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The story was told between the past and the present which really helped to set the scene of the story. 

Estranged sisters haunted by the past are reunited at the death of their mother. 

A family drama built on secrets and lies, an enjoyable easy read
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Rating: 3.5 stars

Thank you NetGalley for an advance copy in exchange for my honest review! 

Slight spoiler!

I have mixed feelings about this book. I enjoyed reading it, and it was definitely a page turner but it was lacking in something for me. The plot was pretty predictable, and it was almost frustrating because it took so long for Heather to find out. There was a couple of twists in there that I didn't predict and saved the book for me; I loved how the book ended with a letter, and that was it, there was no reaction from the sisters, I found it quite poetic. 

Sooo yeah, it was enjoyable, a little annoying in the middle just waiting for things to progress, but a good ending.
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The Liar's Sister By Sarah A Denzil 
I enjoyed every minute of this book! As a huge fan of Sarah's book Silent Child I was delighted to get an advanced copy of this book and it did not disappoint.  
I loved the characters and really enjoyed the plot.  The book had a great fast pace. This was a two day read for me, and I had to force myself to put it down at 1am to get some sleep and woke early on Saturday morning to finish it! 
Thank you @netgalley Sarah A Denzil and Bookuture for sending me this book to read.
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I just love the way this author writes and when her latest new psychological book came available to read and review I had to request it and oh what a brilliant book The Liar's Sister by Sarah A. Denzil was. I just loved it. It was addictive, with lots of secrets and lies within the characters, fast-paced with lots of twists and turns everything you need in a good book. So, if you like books like this, this is a book for you. this new psychological thriller, 

This book opens with a letter from Heather to her sister Rosie. This letter that tells Rosie that her sister knows what she did all those years ago – that she knows Rosie is a murderer. However, Heather never actually sends that letter to her sister. 

Samuel Murray disappeared when they were younger and everything changed between Rosie and Heather. Soon, after high school, Rosie packs her belongings and leaves home. She rarely comes back to visit. Rosie once was a straight A student changes and goes down a long road of self-destruct path. Her much loved father dies and she goes home for the funeral and then leaves again for five years. 

Years later her mother is now gravely ill and Heather knows she must find Rosie before its too late.

Where has Rosie been all those years? 

What has she been hiding?

Can Rosie find Heather before it's too late to say Goodbye to their mum?

Where does Heather start? look for Rosie?

I highly recommend this book and all Sarah's books.

Big Thank you to Bookouture, Sarah A. Denzil and Netgalley for my advanced copy of this book to read. All opinions are my own and are in no way biased.
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I received a copy thru Netgalley for a honest review.
THE LIAR'S SISTER by Sarah Denzil , is a very quick read and a little predictable. I figured it out pretty easily . I couldn't relate with Heather if I thought my sister committed a crime I would talk to her about it.
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I've been reading this book for 3 weeks now and I just can't seem to get into it or care enough for any of the characters to actually want to pick it up.  It's unusual for me to not fall madly in love with a character but I'm not sure that any of these characters have given me a reason to want to get to know them better yet. 

I've made it halfway through and it feels like it may finally be getting somewhere, but it's been so slow and repetitive so far that I'm not sure I can continue. I see others have posted that they're glad they stuck with it because it gets better so I may pick it back up later but it just isn't doing it for me right now and has put me in a reading rut. 

