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I found the book to be informational concerning the royal family and the hierarchal process, but the rest was rather biased. It seemed very anti-Diana. I know that the book is about Charles, but it would have been more interesting to me if it was less biased. It was harder for me to digest the rest of the information shared knowing that I may not be getting the entire story or it being skewed in some way
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This book is the author’s view of Charles at 70, his charities, his environmental concerns, his love of his family and his country.

He feels very confident that he could take over for his mother, Queen Elizabeth, and has been assuming more and more of her duties over recent years.

There are detailed instructions on what will happen if, and when, the Queen passes away.  It also discusses the possibility of her retiring and passing the monarchy on to Charles.

Charles shows himself as well-read and self-educated.  He has studied all religions and enjoys discussing them.  He supports the UK’s open door policy to have a diverse population.  He is a supporter of climate change and organic gardening.  

Charles’s open arrogance and disdain shown to U.S. politicians is sad and something he needs to rein in.  The UK enjoys huge amounts of money from tourists and many of them are from the US.  Here is where he needs to take a leaf from his mother’s book and keep his political opinions to himself.

My take on Charles is as it has always been.  I feel sorry for him for the cold way in which he was brought up and admire his ability to show an interest in many things.  However, I cannot help but feel that having his fingers in too many pies could spell disaster too.  He needs to concentrate on keeping things on an even keel.

There are many comments made by the author that are definitely anti-Diana and pro-Charles.  It’s always amusing to me to read a royal family’s biographer bias for either Charles or Diana.  It would be so refreshing for an author to simply state the facts and let the reader decide how they feel about someone.  Tut-Tut!

The author obviously researched the information he put in this book, even though much of it is well-filtered to put Charles in as a good light a possible.  For that reason, I am giving the book 4 stars instead of 3.

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An interesting biography of Prince Charles and what it'll be like when he's king. 

Many thanks to NetGalley, the publisher, and the author for my ARC. All opinions are my own.
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This is a author who knows his subject and the history within. I found this quite comprehensive and meticulous in it's scope. I enjoyed learning about the intricate balance of the division of power as Charles quietly takes on more duties before the Queen passes away. The history of  the man and his values, beliefs and political aspirations are well researched. All in All I highly recommend this book for all who are interested in the man who will be King of one of the most respected political families in the history. It is more apparent after reading this book that Charles has long been prepared for this crucial role as King. I enjoyed the scope of this book in all aspects of Charles life. Very well done. 
Thank you for the ARC . My opinion is my own.
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If you are a royal fanatic, King Charles by Robert Jobson is a must read.  The book contains new information and never before seen interviews with those close to Prince Charles.  There is current information on Charles’s political beliefs as well as personal information which shows him as the delightful human he is,  Hail to the next King!
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A well written and researched book about Charles the Prince of Wales one of the oldest in history and his life as he gets closer to the throne. I recommend for any English history lover
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Robert Jobson has a long history as a royal journalist, and that legacy both helps and hurts him in this new book. His remarkable access to Prince Charles offers us some interesting exclusive insights, but much of the book feels recycled and tired, from the content to the cliched news language used to describe various parts of Charles's past. The organization of the book also could have used some work, as Jobson jumped frequently from era to era without a clear trajectory from past to future.
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I wanted to like this book, but I'm afraid it put me to sleep. The author is an unabashed fan of Charles, and the book comes across as something that might have been put out by a public relations department. The main problem with the book was that it just didn't hold my interest. I've read a number of books about the Royals which I enjoyed and found fascinating. This wasn't one of them. Not a bad book, but I expected better.
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