The Liar's Sister

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This is a tricky one to review. On the one hand, I read it quickly, I was intrigued by the storyline, and the ending had a few solid twists. On the other hand, the storyline dragged at times, some of the twists were glaringly obvious, and the characters were quite one dimensional. 

The tone was also quite odd. At times, it felt almost like a fairytale, with all the references to a mysterious character lurking in the woods, and the regular, horror movie references to the dangerous nature of a small town. I did at times ponder whether it was going in the direction of some sort of cult, then thought that was far too silly for a psychological thriller. The ending actually ended up being even more absurd.

I don't know, I didn't hate it, but I also didn't love it. It was an ok way to pass the afternoon, but I wouldn't pay for it.
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Sarah’s books never cease to amaze me. I am always shocked by the twists at the end and I absolutely love it. Was so excited to read this and just like her others it left me so satisfied and shocked. I can’t wait for her next book! Thanks NetGalley.
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After loving two of the author’s previous books, I started this thinking I would love it as well, but I ended up being slightly disappointed. Though not a bad book by any means, The Liar's Sister didn’t grab me from the beginning as the other two did. I think the main reason was I was not very interested in the mystery aspect of it and the far-fetched over the top ending didn’t manage to change my mind. My favorite things were the complex dynamics between Rosie and Heather and the small village setting. The author keeps being brilliant at writing atmosphere and in here she manages to make the village and the wood that surrounds it feel really oppressive and spooky.

Though not my favorite, I will certainly keep reading Sarah A. Denzil’s backlist titles and look forward to her new releases.
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The opening of the book is perfect. 1001 scenarios fly through your mind, but which one is the correct one? Or does scenario 1002 fit here?

Relatives should be able to trust each other unconditionally, right? But there is so much deceit and there are so many lies in the world that you sometimes start doubting the ones that are the closest to your heart.

Once trust is gone, is it possible to find a way back?

The author shows us a situation that's often not fictional at all. People assume something and the longer they think about it, the more they are convinced that this is how it all happened. Talking about it would resolve so much heartbreak. 

Sometimes silence is golden because you believe you do it for the right reasons : to protect someone, but in the end, when the truth comes out it might not have been the best solution at all.

The story takes us from then to now, with both sisters telling us the way it was, through their eyes in alternating chapters.

Love, deceit, lies and family relations are a few of the ingredients the author has cooked with to serve us this delightful dish. 4 stars.

Thank you, Sarah A. Denzi and Bookouture ( via Netgalley).
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book and raced through it in just two sittings spanning less than 24 hours. Narrated (more or less) alternately by sisters Heather and Rosie we discover what happened in the woods and the bluebell field a decade ago. Brought back together by the death of their mother, the two girls seek to reconcile their estranged relationship. Heather, the sister who has always been the 'goody-goody' and Rosie, the sister who went off the rails with drug and alcohol addiction, come together to make sense of the past. Who is telling the truth? Why did their father die?  And can anyone locally be trusted after a note is left threatening the girls with a menacing request to leave Buckthorpe?
With plenty of twists, this is a fantastic read as the author unveils what really happened to 16 year old Samuel Murray, aided by a cast of great characters.
I would definitely read more books by this author.
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I have read and enjoyed Silent Child by this author, so I went into the story with a strange anticipation, wanting my cells to buzz with the dark energy that a book which messes the mind did.

The story took time to build up. Two sisters Rosie and Heather reunited after many years on their mother's deathbed. On the surface they seemed disconnected, but there was a nervous energy binding them. Secrets abounded in their past about their missing friend Samuel Murray. What did happen 10 years ago?

Sarah Denzil took time to fire up my blood with this book as the sisters seemed spaced out. I never did understand why Heather couldn't directly confront Rosie. But the writing soon built up the excitement insidiously one page after the other, there were times I tapped the Kindle softly so that nothing would crack through the aura of the book and disturb the perfect built-up

The people of the village added to the overall disquiet as they wanted the sistes to leave. I loved that the author made my mind burst with its questions, and I couldn't help racing through the book to get to the secrets. The secrets, those delicious secrets, they turned the story around. As I always say, can open, worms crawling. Man, this time these tiny buggers were zapping and swooping me off at every turn. Whoa!!

