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I liked this book. I was amazed at his testimony as always with most Christian conversions even if they are so similar to mine. It never gets old. I did feel uncomfortable reading about his former life. Although, it wasn’t graphic or anything. I related to how he soaked up godly content and I knew that this is just how the Holy Spirit works; He lives in you and moves you. I don’t entirely agree with his advice to parents on just loving and praying for your gay adolescent. If a gay adult, separating is a key part of rejecting the sin even if it feels harsh. At the same time, I also agree that some ways are to harsh. I wish he knew the answer about being born gay. The answer is no and the Bible tells us that it comes through not believing God by turning to unclean lusts. In fact, there is an unclean spirit. This is how the devil lures or tempts a person into sin and will dwell in them to draw them into deeper captivity. Overall, I’m glad he met Jesus, received the Holy Spirit, and shares his witness. I recommend this book to parents.
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I really loved this book.  I was in awe of his beautiful conversion story and so inspired by Beckett Cook's faith.  I walked away from this book with insight into how better love my homosexual friends and share my faith in love.  I highly recommend this book.
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UPDATE: I have released a podcast episode where I discuss Becket's book with him:

Beckett Cook had fully embraced his homosexuality, including the lifestyle and all its trappings. As a successful set designer and supporting actor, he hung around with the Hollywood elite and lived the high life. Until a chance encounter at a coffee shop with a local pastor ended up with him in church, fully convicted of his sin and swept away by the Holy Spirit. Beckett Cook became a Christian.

This is his story--of his early life and the trauma that influenced his sexual trajectory, his fear of coming out and the eventual embrace of his orientation, and ultimately his total transformation into a counter-cultural, Biblical Christianity. Beckett speaks with experience and compassion about the two worlds he has fully inhabited--progressive gay culture and a theologically conservative Christian faith.

After his conversion, Beckett received formal theological training at Biola University's Talbot School of Theology. He speaks regularly to churches, universities and conferences about the Biblical approach to sexuality and how to engage with friends and family members who struggle with it.

This book is very reflective, tender, pastoral, authentic, and challenging. Beckett Cook clearly loves Jesus and loves the LGBT community. It's a rare skill to do that well and to be able to speak with personal knowledge, compassion and authority rooted in his own experience, his own study of the scriptures, and his compassion for people. Highly recommended.
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I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I really enjoyed this book and reading Becket’s testimony. It reminded me a lot of “Gay Girl, Good God” by Jackie Hill Perry. I love reading how God has changed people’s lives, especially when it makes me reflect on how God has changed mine.
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Becket Cook brings a powerful message in his work ‘A Change of Affection’. Part autobiography and part cultural guide- this book offers an insightful look into the transformation of a man who once identified as LBGTQ. This book answers burning questions that many in the Church need answering. I loved reading about his radical conversion and how the LORD gave him eyes to see his identity in Christ. 

This book was compelling and challenged the Church to live counter-culturally. The book also gave suggestions for how to balance between loving the person but not condoning the activities. Most of all, I loved how well he was able to explain that it is a person not knowing their true identity as someone called and loved by God and instead living with their identity wrapped in sin. This helps shed light on how we can still love on the individuals truly and be the hands and feet of Jesus to a community who often times is ostracized.

The only negative remark I have for this book was that in discussing who he was prior to his redemption he often named dropped. He was working on L.A, and got to work with some big names of Hollywood and got to participate in some glamorous activities. While I understand he was trying to show what he had before and then no longer cared about, it just occasionally felt off and self focused.

Overall, this was an amazing read! I would really recommend it- especially if one enjoyed Jackie Hill Perry’s book ‘Gay Girl, Good God’. Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for making this book available to me for free in exchange for an honest review.
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My identity is no longer in my sexuality but in Christ, and I choose to live in a manner that is biblical and glorifying to him. My hope is that, after reading this book, you will be better equipped to navigate the tension between truth and love in a healthy, balanced way. My motivation for writing this book is not to win a debate. It is not so I could be right and you wrong. Love is what motivates me. Love of the father and love for others.

Becket Cook speaks from experience, love and understanding. Cook has lived the Hollywood life style, his identity wrapped up tight in his sexuality. How did he come to the Cross of Jesus? Having coffee at an upswing coffee shop in Hollywood, overhearing a gathering of Christians, praying and doing bible study. For fun, Cook and his friend wanted to stir the pot. Cook was invited to church and after week of sitting on the fence but feeling the pull to go, he went and heard the gospel for the very first time. Romans was taught and his eyes were opened to sin and to the holiness of God.

Cook explains his childhood, a sexual encounter with a friend's father at a young age, and how he was pulled willingly to same sex attraction. The reaction of family and how it put up walls of defense and offense and how he came to accept who he was in his sexuality. After years of living the lifestyle of being known by the elite, meeting new people, experiencing new things, that liked Solomon of the bible, he realized that life is meaningless. This realization made his heart ripe to hear the gospel and to respond. His response is above amazing and it makes me think of my own walk. What do I put my identity in? How do I respond to the gospel. His insight to the gospel makes you think of your own life and walk and how to better respond.

His heart is still for the LGBT community and for the gospel. The gospel is not up for debate but it is up for a response. That is what makes his testimony glorious!

A Special Thank you to Thomas Nelson Books and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.
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