I don't think the writing, itself, is bad. It just seems to go on and on, without truly getting anywhere and the story of their past and mother seems to take up too much time. The sadness over the mother and anger towards Rosie feels too repetitive to me. I want to skip over those parts, but it feels like they keep popping back up, over and over.
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Two sisters, Rosie and Heather, have a special bond until Rosie accuses Heather's boyfriend of assault.  Heather doesn't believe Rosie and suspects Rosie was behind her boyfriends disappearance.  As adults, the sisters rarely have contact.  Rosie drifts from place to place and Heather takes care of their mother who is diagnosed with terminal cancer.  One of their moms final wishes is to see Rosie one last time.  After a diligent search, Heather locates her sister and Rosie agrees to come home.  When their mom passed away Rosie and Heather work together to finalize the estate   As they go thru their parents things, secrets are exposed and Heather feels that  can't fully trust Rosie, in fact Heather doesn't know who she can fully trust. As the story concludes, Heather is left reeling as the truth is finally revealed.  I enjoyed the story but at times it seemed long and drawn out.  About two thirds through the story, the suspense started building and as the truth was revealed, it was hard to put the book down.  The ending was shocking and unexpected.  I almost stopped reading it and I'm glad I finished it, it did not disappoint. Thank-you to Netgalley, Bookouture and Sarah Denzil for an ARC in exchange for a honest review.
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Ten years ago, a boy named Samuel Murray went missing from the quiet village of Buckthorpe and was never seen again.

Rosie Sharpe cried over her missing friend for weeks after. But her little sister Heather knows that Rosie’s tears hide the truth. Because the night Samuel was last seen, Heather watched her older sister climbing back through the window of their childhood bedroom. Her jacket torn, her eyes wild and her body trembling with fear.

Heather never told anyone what she saw, but secrets can’t stay buried forever…

This book started really strong, but as the story unfolds it loses strength, I felt disappointed, I didn't hate the book, I think the plot is a good one but it gets very slow too many times throughout the book. 

Thank you NetGalley and Bookouture who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  #NetGalley #TheLiarsSister
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Combine a good sprinkling of mystery, secrets, grudges, gossip and jealousy and you end up with Sarah A. Denzil's latest offering - The Liar's Sister. 

Told in dual timelines between sisters Heather and Rosie, secrets are revealed at an even pace as the story progresses to the present day, with the revealing chapters dipping back ten years near the end to expose what really happened. 

Neither of the sisters were overly likeable and it seemed that I never got to know who Heather really was. Rosie suffered from addictions to both drugs and alcohol and as a child, was troublesome - she led a very chaotic life.

Enjoyable from the very first page, this was an easy read  It was a family drama at its heart, with secrets and lies aplenty and a very satisfying way of revealing and exposing them.  The Liar's Sister was so well plotted, with each chapter delivering new revelations. The tension built to a point where everything just exploded and an enigma of families, murder, betrayal, abuse and grief were just the tip of the deceptive iceberg that eventually collapsed.

The perfect setting of Buckthorpe - a quiet, small, closed-off village - helped to make the whole story seem very believable, seeing what isolation can do to a small community of people and the lengths to which they are prepared to go in order to hide the truth.

There were a few reveals in the story that I didn't see coming and they completely blew me away. The final chapter was a rather appropriate end to the book. Once started, The Liar's Sister was a story that demanded to be finished and I was only too happy to oblige. This was such a terribly good, heart-pounding, twisted psychological thriller that I have no hesitation in recommending to fans of this genre. 

I received a complimentary digital copy of this novel, at my own request, from Bookouture via NetGalley. This review is my own unbiased opinion.
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A thoroughly enthralling mystery/psychological thriller. I liked the way that the many layers of the story unfolded and the way the it flip-flopped between past and present. Sarah Denzil is an excellent writer who manages to maintain the suspense up until the very last moment. I really enjoyed this book and would be happy to recommend it.
My thanks to Sarah Denzil, Netgalley and Bookouture for giving me the opportunity to give my unbiased opinion.
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Two sisters and a secret that no-one talks about but has virtually estranged them.  The girls come together as their mother is dying.  The story takes off then to a whirlwind of a finale. So many twists and turns and long buried secrets. A good read.
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I enjoyed this but the ending got a little out of control and silly. Kind of the standard British “gripping thriller” fare. But it held my attention.
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On the one hand when teen Samuel Murray disappeared, life went on as usual. However, this certainly wasn't the case for best friend Rosie Sharpe. She never got over his loss. It is now ten years later, and now Rosie is back home and is facing the real truth of everything.

