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Marmel, Santa's Head Labeling Elf, has determined that the Krumwerth family has found their way onto the naughty list yet again. The Krumwerth has one more chance to get off the naughty list. If they fail, the family will never experience Christmas spirit again. In order to get off the naughty list, the family has a few tasks to get through, with the help of Marmel. Marmel has observed the family and thinks they deserve to be on the naughty list. All the family does is fight and only pay attention to the electronics in front of them. They will have to come together to get through these tasks and get into the Christmas spirit as a family.

In the end the story had a wonderful message for the holiday season. Nowadays with technology, every one has their heads down on their phone and no longer communicate or enjoy each other's company. Some people just want to "get through" the holidays and forget what Christmas is really about. Marmel was a little too cranky for my liking and felt that as an important part on Santa's team, he had become to jaded. Overall it was a cute holiday story and also made me terrified to be on the naughty list!
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I received this book from NetGalley and Well-Spoken Books in exchange as an honest review. 

A sweet story of Christmas, I enjoyed this book and I even asked my 4th grade son to read it and asked his opinion about this book. What did he learned and take notes for it is almost the same like me. 
- Do nice things, - Do nice things together, - Do nice things to someone else.

So not just human who lost their Christmas spirit but also the elfes, and how they want to regained it is take a look back at the picture “what is Christmas meaning to all of us”. Everybody needs this feelings again, specially during Christmas or other holiday occassion.

All children needs this kind of reading, it is important to touch their heart since early age about “doing nice things” to everyone.

Thank you for the wonderful story about Christmas
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A heartwarming middle grade Christmas book reminding readers of the importance of family and finding ways to have fun together and enjoy each other. As a bonus readers get to meet Santa's brother who lives at the South Pole which for me added an unexpected and very enjoyable twist to the usual Santa-and-his-elves-in-the-workshop-plus-trying-to-save-Christmas scenario.
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This is a fun Christmas story! A little girl meets Santa's head Labeling Elf. Can she get her family off the naughty list before its too late? An excellent story that I plan to read every Christmas.
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Back to Christmas is a fast and fun Christmas read! It shows the importance of spending time with your family at christmas, putting away technology for a bit and just having fun with your family and spreading Christmas cheer! 
This was a lovely quick read, I perhaps would have liked a bit more depth to the characters and story but overall this was a very read! 
[I received a copy on NetGalley for an honest review]
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It is a short read, and by that I mean don't expect depth of character for anyone in the story. It would be best read as a family outloud book around Christmastime. It's cute and nice, but simplistic, almost cliche: a happy end that finds little to no resistance to happen. If it had been a longer novel, I would have enjoyed more depth, more exploration of the going-ons at the North Pole and South Pole (RC is more interesting than Santa, if you ask me). RC as well as the atypical elf who is in danger of losing his Christmas spirit adds diversity to the all to familiar world of Santa Claus. However, everything is very predictable, but for a quick middle grade read it could pass. The book could also be a starting point for deeper conversations. I wish there was more to this, to be honest.

It was my first Christmas book of the season, and I am glad I started with this one since it eased my transition into the season.
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Got this for my daughter to read for the Christmas spirit and she thought it was so funny and enjoyed reading it. Was a fun Christmas read for her.
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The Krumwerth family is in deep trouble but they don’t even know it. Why you ask? Because they are on Santa’s naughty list for what will be the third year in a row. And everyone knows that that means they got on each other’s last nerve with bad behavior for the last time. After three years on the naughty list in a row, you are destined to be on it for all eternity. No more Christmas spirit and no way to get back on the nice list.

The head sorting elf, Marmel, gives Santa the bad news. But Santa is a compassionate man, he wants Marmel to give the Krumwerth’s one last chance for redemption, even though Marmel thinks it is futile.

The family is comprised of twelve-year-old Amanda, her younger brother Patrick and her always busy parents. All four of them are plugged in to electronics and tuned out of each other’s lives. Marmel appears to Amanda foretelling their future of hating Christmas due to landing on the forever naughty list. She is afraid, but what can a kid do to save Christmas? With the help of Santa’s younger brother RC, Marmel just might be able to help the Krumwerth Family and save himself while doing so.

Written as a children’s book, Back to Christmas brings the spirit of Christmas to all ages. Canfield reminds readers that the true gift of Christmas is the love, hope and charity surrounding the season, not the newest electronics or gift cards from the mall.

The characters are true to life and fun. Especially the elves and Santa’s younger brother. I would love to have some of his magic green cinnamon to help me wrangle penguins and get where I am going faster.

This adorable Christmas tale should be on everyone’s bookshelf or wish list. It will undoubtedly become a Christmas classic. Be sure to read the book before the movie (which will be fabulous) is optioned for the big screen.

DISCLOSURE OF MATERIAL CONNECTION: I have a material connection because I received a review copy for free from Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review. Copyright © 2019 Laura Hartman
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Fast-paced and unputdownable, I finished it in one sitting. I was thinking of reading a few chapters before cooking dinner, but then I got hooked. It’s just unputdownable. 

I love the writing style and I love the chapter titles. 

“Back to Christmas” stresses the importance of spending quality time with family and how technology, despite its convenience, distracts us from forming meaningful connections with the people around us which I think is a pretty big issue that almost everyone can relate to. 

Can’t stop myself from laughing at this: “Amanda, do you remember when we made this one? You were four years old. You thought the glitter was so pretty you dumped the whole jar in your hair.”

I like this line from the book: 
“Sometimes, crazy is exactly what we need.” -Santa
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Loved this book! It was well written, of course--who would have expected anything less from Dennis Canfield? The story was entertaining and fun, and had a positive lesson layered in with subtlety and precision.
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I received a free copy of this book via Netgalley on exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own. 

