A Tale of Two Daddies

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Lincoln is curious about the little girl and what her two dads help her with. Going through questions of which dad helps you with this or that. It was really cute.

The illustrations were beautiful and super simple!
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This book would be good for young children to learn that having two male parents is the same as having mixed gender parents.  Simple and to the point at a level that a young child could get the message.  Love  and caring is part of being a family and parent - simply and directly.
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This children’s book brings up the very important subject: family seen through the eyes of the kid. The little girl who is the main character has two dads that she loves equally. Her friends are curious about her family and are asking her innocent question because they want to understand it. 
The girl is really sweet and smart kid. I love how she calls her dads: Poppa and Daddy and show her friends that they can take good care of her and also do things that stereotypically are done by woman.  
I love how colorful and simple is this book. Every question have a rhyme with the answer so it makes it even more enjoyable.  It will be pleasure read for kids and they will also understand the message: it doesn’t matter what your family looks like, as long as their love and support you, family is family. 
There should be more books for children which bring up important aspects of live, family, friends etc. in the way kids can easily understand.

I received a copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you NetGalley and Vanita Books for this opportunity.
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I liked the rhythmic cadence of the dialogue in the book. The illustrations were active and colorful just like the little girl in the book.
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I received an ARC of A Tale of Two Daddies by Vanita Oelschlager thanks to Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Having two fathers should not be a taboo topic anymore. The fact that this type of book exists shows us how much we need to learn about the world and how much we need to normalize talking about these subjects. The drawings and the dialogs were amazing as well and I decided to provide 4 stars as my rating.
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A Tale of Two Daddies is a wonderful, charming, little story that brings to light some very important issues (in a very friendly way!).

Our little friend has two Daddies - Poppa and Daddy. Poppa is good at braids, Daddy takes care of her when she's scared. They split all of the important Daddy related items, because she has two wonderful Daddies to help her out! She explains to her new friend all of the fun ways Poppa and Daddy help her. 

The book is very simple and sweet. It's perfect for young readers and is a wonderful way to explain to kids why their friend might have two Moms or two Dads. The book is progressive and positive, and I love that. It works in all of the best ways.

I absolutely love the cartoon-y pictures. I think it fits the theme well and is very engaging. There's lots of colours and not too much to drain your attention away from the story. Near the end of the book, it gives a little example for how the art was made and that made this story even better. I thought it was very cool to see how they made the effects be softened! 

Overall, this is another must read gem in the children's fiction department. Pick up this picture book, because it is so totally worth it.
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Advanced Reader Copy received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This is the cuttest tale's book I seen this year.

A Tale of Two Daddies tells about a chatting between two kids in a park. The boy asked about the daddies of the girl and her answers are completedly free of genders roles and we can see in them how she feels about the love and caring they give to her. 

This 24 pages are amazing. The drawings, the colors and the kids lines are beautiflu and simple, easy to understand for everyone. I want this story in every public and school library in the world. 

Review in panish version on Goodreads and Instagram. 

Copia avanzada para lectores recibida de parte de NetGalley a cambio de una reseña honesta.

A Tale of Two Daddies retrata una conversación de dos niños en el parque. Un pequeño interpela a una niña sobre sus dos papas y ella responde a sus preguntas totalmente libres de roles de género y desde el cariño y contención que siente por parte de sus papas. 

OK. No puede ser que tan pocas páginas me hayan encantado tanto. Me morí de amor. Tuve que ser asistida con un DEA para poder estar escribiendo esta reseña. Necesito ver este libro de cuentos en todas las bibliotecas públicas y escolares del mundo.
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This is so cute. Such an easy read and I loved reading about life with two daddies from a kids perspective. As a future teacher I would recommend this to all the kids in the world.
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This book is exactly as it seems: an updated version of Heather has Two Mommies. This book also has a companion titled, A Tale of Two Mommies. This does not detract from the story, but it definitely has a lot of comparisons for Leslea Newman's LGBT Picture Books.

This book has sweet illustrations of a little girl and her friend talking about the fact that she has two dads. Her friend asks her a series of questions about which dad does what (sometimes talking about stereotypical gender roles such as doing hair, cooking, and building a tree house). The girl mater-of-factly answers each all while playing.

The writing in this book could use a little work. Some of the rhymes were very forced, and some were not there at all. I don't know about others, but when I am in a rhyme and get taken out of it, I almost put the book down and move on. It is quite jarring and takes you out of the story.

The illustrations in this book are cute and the color pallete is child friendly and appropriate for the setting. The art style is also pleasing to the eye and screams for a storytime.
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I have read A tale of two daddies by Vanita Oelschlager. I got this book from Netgalley, thanks to them. This is a picture book for children. The art was really well done, I loved the drawings. The story itself was simple, but therefore effective I think for children to be educated about having two dads. The rhyming was sometimes a bit off I felt, but that didn't really bother me. Immediately got the other book as well. Gave this one 4 stars.
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"A Tale of Two Daddies" is about a little boy and girl playing on the playground and the boy asking the girl questions about her two dads. Questions like "who's your dad when your hair needs braids?" and "which dad helps you when you're covered in dirt?" are answered by the practical little girl.

I love the simplicity of the questions. They're easy to relate to for a small child and the answer vary from Poppa and Daddy to neither and both, and when the boy asks who picks out the socks for the little girl, she proudly tells him she's big enough to do that herself. It's a funny little detail, because she wears a pair of socks that don't match. I'm sure both a younger and older audience can appreciate it :)

The pictures are gorgeous! The style is cute and simple, with lots of colors and just enough with details to discuss with a younger child without being overwhelming. There's about one line on every page and a great rhythm to the questions and answers. An all around lovely book. I definitely recommend!

