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A stylish flat, all the handbags and shoes she could ever want, a flash car – and with the promotion she’s worked so hard for within touching distance, Maddy’s life is pretty near all she’s ever wanted. But when her life unexpectedly falls apart, she realises what might just be missing – as well as having broken up with her partner, she’s pushed away her family and friends and her apparently perfect life is rather lonely and empty. With the encouragement of friend Beth, she begins to discover what might make her happy – a closer relationship with her mother, letting in other people and making their lives a little richer, and finding herself again. There are lots of slips along the way – uncomfortable moments to live through, times when she has her doubts that this new life is really for her – and I thoroughly enjoyed following her on her difficult journey.

Maddy is an engaging and relatable heroine, perhaps less likeable at the start because she’s rather lost her way – but I grew to love her, and particularly enjoyed her clear voice, her awkwardness in embracing the new direction her life takes, and the gentle humour that runs through the whole book. But every character is beautifully drawn – I particularly liked her relationship with her mother (the author has a particularly perfect touch with mothers…) and the surprises along the way, her recovered friendship with Beth, and all the other contacts she makes through her involvement with Growlers and her work with the library. And yes, even the dogs have well-drawn characters – I loved Baxter (and his owner when she first meets him), and so will everyone else. There’s a gentle simmering romance too – not totally central to the story, and in danger of being derailed when the past rears its head, but I really liked the way it was handled.

The whole book is gentle and filled with exceptional warmth and the loveliest fuzzy moments, and the author’s touch with the more difficult emotional content is absolutely assured too. The writing has an effortlessness about it, easy and comfortable to read, keeping you turning the pages: and the story is immensely engaging as Maddy slowly realises what’s really important – the memories you make and the people you meet – with friendship, support and self-love coming into clear focus. This really was a thoroughly lovely read – I enjoyed it very much, and recommend it to all.

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🌄 Is Madison's redundancy a bad break or a bonus😕
Escape to Giddywell Grange is upbeat, positive, and inspirational, the kind of feel-good story that makes you step back and think about how you could live your own life better.  As heroine PR whiz Maddy grapples with major changes in her life, starting with the loss of a job she excelled at, she re-discovers the joys of true friendship, the family she has taken for granted, the simpler things in life, the delights of canine companionship and the satisfaction of serving others.  What a great message about what really makes a life worth living.😊

I did have a few issues with Maddy's story.  It got a bit repetitive in describing her transformed mindset and I felt the trip with her mom could have been described in a page or two;  it did not need a blow by blow account and felt like a deviation away from the main story.  I was also, frankly, confused by Maddy's whiplash reversion to considering life with Jamie after chapters of extolling her new, more meaningful life.  It just seemed out of character at that point.  I also felt that her youthful heartthrob Alex stayed too much on the fringes of the story for too long.  And, while the overall message is fun, heartwarming and uplifting, it got a bit too saccharine sweet at times.  Ouch! 😬

But the general tone of the book and the happy holiday families conclusion, were an enjoyable treat and all worth the read.😊

Thanks to Hera Books and NetGalley for providing an advance copy of the book;  this is my voluntary and honest review.
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An enjoyable read that gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling, ESCAPE TO GIDDYWELL GRANGE by Kim Nash is the perfect read to curl up with on the couch and relax.

Maddy Young dedicated her entire life to her career so when she finds out she is being made redundant instead of getting a promotion, it throws her world upside down. What on earth is she going to do now? And it isn't long before Maddy realises that she has neglected her mother, her childhood home, and her friends as she has built her career, so reconnecting seems to be somewhere to start. As Maddy renews her relationship with her best friend Beth, she begins to see how kind and giving Beth really is as well as hardworking with her own doggy daycare business. Taking a leaf out of Beth's book, Maddy soon finds herself involved in her childhood community of Giddywell Grange and there may even be a whiff of romance in the air too. But when the past comes calling, will Maddy return to the familiar rather than the new life she is only just beginning to carve out for herself? And is it ever possible to move on from the heartache that has gone before?

​An engaging story with some loveable characters (and dogs!), ESCAPE TO GIDDYWELL GRANGE by Kim Nash makes you think about how quickly one's life can change and how we all may cope with the repercussions. Maddy is a little lost and while at times I did want to shake some sense into her, the more I got to know her, the more I wanted to protect her, and hoped that she would take some chances on her future. The setting is beautifully depicted as I now know is a signature style of this talented author, and there is truly never a dull moment in this moving story of fresh starts and new horizons. 

​ESCAPE TO GIDDYWELL GRANGE by Kim Nash is a wonderful read, sure to please fiction fans everywhere, and I look forward to reading more from this author.
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Escape to Giddywell Grange by Kim Nash is the story of Maddy Young, a 37 year old, who just lost her job.  Maddy has been putting her job first for years, so when she is made redundant, and loses her job, she is lost.  Maddy's friend Beth, makes it her mission to show Maddy that there is more to life than work.   I found this book to be very delightful, and I  love Maddy's transformation.  I highly recommend this book for a lighthearted read.  I will be readying more books by this author.  