When Samuel became missing, Heather immediately suspected Rosie because she something that made Rosie look very guilty, but Heather never said a word. Now that both sisters are back home in the village of Buckthorpe, the truth finally begins to reveal itself.

Rosie and Heather do not get along at all, but with their mother being very ill now, they are forced to be together. Things begin happening and as it turns out, Heather is not the only one who suspected that Rosie knew more about what happened. Furthermore, this unknown person is determined to reveal the truth, as well as other hidden facts, but also creates an incredible element of danger that faces them now.

What a story! This certainly was not a family drama, although family had everything to do with it. No, it was full of secrets, twists, danger and murder, and these very things flowed throughout the pages. I found this book to be very interesting and loved how the family dynamics were explored and how the suspense built up until the very end. This is my first read by Sarah A. Denzil, but I love her writing style and cannot wait to see what else she has in store for us readers.

Many thanks to Bookouture and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.
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I give this book a 2.5. 

Heather is back in her hometown taking care of her dying mother. Her sister -- an alcoholic with a destructive past -- Rosie makes it home just in time to say goodbye. Rosie hasn't been home in 10 years, after Heather's boyfriend disappears. Their mother's last words to Heather are that she doesn't regret anything, but Heather doesn't know what that means. After their mother's death, the sisters start receiving threatening letters and are followed. But who is doing it... And why?

While it is a good premise, I was bored through about two-thirds of the book. I kept reading to find out the end, but it dragged more than this kind of book should. Not to give away the end, but you definitely need to suspend a fair amount of disbelief to get through it. And while I didn't guess the exact ending (which was a positive,) it also wasn't super far off from where I landed early on. 

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with an ARC of this book on exchange for my honest review. It did not influence my opinion.
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What’s it about:  Heather's sister Rosie has many secrets. A neighbor boy, Sam, disappeared when they were kids, and the shocking truth is discovered when they visit their hometown as adults. 

What I liked about this book: The two points-of-view/timelines, (Heather in the current day and Rosie as a child) creates a great deal of mystery about what happened to Sam. This book captures the realities of sibling rivalries and provides some shocking moments near the end. 

What I disliked: This is minor, but the sisters feel cliche at times, Heather = the good one, Rosie = the bad one. 

Overall impression: Solid thriller that is well written. 4/5 stars. 

Special thanks to Net Galley for providing advance review copies in exchange for my honest review.
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Wow, I don’t really know where to start with this review. The Liar’s Sister starts off being your everyday psychological thriller and then it goes along seemingly following a normal path and then BAM! You realise that you stopped breathing a couple of minutes ago and you can’t read fast enough to find out what actually happened ten years before.

I quite liked Heather as a character, although I never really felt as though I got to know who she really was, but by the end that all made a lot more sense. I wasn’t sure about her sister Rosie, she seemed to be so consumed by guilt that it was impossible to work out what exactly she felt guilty about, although again that all became clear.

With The Liar’s Sister, Sarah A Denzil has weaved a clever story, one that gradually builds up the tension as more and more is revealed but it is hard to know who to trust.

The setting of Buckthorpe village was perfect, it felt claustrophobic and remarkably unfriendly, but why were the villages so contained, were they also keeping secrets too?

I feel as though I need to process this book a lot more to work out exactly what happened and why and also how I feel about it. It is one of those books that I will think about for a couple of weeks after finishing, a sure sign of a great read that kept me wondering and guessing right until the very last page.

I’ve really enjoyed previous books by the author but I think that this one is probably her best one yet.
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Quiet,reserved Heather and boisterous,wild Rosie have always had a bit of a passive/aggressive relashionship. The sisters were polar opposites in looks,demeanour and behaviour but despite their differences they did enjoy spending their time together riding their horses and exploring the woods near their childhood home. But then everything changed the day that Samuel Murray entered their lives. Samuel lived on a farm near their home and was the victim of bullying by the children at their school and treated with disdain by the local residents because of his gothic attire and love for reptiles. Rosie was horrified and maybe just a tiny bit jealous when Heather and Samuel became very good friends. Then one night Heather witnesses her dishevelled sister creeping in through their bedroom window and the next day learns that Samuel has disappeared.