The exciting end to the story made this an absolutely rocking midnight read.
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Another great piece of work from this author!! This one had so many unexpected twists and turns, I loved going on such a crazy journey as I read! I finished this book in just two nights because it was so good!
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This was an entertaining family drama with a mystery that kept me reading well into the night.  It revolves around sisters Heather and Rosie, who have been estranged for years but are brought back together when their mother gets sick.  Heather is the primary voice of the book, and has harbored a concern for years that her sister knows more than she was saying about the disappearance of a mutual friend, Samuel, from when they were teenagers.

The book moved at a pretty fast pace, and went back and forth between current time in Heather's voice and when they were younger in Rosie's voice.  I found myself liking Rosie more, despite the fact that I don't think the author intended it that way.  The dynamic between the sisters as adults was a little off to me- I understood it from the childhood recollections but struggled a bit to understand why they acted the way they did in some of the scenes in current tense.  This  made the story fall a little flat for me for the first 3 quarters or so of the book.

The ending was interesting and there was a twist I did not see coming (a rarity!), which made me like the book a whole lot better.  I was planning on giving a 3 star review but upped it to 4 once I read the last quarter of the book,

Netgalley provided me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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The Liar’s Sister is an intensely gripping novel about two sisters who are both connected to the disappearance of a teenage boy, Samuel, who went missing from their village many years earlier. Heather thinks her older sister, Rosie, is keeping something from her, and she believes that Rosie may know more than she’s letting on about what happened to Samuel. 

There was such an intense atmosphere to this book. Heather and Rosie have returned to their home village, Buckthorpe because their mother is dying but what they don’t realise is just how unwelcome they’ll be made to feel. But they are determined not to be scared away from their home. Samuel’s disappearance has haunted the village, not least because of the rumours that were spread around about him by Rosie and her friends. But it has also haunted the memories of Heather. She has never forgotten the boy who she fell in love with those many summers ago. 

There were some nasty people in this village. It seems that Heather and Rosie don’t know who they can trust. I wanted to know why people wanted them to move and why everyone seemed to have turned against them in the wake of their mother’s death. The characters in Buckthorpe didn’t paint the village as a very nice place to live, and it seemed to be a place that closed its ranks on outsiders. 

Heather and Rosie don’t have a very close relationship with each other. I could feel Heather’s frustration at Rosie and her fear of her when she believes Rosie may be working against her. I could sense that Rosie wasn’t an easy person to confront, and this makes things even more difficult between them as Heather tries to find out once and for all what happened to Samuel. 

The finale was so tense as the plot raced towards its conclusion. Everything becomes so much darker, and the final revelations are shocking. I thought at one stage I could see where the plot was going to go, but Sarah A. Denzil threw in a final brilliant twist which blew my mind. It was something I wasn’t expecting at all. The final twists are intricately woven into the plot in a very clever way. 

The Liar’s Sister is the second book by Sarah A. Denzil, which I have read, and it earns a solid five stars from me. Sarah’s writing pulled me easily into the story, and I couldn’t wait to find out how it was going to end. The characters especially made this book gripping, although I think it was Heather who I connected with the most out of the two sister’s. 

Dark and compulsive and with some very unsettling truths, The Liar’s Sister is a totally engrossing read.
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Ten years ago, a boy called Samuel Murray went missing from Buckthorpe and was never seen again. Sisters, Rosie and Heather return to the village to be with their mother I  her final days. Rosie and Heather have been estranged for years. Heather always felt that Rosie had something to do with Rosie's disappearance. But did she?

Thus story spans over ten years. The story is told from Rosie and Heather's point of view. Rosie tells us about the past while Heather tells us about the present. The story covers betrayals, lies, secrets and family loyalty. As the past starts to be revealed to us, the scarier this story becomes with threatening notes and things disappearing. The story  builds up slowly until we got to around 70% then it just explodes. I was drawn I to this story from the first few pages. I wanted to k ow what had happened to Samuel. The characters are well developed. There enough twists to keep your interest. A quick and easy book to read.

