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The Nancy (and Sluggo) cartoons are classics.  I don't recall when the first comic strip was published but I know that it was many years ago.  Olivia Jaimes more recently took over at the Nancy desk.  What a good choice she was!  The comic strips in this book are modern, relevant, cheeky and yet still feel like the Nancy that readers may remember of old.  If you are looking for a smile of recognition and a bit of relaxation, get this book.  You will grin as you read about everything from cell phones to computers to school  Enjoy.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this book in exchange for an honest review.  I know that I will be leafing through it many times.
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Joyful, cheeky, and incredibly smart, I have loved Olivia Jaimes' work on Nancy (the first woman to write and draw the strip)- so I was pleased to see it in a collected edition. Jaimes successfully blends the old style of the original Nancy comics with a cleanness that makes it almost resemble a webcomic, and she has a real gift for intelligent jokes that exploit the medium she's working in ( recent example: a comic set in a basketball game that offers hints on reading the climax 'in slow motion'). There's also a real emotional core to Nancy, Sluggo et al– maybe not *much* of a one, but I at least can understand, for example, Nancy and Esther's mutual reluctance to admit fault when they fall out, and root for them to get back together.

All of these elements mean that the first run of Jaimes' Nancy strips reward re-reading, and this collected edition promises to be a great way of doing that.
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Iconic comic strip updated for the modern times, I love it!  There is something so empty and wonderful about these comic strips.
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