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Horus is a fantastic mystery and a must read. I must go back and read the other books. Well written and the characters are well developed.
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Thank you Netgalley and Publishers for granting me early access to "Horus".

I'm currently in the middle of a major move, and will definitely come back at a later time and write out a full review and rating. 

Thank you so much!
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HORUS:  Anderson’s Finalé

Horus remains true to form and style of the late Eric C. Anderson who on October 5, 2018, passed from his dramatic world of intrigue and conflict masterly written from his expertise as a US Air Force lieutenant colonel, a member of the US intelligence community focused on Northeast Asia, and writing articles for the President’s Daily Brief. His knowledge as an assistant professor of political science at the USAF Academy and guest speaker at Harvard. It is this impressive background that gives Anderson’s New Caliphate Trilogy its environment of truth. The reader is never certain if she is reading fact in fiction or the imaginings of a creative mind. This is the skill of Anderson who mixes and matches his sentences often with an incomplete sentence smuggled in the middle, but when read with the page turning rapidity his story takes, it makes a complete thought. Unlike other authors, he gets away with it, and developed his voice in the art of writing. 

	Another art style, Anderson doesn’t mince words. Every word he choses has a defined purpose. His editing is immaculate. A style taught nowadays in most writing schools, but few conquer the technique. Less is best. Anderson honed his skill writing articles for the daily presidential briefs…for a man with little time for extraneous words. 

	Horus is not to be read independently, but sequentially in the series for backstory. Otherwise, the depth of his characters and their relationship, and the setting of his story will leave the reader flummoxed. But read in order, Anderson has painted a picture of the Middle Eastern culture—at the least causing any reader to pause and ponder “what if’s” of the story line. And in the process educates on the culture in a way that captivates the readers interest. 

	In Horus, familiar characters reappear in the New Caliphate: More and ODIN, Faheem, Caliph Ibrahim, Erdogan. But Horus takes the story a turn into the terror of nuclear possibility. Its plot is indelible. Its possibility…probable. Set in 2024 (a mere five years from date), one prays Anderson’s imagination doesn’t mature into prophesy. 

	There is More’s class of “girls”—which are NEVER allowed—rather trapped colonel-types ‘mental masturbating’ Faheem’s Twelver idea, “counter al-Baghadadi’s propaganda with their own fake news” (thank you President Trump). And then the news flash bringing supposition into reality, one even the colonel-types have difficulty digesting. And what role will the young iman play as the “perfect Muhammad al-Mahdi?” 

	As the child of a USAF lieutenant colonel, I recognize Anderson’s military background plots an impeccable campaign as Erdogan fights his way across the Middle East and Europe to re-establish the Ottoman Empire and taking reign as the new caliph. Even to President Schumer’s plan for eventual revenge. It is brilliant. And the social media ploy…well, get a grip. Valid insight into the reality of “fake news” at its best run through Facebook, Twitter and the keystroked myth picked up by major media outlets. 

	Anderson provides an extensive Glossary, well defined for non-military readers of the New Caliphate trilogy. He also provides a Note to explain the title, HORUS. I’ll not spoil that tidbit of information. Best I can do is HIGHLY RECOMMEND Horus and the New Caliphate Trilogy written by an accomplished author. Will miss his intrigue and genius mind. RIP.
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Brilliant, I loved it. This is such a clever and interesting story. I really enjoyed the build-up and the diverse range characters involved in the plot. At one point in the story I thought “Wow!! I wasn’t expecting that” Eric C. Anderson has done a fabulous job, and you can see he has the background in the intelligence community with the detail he has put into this book. 
Al-Baghdadi and al-Najdi were keen to expand their territory and they weren’t against using violence to achieve this. However, Najdi didn’t care about any consequences when it came to taking on the free world and the retribution from the likes of America and its allies. Whereas Al-Baghdadi was very aware of the military power these countries could inflict on him and his fellow Muslims. Meanwhile Erdogan was keen for Turkey to expand into his new Ottoman Empire, and to do this he would need to run straight over the Kurds and anyone else that was in his way.  France was certainly nervous with reports that Al-Baghdadi was on the move and planning something to disrupt the region, however not even the USA knew exactly what was being planned. All the world could do was sit and wait and see what evil the Caliph had in store for them. If you enjoy Action Thrillers, then you will love this book. Easily worth the 5/5 Star Rating.
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The author of Horus, the third book in the New Caliphate Trilogy, was a former intelligence officer. Eric C. Anderson has hit the mark with this intense international military thriller novel. From Washington to the Middle East and France, Horus will strike fear in the hearts of everyone who reads it!

The characters seem so real, you can't keep from wondering how much of this is an accurate depiction of what is happening in real life. The terrifying schemes and happenings in Horus, kept me on the edge and flipping the pages as fast as I could. 

The characters in Horus are strikingly authentic. This story seemed only all too real. Horus had me terrified and believing it to be alarmingly prophetic. Do you enjoy a true-to-life, military operations novel with a realistic storyline that could end up in nuclear destruction? If you answered, yes … this is your book! And if you want the entire story, you can read the first two books of this trilogy, Osiris and Anubis.
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I had a really good time reading this one, it was a good mystery with great characters. Now I hadn't read the previous two books but I still enjoyed reading this one.
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