Her Missing Child

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This was a fantastic whodunit. There are so many suspects to choose from and just when you think you have it figured out...I can’t wait for the next installment in this series. 
Many thanks to Bookouture and to NetGalley for providing me with a galley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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Wow, another author I’m going to be on the lookout for! 
At the beginning I got very confused with the vast number of characters and their individual storylines. I also don’t personally feel what happened to baby Finlay after the fact was entirely necessary, it felt a little unsavoury in an already upsetting situation. There are so many ‘twists’ in this book to keep you on your toes; one or two too many? I’m not sure.
The post natal depression angle was portrayed very well.
When I got this book I didn’t realise it was part of a series and I’m excited to go and get book 1 as I really like Jessie & Dylan’s characters and their relationship. I also want to know more about Jessie’s ex husband and how she lost her son, which isn’t covered in this second book.
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I’d give this a 3.5 rather than a 3. I do really like how this was written, I just feel there was a lot of unnecessary information that asked more questions and took more focus on, than the main storyline. 

I didn’t adore the reason for the missing child, nor felt fully comfortable with mental health portrayals. The short snappy chapters kept me wanting to carry on to find out what was going to happen.
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She lays her baby in his cot – the sound of his quiet breath filling the nursery as she leaves the room. Soon Claire will be fast asleep herself. She won’t hear the back door opening or the footsteps on the stairs.
When Claire Lucas is woken by her husband asking where their baby son is, she is dazed and confused. When she follows Darren into their child’s bedroom, she hears nothing but silence. No baby cries, no cute gurgles. The only thing left in Finlay’s cot is his beloved teddy bear. Finlay has gone.
Detective Jessie Blake rushes to the family’s modern home in the rugged Scottish Highlands. She notices that Darren avoids eye contact, and Claire seems disconnected – unable to account for the last few hours of her afternoon. Jessie knows there’s no normal response to losing a child, but something doesn’t feel right.
Friends rally round the young family, as a search of the narrow lanes and green hills of Moncrieffe begins in earnest. And as helpers battle the wild Scottish weather, Jessie is sure that someone in the search party must know more than they’re letting on. Someone must have seen something.
As a ghost from her own past comes back to haunt her, Jessie must put aside her own personal tragedy to save baby Finlay. Can she get the people of the small town to talk before it’s too late?

What a great mystery/thriller this was.
It's every mothers' worst nightmare come true in this one.
Well written plot and story line that was so engaging from the very start.
Characters have been fleshed out well and were beliveable.
This is second in series but can be easily read as a standalone.
Love this author's writing and can't wait to read more.
Recommend reading.

Thanks to Bookouture and NetGalley for the ARC. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
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I hadn’t read the first book - but I will. Is, being a big fan of a crime series. It was well written, had be gripped early on and was full of twists and turns. The setting (a wintery remote Scottish village) had all the usual interesting residents, and lots of secrets!!
Sensitive subject, well delivered!
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Clare puts her baby son Finlay down for a nap before falling asleep herself.  When her partner Darren gets home Finlay has vanished.  Detective Jessie Blake is called in to investigate and straight away identifies that something is not right.   What follows is an investigation to find where Finlay is and what happened.  It appears that everyone has something to hide.  
This is book two with Detective Jessie Blake but could be read as a stand-alone.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be looking forward to book three.
A police procedural with heart.
Thanks to Bookouture and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Brilliant read. I’ve just read this book in one sitting in 5 hours. A great follow on from  the first in the series Heartlands, although works perfectly well as a standalone too. The main plot though emotive with the death of a six month old baby is a twisty turny delight and the subplot develops brilliantly
An excellent series that I’m sure has lots more to offer
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Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of Her Missing Child by Kerry Watts in exchange for my opinion. I’ve got to say, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by this publisher, Bookouture, as I’ve read a number of their titles recently. I love suspense and thriller novels, and they seem to put out a lot of quite solid titles within these genres. 

