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The Little Book of Outdoor Wisdom

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This wasn't quite what I was expecting, but the essays are full of great tips for the outdoorsy (or wanna-be). If you're in search of a book heavy on practical advice, this might be the one for you.
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John Long's new book, "The Little Book of Outdoor Wisdom," is a series of essays on various adventure sports such as rock climbing, backpacking, kayaking, mountain biking and many more where the incremental experiences and situations you find yourself in throughout your life add up to outdoor wisdom.

Long shares his cumulative wisdom for others to learn from so that they don't make potentially disastrous mistakes in the wilderness. The book is an interesting read containing many key concepts for the beginning outdoorsman or outdoorswoman.

It was an enjoyable book that I'd recommend for any adventure sports junkie and the beginning wanting some advice for trips out in the backcountry.

I received this as an eBook from Rowman & Littlefield via NetGalley in exchange for an honest and unbiased review of the title. I did not receive any compensation from either company. The opinions expressed herein are completely my own.
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A book of advice and anecdotes; mostly good advice. The author is down-to-earth and experienced and seems like a very nice guy. You may not need all this info, but it's very good indeed. Recommended for brave and not-brave for those contemplating outdoor adventures.

I really appreciate the NetGalley copy for review!!
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Oh, this is so not what I thought it meant! But it was extremely enlightening and probably loaded with great advice for those who want to tackle, and I mean REALLY tackling  the Great Outdoors. I can see some use for us home gardeners, snow shovellers, and other not so outdoorsy types between the pages!  My emergency kit at home is well stocked, but not as well as the one in the book... I agree with drinking water to stay hydrated, even beyond when I don't feel thirsty when working outdoors on hot or cold days. And I believe in down parkas for winters! I think a lot can be learned about living life large in the wilderness from this book. I'm not that brave, but enjoy the stories!
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