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The book itself had Great artwork, a often used, yet still interesting storyline, but it's just in the middle of the road for me in terms of content. It doesn't really "WoW" me in terms of content. That and unfortunately, with Elma being Naked partially or otherwise, that'd be a hard sell to Librarians who work in systems that tend to frown upon that. I can recommend it to others, but just not the Library system.
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Despite it being unwise to judge a book by it’s cover, I have to admit that I absolutely requested Elma: A Bear’s Life  based on it’s cover – which is so beautifully illustrated I just couldn’t help myself. I didn’t even realise it was a graphic novel-style book until I started reading it (and that just made it all the better).

Elma: A Bear’s Life, Volume 1, is the story of a vivacious young girl called Elma, who’s been raised by a bear she calls Papa Bear. Straight away, the story gave my Goldilocks and The Jungle Book feelings, but it is its’ own story, too. Elma and Papa Bear have been living together her whole life until Papa Bear breaks the news to her that they must travel a long way from their home in the forest. Elma doesn’t understand why and Papa Bear doesn’t elaborate and the begin their journey, facing dangers and testing their relationship.

This first volume is not overly complex, and rather than focusing on a significant story reveal to propel the story forward, we spend a lot of time understanding the deeply loving relationship these two characters have for one another. Papa Bear cares deeply for this human child who considers herself half-bear. Elma is a wild little thing (and spends the entire book naked or half-naked while running around the forest playing games and getting into mischief).

As a reader, we understand that Papa Bear is taking Elma somewhere for some purpose, but it’s not made quite clear what that is – did he make a deal with someone to raise her? Is he returning her to humans? It’s hard to say at this point.

The artwork is absolutely stunning, with a strong orange/blue colour palette. There ‘s a lovely whimsical nature to them. I love the cover artwork so much I’d frame it and put it on my wall, so you know I had a great time just exploring the visual elements to this story while reading.

The book does leave off on a cliff-hanger, so if those are not your ideal story endings, keep that in mind. Otherwise, this was a delightfully charming read and I’ll be keeping an eye out for Volume 2.
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Thanks NetGalley for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.  I enjoyed this one, very short and sweet, not one I would purchase immediately or even as a separate issue.  I would consider adding it to our collection once it's complete.  I'm just not sure it's enough to engage the younger patrons and keep them on the hook until the next book.  I do look forward to the completed series and grabbing that for our collection
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The art in this comic book is outstanding and even though this first issue does not explain much and leaves you in such a cliffhanger I can tell this is going to be a nice story. It has mystery, cuteness and great characters I can wait to read the next issues.
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I usually look out for Europe Comics because they are really a treat. This little comic was not an exception.

Elma is a happy and joyful, little girl that is being raised by a bear. The forest play is a constant, but a secret seems to await the next issue. 

The art is amazing and magical and I can really saw a young child or teen fall in love with it.  

Real treat.

#ElmaABearsLife #NetGalley
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The beautiful and special cover, with these colors, was the first thing that attracted my attention. Then the story wins me over and even managed to thrill me, despite being a first part that gives us just a few strokes of what happens with Elma and her father bear.
It’s been seven years since Elma was found by a bear being a baby. And now, they have to take a trip to a place that’s a long way away and Elma knows nothing about and Papa Bear can’t tell her anything at the moment.
And so they embark on a path full of obstacles from the beginning of their adventure. As if all the elements of the forest had turned against them. Elma and her father bear always together and supporting each other, give us some very beautiful moments, full of love and trust.
With a short text and very artistic and beautiful illustrations, with warm colors, which express themselves without the need for text. It is a reading that is much enjoyed, with fun moments and other sad ones. 
However, I did not like the story to end so suddenly without anything else happening, that it is necessary to continue reading the second part to know what will happen to Elma and her father, where they go or what adventures await them. This has shocked me a lot and I wasn’t expecting it in a children’s book. 
We’ll have to keep reading to find out what’s going on.

La portada tan bonita y especial, con estos colores, fue lo primero que atrajo mi atención. Luego la historia terminó de conquistarme y hasta consiguió emocionarme, a pesar de ser una primera parte que nos da apenas unas pinceladas de lo que ocurre con Elma y su padre oso.
Han pasado siete años desde que Elma fue encontrada por un oso siendo esta un bebé. Y ahora, deben emprender viaje a un sitio que está muy lejos y del que Elma nada conoce y papá oso apenas quiere o no puede contarle nada de momento.
Y así, emprenden un camino lleno de obstáculos desde que comienzan su aventura. Como si todos los elementos del bosque se hubiesen puesto en su contra. Elma y su padre oso siempre juntos y apoyándose mutuamente, nos regalan unos momentos muy bonitos, llenos de amor y confianza.
Con un texto breve y unas ilustraciones muy artísticas y bonitas, con colores cálidos, que se expresan por si solas sin necesidad de texto. Es una lectura que se disfruta mucho, con momentos divertidos y otros tristes. 
Sin embargo, no me ha gustado que la historia se acabe así de repente sin que suceda nada más, que sea necesario continuar leyendo la segunda parte para saber qué pasará con Elma y su padre, a donde van o qué aventuras les espera. Esto me ha chocado mucho y no me lo esperaba en un libro infantil. 
Habrá que continuar leyendo para saber qué pasa.
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Thank you, NetGalley and the publisher for the chance to read this comic!