I thought this book was overall enjoyable, suspenseful, and a little sad. Her Missing Child is about a new mom, Claire, and her husband Darren whose son Finlay is six months old when Darren comes home and shockingly discovers him missing from his crib. DI Jessie Blake and DS Logan investigate the case. I loved the setting, a small Scottish town during an icy cold winter, where everyone seems to be overly invested in everyone else’s business - and their secrets and lies. Because there are plenty of those here. 

I’ll tell you why this book made me a bit sad, on a personal level. I have two small children, and with both, I was absolutely staggered by PPD, or post partum depression. It was a horrific thing, and while I don’t want to get too detailed, it was a very very dark time in what should have been one of the brightest and happiest times of my life. I was not sure I’d make it through the first time, let alone the second. It was something I’d heard about, of course, but until experiencing it, I viewed in an abstract way - kind of like you would someone being in a car accident or having their house burn down. “Oh, the poor woman, such a sad thing to happen” - but it’s someone else, isn’t it? It’s a very difficult thing to truly understand unless you have experienced it - so much guilt, shame, and unhappiness are mixed up in it, and overall you feel like the world’s absolute worst parent. So I was interested to see just how Kerry Watts would handle the subject of PPD without turning it into a sideshow and sensationalizing it beyond recognition.

Overall, I found Her Missing Child to be a tense, twisty turn of a book, and I was glad to be along for the ride - safely buckled into the passenger seat and not behind the wheel. I’d be interested to read further books in the DI Jessie Blake series, and I’m definitely keeping my eye on Bookouture releases.
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This book was fast paced. Hard to put down. It flowed well and it was very well written. It caught hold of me and had me hooked from the start . I was literally on the edge of my seat reading this book.
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Her Missing Child - Kerry Watts (Detective Jessica Blake #2)

As it says above this is the second in the Detective Jessica Blake series set in Inverlocty Scotland and I loved it as much as her previous book, Heartlands. To achieve full enjoyment of Jessica and the teams antis and foibles read the first one(and just because you can) but its really not necessary. One of the good things about the team is that the dynamics are quite good, they all seem to know and get on with what they do best. 

Her Missing Child is a book full of serious topics child abduction, obsession all of which will test family loyalties to the extreme. This is one of the first police procedurals I've read recently that involves post natal depression combined with bipolar disease. It was obvious from the onset that Ms Wyatt has taken the time to do her research into her chosen topics and has written it in an honest but sensitive way.

What follows is a fast paced web of lies and deceit not to mention mystery and suspense there's no let up till the end. DI Jessica Blake has got the case looking into the abduction of a tiny baby belonging to a family that seems unable to be honest with either themselves or each other. If that's not enough to be getting on with there's plenty of personal drama involving Jessica and her team too. 

As I've probably mentioned before I always prefer short chapters although they always cause me to read more than I intended (no bad thing). I also enjoy the that the author writes with an abundance of characters, each of them have a reason for being there however small. This is a book/series that I have no problems recommending to my bookworm family and friends. 

I only have only two small criticisms one is more of a personal preference the spelling of dialects and slang, I like them to be spelt as they would sound in the local dialect (I hope that makes sense). The other is the repetitive use of D for characters names

I'm going to stop right there as I don't like to rehash a bool as there's plenty of that type of review already out there. If you want to know more about this excellent police procedural I'd think you'd be a happy reader if you borrow from the library or even better treat yourself to a copy.

Read for an honest review. Thank you Kerry Watts, Netgalley and Bookouture.
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Her Missing Child is a fantastic thriller that is well written. The characters are well developed and interesting.
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Another great read from Kerry Watts.  Her Missing Child is a brilliant thrilling, nerve wracking read and is, 2nd in the Detective Jessie Blake series. A missing child is every parents worst nightmare and this plot was gripping. but sensitively written. I raced through this book as I just had to know the outcome and what had happened to missing child, Finlay.. Written so well that many emotions were involved. Look forward to reading more from this author.
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Combine a good sprinkling of mystery, secrets, scandal, drama and lies and you end up with Her Missing Child by Kerry Watts.

