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The Shadowheart Curse

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Adrianna Sinclair is a medium but after the scandal and death of one of her clients, she escapes New York for the ancestral property in Italy. She wants to hang up her psychic shingle and just be left alone. But two spirits won’t let her. One’s a demonic spirit who wants her gone while the other intrigues her. Luca is a gentleman in every sense of the word and when he takes her to one of his brother’s otherworldly parties, Luca shifts from an apparition to someone she can wrap her arms around. The more she’s around Luca, the more she falls for him. Can you truly fall for a ghost? In Adrianna’s case, it may be the key to solving Luca’s curse. But when she finds out the truth, will she abandon him or will she save his life?


The Shadowheart Curse is a familiar concept in paranormal romance but Karilyn Bentley puts a new twist on it. Filled with paranormal, mysterious and romantic elements, it captured my heart from the very first page. The descriptive narration swept me away to Italy and as I read, I experienced everything Adrianna saw, smelled and tasted. The supernatural elements were spot-on and very realistic. The danger the couple found themselves in ratcheted up my pulse and the ending was a complete surprise. It reads like a movie, which is great because it is turning into one (go to the author’s website for more details on that). Highly entertaining paranormal romance and one I can’t recommend enough!


My Rating: 5 stars
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Quick instalove. Adrianna is a psychic running from something unpleasant. She leaves New York behind her and heads to her ancestral home in Italy. While she’s there she meets Luca, a man accidentally cursed over a hundred years ago to live  as a spirit. 

The romance was very quick and very love/lust at first sight. I didn’t mind that so much though as the focus of the book was really Adrianna overcoming a traumatic event in her past and helping to banish a demonic spirit haunting the mill on her families land. Well written and nice quick low angst paranormal romance.
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I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. I really enjoyed reading this , and I recommend it to everyone
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After reading three or four pages of the book I got pulled into this mediocre book. The medium and ghost relationship interested me. Being written in third person is not something I generally read and there was not much action not romance in the book. I would say this book is more adept to 10-12 year olds. While it was a light and quick read (very short book) I probably wouldn't read it again. I feel as though the author could have elaborated or even shown a flashback of her time in New York City and her time as a medium helping souls and the living. The relationship between Luca and Adrianna escalated quickly and not much context to it either.
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