Rating: 3 stars

I have been wanting to read some Ingrid Chabbert for a while now after I added "Waves" to my TBR. When I saw "Elma" on NetGalley I thought it was the perfect opportunity!

The artwork was so stunning and the colour scheme beautiful. The little details, like Elma and bear having the same colour hair, I thought was a lovely touch. The relationship between bear and Elma was very sweet and Jungle Book esque. 

However, this was, essentially, way too short. As soon as my interested piqued it was over. It ends on a cliffhanger, so the story isn't complete. Cliff-hangers don't tend to bother me, but seeing as this is aimed at children, it could've easily been made into a full-length graphic novel. 

I had a few other minor problems with this one and I'm not sure whether I will continue onto the next volume, but I would still recommend giving this a go if it sounds like something you would enjoy!
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This book was beyond adorable. I really loved the drawing and storyline. Papa Bear and Elma made my heart swell, they're so cute!
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This graphic novel was amazing. I can't wait until the next one comes out! It leaves you hanging at a good spot to make you want more. I love the story so far, it had me clinging to the edge of my seat wondering if it would end happy or sad. I believe the illustrations are beautiful.
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This book had adventure and characters with such care for each other that you will be rooting for them from the beginning.
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Beautiful artwork and strong storytelling. Felt drawn into the world of these characters right away and remained so.
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Thanks to NetGalley for providing me with a free copy of Elma: A Bear’s Life by Ingrid Chabbert and Léa Mazé for an honest review. 

I was not expecting Elma: A Bear’s Life to make me cry. This short graphic novel is beautifully scripted and drawn. The chosen pallet colors for the book makes you feel safe and almost nostalgic about something. The art is truthfully my favorite; it's what made me want to request the book. I want to keep looking at the book and enjoy it once more. 

The books talk about Elma, a girl who has been taken care of by Papa Bear since she was a baby. The story starts one beautiful afternoon as Papa Bear teaches Elma how to climb trees. As the day goes, Papa Bear talks with Elma about how they need to embark a journey somewhere away from home. Elma doesn't understand why or where they are going, but she follows along her Papa Bear, who she loves dearly. 

As the journey starts, we see them go through obstacles with dangerous circumstances. Papa Bear along the way, teaches Elma not to fear what's to come and supports her through it all. 

We never get to know what happens or where they are going. It ends abruptly; I would say it could be disturbing for children not to have VOL 2 if there’s going to be any. 

This story is about unconditional love and trust.
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Elma: A Bear's Life is a beautiful children's comic, and it is the first part of a series. I can't wait to find out what happens next. :) The graphics were amazing, loved every part of it. I would recommend that to everyone interested.
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This is cute little book. It shows how love traverses all boundaries and how even most savage beasts can have deep longing to love and protect.
Elma and his great bear papa face the ultimate reality that they have to part finally after all these years of togetherness. 
They set upon a long arduous journey to reach place where Elma will finally have to submerge into civilization.
Artwork is great and innovative.
Story is heart touching and it is going to be completed in next volumes. 
Very good comic for cozy, entertaining reading to kids and adults equally.
Thanks #netgalley and publisher for review copy.
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The artistry is beautiful in this short graphic novel. My only complaint is that I wish it were longer.
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This. Was. Amazing. 

This short graphic novel made me feel things and I was not prepared for that. The illustrations are GORGEOUS! The story was compelling  and has left me wanting so much more of this. 

My only issue with this is that it ends on a massive cliffhanger and I want to consume as much of this as I possibly can. 

Would read again, will recommend to everyone I know, will buy for all of my friends. 

I love this!
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Loved this book so much! The artwork was fantastic and beautiful, and the story kept me so engaged I straight away preordered the second volume. Some parts made me smile and reminded me a lot of the Disney version of the mowgli tale. I also enjoyed the more serious aspects of the story and tensed moments which increased the intrigue of the captivating tale.
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WOW! This was a visually beautiful story! I wish it was a full length - I am completely intrigued as to where they are going and why! There are so many questions.
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4.45 stars ⭐
This was so cute! I loved seeing the relationship between Papa Bear and Elma, you can feel the love that they feel for each other.
I was a little anxious while reading this though, I felt like something was going to happen(something bad), and it very likely will in the next volume...
PS: there was something that I wasn't expecting which was Elma naked, but honestly it felt so natural that it really didn't bother me and given the fact that this is a European Comic, they are really more okay with this types of things than the rest of us so I respect that.
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'Elma, a bear's life Vol 1: The Great Journey' by Ingrid Chabbert with art by Maze Lea is a story about a young child being raised by a bear.  It has a resemblance to another familiar story.

Elma is a sort of wild child being raised by a giant blue bear.  One day fox comes to bear and says that it is time.  Papa Bear and Elma begin a long journey, but Elma doesn't know where they are going.  Elma thinks it is all great fun, but Papa Bear is somber.  We don't discover where they are heading.  That is for a later volume.

Elma and Mowgli seem to have some similarities.  I could be wrong about where Elma is going, and I'm curious to know if I am.  The story is sweet and bittersweet, but the real reason to pick this up and read it is for the absolutely breathtaking art by Maze Lea.  There are gorgeous drawings to behold here.

I received a review copy of this graphic novel from Europe Comics and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you for allowing me to review this graphic novel.
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