Not having read the first book in this series - Heartlands - I had no real expectations beyond  the description outline. I am pleased to say that I found it completely intriguing and compelling!   

Darren and Claire Lucas are newly-weds with a six-month-old son Finlay. However, Claire is suffering from post natal depression and finds even the simplest tasks an effort. Returning home from work one day, Darren goes to see his son in his cot, but he discovers that Finlay has vanished. Detective Inspector Jessie Blake and her colleague DS Dylan Logan, are called to the scene, acutely aware that unless little Finlay is found, this case could end up being a traumatic investigation for all involved.

There was a fairly large number of characters to get to grips with but they all had a place and a role to play  and were important to the story. There was so much happening but with its short, snappy chapters and clear outline, it was a very easy story to follow. Cleverly crafted, the mystery deepened with every chapter and I didn’t know who to trust or what was going to happen next. I loved the untangling of all the secrets and lies in this delightful police procedural. 

Her Missing Child covered the difficult subject of mental health, adding dimension to the story and Kerry Watts handled this topic with thought and sensitivity. The book can be read as a standalone and the snippets into Jessie's past were just enough to keep me in the loop. Both Jessie and Dylan were both thoroughly likeable characters and I cannot wait to see what Kerry Watts has in store, next. The ending took me completely by surprise and I had not expected the story to conclude that way. 

I have no hesitation in recommending Her Missing Child to fans of the genre. 

I received a complimentary digital copy of this novel, at my own request, from Bookouture via NetGalley. This review is my own unbiased opinion.
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This book is about a 6 month old baby who goes missing while at home with his mummy.
There are plenty of people who could have taken young Finley . You think it’s one person then you change your mind.
It is up to D.I Jessie Blake and her partner D.S Dylan Logan to solve this case.
Really enjoyed this book.
Thanks NetGalley
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Although the second book in the series, Her Missing child reads well as a stand alone. I have not read the first book but enjoyed this one so much I fully intend to. Both the writing and the story were easy to connect with. From the prologue on, I couldn't put Her Missing Child down. I liked that there was a diverse cast of characters that were well developed. 

Kerry Watts is a wonderful writer with great skill at turning a phrase. She has a unique way of looking at details most of us never notice. I will be looking for more from this talent. I read this in one sitting because I was so caught up in the plot and the details. When I read, I need someone to root for and Her Missing Child didn't disappoint. This was a satisfying story and I look forward to the next book in the series.
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Kerry Watts delivers a gripping, emotionally intense, page-turning crime thriller in Her Missing Child.

Darren Lucas returns home from work, and from somewhere he shouldn’t have been. He finds his wife Claire slumped asleep on the couch, the house a total mess. Darren is sick with fear and racked by guilt when he looks in on his baby boy Finlay and finds his crib empty.

Detective Jesse Blake is called in to investigate the missing boy. Suspicion shrouds the Lucas family as Jesse and her team begin the gruesome task of solving the case. Despite battling her own painful past, Jesse is determined to find out the truth.

Silent family secrets are revealed. Layers of privacy are peeled away. Everything and everyone exposed.

Watts weaves a clever connection between characters, story lines and the many plot twists, as well as doing an admirable job of dealing with some very tough emotional issues; mental health, post-partum depression, grief.  

It is almost impossible to put Her Missing Child down until you have finished it. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture for the read of Kerry Watts’, Her Missing Child.

