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What an amazing collection from a wonderful author. A favorite author of mine, I read every one of her books as they are published. I must admit that gothic romance was not one of my genre until this set of books came out. They are fabulous! I’ve read each one, and can attest to the fact that each one is a five star read in their own right! To be able to get them all in one compilation is a treasure!
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An excellent trilogy with a blend of gothic and romance.  All three books were so good!  Filled with suspense, drama, a few twists and romance.  I enjoyed reading all of them.  Give them a whirl.  You will not be disappointed.
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Gothic Love Stories is a captivatingly delightful read from the very first page to the end. This book is full of remarkable characters, clever dialogue, and laugh-out-loud situations. I couldn’t put it down and neither will you. Miss Ridley knows how to keep her readers wanting more!
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“Gothic Love Stories” by Erica Ridley.  

I thoroughly enjoy Erica Ridley’s books, stories and characters but found this particular series not in my favorite collect. Overall it was difficult to get through and I did not enjoy the stories as much as I thought I would. 

Sorry to say that it was a hit and miss for me. 😓

Star rating: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 

[** I received “Gothic Love Stories” by Erica Ridley via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 
Thank you to publishers and Netgallery for the opportunity to review this book.]
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With 4 books in one it's a bit difficult to do a rating here. But starting with book one (Too Wicked to Kiss) I am already in love with the series. I absolutely loved this one if not for the overly dramatic ending and the lady not doing what she could have done quickly to resolve the mystery. But the romantic development - awesome. The picnic-scene - priceless!
Reviews on the next books in the series will be published on public book sites as I get to them - as I will for sure!
One can not go wrong with Erica Ridley.
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This compilation of four stories in one book is very good.  As usual, Erica Ridley pulled me in from page one with her wonderful character development.  Plenty of suspense, intrigue, and steamy romance to keep me turning page after page.  Erica Ridley is an auto buy for me. I usually don’t read gothic romance but glad I took a chance on this one.  I doubt  you’ll be disappointed with this book.  Thanks to NetGalley, the publisher and author for allowing me to read and review.  Very highly recommend.
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4 stories I enjoyed very much. Each store line was fun to read with characters that were great together. I love Erica Ridley's stories and look forward to more of her books in the future.
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A fun read as usual with Erica Ridley. Her characters leap out of the pages and pull you into the story.
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Everything that I read by this author is great! These three stories are wonderfully too! Full of romance, twists and wonderful plots. 
Historical romance at its best! 
Highly recommended!
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This was a set of four books which I enjoyed. The first two were longer but just as enjoyable as the shorter ones I always enjoy Erica Ridley's historical novels and do recommend you to read these stories.
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This s an excellent collection of stories! Plenty of romance, scorching and sweet moments, intrigue, and mystical elements. I love my historicals with the right hint of darkness and adventure thrown in. Writing is consistent throughout all of the novels, and I adored all of the characters. Plot-wise, I resonated with some stories more than others, but it is still a great series!
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4 books in one Arc brings this reader extra time to sit and kick back with a good tale.
A house party, a murder and mysteries to solve bring the reader to castle with   Evangeline Pemberton to see how it will turn out. Excellent tale first book.
Susan Stanton crosses paths with smuggler Evan Bothwick  in determining the mysteries of her new home.
Daniel Godwin, Lord Stonebury has a second chance with Rebecca Bond when a castle has a new heir and new pathway for these two for a future.
Alistair Waldegrave offers his new governess an escape and safe place however her past still threatens to catch up to her.
Average 4 to 5 stars
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Having read a lot of Erica Ridley's Lords and Dukes, I was very happy to receive the Gothic Love Stories Arc, with 4(!) e-books in one. Yay!
Too Wicked to Kiss is the first one, about Evangeline Pemberton who is on the run from her evil stepfather, only to wound up at the haunted castle of the excentric Gavin Lioncroft, rumored to be a murderer. When a murder occurs at the castle, will Evangeline be safe? A wonderful who-dunnit-story with a lot of twists and turns. Four out of five stars from me.
Too sinful to Deny is the second part, which continues with lady Susan Stanton, who we have met at the first part. Because Susan didn't was a very friendly character in the first part I had a lot of issues with connecting to Susan and feel sympathy for her exile. However, Evan Bothwick does an excellent job of creating the correct scenario for you to pick up feelings for Susan as well. Three out of five stars from me.
After two long stories, Too Tempting to Resist is a lot shorter and more fastpaced. We meet Rebecca who needs to find a husband within months to ensure a roof above her head. And although she still has a bruised heart, who can help her better to find a suitor, then with the help of her former friend (and crusher of heart) Daniel, the current Lord of Stonebury? But when they meet, sparks still fly. How to find a husband, when Daniel keeps distracting her? A cute and cozy read: four out of five stars from me.
The last story Too Wanton to Wed just stole my breath. This story is heart wrenching, wonderful and shocking. Alistair Waldegrave is desperately looking for a cure for his nine-year-old daughter Lillian, who is suffering from a rare disease, where she burns from the rays of the sun. Seeing no solution but to keep his daughter locked down in the abbey, to keep her from the sun, he has estranged himself from her. So, when a mysterious woman lands on his doorstep, who happens to be a governess, Alistair takes a leap of faith and hires her on the spot. Violet can't believe her luck: while being on the run from a crime to save an innocent orphan girl, she stumbles upon a very strange and desolate abbey. The owner hires her as a governess for his daughter. Violet and Lillian form an unlikely bond, from the recognizable situation they both are in. As an orphan herself, Violet knows how it feels to long for some companionship and love. Not only from the little girl under her charge, but also from her loving father. But Alistair doesn't think he deserves happiness. But while the bonds within the abbey are slowly growing, so is the danger from outside: both Violet's past and the gossiping of the village are threatening to destroy everything which has been build inside the abbey. Can those broken souls find happiness again? Find out for yourself, don't forget your tissues. Wonderful read! Five out of five stars from me and a special thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc.
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I received with thanks an ARC copy of Gothic Love Stories from Webmotion and Netgalley.