Ten years later, the estranged sister's are forced to return to their childhood home because their mother is dying. They are shocked by the hostility and animosity that they are subjected to by the locals. After they start receiving threatening letters and items go missing from their cottage, Heather is convinced that the strange events are in some way connected to Samuel's disappearance and is determined to uncover what happened all those years ago.But Rosie and the locals insist that the past is the past and should be left alone. Heather is torn between her loyalty to her sister and her desire to uncover the secrets of the past. What happened to Samuel? Why don't the locals want Heather digging into the past? How much does Rosie know about what happened on the night that Samuel disappeared?

The chapters alternate between the sisters with Heather's chapters being set in the present day and Rosie's starting off in the past and then eventually being set in the present day. I really liked Heather both in the past and the present day. I loved how she was prepared to be friends with Samuel despite the bullying and the prejudice that he was subjected too just because he chose to be different. I also admired her determination to uncover what has happened to him despite the possibility that Rosie might have been involved in his disappearance. Rosie was a complex character who I had mixed feelings about throughout most of the book and I was never really sure what her motives were. I also had mixed feelings about Samuel due to the allegations that were made about him before and after he disappeared. Because the story is set in a small rural area, there is only a small cast of characters many of whom were not very likeable or trustworthy. I loved the settings that featured in this story, Ivy Cottage where the girls grew up,Buckbell Woods,the gorgeous bluebell field and the ramshackle cottage in the woods which was allegedly were mysterious Buckthorpe Jack lived. It sounded like a wonderful place to grow up and spend as much time as you can having adventures out in the woods.

The Liar`s Sister is a extremely well written psychological page turner that hooks the reader in from the first page. The reader is drip fed the events of the night that Samuel disappeared,what happened in the woods and who was involved. There was twists and turns,lies,deceptions and unexpected betrayals throughout this gripping story that keeps the reader guessing and frantically turning the pages. This is the first book that I have that was written by this obviously very talented author and most definitely will not be my last. Very very highly recommended.
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Ten years ago, Samuel Murray went missing from the village of Buckthorpe, never to be seen again. In a village where everyone seems to know everyone else’s business, someone must know something. Heather Sharpe knows that her sister, Rosie, does – on the night of his disappearance, she saw Rosie sneaking back into her house, via her bedroom window, dirty and with a torn jacket. Now, a decade later, the sisters have returned to Buckthorpe to look after their dying mum, but the past has certainly not been forgotten. With the villagers convinced that the sisters know something about what happened, they make it clear that they are not welcome, and soon, Rosie and Heather find themselves in terrible danger…

This is one of those books that grabs you straight from the start as we read a letter written by Heather to her sister. In this letter, not meant to be read, Heather accuses Rosie of murder, and so the tone for the rest of the book is set. Throughout the book, Heather is incredibly suspicious of her sister who she believes was involved in Samuel’s disappearance a decade ago. It is obvious that something happened that night and that Rosie certainly knows something about it, but what was it that changed the relationship of the sisters all those years ago?

For me, it is the setting that makes the book. Buckthorpe is the sort of village where people bear a grudge and outsiders are not welcome. Even though the sisters spent their childhood there, they are not treated as though they belong and were actively encouraged to move away. It soon became apparent that there is more to Samuel’s disappearance than meets the eye and that there is a conspiracy of silence in the village with regards to what actually happened.

When we finally discover what secrets have been kept, we find out just how far this conspiracy of silence has gone. As the story drew to a close and the shocking revelations kept coming, I found it very hard to put the book down as I was desperate to know what had happened to Samuel and also how it would all end for Heather and Rosie.

This is a great thriller that had me on the edge of my seat. A brilliant read!
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I've read a number of books by Sarah Denzil and will continue to read, if she continues to write. Her books are engaging and well plotted and The Liar's Sister was no exception. Recommended!
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The last 25% of this book is an absolute brain freak! The beginning is a little slow but woah did the ending make up for it!
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