Opinions expressed in my reviews are my own.
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Something happening to your child is a universal fear for parents and perhaps particularly new ones whose children are so young and vulnerable. The moment in Her Missing Child when Darren discovers his son, Finlay is a scene which made my blood run cold and tears filled my eyes. Darren's terror is poignantly juxtaposed with his wife, Claire's apparent indifference. It's made clear very early on that Claire has been suffering from postnatal depression since the birth of Finlay which adds another layer of emotion to what is a heartbreaking mystery.
Before Finlay's disappearance is discovered there are a couple of other scenes which introduce two key characters in the book behaving strangely. It's impossible to work out if their actions are suspect or not and this is one of the features that works so well in Her Missing Child. Throughout the book, Kerry Watts continues to include moments which trigger elements of doubt about several of the characters, all of whom are flawed or damaged individuals. Claire's fragile mind means she begins to question her own involvement and meanwhile, Darren has his guilty secrets too. Their neighbours, Dianne and Colin Davidson have been hugely supportive to the young couple but did Dianne become too close to little Finlay as a result of her own tragic loss? Claire and Darren's families are naturally distraught but their pasts could also be significant, especially when a blackmail note comes to light which suggests the McCabe family who own the local garage have a reason for seeking revenge.
It's left to DI Jessie Blake and DC Dylan Logan to try to unravel exactly what happened to the little boy but it's an agonising investigation for them both. Dylan's wife is pregnant with their second child and Jessie's own personal tragedy means this is a particularly difficult case for her. Her Missing Child is the second novel to feature Jessie and Dylan but the first I have read. I feel it can easily be read as a standalone but there are a few mentions of incidences in the past and I'm not sure whether they will be known to readers of the previous book, Heartlands or part of a storyline which will gradually reveal more about Jessie's history as the series progresses. It certainly didn't affect my enjoyment of the story at all but as always with an ongoing series, I'm sure it's helpful to read all the books to gain a true understanding of a character's development.
I don't want to give too much away about the mystery itself suffice to say that I loved how my suspicions were led first in one direction and then in another as I attempted to form my own conclusions as to the truth. Kerry Watts skilfully manipulated my perceptions throughout so that by the end I think I'd been convinced of almost all the characters' guilt at one point or another. She also deals with some emotive subjects with great empathy and as much as this is a gripping investigation, it is also a really touching look at loss and guilt. The characterisation throughout is superb, both in regards to the potential suspects and the investigating officers. The introduction of PC Isla Wilde works especially well and I'm really looking forward to seeing how this perceptive, ambitious young woman develops as the series continues.
Her Missing Child is a compelling mystery with real heart; it surprised me several times and made me ache with sadness. The small town setting engenders a sense of claustrophobia where everybody knows each other and as the finger of doubt is pointed, angry repercussions are inevitable. Indeed, this leads to a second investigation which may be connected to the first and adds another layer of intrigue to the story. This may have been my first book by Kerry Watts but it definitely won't be my last - especially with such a sinister conclusion...!
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Thank you NetGalley for the Kindle Arc of "Her Missing Child"!!! I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to read this. This ticked off all of the things that I love in a good mystery. It was fast paced & attention grabbing. There were some loveable & some not so loveable characters, & my all time favorite PLOT TWISTS. This novel included a lot of things that that people go through like postpartum depression & mental illness. There were other dynamics to the story which I wont divulge because I don't want to ruin the shock value, or the mystery element. I look forward to reading more from this author soon. Great job Mrs. Watts!!!
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Claire is struggling after the birth of her baby son. All she wants to do is sleep. When Darren comes home from work, as usual he finds Claire snoozing on the couch. He goes to cuddle his son & finds his cot empty- any parent's worst nightmare. DI Jessie Blake is called to investigate & before long it is clear all is not as it seems.

This is the second in the series. I wasn't wild about the first one, but I thought the series had promise. I'm glad I stuck with it because I found this one much more satisfying. I did still find that there was rather an overload of characters to keep track of. This was a good read & I'm already looking forward to Book 3! Thanks to Netgalley & the publishers for letting me read & review this book.
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Her Missing Child is book two in the Detective Jessie Blake series, best read in order but works well as a standalone. This story is so much more than finding a missing baby and solving the case, it turns dark, deadly and personal.

Thrilling, gripping and shocking are just a few words that best describe this story. It contains short chapters and is fast paced… I enjoyed this one. The team works so well together and they all have a brilliant relationship with each other. A happy-ish ending which will hopefully continue in book three. Believe noone, suspect everyone…

I’ve enjoyed both books in this series so far, so I highly recommend. Another four stars from me. I look forward to book three.
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