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My Mini Micro Mindset Manual

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This is a wonderful little micro book! It is small enough to read in one sitting or you can read little bites each day. The material is relevant and helpful for anyone. I would recommend this for teenagers or adults! 

The publisher provided an ARC through Netgalley. I have voluntarily decided to read and review, giving my personal opinions and thoughts
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Sometimes a person needs a quick reminder to keep going. This is a good mini book for that. I think less is often better and this author covers the basics of what we need to live a good life. A to Z works for me. I’m still a good work in progress. Thank you for allowing me to review an advanced copy.
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This is another one of the simple but beautiful books that i have read recently. The author has a simple idea, to share her thinking around key concepts of developing a positive mindset and delivers the ideas, wrapped around the alphabets of English language (A-Z). 

The language is simple, thinking simpler and therein lies the beauty of the book. The book can serve as a quick reminder of the kind of mindsets that we need to cultivate. 

This is a good book to revisit when one is going through a tough time or when one is sipping a hot cup of tea and enjoying the rain and at the same time fighting off the gloomy weather from entering our soul..
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This book is definitely mini and micro in it's contents. It was a quick read and nothing new. Not something I would buy, because I would want more to my book even for a small book.
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As if the description didn't tell me, I was surprised that this book was so short. However, it is big on content and something that I will keep returning to in the future.
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"My Mini Micro Mindset Manual" is a very quick read, that - although there are only enough words to fill one, maybe two pages in total - I can still write a lot about. 
I think whether one likes this book or not really depends on the expectations one has before buying or acquiring this book and also how much one himself wants to be immersed in the general topic. 

The book itself is very minimalistic, what some may find inspiring but what I found to be too little content overall. I know it does say "Mini Micro Mindset", which already tells that there won't be 200 pages filled with self-help tips and anecdots, but one to two sentences for each letter in the alphabet just wasn't enough for me. Some might say the task is to figure out what exactly every individual person should do, but for me buying a so called manual I would at least expect a bit more information or details or examples or pictures, charts, whatsoever. 

Therefore, I for myself would not buy this book, but I think for people with a minimalistic mindset or people that are practising minimalism or people who just want to read one or two sentences as a kind of motivational mantra after they get up in the morning this might be a good book.
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This was a really cute, quick read but the experience left me with a bit to be desired. 

I found the content to be too minimal to really enjoy and sink my teeth into. I understand that the author probably didn't want to distract from the messages in the book, but some graphic design or illustrations, anything really, would really bring this piece together. Something to make it a more stimulating and beautiful read. 

The messages were also nice, but none really had me sitting and thinking about them. They were things I've heard a thousand times before. If you're going to write a book like this, there needs to be something to make it stand out. 

Especially if you're going to be charging people for it. 

Overall, this book was short and sweet, but I wouldn't reach for it if I didn't receive it for free from Netgalley.
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