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The Global PR Revolution

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An interesting overview of what does it mean PR nowadays in the digital era. The author has the advantage of not only being familiar with the current challenges of the profession, but has extensively worked in the media as well as in the pre-2.0 environment. It is a book useful not only for the PR professionals, but also for companies and journalists, as it reveals the complexity of the content-providing landscape, including from the specific points of view, such as the video/visual information which plays an important part in any kind of PR information nowadays. Informative, with many examples from the industry and quotes from professionals.
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5 stars.

I’m a PR grad myself and was not disappointed by this book, I think even those who aren’t from the field will be able to enjoy.
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You can follow the history of PR alongside with the author's personal journey in the world of PR. The world has definitely changed and technology has influenced many industries. PR is one of them. I found the book nice to get an insight if what worked before and doesn't work anymore.
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