I received a free e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for a free copy of these books in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own.

In our first story A Tale Of Two Mommies we have a trio of young friends hanging out at the beach. One of the little ones has two mommies. This leads the other two children to ask questions of which mommy helps in certain situations. In our second story A Tale Of Two Daddies we explore the same concept except with two daddies and this time there are two children playing at the park. Both stories show children's curiosities through questions of parental duties when there isn't a mommy and daddy to split them but rather two mommies or two daddies.

I thought these stories were adorable. I loved the way the children's curiosity was shown as simple curiosity and nothing more. It was innocent and sweet. Told in a fun rhyme this story is sure to capture the attention of any little one who reads it. The pictures were bright, colorful and simply adorable in both books. I think these are both great books to educate young children about LGBT+ families.
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I can appreciate children’s books that normalize all kinds of families. This is a great example of normalizing without othering. The illustrations are eye catching and the text is simple without being preachy. It’s a sweet story of a conversation between 2 young children, one of whom has 2 fathers. The back and forth is cutesy ( but in a way that will appeal to both caregivers and children). My 5 year old really liked this one because, even though they weren’t all accurate scenarios for her family situation (she has 2 dads) it was relatable to her and she really enjoyed the simplicity of the language and the pictures. I would recommend it!

I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.
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A story with a great message. Dual Dad parents are different but also the same. Fantastic illustrations throughout which draw you in to read the whole book. Would definitely recommend to parents whose children are wondering about other kids with dual Dad parents.
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A cute story of a little girl and her two daddies. There is no certain role for either daddy; they are both involved completely in her life. Her friend asks her all these questions about what her dads do and she answers, showing that both her daddies love her 100% completely.
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I grabbed this book one night at bed time and decided to read it for my girls. My husband surprised me by jumping into bed, grabbing the book, and announcing that he wanted to read it. He definitely made this momma very happy. I love that he, as well as myself, are teaching our daughters that families are all different and they don't have to be just like us to still be a family. Acceptance is a huge deal to me and this book was truly great. It portrayed a sweet conversation between two friends about her life with two dads. I love that there were no cliches in it, no preconceived notions about gay dads. It was just an amazing description of family and I absolutely loved it.
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I was really looking for a quick read so I decided to see what Netgally had available. Childrens literature is NOT my usual “go to”, but I wanted to see what type of books they were making for kids these days. I was looking for something fresh (not anything like Caillou).

I wanted something about STEM, or non traditional families. That’s when I came across ” A tale of two Daddies” by Vanita Oelschlager.

The book is a conversation between two kids, a boy and a girl. The girl has two daddies. The boy (like any other child) is just asking her random questions about which daddies she goes to for which scenario.

When the book started I thought it was going to be one of those typical “this dad is the mom” sort of thing but I was wrong. Each scenario is fit with a Dad, and some scenarios don’t have a Dad answer, for some it’s both.

I thought it was a great non judgmental way for kids to talk about same sex couples. The female main character never got offended and just answered his questions.

It was a nice change of pace (this book came out in 2010). The illustrations were fantastic! Simple yet beautiful.

Who is this book great for?
I believe this book would be great for childcare centers or at home if you have little ones around. Or maybe you’re like me and just want a quick, breath of fresh air read.

My rating for this book is 4.5 stars
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My friend, Jennifer, has this amazing book review site called Raise Them Righteous, and I have to honor of being a guest reviewer for her. Her site focuses on LGBTQ literature, but “beyond LGBTQ kid lit, I review socially relevant children’s, middle-grade, and young adult literature that deals with race, class, gender, sexuality, immigration, and a variety of other issues that children need tools to think and talk about critically.” Please take a look at her site and follow for information about some amazing books.

A Tale of Two Daddies, written by Vanita Oelschlager and illustrated by Kristin Blackwood and Mike Blanc, tells the story of a young girl and what life is like with her Daddy and Poppa. A friend asks her a set of questions about which dad has which role in her life, ie which makes breakfast, which coaches soccer, etc. She answers with either Daddy, Poppa, both, or neither. The questions and following answers are all told in rhyme, which is catchy for kids.

I have two boys and a husband, and it’s certainly true that we each have our “roles” in our children’s lives. There is no such thing as a typical family, but in any family, things have to get done. Laundry, shopping, chores, as well as taking care of illnesses, baths, and giving snuggles. This book clearly illustrates that it really doesn’t matter that she has two dads because she is clearly loved and taken care of in every way.

The only disappointing thing about this book was that you never really get to see her interacting with her dads in the pictures. You can see their legs or maybe an arm in a few of the illustrations, but most of them are of the girl and her friend or simple images like of a sun and a moon. I would much rather have readers see the two loving dads tending to their daughter’s needs, especially since this is a book aimed at younger readers, and pictures are a huge focus for them. Overall, a quick, easy book, but the impact is meaningful.
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I loved this book! The art is adorable, and the message that all kinds of families love the same, is so important. I love that this book is told by a child, and that other kids' curiosity is pure and without prejudice. I think that we need many more books for kids like this in the market, especially now. I would recommend this for everyone.
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Does a great job of normalizing same gender parents without relegating a "mom role" and "dad role." However, it was kind of boring and repetitive, and the "clip art"-style illustrations weren't my cup of tea.
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