I reviewed a digital arc provided by NetGalley and the publisher. Thank you.
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This is one of those books you need to read in a comfortable spot. Once you begin you won't be able to put it down. You feel such compassion for every one of the characters and want them to be your best friends.
This is a book about starting over and finding purpose and passion (of various sorts) in your life.
It is a book about forgiveness, for yourself and for others.
Just when Maddy thinks her career is about to take a huge leap forward, when she thinks she may be able to balance her life and add some elements that she has never had time for, she is made redundant, feels unwanted and obsolete, and has no idea of how to move forward. She achieves some of this by looking backwards, and seeking things that comforted her before she became "successful" in her PR career.
Her romantic life takes some unusual twists and turns during the book. When you think she is about to take forgiveness a bit too far... well, I don't want to spoil that for you.
It is a book about discovering how to look at life from a different perspective and enjoying the opportunities in what at first appear to be tragedy.
Get comfortable, because you won't want to leave until the last page is turned.
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What a well written and  interesting tale,, interesting because it is different to the normal romantic novels,. Very easy to get lost in this so you wont want to put it down and it doesn't finish the way you might think it will. I recommend you get hold of this book to read it for yourself. It is the first book written by Kim Marsh that I have read but I will be going out to get her other ones. I am giving this 5 stars.  Enjoy.
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This is my first read of Kim's books and what a wonderful read it was!

I really enjoyed getting to see Maddie go from being made redundant and lost in life, to a woman who reconnected with old friends and family members, loved to help out the locals, and saw the world with a whole new perspective. This is a must read for all women out there trying to figure out their lives, friendships, relationships, etc. as Maddie is an inspiring character. 

There were times where the book became slightly repetitive and I wish we got to see more of Maddie and Alex, as I feel they were very rushed towards the end, however, nevertheless, the story was every type of wonderful and I will definitely be reading Kim's debut book 'Amazing Grace'.
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The story of Maddy, back at Giddywell grange helping out her friend Beth after she is made redundant.

The more time she spends helping Beth, the more she realises she has much more of a life now and is making other new friends too.

What will happen when her ex wants her back?
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When Maddie gets fired from her job, the one she put all her energy into, she is adrift on what to do. Contacting her mom, and her best friend, both of who she had not given much time to in the past, they help her get back on her feet and give her a purpose. I liked the story about her dad she never knew, and the people she helped out with as a volunteer. Would have liked a bit more actually, as it was interesting. Would have liked more with Alex too, the friend's brother she had a crush on forever. Didn't like the idea of going back to the loser who cheater on her, and tried to kick her dog. Really? Didn't see why this was even a possibility, and cost a star in my rating. Other than that though, I liked the story and would recommend if you want a nice feel-good story set in England.
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Well  Kim Nash has  done it again! Another fantastic five star read! I loved it - it was fun, thought provoking and inspirational - just like the author herself! I loved the idea of reinventing yourself, leaving the past behind and never settling for second best. I also had a HUGE grin on my face when I read parts that really hit a chord with me. . Loved it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I’ll update this review and include a link when my blog tour review goes live!
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If you have read the debut by this author you already know that she knows how to caputre an audience with her fluent writing style and her lovely story. If you have not read her first book, shame on you LOL ;)

I really loved 'Amazing Grace' and I adored this one as well. In my opinion you feel how much the author has grown. She writes even better here and she turned this one in to a must read for me as well, by putting a dog on the cover. :)

This book shows that the author is not a one-trick-pony. On the contrary, she came, she took us by storm and she is here to stay for a very long time. 

This story draws our attention to the fact that we often judge or look down on other people's actions or interests. What you do and how you live your life is the only way, right? No way! You can only form a conclusion once you have tried it yourself and you might be in for a big surprise. You might even like that life a lot more than you did your own.

Ok, now it's time to open my bag of stars. How many do you expect after having read this review? 5 do I hear you say? That is indeed the correct answer. :)

Thank you, Kim Nash and Rachel's Random Resources.
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I adored this book! From the first page to the last I was totally transfixed by Madison and her life after she was kicked out of the job she devoted herself to for 12 years, when she was expecting promotion and praise for all the work she'd done! Trust nobody!!

She'd got used to the lifestyle her work afforded her, so to have no job is a big wake up call to her. What's she supposed to do with her life now? She tries to apply for new jobs but they don't live up to her expectations, so when she reconnects with her old friend Beth she finally starts seeing life from a different perspective - Beth is one of life's good guys - always there helping out others, and has recently set up a doggy daycare and boarding business and has never been happier. She may not have the swanky apartment or the money that Madison had but she has job satisfaction, and the more time that Madison spends with her friend, the more she begins to see that there is more to life than the office and money!