Back To Christmas is the story of an Elf named Marmel and the Krumwerth family. When our story begins, they have all lost their Christmas spirit. Marmel is now in danger of having to live among the humans and the Krumwerth family is in danger of being placed on the Permanent Naughty List. Together they discover it may not be too late to change their fate if they work together and remember what Christmas is really all about. 

This was just an okay read for me. The message was great. Remember what Christmas is about, happiness doesn't come from electronics but from family and good will and other such sweet sentiments. The characters were just okay, the actual story was just okay. There wasn't really anything that stood out to me. 

This book would probably be better suited for someone who enjoys middle grade Christmas stories.
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This is a story about a horrible family who is going to be put on Santa's permanent naughty list by an elf who is running out of his christmas spirit. There are a few parts in the story that didn't flow well but the story itself is very enjoyable.
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I enjoyed this book with my grandson and it was such a fun read. It helped get us in the holiday spirit and to remember to slow down and enjoy the season.  
Many thanks to Well-Spoken Books and to NetGalley for providing me with a galley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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I enjoyed this book. It shows how easy it is to get so caught up in what you are doing and forget to think about what is really important to you. How we can all fall into the trap of being distracted by social media, the internet and the very electronic lifestyles most of us lead and not appreciate the small things. .. A fun book with a new twist on Christmas and the Naughty list.
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Back To Christmas is a fun story about an elf who loses his Christmas spirit.   This is a delightful story that will fill your soul with Christmas spirit.
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Such an interesting plot . This book made me get into the Christmas spirit. The characters were fun and very likeable.
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A very forgiving Santa has shaken things up at the North Pole, virtually eradicating his "Naughty" list by believing that - regardless of their mistakes and weaknesses - people are generally good at heart. This couldn't be worse news for Marmel, Santa's Head Labeling Elf, who doesn't want to lose his job - so is overjoyed when he discovers the Krumwerth family. The Krumwerths, who used to be very loving and do things together as a family unit, have since somehow lost their way, and now rarely communicate with each other, choosing to spend their time glued to phone or game or television screens. Only problem: this will be the Krumwerths third year in a row on the Naughty list - and once you've hit that third time, you're Naughty for good and lose a lot more than presents. It's Marmel's job to warn the family that they have very little time to perform the tasks to get them off the list before sundown on Christmas Day, and he chooses to share this info with 12-year-old Amanda Krumwerth, who - even once she believes him - has no idea how to get her family back. Worse, when Marmel learns his own fate might be tied in with the Krumwerths' dire straits, he has no choice but to try and help correct his own huge mistake ... but can he, even with the help of Santa's younger brother, Reverse Claus, and a group of disheveled flying penguins, find the spirit of Christmas either in himself or a jaded, technology-addicted family? This book is fantastic; lively and funny and with enough heart to induce a tear or two in the end. Sentimental but not sticky, easily enjoyable by kids from eight to eighty-eight, and deserving of its own place alongside your favorite Christmas stories on the bookshelf.  5/5 stars

NOTE: I received a free ARC of this title via NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
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I thought that this was a really cute story. Because it is such a short story, I can't really talk about anything more than what's in the summary without giving more away. It was a quick read, and it is something that I will enjoy reading to my kids. I will definitely be adding it to our collection. I do think it was pretty obvious what Marmel's problem was, and the ending was as expected, but it was still a cute story.
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Marmal the elf runs the labeling department for Santa and is also responsible for deciding who goes on the Naughty List and the Nice List. Right now, there are no names on the Naughty List, so Marmal worries about his job and that his department has not been working as hard as they should have on the lists. However, there are reasons the Naughty list is empty. Santa has decided that anyone who has at least one thing nice about them will be on the Nice List. To fix the problem, Marmal moves the Krumwerth family to the Naughty List, although this puts them at risk for ending up on the Permanent Naughty List, where they will remain forever. When asked about this move by Santa, Marmal claims the family shows no Christmas Spirit and, furthermore, do not deserve any further opportunities to change this. However, Santa disagrees, and dispatches Marmal to change things. Thus begins the story of the Krumwerth family and Marmal and the two lists. Can this elf get the family to shape up so they will stay on the Nice List or will they move to the Naughty List? This is a fantastic story about Christmas Spirit and giving everyone a chance in life, regardless of who they are or where they have been. In the process of helping the family, Marmal learns a few things about himself and his own Christmas Spirit, and gives us a better understanding of how things really work for Santa and his elves in this respect. This is a story families can read together, one that will be thoroughly enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age. I loved the way the author brought out the fact that we all need some encouragement and help, even the elf Marmal. One item of interest in the story that I found interesting is the author’s introduction of an “RS”, Reverse Santa concept and persona, who, with his sleigh pulled by penguins (no reindeer here!), helps Marmal get to the family to try to persuade them to change their ways so they can move to the Nice List—rather than end up on the Permanent Naughty List. The penguins pulling the sled as well as “RS” managing them were interesting and provided a lot of comical relief.

I liked this story because it touched on an aspect of Christmas that has not been as developed or written about as other aspects, but which is equally important, Christmas Spirit. I hope it can become a part of our larger Christmas lore. The story is easy to follow and understand and would take a few days or nights to finish if reading it out loud, but well worth the effort, because it teaches all of us the true meaning of the season and demonstrates what Christmas Spirit is all about.

I received this from NetGalley to read and review.
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This is a wonderful Christmas story for middle grades (and older). It’s about losing and finding your Christmas spirit. I highly recommend this book.
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