I would like to thank Netgalley,  Bookouture and the author Sarah A. Denzil for my ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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This book is a page turner! Rosie and Heather are sisters who haven’t seen each other in years after their friend Samuel went missing when they were younger. Heather is caring for their dying mother and Rosie finally comes back home to see her in her last days and help sort out the details of the family home. But soon, old family secrets and lies are brought up. Heather has always felt that Rosie was somehow responsible for Samuels disappearance and that she may even be dangerous. Is she? Or are there other deeper reasons for Rosie’s odd and drunken behavior that Heather’s better off not knowing? This book was twisted in so many ways and sad as well. But I couldn’t put it down! And the last few chapters are jaw droppers. Enjoy the ride readers! This one is a roller coaster of a thriller!!
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Heather Sharpe has come home to be with her mother who is terminally ill.  All her mother wants though is Heather’s sister, Rosie.  Heather hasn’t spoken to Rosie since her father’s funeral years before, but she contacts her via email to let her know that her mother is asking for her.  Heather doesn’t really want her sister to come home though, as she believes that on a night, ten years ago Rosie killed their neighbour and friend, Samuel Murray.  Something happened to Samuel as he has never been seen since that night.  Being told by their mother in her last few hours of her life to sell the house and leave the village, Heather realises that Rosie’s return has stirred some emotions amongst the villagers which have laid dormant for so many years….

This is the second book which I have read by this author.  The first book I loved, so I had high hopes for this one.  This book is written in a dual time perspective, alternating chapters from present day to 10 years previously when Samuel Murray goes missing.  Heather and Rosie are sisters who are like chalk and cheese.  Since their neighbour Samuel went missing, there has been a big cloud of secrets hanging over the Sharpe family and whilst Heather believes that Rosie had something to do with Samuel going missing, their relationship will never improve.

For me, the storyline was a bit of a slow starter.  It did however, begin to introduce the story both past and present of the Sharpe family right from the beginning and the tension and mystery of what happened that night 10 years ago continued to build as the book moved on.  By the time I reached half way through the book the pace had picked up enormously and I was hooked!  I just had to find out what had happened in the “past” storyline and what was happening in the “present”!  I loved how the story twisted and turned, and you just didn’t know who to believe or who was telling the truth.  I couldn’t blame Heather at all for not knowing who to trust!

The book’s climatic ending was fabulous!!  Everything that happened in the build-up was explained perfectly!!  I couldn’t believe I had worked it out so wrong, but I just didn’t expect the storyline to twist and turn as much as it did!  A book packed with family relationships, lies, deceit and mistrust!  This was a thrilling read which will have you doubting everyone!  Would definitely recommend!
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This book was good, but not great. Heather and Rosie are relatable characters who seem well rounded, but I think the missing link is Samuel
Murray. Samuel’s character is central to the plot and the mystery surrounding him would be enhanced by feeling that we knew him better and cared what had happened to him. 

I did not feel as gripped and eager to finish this book as I have with other psychological thrillers. There were certainly plenty of twists and I did not see them all coming but still there was just a bit of magic missing. 

I like the mirroring of starting and ending with a letter but again, the last letter felt a little rushed and while I felt the emotion from mother to daughter I did not feel the ultimate reveal was fully formed.

A good read but not the best.
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This is my first book by Sarah A Denzil it won"t be my last.  It started slow was questioning if I would stop it or continue but I stuck with it for sure it got so good.  The  bound between sister's is something strong.  A small british village full of dark secrets with a corrupted police.  Two families with deep dark secrets.  
The truth came out in the end and the sister"s we"re able to stay in their family home.  The villagers had accepted the fact the sister"s we"re staying.
I want to thank NetGalley, Bookouture and Sarah A Denzil for an early copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Thank You Net Galley, Bookouture and Sarah A Denzil for a chance to read this book

I'm so glad I got a chance to read Sarah Denzil's The Liar's Sister by Bookouture. She's one author whose books I have always wanted to check out but never got around to. The Liar's Sister is a surprising book, the first three-quarters of the story reads like any other thriller out there but the final few pages left me feeling stupid. I had so many thoughts and guesses and everything flew out of the window. The focus of the story is simply the lack of communication among sisters. Each family have their own troubles but it is compounded when members of the family decide to keep secrets and starts lying to cover the truths. 
Rose and Heather are 2 sisters who were very close until the summer their friend Samuel disappeared. Then the secrets begin and both sisters drift apart unable to confide in each other and running away at first opportunity. Rose is recovering from alcohol abuse and has had tough going in her life but it is Heather who feels lost and angry. After the death of their mother, things become dicey with everyone in the village becoming hostile and their house ransacked. 
Both sisters do not instill any warmth but the story flows effortlessly at a rapid pace. Loved that too much happening convoluted ending thou.
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The Liar's Sister is a thriller with a focus on family, secrets, lies and grief. The dual POVs of sisters Heather and Rosie are told in the past and present, giving you a good sense of their characters and their growth (or lack there of) from childhood to the adults they are in present day.  I enjoyed how the story was really contained in the small town of Buckthorpe, which was really a character in itself (not too sound too Carrie Bradshaw over here).

