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Right Beside You is a very well written romance.  Great plot, setting and characters.  Sometimes your true love is right beside you all the time.  If you enjoy romance books you will definitely enjoy this book.  My thanks to the publisher for my advance ebook.  This is my unbiased review.
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Navigating love as adults is tricky.  
Monroe wrapped me in a silky smooth atmosphere of true love. Sprinkled with mild drama and humor, Right Beside You is 
my favorite feel good story of the year.
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I haven’t read a Mary Monroe novel in years.  I was delighted to be given the opportunity to review her upcoming Christmas holiday romance, Right Beside You via NetGalley.  The novel centers around co-workers Richard and Felicia and they work right beside each other but both long for more.  Monroe does an excellent job with setting.  The reader is given description of the location and time of year through her skilled writing.  She also builds the characters so that you fell you know them by novel’s end.  This would make an excellent end of the year selection for book clubs.  It is quick, festive read that includes discussion questions at the end.
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I'm 98% sure this is just me, but I have to say it nonetheless. I didn't really enjoy this book.
The concept sounded so great, but in execution, the romance felt both incredibly rushed and - strangely, at the same time - overly drawn out. As Richard himself says: the convoluted way in which they got together doesn't seem like something that would happen outside of a Hallmark movie - and not in a good way. Then there's the bit where Richard, as a father, would go from shouting to joking to being harsh and altogether just kinda giving me whiplash. Top all of that off with both perspectives constantly telling the reader what was going on in a - to me - overly in your face manner. .. 
Again: all of that might just be due to the difference in culture, but honestly? The best thinsg I can say about my experience with this book is that I am still intrigued with what thd plot could have been, and thatit was a very quick read. Apparently even I have a limit for how many clichés I can bear to have thrown at me...
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This was a cute book. It was an extremely slow read though? I just couldn't get into the jumping around and the amount of time spent on character development. I would have loved to get into the actual story more toward the beginning instead of half way through the book.
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Sounded like friend to lover type of story, however it's very drawn out. Both Felicia and Richard, who are co-workers, have been friends for years. It's amazing to me that they both suddenly realize this year that they love the other oerson. There's been no romantic entanglements, nevermind a single date! It was a cute story but better suited to a novella. 

I received a free ARC eBook from Net Galley and the publisher for my honest opinions.
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Received a copy of this book through NetGalley,to give an honest opinion
Really enjoyed this book, loved the way the character's react around each other,before facing the truth.Love conquest all.
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I really enjoyed this book. The story of Felicia and Richard and how they skip around their feelings and how it all comes together. Felicia works and takes care of grandma Lucy. Richard is a widower and has 2 daughters and they both work the same place. You must read this book to see what happens and how.
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Felicia commutes to work 5 days a week by bus .Richard works with Felicia but sometimes only see each other by bus.felicia runs into Richard at the store where he sees her looking like a frump. I didn't care for the characters.
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When you love from afar something is bound to eventually happen in your favor....
It's after all the spirit of Christmas and what's better than sharing in that love.
Felicia knows what she wants. She's charismatic. Charming. Loving. Yet she feels something is missing. That something is Richard a young vibrant attractive widower and parent of teen girls.
Richard is also her co-worker and that relationship makes it difficult if not impossible to carry on as mere friends.
However, what she really wants is his heart, his companionship, and ultimately his love.
I enjoyed reading this novel and hope you do as well.
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