This is my review of Gothic Love Stories by Erica Ridley. This was published on 23rd August 2019
One of the queens of historical romance is back. This time she is back with gothic romantic tales. I was lucky to receive an invite to read all 4 of the magnificent tales by one of the truly best historical romance authors of her generation. These stories are told well and make you want to dive from book 1 to book 4 all in one sitting. If you love the historical romance then these books are for you.

Would recommend if you love a Historical Romance.
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I have to say that Erica Ridley certainly knows how to spin a love story and keep the readers' attention from the beginning to the end! Gothic love stories aren't my typical stories I go for, but, I am not sorry I chose this set. I highly recommend!
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Another excellent lot of romance novels by Erica Ridley, again I did really enjoy these, they are great. Would definitely love to read more by this author.
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Grab your favourite hot drink, a windy stormy night (or your imagination), and snuggle in with these latest stories from Erica Ridley. Utterly delicious, Enjoy.
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This collection contains 3 full length novels and 1 novella, all are part of the Gothic Love Stories series, each are standalone, happily ever after, no cheating, gothic, sometime fairy tale romances with some sizzle.
Too Wicked to Kiss, Book 1 has the darker appeal of the gothic romance, including gargoyles, ravens, stormy weather and a dark manor house. Throw in a murder and the hero as the main suspect makes for a great page turner. This is Evangeline Pemberton and Gavin Lioncroft’s tale, well told, with well fledged characters, lots of secrets, action, and some romance. 4 stars.
Too Sinful to Deny, Book 2, is Susan Stanton and Evan Bothwick’s story. I was not a fan of this story, it has well fleshed out character, however, I wasn’t in love with either of the H and h. The romance wasn’t there and the story was too convoluted to be enjoyed. Sorry only 3 stars.
Too Tempting to Resist, Book 3 is a novella; Rebecca Bond and Daniel Godwin, Lord Stonebury’s story. Although it is short story, the author is able to pull out all the emotions from the characters and make them work. Rebecca is a strong woman and makes Daniel work to get back in her favor. 3.5 stars because of the brevity of the story.
Too Wanton to Wed, Book 4 is Violet Whitechapel and Alistair Waldegrave’s story. A very odd malady affects Lily, the daughter of Alistair and causes the townspeople and Violet to distrust what goes on in his abbey. This was a well developed gothic romance, mass hysteria amongst the townspeople, a dark abbey, fear of sunlight, a murder to be solved and a bit of romance that works in the end. 3.5 stars.
I received an electronic copy of this book through NetGalley for my honest opinion.
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Gothic Love Stories by Erica Ridley contains all 4 books in the series. I love her writing and these books didn't dissapoint.
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Gothic Love Stories is a set of 4 standalone novellas with a touch of the paranormal which Eloisa James, a NYT bestselling author has described as “sensual, witty and a delicious, dark Gothic treat!"

In a nutshell, the stories are:

Too Wicked To Kiss: Straight out from the game “Clue,” clairvoyant Evangeline Pemberton finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation when one of the guests at the Blackberry Manor house party was killed. A case of whodunit, Evangeline has to race against time to find the real killer other than Gavin Lioncroft who was the main suspect.

Too Sinful To Deny: If you love “The Sixth Sense,” then you will enjoy “Too Sinful to Deny,” a supernatural Gothic story with a romantic twist. When disgraced socialite Susan Stanton found herself exiled in a creepy manor infested with ghosts and pirates, her isolated life did not seem so isolated at all. Between unmasking the secrets of the manor and the company of the rakish dark-haired smuggler Evan Bothwick life could be worse. But, what if, it did get worse?

Too Tempting To Resist: Previously released as “Romancing the Rogue,” this novella is about an orphan who has to ask the help of a rakish lord who had broken her heart in the past. You can find my original review of the book here. 

Too Wanton To Wed: A woman on the run, Violet Whitechapel finds shelter in the home of Alistair Waldegrave whose daughter is allergic to UV light. Their home is kept in darkness, which was alright with Violet since she is also harboring a dark secret of her own. Acting as a teacher/tutor to the child, Violet was thinking that she can find a life with the Waldegraves. But, when her past catches up with her, that quiet and bucolic life can easily be shattered.
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