The Liar's Sister

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I'm a big fan of Sarah Denzil and always look forward to read her books.
This new one just exceeded my expectations on every level.

A superior psychological mystery / thriller about secrets, lies, betrayals, family and loyalty.
Rosie accuses her friend Samuel of an unspeakable thing and he eventually disappeared from the entire village. This accusation not only alienates the family from all their neighbors, but also alters Rosie's relationship with her sister Heather forever. They become essentially estranged for years until they reunite to stay beside their dying mother. 

From this moment onward, the past reemerges and layers of past secrets and lies start to unravel with spectacular unforeseen consequences. Highly recommended.

Thanks Netgalley, Bookouture, and author Sarah A. Denzil for a chance to read this book in exchange for an honest opinion.
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I loved this book!  It drew me in right away when we're told from the start that Heather believes her sister, Rosie, had something to do with her good friend Samuel's disappearance.  Knowing that right off, you wonder what leads her to believe this and what she will do about it now that she's back in town after caring for their mother.  Much to her surprise, Rosie returns in time to say goodbye to their mother and now they are staying together in their childhood home, among a town full of distrustful neighbors.

The story is told in alternating points of view between Heather now and Rosie in the past.  The past narratives explore how the girls became friends with Samuel and his family, the Murrays, by working on their farm.  As they come of age, relationships ebb and flow and ultimately their lives are changed forever with Samuel's disappearance soon after Rosie makes a startling accusation.  At first the town is on their side and against Samuel's, but soon everyone chooses sides and their family is harassed just as much as the Murrays.  And now ten years later, it's as if nothing as changed and they are unwelcome in their hometown.  Heather doesn't let that stop her from digging deep into Samuel's disappearance, stopping at nothing to discover the truth, even if it tears apart her relationship with her sister.

The story was quite engaging and I could picture myself right there with Heather and Rosie in their home near the forest.  The atmosphere is simultaneously dark and nostalgic, evoking memories of childhoods filled with happiness and heartbreak.  The more we discover with Heather, the more twisted the story becomes and you will find yourself shocked right up to the last page.  Just when you think you know how it ends, you find you are...dead wrong.
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A well developed story, interesting characters, well written with a satisfactory ending.

If I am to be honest I didn't enjoy it as much as Sarah's previous book 'Only Daughter' but nevertheless I can recommend this book.

Thank you to Netgalley and Bookouture for giving me the opportunity to read this book.
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Having read and loved this authors previous work she’s getting better and better in my opinion. This is an absolutely grilling page turner that doesn’t let you go! Fantastic read and highly recommended.
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An excellent novel with a fascinating depiction of characters. I very much enjoyed this wonderful story and highly recommend it.
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The lives of two sisters are in danger when a town is convinced one of the sisters is a liar. They’ve been ostracized by neighbors and law enforcement for what happened ten years ago. The sisters drifted apart after that night then forced back together ten years later to spend the last remaining days with their dying mother. 
These sisters confront the past while facing the loss of the present.

I was convinced the truth was going to be revealed when Iris was on her death bed. Nope. The story continued to share the past circumstances leading up to the truth. Truthfully this built a very edgy sense of danger and suspicion not only between the two sisters, but the neighbors as well.

The story switches between the now and then offering bits and pieces of a past that has been left unexplained for ten years.

The shocking revelation of this lie was unlike anything I could’ve imagined. From the moment Heather felt her life was in danger I couldn’t stop reading until the truth was revealed. That was some messed up information. I didn’t expect those truths. The first half of the book had me antsy. Sarah was such a tease stretching the lie further along with one distraction after another. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed every bit of the suspense. Just when I thought I had it figured out Sarah threw in a few more unexpected curveball surprises shocking me to my core.
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Heather and Rosie having had quite a fraught relationship over the last ten years are forced to spend time together when their mother is days away from dying. There is something that has happened in the past that have caused these two to no longer be close and I was really intrigued to know just why.

The setting for the story is just perfect. A small village where every one knows each other. It added to an already tense read making it almost claustrophobic at times. The further into the story we go, it felt like everything was closing in on itself and I was well and truly glued to the pages reading it in one afternoon.

The residents of the village and their obvious dislike of having the sisters around made me desperate to find out just what had happened years before. There is so many secrets and lies and when those shocking revelations start to come out, well they just don’t stop. No way was I putting this book down for anyone or anything until I turned that last page and the author made sure that she made it worth my while.

The Liar’s Sister is one hell of a psychological thriller. The author drew me in and then before I knew it I was hooked. I love when a book in this genre messes with your head and this one does that alright. Towards the end I was literally hanging off every word whilst being shocked and thrilled by what was happening before my eyes. This is one author who just goes from strength to strength.
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Heather and Rosie are estranged sisters, brought back together by their terminally ill mother, both haunted by something that happened in their teens.

The story flits between then and now with short, punchy chapters that give just enough information to keep you guessing. 

I enjoyed the sisterly relationship between Rosie and Heather and saw how their relationship broke down due to secrecy and lies. There was a large cast of extra characters and some were more valuable than others. 

I enjoyed this story and was relieved that all was revealed by the end of the book. The writing was good, but I felt the pace was too slow in the beginning and too quick at the end! 

Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for my copy of this book.
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