid of an unwanted tenant who believes she is part of the family. This is part of a series and l think you need to read previous books to get a better idea of the relationships in this story. Ellie seems to walk through this story in a bit of a daze with all that is thrown at her with breath neck speed. She eventually reaches her goal with plenty of luck and faith.
I was given an ARC of this book by Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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An interesting light mystery. Although it's part of a series it reads well as a standalone. Ellie is a likeable main character and you enjoy following her train of thought as she sorts her way through what is going on with the help of some good friends and the hindrance of others.
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In the 20th installment of this series Ellie Quick finds herself busy. Her house guest has become a problem as She insists on cooking meals which are uneatable. Her daughter, Diane is rude and wants money again. Tomas received has received several bequests, a few from strangers. He beginning to feel that something a wrong  and his determined to return the money.  Will he succeed in clearing his name? I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK AND SERIES.

Disclosure: Thanks to Severn House for a copy through NetGalley. The opinions expressed are my own.
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This is the first book I've read in this series and have only read one other by this author. I enjoyed this one although the daughter is a very annoying character. I do like the other characters and the mystery was interesting. 

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for my eARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Murder for Good is a well written murder mystery.  Good plot and likable characters.  Mystery fans will love this book.  Thanks to the publisher for my advance ebook.  This is my unbiased review.
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Murder for Good was a good mystery with interesting characters. This was the first in the series I have read and I might go back and read some of the others. The book is well written.
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This is a "cosy" mystery story about what happens when good intentions come up against an individual who is either just psychologically disturbed or is very artful with their own evil agenda hidden behind a mask. 

Ellie Quicke is married to Thomas, a retired minister. Both of them become alarmed and suspicious when Thomas starts receiving a series of bequests from deceased people he barely knew. Ellie investigates to see if there is some link that ties them together. 

Meanwhile, Ellie has another problem with a homeless woman, Hetty, whom she has taken in only to realise she forebodes serious trouble (not least her terrible cooking, hence the reference to a pie on the book's cover). And then there's the truly awful Diana, Ellie's daughter, who starts making onerous demands for money. Ellie has some difficult, even dangerous, issues ahead of her.

When an author is new to me, I prefer not to know anything about them until after I have read their book. Since reading this title, I've discovered Veronica Heley is multi-published and Murder for Good is the 20th in a series featuring an older woman sleuth. This is a bit of a disadvantage as is the case with many such series you need to be up with the back story to really get a grip on the characters and their motivations.

That said, I still managed to enjoy this for its slightly quirky plot line and its human qualities, although there are unpleasant aspects too. I couldn't abide Ellie's daughter, Diana, and the way she terrorised her mother, so that ended up spoiling the book for me. Ellie struck me as a bit of a ditherer but being unfamiliar with all that she has been through previously, or why she tolerates receiving such treatment from her daughter, I never quite "got" her. I also thought the ending rather abrupt with no real comeuppance for the culprit.

An entertaining read with a lot of positives, but if that awful Diana features in all the other books in the Ellen Quicke  series it has put me off reading any others.
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As this is a new author to me, and the first I've read in a series of quite a few books, I did find myself getting into the story line.
Ellie is a good character, and her personality is fun.
As she investigates into the reason her husband is being left money from people he can't remember meeting, she finds herself in danger.
Not only is she looking into these mysterious bequeathed monies, she's trying to rid her house of an annoying guest, down on her luck.
Overall I found this to be an entertaining book.
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