The past and present are intertwined and neither girl is really able to move forward with their lives in the present as they mourn separate losses in their pasts, which is all brought up by the loss of their mother in the present.

There are lots of twists and turns in this book. Some I guessed easily, while others came out of nowhere (especially the final twist!).

A solid thriller, this book will appeal to readers who like domestic, family-centric thrillers.
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The Liar's Sister by Sarah A. Denzil is a recommended mystery featuring two sisters.

Heather is back in the village of Buckthorpe helping her dying mother during her final days. Now that the end is near, her mother is asking for Heather's older sister, Rosie. The problem is that Heather and Rosie have not spoken to each other for years, not since Rosie's addictions resulted in her passing out at their father's funeral. But even more troubling is that Heather is sure that ten years ago Rosie killed their neighbor boy, Samuel Murray, who was also Heather's first love. When Rosie responds to Heather, it seems that she is now sober and straight. Rosie quickly travels to Buckthorpe to say good-bye to their mother.  But the drama for the two sisters is just beginning, especially when the town constable is telling them to sell and leave, their home is robbed, and a threatening note makes it clear that the whole village may be against them.

The chapters alternate between the points-of-view of Heather and Rosie, and covers events and the secrets they are both keeping, from the present and the past. While presented as a psychological thriller, this is really more of a mystery about what happened ten years earlier, when Samuel disappeared, and uncovering the truth about who is currently threatening them. While there are plenty of secrets, there really is no heart-pounding action until the final denouement. Some of the ending reveal you will have predicted, but there will be a few surprising twists too.

The Liar's Sister is a quick, entertaining read, though, and Denzil does a good job with the setting and the sister's strained relationship. She also includes interesting little tidbits of information that will help you deduce some of what is going on.

Disclosure: My review copy was courtesy of Bookouture.
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A gripping thriller told on alternating timelines by Heather and Rose. I found this to be a good book with an unexpected ending.. Highly recommended
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Truly unputdownable, I read this book in a day and was gripped from start to finish. Initially, Heather's angst was a little irritating, but as the mystery unfolded I found it less intrusive as the desire to find out what really happened took over. The use of the two timelines with the two points of view worked very well and it wasn't hard to keep track of who was narrating, and when, at any given time, as can sometimes be the case when this format is used. The book is very well written, the action happening at a good pace, and the character development excellent; at the end of the novel I felt that I really understood the protagonists and their states of mind. Definitely worth a read if you enjoy psychological thrillers.

My thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for the opportunity to read this book.
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So many secrets and so many lies fill the pages of this new psychological thriller, The Liar’s Sister!  On a dark and rainy night in the woods surrounding the small village of Buckthorpe, sixteen year old Sammy Murray went missing. Family and friends searched for days, weeks, and even months, but he had seemed to have vanished. What happened to Sammy?  Did he run away?  Was he taken for nefarious purposes?  Ten years later And still no answers.  He was never seen again!

Heather Sharpe,  a very close friend of Samuels, could never believe that her sister, Rosie, was telling the truth about that night. Heather thought that Rosie either did something to her friend, or either was hiding secrets. The mistrust between the sisters led them to become estranged. Then when their mother was terminally ill and called for them, they reunited to care for her. Over the years, Heather’s quest for the truth about Samuel had continued to grow, and her determination to find answers had become an obsession. Her mistrust for Rosie grew and eventually led her on a quest for the truth about Samuel’s disappearance that eventually  involved the whole village. The story evolves around this search for the truth, the relationship between the sisters, and the danger that ensues. The woods around their home become menacing as Heather realizes that someone wants her dead! Everyone in the village becomes a possible suspect. 

The points of view alternate between Heather  and Rosie on different time lines. The characters and the story line are easily followed by the reader. Heather’s frantic race for the truth unveils a multi-layered and complex plot with plenty of suspense, surprises, twists and turns. The characters are so well developed that they practically jump off the pages!!  When the truth was finally revealed I was in shock!  What an exciting and unexpected ending to a great book!

Five big stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ to Sarah A. Denzil and for her newest book, The Liar’s Sister!  And also a big thank you to the publisher, Bookouture, for the opportunity to read an advanced copy. Watch for this new book to be published on September 25, 2019. 
I highly recommend this book to those who love great thrillers!
Put this book on your TO BE READ LIST!!!  ❤️📚
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