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A Tale of Two Daddies

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I love that these books (A Tale of Two Daddies and A Tale of Two Mommies) are helping parents explain to their children that it as normal for children to have two parents of the same gender as it is for them to have parents of different genders.  I love that this book is just two kids asking their friend questions about which daddy helps with which task.
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awwww just how freakin adroable was that. The vivid illustrations and rhymes made me smile and laugh.I really wish more kids would read this. Just a happy read about a happy little girl and her family.
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I adored this book💖💖😍
It was heart warming and sweet
The story is very simple yet touching
This story follows a girl who is playing on the playground with her friend...
The said friend asks her whether she has two which she replies :YES
And then he proceeds to ask her a bunch of innocent questions..

This was such a feel good Children's book❤❤😍
Loved the innocence of these kids
I read it to my niece during our face time....and she loved it
She loved it so much that she called my other niece and nephews and told them about this book😅
SOOO I had to read it to them too🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
But hey if even the kids loved it...then you know how awesome it was🙈

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This might the first childrens book I've read since I was actually a child. And I can't believe I ever stopped reading them. This book is everything that the genre needs regardless of whether they come from heteronormative households or not.
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The book is a wholesome tale of a girl who has 2 dads and a boy asking her which of these two take care of her.
It is an amazing way to teach children about non-heterosexual couples and normalize them. 
Its a fun read and i loved it!
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This book doesn't translate to PDF very well which is the format I read it in but it is still very sweet. The artwork is very well done.
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Recently my daughter declared that a kid in her school having two daddies was "weird" and "not normal." I glanced at hubs, and we quickly communicated 2 different things at the same time. My eyes said "oh no! We have failed her!" Hubs was thinking "where did this thought come from?"

My daughter takes after hubs in the way she receives information. You have to throw it all at her, let her walk away to think about it and then she will come back with questions. One way to start that conversation with her is to read a book about it.

In a move I like to chalk up to fate, my daughter's class focused on the meaning of "different" and "same" and they used families to discuss how we all are different, but the same. I happened to find both A Tale of Two Mommies and A Tale of Two Daddies books at the same time, to help drive this point home.

We started with A Tale of Two Mommies, and it was perfect! Told in conversation style between children, a child with a mommy and a daddy is asking who does certain jobs in the house that are traditionally done by the dad. Who pitches the tent when they go camping? Who fixes things around the house? We stress that our kids can do anything they want, regardless of gender stereotyping, and this has been reinforced while watching Daniel Tiger as well. That part of the convo we could leave off the table, and instead focus on the "families are different but THE SAME" message she was hearing from school.

We read the book, and my daughter said she really liked it. I then followed it up quickly with A Tale of Two Daddies, where we see who kisses any boo-boo's, who does the birthday cake baking (that was awkward, because hubs and I don't bake - that's a convo for another day), and who tucks her in at night. Again, families are different, but the same.

I sent her away, and she came back to me a few minutes later with questions, as she tried to puzzle through the information we gave her. We had a great conversation and I think/hope/pray that she walked away understanding that there is nothing weird or strange about having two mommies or daddies. Only time will tell, but at least I know books like these are available to help us navigate new conversations.
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This is very cute! There's not much of a plot here beyond a conversation between the two children, but this would be a fun read for younger kids because of the rhythmic pattern when reading out loud. 

There's no judgement here, just a coversation between two children about the differences between parents and how people can show their love in different and yet heartwarming ways.
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I received an electronic copy from VanitaBooks, LLC through NetGalley.
Told in simple language for young readers. Two friends talk together about her two dads. One friend asks questions kids ask about any parents and she answers which parent would do each thing. Sweet portrayal of this family structure. The illustrations are colorful and show how easily kids talk together.
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I teach children from the age of four to the age of 11. I would definitely use this text in my school to help teach about different families within four community. It will be used more with our younger children as it is really simple for them to understand.
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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for a copy to read and review. 

This is an adorable book that show all the ways in which the parents of a little girl help her. She has two dads and they each have a different care-taking role in her life. It is super cute and I love that it highlights all the normal things families do together.
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Un pequeño cuento ilustrado muy bonito, lo leí con una sonrisa todo el tiempo, toma apenas un par de minutos leerlo, muy enternecedor, muy bonito mensaje.
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This must be the cutest thing I've read in a while. When a little girl's best friend starts asking her about her two dad's, she answers his question by revealing the loving home she's in.
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A cute little book about a child having two daddies. A friend is asking which dad helps you with this or that.  I think it was a good idea to just make a simple cute story to highlight how some families have two daddies. The illustrations were great and it helps bring the story to life. 

Thanks to netgalley, Vanita Oelschlager and Vanitabooks, LLC for an ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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This book will answer questions kids may have about same sex families. As with any family, each parents has their strengths and weaknesses. When it comes down to it, both parents do the love their child, regardless of the gender of the child or the parents.
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Simple and to the point! A little boy is asking a little girl, who has two daddies, who does different things with her, and she answers. Perfect for a child who has two loving fathers. 
And a great part about the book are proceeds go to charitable organizations!
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Two kids are having a conversation about their two dads.  One child is asking the other which dad does what.  The book is filled with the types of questions that kids ask when they see different families.  Everything done is super sweet and perfect to open up the dialogue about what having two dads is like.  This is a much-needed book about families!  There is also a title called A Tale of Two Mommies that is the same format.  I am so excited to see these published.

5 stars.
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We followed the conversation between her children, in which one of them has two parents and then the other asks questions about which one helps her with the most diverse things.
I found it interesting, but I found the questions strange, because it is as if each task was associated with a parent. And even with a father and mother, the division is not the same. A mom can coach a football team and a dad can bake a cake, so I think I find the questions strange.
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Thank you Netgalley for providing with a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.

Really sweet and important too, no matter  if it's dad and mom, dad and dad, mom and mom, mom, dad, grandparents... there are so many different families but they're all the same when it comes to love. Alt er love.
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A Tale of Two Mommies is a cute, quick read for the little ones. It's pulls at the heart strings and made me coo on joy.

This is a book I'd definitely want to own and read to my kids, to normalise a person having two parents of the same gender!
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