This story also shows the true value of right place, right time and that the kindness of strangers can often lead to new discoveries. I really loved how fate plays its' role throughout the story and when Beth has to hand over some of her volunteering exploits to Madison it was so touching to see how simple things brought joy to those people. Brought a tear to my eye as well as to Madison when she realises the impact these little acts of kindness can bring to so many people.

While she's back in Giddywell she also starts spending more time with her mum and that leads to new revelations about her past, and dealing with her ex also plays heavy on her mind too - just when things start to be going somewhere with the lovely Alex too!!

This is a story that really connected with me and it was told with such warmth and humour too! There are emotional aspects that are dealt with sympathetically too and I found it to be a story that had a little bit of everything and I didn't want it to end! I want to live and work in Giddywell! Wonderful!!
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Thank you very much for the chance to read this novel. I enjoyed both the story and the characters presented, it was a light-hearted, feel good, read and one that I would happily recommend to others.
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This is a nice enough read. However it failed to thrill me and I struggled to finish it.  The style of writing jarred a bit with me too, I can’t explain why.

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for giving me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my review.
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This is my first read by Kim and I will be goin back for more! Thoroughly enjoyed this one, makes me believe there is hope for the older lady like myself!! Really well written and loved reading this one. I felt I was there and involved in thebcharacters
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An excellent and engrossing story that made me smile and root for the characters.
I liked the well written cast of characters, the setting and the plot.
I look forward to reading other books by this author.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.
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After reading rather a lot of crime lately, Escape To Giddywell Grange was the perfect book to lift my spirits and provide some lighthearted fun. 

Kim Nash is brilliant at creating characters that her readers can relate to, and no matter what your age or personal circumstances there will be something in Escape To Giddywell Grange that strikes a chord with you. For me, it was Maddy's relationship with her mum. When Maddy was younger, she didn't appreciate everything her mum did for her and the sacrifices she made to ensure that Maddy was well cared for and comfortable. Now she is older, Maddy is able to see more of the fun side of her mum and see her more as a friend. This reflects the relationship I have with my own mum now that I am also in my thirties. I also loved the nod to character's in Kim Nash's previous book, Amazing Grace. 

Although Escape To Giddywell Grange is mostly lighthearted, there are some serious messages within the novel. I loved reading as Maddy learnt more about herself and what she wanted from her life, watching her grow in confidence as the novel progressed. 

The element of romance in Escape To Giddywell Grange was more slow burning for me, but this worked as it meant I was able to learn more about the individual characters. When the romance does gather speed, it is exciting to read. There is even a twist at the end that gave me heart palpitations!

I can't wait to see what this wonderful author does next!
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The writing is effortless and it made me keep wanting more 
This book is both warm and cosy 
This is a heartwarming feel good book that gives you a warm glow
A blend of love, friendships and relationships 
A fabulous book
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I really enjoyed this book and read it in one sitting.  Great characters and a great plot line.  I would highly recommend this book to anyone.
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Before we dive into this review let’s start off with stating that I read this book in a huge reading slump. That is why it took me almost 3 weeks to finish this story. It says nothing about the story. Nothing about how good this book really was. It says something about my mind-set while reading it. If that stupid reading slump wouldn’t have hit me like a hurricane, I probably would have finish this little gem in two days tops.

I was actually drawn to Escape to Giddywell Grange because Holly Martin (aka my all-time favourite feel good author) was raving about it on her Facebook page. And after finishing this story, I can honestly say I understand her enthusiasm. 

We follow Maddy, who is kind of a workaholic and lives for her job in PR. But when she is one day made redundant she loses her way and finds that her life is actually quite empty. When she returns to her hometown Giddywell, she finds that life is more than just work alone. 

Maddy is my kind of female lead. She is a determined, funny, caring person who has lost her way. Throughout the story you really see her grow as a character. I absolutely loved how her best friend Beth pushed her out of her comfort zone to discover herself once again. These unexpected challenges Beth poses to Maddy made me laugh out loud numerous times, but at the same time they were heart-warming.

One little side note about this story the blurbs describe it as a romantic story and I couldn’t disagree more. There is almost no romance in the story. I personally love a good romance and actually missed some romance in the plot. But I think this is the perfect story for people who love the feel good genre, but are not too keen on overly sweet, romantic story’s. Escape to Giddywell Grange is not a romantic story, it is a story about learning to love yourself again. About finding out who you are and who you want to be. About roots, about family, about friendship and about dogs. Romance is one of the less important parts of this story. 

I absolutely loved the story and would highly recommend for people who love a decent feel good story. I can’t wait for another novel by Kim Nash! She is a new force to be reckoned with in this genre!
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