Puddin' on the Blitz

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Magdalena agrees to run a restaurant that has been shut down for a bit since the owner is in jail.  She will transfer ownership to her and her daughter with Magdalena get 60% ownership and her daughter 40%.  The daughter needs the money to go to college so Magdalena agrees.

Severn House and Net Galley let me read this book for review (thank you.  It will be published December 3rd.

It starts as an Asian/Amish restaurant and it goes real well at the start.  There are lots of customers, reservations are taken in advance and the restaurant is always full.  Then the newness and charm wear off.  She'll have to some up with a new idea.

She and her mother-in-law don't get along.  Mom thinks she stole her son and she'd like to run Magdalena's life.  She's also like to be head chef at the restaurant but Magdalena already had one picked out.  That creates more static between them.

Then a couple from a famous magazine want to come and see her new restaurant.  She cancels reservations so they are the only guests.  Her husband gets food from the restaurant and then puts it in their glassware so the guests won't know.  They eat well and enjoy the desserts (which is now the restaurants specialty).  Unfortunately, in the morning, the woman is dead.  Magdalena finds herself in jail because she was poisoned.  How did that happen?

It turns into a real mess.  She was killed by mushrooms.  They are common mushrooms and they can be used in different ways to cause death.  Then Magdalena finds out they both were frauds.  The magazine is defunct.  So who are they?  And why did she have to die?

Magdalena finally tracks the truth down but in the final stand off, the killer is threatening her two year old.  Can she figure out what to do next?
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I am a fan of Ms Yoder and her friends.  I  loved the early stories more than the last two. But, if you like a cute cozy mystery this could be the book for you.  Puddin on the Blitz Is not your typical Amish/Mennonite story.  If I were new to Tamar Myers, I would start at the beginning of the series.  I promise you will laugh, cry, and roll your eyes a time or two.  But in the end you  will be a fan
  Thanks netgalley for the complimentary arc, the opinions ate my own
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Magdelena is back again! I like how the main characters can banter with one another. Are you ready to solve another murder?

When someone rich wants to stay at the inn and requests to book the whole place, what is a gal to do? Of course that means dollar signs in Magdelena's eyes. However, murder just can't stay away and there is another death in the inn. Yet again Magdelena fines herself in trouble when she is arrested for the murder. She did find the body. However, it isn't too long before the is sprung from jail and on the case to find out who the real murderer is. 

It took me a while to get into this one because I hadn't read any from this series in over a year. Perhaps the book did go on a bit longer than need be, but still it provided some good backstories on some of the characters. However, I still enjoyed reading it and look forward to the next one!
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A murder mystery with an Amish/Mennonite theme.

The Story:

Magdalena Yoder is Mennonite and married to a Jew. Her mother-in-law is a piece of work and lives across the street with the other members of her apathy cult.

A woman who almost killed her is now in prison and has split her restaurant between her daughter and Magdalena, with Mags getting the 60% share. Between the daughter and Magdalena, they come up with an Asian Amish combo they call Asian Sensations.

Hiring Barbara Hostetler was a genius as she is a wonderful cook and baker. And soon enough we have a recent patron dropping dead.

Now Magdalena is being arrested for a murder she did not commit. Who is setting her up?

My Take:

I almost stopped a quarter of the way in because I wasn't sure if this was satire or sarcasm. I couldn't pronounce the names of anyone and I just did not care for the main character. I wasn't sure if she was making fun of the people or if she just had a sarcastic tongue, which doesn't really add up with the Amish.

It was less than okay, but you can read it yourself and let me know!

NetGalley/Severn House December 3rd, 2019
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This is the first book by this author I have read, and let me say... it's quite an interesting read. Different than any other cozy mysteries. It's set in an Amish/Mennonite village and the Protagonist sure does have a way with words. While, yes there is a murder involved, and she sets out to find the real suspect, a majority of the book is about her and her relationships with everyone. Some good, some not so good. While she likes to consider herself a good person who follows her religious upbringing, she also knows her faults/weaknesses and has a self-depreciating way about her. She is a bit quick on the tongue as she's not afraid to say what she thinks, even if she uses terms that not everyone in her community understands. She's one of those people who even though may get under your skin, you know has a good heart and means well. (Well, maybe with the exception of her mother in law... but that's another story.) ;) As far as the mystery itself goes, I did find it lacking a little. There really wasn't much to it. In theory, there were plenty of possible suspects, but just about all were glossed over. There weren't many clues to follow for the reader to try to make a case. So if you are more interested in the crime than the story itself, you may be a little disappointed. There was plenty of humor in it. There were some comments/innuendos made, but otherwise it is a clean read and safe for teens and up. It is part of a series, but can be read as a stand alone. And as I mentioned, this is the first book I've read, so they can be read out of order, but there is mention of things that happened in the past that I assume were included in earlier books in the series.

*I received an ARC of this book from Netgalley.
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I've been a fan of Tamar Myers since the beginning, but I wouldn't recommend this book as a starting point. Innkeeper Magdalena Yoder has always been goofy and funny, but the stories get less and less plausible. The dialogue is by now so over-the-top that it doesn't make much sense if you're not already familiar with the inside jokes. And the characters are downright silly. 

If that sounds good -- or if you already love Magdalena and her crew -- jump right into this latest installment in the series. Magdalena is starting up a new restaurant, and her startling business acumen makes it an unlikely success. Unfortunately, Magdalena is very soon caught up in a murder inquiry, and she's a chief suspect. 

Her friends and family support her through the ordeal, of course, and Magdalena figures out the mystery just in time.
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I have read this entire series, but the last few additions have been somewhat incomprehensible and confusing. What was once a lighthearted series with a dash of murder, and some tasty recipes, has now become a strange and clumsy read.
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Thank you to NetGalley and Severn House for an E-ARC of this title in exchange for my honest review.  I used to read Tamar's series about Magdelena years ago.  Somehow I'd gotten away from them.  This ARC gave me the chance to dive back into her world.  This is a fun, humorous mystery, as are others in the series.  They can stand alone, and if you're looking for something lighter than the darker mysteries, you'll love this series.  Reading this one inspired me to go back and catch up where I left off.
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Puddin  on the Blitz is a good mystery with interesting characters. The book is well written and has a good storyline.
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I'm a long time fan of Magdalena Yoder and company!  I enjoyed this addition to the series.  The fast-paced witty dialogue keeps me reading (sometimes twice to catch the subtle humor!) and it was fun to see older characters appear in the book.  If you enjoy humorous mysteries, this one is for you!
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Pudding on the Blitz is a well written murder mystery. Good plot with a cast of quirky characters.  Mystery fans will love this book.  Thanks to the publisher for my advance ebook.  This is my unbiased review.
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The combination of murder and Amish/Asian cuisine makes for a winning mystery with desserts to die for. Looking forward to more in this series.
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